Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/12/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 220

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/12/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 220

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 03-10-2015 – Release Date 03-12-2015

Production Number #220 – Road Hard

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Drew opens the show for Adam who is running 3 minutes late, Drew plugs the Road Screenings and is now doing a live read.


Drew is doing a Cremo live read


Adam enters the studio and Drew asks him about the travel, Adam asks him to shut of the spotlight in the studio, he hates that light.

Adam is telling Drew about the discrepancy between the fans and critics on his movie ‘Road Hard’ and Adam is asking Drew what he thinks the issue could possibly be.

Adam is making a point about romantic comedies and how they can be interpreted, he’s using Adam Sandler ones vs. ‘In a World’ and how that lines up with the critic’s sensibilities more than Road Hard.


Adam is now using the movie ‘Chef’ and ‘America Imagine a World without Her’ and the relative critical reception for each to contrast.

Adam is saying that his movie is a comedy with a lot of laughs, he asks what was groan worthy cliché or landed with a thud like in these bogus negative reviews.

Adam says he doesn’t care that much but is offering up a for instance, Adam is now making a point about using the L.A. weekly to find the movie he wanted to see when he was younger.


Adam is looping back around about how the L.A. weekly just reprints the review run by the paper in NYC that gave ‘The Hammer’ a negative review despite it’s nearly universal acclaim.

Adam says it’s quite a bit worse now, because he’s on O’Reilly and he dared to direct instead of hiring a gay male with three names like last time.

Adam says it’s a weird disconnect about what the people are experiencing vs. the critics.


Adam says there is not a film he’s going to direct from here on forward that will get the response, Drew is now reading a negative review and Adam is picking it apart by asking some questions.

Adam also says you can’t just say all negative reviews are wrong and all good are correct, he just objects to the negativity and Gary is on mic cheerleading a bit, clearly he’s invested in the film and feels strongly about its quality, he’s right.


Adam is sharing his sense that this is about him appearing on fox news, Drew wants to get this guy on the show and Adam says he’ll just say he didn’t enjoy it.

Adam is now making a point about the user rating on rotten tomatoes, he says the critics have dropped to almost half in the last 8 years since he appeared on Bill’s show on fox news.

Drew asks why Adam never brings up Diane’s history with them from the MTV version of Loveline, he explains why he wants her to be appreciated on the merits of her acting ability and not some idea about him wanting to kiss his former co-host.


Drew asks Adam why the film was so important in comparison to other creative pursuits and Adam is explaining how all the years working on ‘The Man Show’ led him to discover what was good vs. what wasn’t.

Adam says people should go to Rotten Tomatoes and leave a review if they liked it, he’s now using the Amazon system and the douchey “just to get the mark down” one star reviews.

Adam is now mocking the idea of him saying “women aren’t funny” he uses allegedly as he didn’t say that.


Drew is asking if Adam is saying there is more aggressive acting out on the internet, Adam says that if you looked up the Hammer and compare it to this movie you can see the difference.

Adam says it’s now about there not being a societal taboo involved with going on the internet and writing shitty things about other people, he’s got a solid example using Amazon’s reviews.

Adam shows that the 1 star reviews have increased by so much in just 8 years, Adam says we are going down that road in society and addresses people commenting on Adam and Drew being hypocrites for this being their job.


Drew asks if they’re not responsible for influencing the public then, Adam is using the Kevin Smith incident from the ACS to make his point.


Drew is now leading Adam into a Simply Safe live read

Drew is now reading the iTunes reviews, he’s telling fans to go and see it, if they don’t like it ok.


1st Caller Dan, he wants to know the line between addiction and compulsive behavior, he uses/views internet porn compulsively.

Drew asks if he’s ever acted out, he says he manipulates women into bed and Adam jokes about the evolution of men, Adam is now asking Drew about prostitution and the experience.

Adam is explaining he doesn’t call room service as he can’t stand the interaction if he can’t get a strange person in hotel room with a burger, he can’t have a woman there, how weird would that be.


Drew is making a point about who crosses that boundary and when, Drew has some advice for him and they move on.


2nd Caller Dereck is calling back and tells the about getting back into his faith, he says he’s made the observation that religious people are happier.

Drew says it’s a terribly complicated question, he’s not wrong and now Adam and Drew are tackling that question about faith helping people pull through difficult situations.

Adam is right in step with Drew talking about the various arguments for and against religion, Drew brings up the argument of morality requiring a faith.


Drew is now launching into a live read

Adam was late to the game on TiVo edition


3rd Caller John, he’s asking about Adam seeing himself make out on the big screen, Adam is now saying life we should all be able to be like a paramedic.

Adam brings up the “stilted and wooden” comment from the review they were discussing, Adam tells Drew about having his assistant Matt interview him for the latest episode of ‘Take a Knee’ and Adam yells at Drew for interrupting, he tells him that he should do a show with Ray.