Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/12/2015 – Michael DesBarres

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/12/2015 – Michael DesBarres

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Michael DesBarres

Recorded 03-11-2015 – Release Date 03-12-2015

Production Number #1529

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Adam has a nice intro, BB has a funny revelation from guest host Jim O’Heir, Adam says he has seen some really nice tweets for a really nice guy.

Adam says one of the proudest parts of ‘Road Hard’ was the willingness from all of the participants to work on the film.

Adam is now sharing the tragic news regarding the demise of Windell Middlebrooks, Adam is having BB explains seeing him tape the lost CBS pilot he was working on when he was diagnosed with the brain tumor.

Adam is getting emotional telling them about breaking down in tears while sharing an anecdote about Windell and his love for the man.


Adam is now sharting the story of how Windell came to be hired in place of DAG for the CBS pilot and led to his sole appearance on the ACS back in 2009.

ACS #34 (feat. Windell Middlebrooks)

Adam is mocking the super uncomfortable conversation with DAG telling him he was replaced in the sitcom, Adam describes Windell as “southern nice” and proclaims the booze southern comfort as well named due to the manners and respect common among many southern people.


Gina and BB have a funny callback and joke about replacing DAG in ‘Road Hard’ and Adam says that Windell was like Parmesan cheese, he makes anything better.

Adam is telling the gang about travelling with Mike August and how he’s circumnavigated the globe with his trusty backpack box cutter.

Adam says he questions why Mike brings this with him, he says he might use it for opening merch and jokes about wishing he would use it to cut himself.


Adam says he just marvels at Mike passing through every airport in this country with the weapon that was used on 9/11.

Adam is sharing how Mike is pissed about the inconsistency at the airports and Adam is telling the gang about someone telling him to put his wallet in his points at a TSA checkpoint.

Adam is now riffing some elaborate instructions that TSA would order if they could, Gina has a funny reaction to Mike declaring he will be back with a new box cutter.


Adam is telling them about his phone being destroyed while on tour, he says he was sitting in his room trying to figure out how to use a landline while trapped in Minneapolis.

Adam is describing his effort to contact the front desk looking for an apple store, he is describing the cab driver and the hip aesthetic of the store, and he says he’s never been in one before.

Adam says he didn’t know his carrier, he didn’t even know his own zip code.


Adam is sharing his series of “don’t care” replies to his various options for a new phone, he shares his funny “I’m very careful with my phone” reply to the employee asking him about apple care insurance.

Adam is now mocking people who do something lame and break a gadget, he’s joking about his wife breaking her glass and has a funny hypothetical “drove away with my phone on the roof” scenario.

Adam is describing his long 17hr days followed up with live shows, screenings and meet and greets with the backers of the movie.


Adam is describing a hellish schedule in NYC, BB says it’s the 5 hours or less of sleep that always stings most after a long impossible day, Adam notes that’s he’s correct.

Adam is now breaking down the series of events that led to his shattered phone, Gina has a funny one liner about the manager from the theater in DC.

Adam is sharing how he’s wired, how he doesn’t get mad at people for fucking up when they’re trying to do something nice, Adam is saying he didn’t need to know how his phone was destroyed, he only gets upset when people are lazy or trying to cut corners.


Adam is explaining his quest to find a new phone, Gina notes the vending machines with new phones and tablets that many airports now have.

Adam thought they had the manager on line 2, Caelan now clarifies they’re still contacting him.


Adam is doing a life lock live read with Gina Grad


Josh Levin is now on the line, Adam is asking him for his account of what Adam did when he handed him his destroyed phone.

Josh explains he slipped on the ice, Adam is having him explain the events and how he tried to run after him with the phone but then fell on his ass.

Adam asks if Josh is ok after Gina brings it up, Adam says don’t yell at people who fuck up while trying to help you, yell at people who are lazy and trying to take advantage of you after being told the same thing for the 18th time.


Adam learns Josh sent him a 300$ gift card, Adam is describing that naked feeling of being far away from home without a cellphone, Adam is now sharing the mix-up with “the box” and the charger and earbuds that Adam didn’t get.

Adam is explaining he assumes the man didn’t even fathom anyone could be so out of the loop with the tech stuff to not understand the charger and earbuds were being left behind.

Adam has a killer riff about the box and using it as a place to stash weed, he’s got an even funnier mother’s maiden name one liner.


Adam is telling the gang about a sweet kid they met who was acting as the publicist for the film in NYC, Adam is talking about the guy’s cadence and Gary noticed it too, everyone did but Mike August.

Gary is on mic backing Adam up, he explains it a bit further and tells them about intruding the kid to Stone Cold Steve Austin which blew his mind.

Adam is asking for a clip from the Birchum pilot for Gary to compare to the cadence of their publicist in NYC.


Adam is doing a legal zoom live read


Adam is now showing the gang the picture of Adam talking to Sir Ben Kingsley while at the Up-fronts, Adam is describing the venue, a former bank that looks like grand central station.

Adam is breaking down the way everyone else was intimidated by Ben and wouldn’t approach him, Adam felt badly and wanted to talk to him.

Adam describes Ben as somewhat of a gearhead, Adam said he moved on and went for a 2nd lap and made a joke about Ben having some butterflies about being on stage.

Adam is now quoting Ben telling him about looking at the blonde girl, hilarious back and forth that Adam topped with a funny reply.


Gina says he doesn’t look particularly warm in that photo, Adam says he’s lovely and Adam tried to wrangle a phoner for the ACS for his next project.

BB compliments his work in ‘Sexy Beast’ and Gina brings up ‘The Sopranos’ and now Gary is setting up the clip from the Birchum pilot. They further discuss the publicist.

Gina compliments WrestleMania and BB objects to him going with his mom, now Adam is asking if he’s jealous or wants to chock the life out of these people.


Gina asks if neither of them want to do this and they’re pretending for the sake of other, Adam says more about Lee and tells them about his mom rescheduling her daughter’s bachelorette party to avoid them missing a past WrestleMania.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Fabian, he wants Adam to apply his wedding dress rules to cops. Adam is now thinking out loud and coming up with a onetime issue body armor rule.

Hilarious wording for the rules.

Adam apologizes to the callers they don’t have the time to take, nice


Adam and BB are doing a Blue Apron live read

They head to break.


They’re back from break with Michael Des Barres making his ACS debut, they play a failed voicemail attempt.

Michael is telling the audience where to get his latest project, Adam is bringing up the early death of Robert Palmer and he jokes about his own age, he thanks god for quitting drugs in 1981.

Adam talks about hanging with Dave Navarro and how he looks brand new at 45, Adam jokes about himself looking like shit in comparison.


Adam is asking how Michael got involved with ‘Power Station’ and he’s got some very short but detailed glimpses into that time of his life and they both joke about fatigue being like a drug, Adam offers to dose him up.

Adam is complimenting ‘Duran Duran’ and how nice they’ve been to him over the years, Michael is singing the praises of the guys.

Adam is asking him about getting involved with acting, he explains how he was an actor before a rock star and Adam is talking about the theme of ‘To Sir with Love’ by Lulu.

Adam hasn’t brought up Michael’s time spent playing ‘Murdoc” opposite MacGyver on the hit TV series of the 80s and 90’s.


Adam is now joking about sending Michael in to make dying people you hate feel worse about their lives and not doing much, Adam is killing this riff.

Adam is joking about dying with his life and hearing about Michael’s excessive lifestyle and achievements.

Adam is killing this riff of him on his deathbed unable to hear more from Michael about his home in Paris, he’s killing this bit.


Michael is bringing up his ex-wife Pamela, he’s going in depth on first finding her journal and Adam talks about it being pre-Aids mid-Coke.


Gina’s News

Gina explains the news theme, Michael loves it and asks her a follow up, nice


1st Story Is on the “Blurred Lines” ruling, Michael says this a crazy argument and Adam has a funny lame joke about Marvin Gaye’s last words.

Gina is now playing a clip of the original song vs. ‘Blurred Lines’ and Adam is talking about the evolution of art and machinery.

Adam is talking about men’s suits and how timeless they are, Gina has a wise point about imitation and when someone should pay for it.


Adam says he finds little bits and pieces in all kinds of songs, Adam says he can hear the similarity but he’s not sure it’s worth 7 million bucks.

Adam is now citing some other big cases of song sound-alikes, Adam brings up his shitty reviews where they mock the premise of his film ‘Road Hard’ for being too conventional.

Michael and Adam get in some closing remarks, Michael is feisty!


2nd Story is on some teenage burglars who got away with some cremated remains thinking it was cocaine, Michael tells them about Keith Richards being on record as snorting his father’s ashes.

Adam talks about Ozzy snorting ants, Michael is telling them about Keith Richard’s book and wraps up the comments.


3rd Story is on a new penis measurement study, Adam has a killer riff about putting a on a lab coat and only measuring the flaccid lengths.

Gina is reading the numbers, 5.17 inches is the number everyone wants.

Adam is now sharing his “center of the anus” form of measuring the penis, Adam says guys shouldn’t have strong opinions about it one way or another, it’s a tell.

Gina says she’s shocked that it’s that small but adds some caveats.

Gina has an update on Ferguson.


Adam is doing a Squarespace live read


4th Story is on Entertainment Weekly confirming that Barack Obama will be appearing on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ and Adam says all he can think about is traffic.

Adam is sharing his fundraiser on ‘Air Force One’ to avoid congesting traffic while he’s in town, Michael says it’s absolutely genius, a much better idea.

Adam is commenting on the carbon units required to propel the president’s motorcade across town.


Michael asks Adam about his TV viewing and cites ‘House of Cards’ and Adam is sharing his intense schedule and says “I can’t get into anything cause I’m never around’ which Michael responds to.

Adam jokes about ‘Wicked Tuna’ and how he’s not committed to any series, he treats the tuna like a whore.


Adam is explaining his sloth nature stuck in the body of a hummingbird, Michael says he’s moved to tears from that description.

Adam is now writing a song with Michael, this is pretty solid.


5th Story is on NYC city council workers who are considering giving half of the fines collected from people idling cars to the people who catch them on video.

Adam is now talking about this as a larger metaphor for the cases Keith Morrison covers on ‘Dateline’ where wives slowly poison their husbands, they’ve instituted this and red light cameras and all of these other things, slowly but surely surrounding us with traps.

Adam says not everything is progress and his frustrations with hope and change, he doesn’t want hope for anything and Michael says he couldn’t agree more, he’s got a solid back up point.


Michael is killing this guest spot, he’s a genius!

Gina is sharing the argument about putting a woman on the 20 dollar bill, Adam is talking about symbolic bullshit you give to a group and how it doesn’t do anything in reality.

Michael is saying they should run for office together, Adam is now commenting on the news Gina reported about a school district trying to remove all American flags.


Adam is calling The United States the Patrick Swayze of the globe, fucking Road House your ass!

Adam is sharing his “the place you fled is fucked up” theory for immigration and immigrants, Gina wraps up the news.


Adam is doing a live read for The Happy Home


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show, Michael must come back very soon, what a killer guest.

BB plays a drop from Michael quoting his ex-wife’s diary.