Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/12/2013 – Maria Menounos, Keven Undergaro, and Dave Dameshek

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/12/2013 – Maria Menounos, Keven Undergaro, and Dave Dameshek

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Maria Menounos and Keven Undergaro

Recorded 03-11-2013 – Release Date 03-12-2013

Production Number #1032

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Adam is opening the show with Dave in studio, he has some kind words for the newly engaged Alison and Bryan has a choice drop from the last episode.

Alison is lamenting that she didn’t say it more clearly and wants to record some new takes, Adam is sharing how he was just in studio recording some VO for the “Family Guy” and he’s going to play the engineer in this improv.

Adam is sharing how he filmed something (his kickstarter scene for his new movie?)and nailed it in one take, he’s lamenting the producer mindset of “one more for safety”.

Alison is now delivering a hilarious series of different deliveries of this choice phrase with some very specific instructions from Adam and Dave.


Adam is telling Dave about the Lakers game he was at and the excitement for “two free tacos” from jack in the box being offered to the crowd in the arena.

Dave is sharing an anecdote about seeing people lift multiple lollipops from his bank, Adam has a killer one liner in reply and now an even better quote about where dignity is stored.

Adam is calling for someone to bring back the “Fanny Pack”, apparently he’s never talked to Joe Rogan about them and Adam just invented “Manny Packs” but abandons the idea due to the possible a Philippines connotation, not again!


Adam now has Mike Lynch on mic to explain what’s going on with his news, Mike is announcing that he’s decided to move back east and raise his daughter closer to their family.

Mike is delivering this very somber news for us fans in great spirit and explaining the playlist he has ready for the trip across the country with his dad.

Adam is polling the gang about their parents and their willingness to do the same, basically everyone’s would do it except for Adam’s.

Adam is explaining how Mike accidentally insulted him by telling him that BTO were the artists of a song they were discussing.

Adam now has Bryan fire it up and he’s singing custom lyrics for Lynch, hilarious!


Adam is now having Bryan fire up some “Dada”, the song about taking an acid trip with his father. Adam has actually interviewed the guys on the old KLSX morning show in 2008 where they played a live version.

Adam is now asking the gang if they would drop acid with their parents, Adam is now sharing how Ray told him where his mom and his stepdad met, he’s citing his “does it make you money or does it make you happy” reasoning.

Adam is now sharing the story of the time Ray asked his mother about the penis size of his father vs. the new guy she was with Jim; Alison’s reaction is gold and only making Adam’s delivery funnier.


Bryan is now setting up “Bye Bye Lynch” the song the gang wrote with Richard Banks in honor of Mike Lynch’s departure from the show, Bryan is taking credit for the writing now.

Adam is now explaining that Mike is leaving the state but not the show, he’ll be working from afar and keeping up the level of quality we’ve come to expect from the ACS.

If this isn’t a perfect avenue for future “Go To Meeting” live reads I don’t know what is, also one can totally be a bunch of states away and still work on the show, trust me!


Adam is now setting up “Cum on the tits” Richard Banks song inspired by Adam’s international unwanted children prevention program, Dave is pointing out that all of them can now be found on Rich Banks website.

They’re playing “Cum on the Tits”, Adam loves it so much he wants to hear some more, so they’re playing “He’s in there Shitting” and “In The Grotto” from the old KLSX days.

Adam wants to now hear a 4th song and Rich Banks is somewhere smiling, Dave has some very kind and accurate words for the brilliant partnership between Mike Lynch and Rich Banks.


Dave’s #1 Sports

He’s bringing up the NFL free agency and the off season trades that have already happened before the formal beginning to free agency.

Dave is now on the set up for a new rivalry between the 49ers and the Seattle Seahawks, Adam has some accurate yet slightly painful points for Seattle NFL fans and Joe Montana fans.

Adam is now riffing on the name “Percy” and Dawson steps in with a salient point, Adam is now telling him to take the rest of the day off like he would when Drew would make a joke on loveline, Dawson is now on mic to ask an even funnier question in reply, gold!


Dave is now presenting a hypothetical scenario and asking Adam to choose between Canada and Mexico, very bizarre and interesting idea.

Bryan is now giving his take, Adam jumps in and makes his declaration, he’s got a very surprising pick, take that racist accusation twitter whiners!


Creep of the Week; get out of jerk free card right up top for Mike Lynch. Dameshek is now giving some more very kind words, he’s now citing the early 2006 radio bit “Dizzy and Schnizzy” as a true example of his genius.

Dave is sharing the Entertainment Tonight piece he saw on the last episode of “Perfect Strangers” to explain his reasoning for not being able to attempt one final “Dizzy and Schnizzy” bit.


Dave is now going off on “Easy Lover” he’s breaking down the lyrics and asking the tough questions, Adam wants to know if Dave has been hiding in his house stealing bits from Lynette again, hilarious call back!

Adam is now ranting about the song and the inspiration for it, he’s explaining how he doesn’t understand the “burned by a woman” song trope from men who haven’t been turned down in two decades.

Very funny closer form Dave on this one, Adam is now launching into a live read for “Go To Meeting” and tying Lynch’s move into it, nice work!


They’re coming back from break to a classic “Nicaraguan name that movie”; Adam is now polling Alison and the guests Maria and her fiancé Keven.

Adam is now having Bryan set up the all-time greatest one, the “Iron Man” description.

Kevin is telling Adam he’s Italian and mistaken for Jewish too, Adam is asking Maria about her ethnicity.

Maria is now telling the gang about her new movie “Serial Buddies” that Keven wrote and directed.


Keven is now telling the gang about his time as a carny and how that lead to this screenplay, Adam is remarking on the carny folk he runs into each year during the “Feast of San Gennaro”.

Adam is now riffing on the hall of mirrors and the kids getting brain damage.

Keven is now telling Adam about working with Chris Hardwick on Singled Out in the 90’s, Adam has a hilarious riff about Chris, he’s being ironic and citing all the horrible things Chris doesn’t do.


Adam is declaring “The Zipper” the truly scariest ride, as opposed to giving you the illusion of danger and the sensation of fear, those rides are actually dangerous.

Alison has a question if anyone in the room will ride in those local carnival rides like the Zipper and Maria has a good point involving an analogy about restaurants.

Maria is telling the gang about eating bugs on her show, Adam is now riffing about cultures who consume bugs not being able to master the technology of a “lunchable”.


Keven and Maria are now relating their experience seeing their movie with an audience, Keven has some quick praise for “The Hammer” and wants to know what it was like for Adam and if he has another film in him.

Adam is explaining how you should always wait around until an idea hits you, how it prevents you from having “writer’s block” and he’s extrapolating that to all of life, wow!


Keven wants to know how Adam worked the drama into his movie, if it was something he was planning for. Adam is now explaining how he was always aware that “the salt brings out the sugar”.

Adam is now riffing about Mexican desserts; he’s explaining how you need things that don’t taste so great to bring out the sweetness to tie his giant metaphor into a nice bow.

Keven is now explaining how Adam will be able to find success and less hassle making his follow up movie today, he’s giving a quick plug for a service he thinks would help Adam.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the ban in New York on large sodas being halted; Alison is reading the details behind the decision and Adam wants Maria’s take as a “former fat person”.

He’s referencing her classic KLSX morning show visit where she told the gang her whole journey.

Adam is now explaining how this won’t work and is explaining the message he thinks we should be sending instead.


Adam is on a tangent about his “self-regulating utopia” where people don’t need the government to tell them what to do but choose to do the right thing because they care about others and aren’t out of it.

Maria is sharing the story of her weight gain during college and her reaction to it, Adam has a funny one liner in reply.

Adam is now riffing on the obesity epidemic, he’s joking about being hot but not knowing it and Alison is right there to make it funnier.

Adam is bringing up an anecdote from the airport and transitioning to “Disneyland” employees, the guests are jumping in to agree and now Adam is sharing his idea from “The Adam and Drew” show about encouraging healthy decisions through mild shaming.


Alison is now quizzing Adam about smoking vs. obesity and Adam is explaining that he thinks we’ve done enough to discourage smoking and now he’s riffing on the “trach hole” TV commercials and the inflated death statistics that are used for the campaign.

Adam is making some great points about life expectancy and telling Maria about why his 2 cigarettes don’t make him a smoker.

Maria is asking him about his cigarette hobby and Bryan has a perfectly timed Will Arnett drop from the 2008 KLSX ACS.


Adam is now riffing about smoking vs. leaf blowers and the exhaust from large vehicles.

Adam is now explaining how being fat can lead to a sadder life than any other affliction, he’s bringing up lots of good points and using BB’s fraternity expertise when it comes to discrimination of larger people.

Alison has a very sweet and kind counter point and question, Adam agrees with her and now Maria is jumping in to agree with A-Rose.

Alison is making some more amazing points and Adam is topping it off, I couldn’t agree more and only wish I had heard this when I was 12.


2nd story is on a woman who sued her school for not letting her bring her support animal with her to the dining hall.

Adam is now ranting about everyone having depression and the future we’ve been painted into where every flight will now have at least one animal on board.


Adam is making a larger point about stigma and how society did a good job with cigarettes and how we need to bring it into other areas.

Alison is wrapping the news and now Adam is doing a live read and giving the closing plugs and wrapping up the show to a fantastic medley of drops from Alison, so that’s what Bryan was busy with all show, totally worth it!