Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/13/2015 – Trevor Moore

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/13/2015 – Trevor Moore

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Trevor Moore

Recorded 03-12-2015 – Release Date 03-13-2015

Production Number #1530

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Adam has a mandate to get it on intro, he thanks the audience and BB has a classic #TopDrop from Jo Koy, Adam is telling the gang about his dryer going out in the new house, he says the microwave, washer and dishwasher have also gone out.

Adam says he has his wear on stage jeans, but the one he’s been traveling with are now worn out, he is breaking down his packing schedule, trying to fill up the small travel size containers.

Adam is commenting on men using talcum powder to get extra wearing(s) out of their underwear.


Adam is joking about dying of “floating lung’ from being forced to down bottles of water at TSA checkpoints, talc is a powder and should be able to get past TSA.

Adam is talking about trying to wash and air dry his jeans, a lot of jean related thoughts before his flight the next day.

Adam is talking about how NYC do their omelets pancake style, Adam is describing how it looks, he clarifies with BB it’s not a scramble, Adam tells them about his “Western Omelet” and Gary is now on mic with Adam playing the waiter at the Greek diner taking his order.


Adam and BB now want to know what the fuck Gary, he says he wasn’t feeling it.

Adam says Babydoll eats like a stoned 9 year old or like how a man ate in the 1950’s, he’s mocking his order of white toast and then French toast.

Adam is joking about Mike August trying to order the Gyro and using the wrong pronunciation.


Adam is describing the attempt to sit 5 men at a 4 person table, he’s describing the lack of table real estate and further breaking down how Babydoll order his food.

Adam says it’s pure genetics and is now describing how a full thing of syrup dumped down his lap, he’s never had syrup hit his jeans and Adam is wondering how much of this outcome are a result of his cosmic energy spent trying to arrange these jeans for the trip.

Gary is filling them in on what time it was, they all comment on afternoon French toast as if it’s a weird thing, Adam says the guys behind the bar helped him clean himself up, he’s convinced he caused this by making an effort.


Adam is doing a life lock live read

Old timey thieves who eat breakfast like James Dixon does edition


Q and Ace

1st Caller Caleb, he’s mentioning some comments from Mark Cuban giving advice to the Republican Party, Adam says he’s right and is now describing how life would be without and ID, he says that when you tell someone in 2015 to not worry about an ID you’re dooming them to a less mobile existence than James Caan in ‘Misery’.

BB has a key point that Adam runs with and then he takes it back to Caleb, Adam says what bothers him is the idea of someone needing to have a Hispanic last name to now get elected in Los Angeles.

Adam is joking about Mexico having the most Hispanic politicians, asking how it’s working out there for them.


Gina doesn’t believe in voting for the sake of voting, Adam says if you don’t have an ID in 2015 you have chosen not to participate in society.

Adam says 8 out of the 10% of people who don’t have ID don’t want one, don’t want to be on the books, Adam is mocking the idea of voter suppression.

Adam says he agrees with Mark Cuban, he’s now using the futility of outlawing abortion in 2015 as a main example of how the GOP shoots themselves in the foot over an issue that cannot and will not change.


2nd Caller Mike, he needs a Carolla ruling on his dog shitting at the furthest point of their walk, Adam brings up the pocket fisherman and the notion of the customer base for such a product.

Nice reactions from BB and Gina.

Adam is now asking for a belt attachment for carrying shit, he’s describing the idea and says it also keeps pickpockets away, good riff.

Adam is now asking Mike about carrying his dog’s shit, he wants to know if it’s ok to leave it in another persons can.


Adam says he can do that and tells him about picking up random trash on the street and throwing it in the closest bin, BB objects to who would object to that.

Gina cites the ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ plotlines about this and Adam is telling BB how people get fucking weird with this stuff.

Adam is breaking down these kind of people and says that the Middle East is the ultimate home to this, it’s about symbolic insults having meaning.


Adam is now ranting about the people who must pull their pound of flesh from your when you give them bad news or have to cancel.

Adam is mocking the idea of Tony Villar being elected despite failing the bar three times, BB is asking about Adam’s feelings on people taking from his recycling bin.

Adam calls the homeless people who dig thought his garbage “catfish people” like the TV show? Did he mean ‘Hoarders’?


3rd Caller Lee, he wants to know Adam’s worst guilty pleasure movies, Adam is citing the first ‘The Fast and Furious’ and any movie where macho dudes talk about their old man.

Adam is talking about Vin Diesel’s tough guy beer bottle technique, Gina tells BB he’s on to something, not aware this is Adam’s rant about Vin and his beer handling technique.

Adam is telling Gary to find a “tool tune” movie, BB explains the concept to Gina and Adam is trying to recalls the movie ‘Driven’ and BB names it.


Adam is now going in depth on ‘Driven’ and BB knows about the producer of this movie and some similar types of films of the same decade.

Adam is singing the praises of Gina Gershon playing the angry girlfriend who explains how things really work, Adam asks what happened to Kip Perdue and Adam is now doing some live commentary over a scene where Sylvester Stallone is picking up quarters while racing.

Adam jokes about the guys in these movies never bragging about their achievement, BB is doing a nice back and forth.


Lee is suggesting another movie ‘Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man’ and Adam recalls there is an “old man” scene in the movie.


4th Caller John, he wants Adam’s take on Howard Stern’s comments on podcasting and podcasters, Adam is telling Gary where to find the scene.

Check out the latest Classic Loveline #489 – Drew’s Kids 08/13/1997 for Adam and Drew’s thoughts on Howard ragging on them and Loveline before Adam, Drew and Jimmy had ever guested on Howard’s Show.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom live read

They’re heading to break


They’re back form break with Trevor making his 2nd appearance after first guesting on ACS #1060 nearly 2 years ago, Adam asks him about his standup album and declares there is nothing quite as satisfying as a good comedy song, and he says that a good pun ranks up there too.

Adam shares the Jeff Ross “Black Circus” anecdote.


Trevor is telling him about his original comedy songs, he explains they’re not parody tunes.

Adam is giving a quick recap on the movie ‘Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man’ and BB has a funny “what’s a Prius?” one liner.

Adam is telling them to pull up ‘Mr. Stinkfinger’ for Trevor, they’re now playing it for him.

Adam sings the praises of the lyrics in the song.


Adam is now having them play ‘The Ballad of Billy John’ by Trevor, Adam is sharing how the video plays into the song, and he’s saying they will link the video via the show page above.

The reactions in the studio are pretty solid, the lyrics are hilarious and brutal.

Adam says this is how you’re supposed to use comedy, he compliments Trevor making people think while entertaining them.


BB is commenting on YouTube comments, Adam says the joke is on the person wasting their life with vitriol on the internet, he jokes about someone showing up with a change belt to pay them at the end of the week for giving people shitting comments and being mean online.


Adam is asking for someone to find the song ‘Big John’ and Adam mocks BB’s question asking if he meant the song, like it could’ve been a random dude.


Adam is doing a smart mouth live read


Adam is commenting on how these songs like ‘Big Bad john’ bordered on homoerotic, he’s having BB play some of the song.

Adam is now offering up some live commentary mocking the paired down production quality.

Trevor is weighing in too, Adam is telling him to waste for the homoerotic twist.


Adam is now recommending ‘C.B. Savage’ and they play a clip for Trevor, Gina can’t believe this is real and BB reacts to the 2nd bit of “gay voice” and now Adam is talking about the era of convoys.

Adam is offering it up for Trevor to cover, like that thing Adam talks about where they tell comedians “you can use that!”


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the two most recent police shot in Ferguson, Adam is commenting on how you need to give the percentage of the populace that is black if you give the appalling arrest statistics, Adam needs to data points.


2nd Story is on the disturbing interview between Nick Gordon and Dr. Phil, Gina is now playing a clip of Nick running from stage to an elevator backstage.

Adam asks at what point does your bank account get big enough where you can say fuck it and don’t need to endure/create this on TV.

Adam is commenting on Dr. Phil’s 64yrs of age and limited time left, Trevor echoes Adam’s comments on Phil exploiting people to the grave.


3rd Story is on a video aimed at Kanye West purportedly from the internet activist group ‘Anonymous’ and they play it, Adam tells them they can turn it down.

Adam asks if Kanye isn’t just a performance artist at this point, why we care, like Dennis Rodman being Dennis Rodman, who cares what he does.

Adam asks how high the bar is for behavior when it comes to rappers, he jokes about Kanye piloting a ferry across the Puget Sound in WA State.


Adam says the one lament for flat screen TV’s is that rock stars can no longer throw a set outside of their hotel room.

Adam is commenting on how TV’s are less fun due to this, Trevor weighs in and Gina is mocking the video and Adam says this will only further cement his legacy.

Adam says your legacy is merely what’s left on the computer when you’re dead.


4th Story is on powdered alcohol, Gina has the news and Adam asks how fast before that stuff gets snorted, Adam and Trevor are joking about a booze freeze.

Adam forgets what ‘Lik-M-Aid’ is as he knows it as ‘Fun Dip’ brand, Gina explains it and he is now saying he doesn’t need novelty candy like this or big league chew, he doesn’t need the aggressive hood piercing of candy.

Gina is asking Adam about his childhood candy habits, Adam says he needed something to eat, not his lounge to tingle.


Trevor is telling them about getting into sugar cubes after discovering how much cheaper/powerful they were and Adam is going to a live read.


Adam is doing a live read


5th Story is about Hall and Oates lawsuit aimed at a Granola company’s product with a parody name, Gina has all of the details.

Adam is joking about Big Artisanal Granola, Adam asks how ‘Ben and Jerry’s’ gets away with it, Adam is mocking ‘Maneater’ and the other work he dislikes from Hall and Oates.

Adam is talking about trying to distance yourself from past work you now regret, Adam says he feels like they should apologize for Maneater and shouldn’t be doing new acoustic versions of it in 2015.


Adam is mocking ‘I can’t go for that’ and ‘Adult Education’ and now Trevor is offering up a final performance angle.

Adam is mocking ‘Family Man’ and BB asks what band you would most like to have an apology/retirement tour.


Adam is now asking for ‘Family Man’ and Gina praises their music as perfect 1980’s montage music, Adam is mocking ‘Family Man’ and the Casio breakdown.

Adam is mocking the “that’s your opinion” reply he gets from people, he is asking why Hall and Oates are dredging up embarrassing parts of their past, hilarious “one nut pulled out on display during Sara Smile” line from the Aceman.


Adam is doing an Arctic Ease live read


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show, Trevor needs to make a return visit, this was fun.

BB plays a drop of Gina quoting Nick from the 2nd news story.