Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/13/2013 – Dan Dobi and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/13/2013 – Dan Dobi and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Dan Dobi and David Wild

Recorded 03-12-2013 – Release Date 03-13-2013

Production Number #1033

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Adam is opening the show with a nice “tell a friend” and a funny reply from David Wild, Alison has an update on her coffee mug and now Adam is on a great “Gay Slang” riff.

Adam is now riffing on Dawn soap and other brands that are too concentrated he’s now using the never ending wipe as an analogy for the soap residue and he’s got a hilarious riff about the things he’s not going to do at the warehouse, for Gary Patrick Smith’s sake I hope he was talking about full Tard or maybe not.

Alison’s reactions are priceless, Adam has a killer reply to her slick mouth comment and now Adam is advising that people use his rinse and not repeat method for avoiding soap use.


Adam is now sharing an anecdote from the other night with him and Natalia hanging out in the house, hilarious quote and delivery from the Aceman, poor Adam.

Adam is now ranting about the illegal hotdog sales outside the staples center; he’s making a great point about hypocrisy after some quizzing from Alison.

Adam has keenly observed that law enforcement skips over the folks without identification and a checkbook and instead focuses on how to bleed money out of tax payers just trying to get through their day.


Adam is now telling the gang about a surprise phone call from his old coach Duke Gallagher who wants to take Adam to dinner with some of the other old-school coaches.

Adam is now giving a quick recap of his time spent in Watts with the Boyd Brothers.

Adam is now explaining how he acted on the urge to track down Duke some years back to thank him for the huge impact he made in Adam’s life that now lead to their reconnecting.


Adam is now setting up Music Monday (Wed) with David Wild and going off on “The Guess Who’s” “American Woman” and has a hilarious quote about the ending of the song.

Adam is now having them fire up “American Woman” to mock the insane intro to the song, Adam is now talking over the song and describing it as a “shit bookend”.

Adam has a great “Uri Geller” riff and he’s mocking the phrasing of the song, very funny stuff.


Adam is now calling for a palate cleanser tune; he’s setting up “Rape Shower in My Mind” while mocking the “architect” of his morning show Jack Silver.

Bryan is now in character as “Fake Jack Silver” while he reenacts a conversation about trying to force Adam to give the time twice an hour despite the show being syndicated in multiple time zones/markets.

Mike Lynch is now mic to confirm the “hot cooch talk” incident at KLSX that lead to this song.


Adam is now setting it up with a little confusion on which version up top, they’re now playing the actual song from the genius Rich Banks and even Genius’ier Mike Lynch!

Adam is now playing “James Dean” by the Eagles and Adam is on a great riff about James Dean and digging into the Eagles a bit, Alison has a killer joke that David and the song both step on, Adam is stopping time and having her repeat it after David tries to repeat his stepping, hilarious!

Adam has a killer liner in reply to David about the Eagles, whoa!


Adam is now having them play “Rock On” and David Wild is protesting while Adam is asking what exactly one is supposed to do while listening to the song. Adam’s question to David for why he had David Essex over for lunch made me choke with laughter, gold

Bryan caught the one liner from Ace too, now Adam’s riffing on it again and David just dropped a Beatle. Bryan is setting up David’s hilarious song in tribute to both David and Mike Lynch; Mike Lynch is now on mic to alley-oop the credit over to Rich Banks who apparently composed that one solo.

Adam is doing a Dollar Shave Club live read that’s so funny and bizarre I want to quit my job and listen to it on a loop, listen closely for stifled laughter from someone in the room.


Adam is clearing up some listener voicemail as they return from break pertaining to his birth, hilarious riff about people who eat hoagies not being investigative journalists.

Adam is asking Dan about his documentary after sharing his thoughts on it; Adam is now explaining how he ended up doing Sketch and Improv versus standup comedy.

Adam is talking to Dan about Kickstarter, they’re sharing some mutual love for the website/business and now Adam is in the midst of a hilarious cooks in the kitchen meatloaf analogy, Alison jumps in and takes it to another level and now Adam is going insane with it.


Dan is telling the gang about turning down some major studio deals after having too many cancelled meetings and getting fed up with the system, their all impressed with his intensity.

Adam is now riffing in character as Dan in the bedroom with his lady, this is so funny!


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the conclave to select the new pope being under way, she’s telling the gang about the different colored smokes and Adam is advocating the black smoke for racial sensitivity.

Adam is now riffing on the pope bus, he’s got a great line about being on a bus with 11 cardinals, Alison is joining him and it’s gold.

Adam is now in character as one of the Cardinals, mocking Benedict the 13th for his hogging of the beach volleyball court and unsportsmanlike conduct.

The whole gang is all weighing in and Adam has a “good pope/bad pope” idea that Bryan latches onto and now Adam is explaining what he meant and using poor Jimmy Carter to facilitate it.

Alison is asking Dan about how he became interested in YouTube artists.


2nd story is on the “Cannibal Cop”, Alison is reading the details and Adam is riffing his own YouTube show.

Alison is now reading more details from the story, including some very macabre details, Adam just jumped in with a funny one liner, Alison capped it and now Adam just trumped that.

Adam is now giving some tips for the guys who fear they might be appearing on “To Catch a Predator” hilarious quote about balls to boot!

Alison has an interesting question about motivation that everyone seems to be mocking and now a bizarre “Twilight Zone” style scenario for Adam and wants his hypothetical answer.

Adam has a great point about using George Clooney as his example and it makes perfect sense.


3rd story is on the women who were delivering papers in their truck who were shot by the LAPD during the Dorner manhunt.

Adam is now interrupting to explain that the LAPD likes shooting people and how Los Angeles would be on fire if the two victims were black in this case, his logic is flawless.

Adam is on a hilarious riff and Alison is reading the super disturbing details of the insanely insulting offer the LAPD made to the women they victimized, which one could argue is racist in itself.

Adam is now riffing on the open and shut case these women have, Alison is agreeing and it’s deeply satisfying.


Alison want’s the female equivalent of bringing flowers to your significant other, Adam and BB are weighing in, BB has the booze recommendation chambered and Adam is suggesting a home cooked meal.

They’re now playing Mike Lynch and Rich Banks genius song in tribute to Alison’s teenage nightmare involving an Italian confection and a terrorist lookalike.


Adam and Alison are riffing on moths eating holes in sweaters and now Adam is telling the gang about his new “Service Sheep” Betsy, hilarious!

Alison just brought up Adam’s pelican “Gilligan” and now he’s admitting he’s only getting it to annoy others.

Now Adam is on a hilarious brand new riff about pelicans doing that fake out move where they seem like they’re about to fly, Alison’s reactions are almost as funny as Adam’s quote.

Adam is now riffing on the cones they add to pier pylons to prevent pelicans from hanging out, this is Ace Awards 2013 material for sure.


4th story is on the private zoo where a worker was killed last week now reopening.

Adam has an amazing original take on this story, what it must be like for the parents of the deceased when they hear people in the media lament the killing of the large cat that killed their child; Alison is jumping in and facilitating the point.

Adam is reiterating his point and expressing sincere sympathy for the victim’s family.


Alison is wrapping the news  to a choice drop from earlier in the show, Adam is now doing a great animal kingdom inspired live read for Tax Resolution Services, I can’t believe this is a commercial, don’t miss this one!