Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/11/2015 – Take a Knee with RZA

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/11/2015 – Take a Knee with RZA

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Take A Knee – Special Presentation

Guest – RZA

Recorded 12-10-2014 – Release Date 12-22-2014

Production Number #6

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Adam has a prerecorded intro for this special installment of Take a Knee being presented as today’s ACS, Adam is giving out some plugs for ‘Road Hard’ screenings across the country.


Adam is doing a Dollar Shave Club live read


Adam is doing a Burger King live read for the Croissan’wich

Adam’s weird Frenchie “Croissan” is priceless.


Adam is welcoming RZA to the show ‘Take a Knee’ and neither of them mention or seem to recall RZA’s appearance on Classic Loveline #1155 THURSDAY, MARCH 2, 2000 – GUEST: RZA • HOST: ADAM, DR. BRUCE.

Adam has a funny intro about RZA being a departure from all of the old Jews on the show so far, he has a nice reaction and thanks Adam for allowing him to guest, Adam plugs his latest album.

Adam explains the nature of this podcast and he wants to hear RZA’s journey into hip-hop, he tells them about starting life in Staten Island New York and calls The Wu-Tang Clan a “band” which is delightful.


Adam sis sharing his theory on soccer and how it keeps people busy with just a ball, he makes a point about rap music allowing people to create music without much equipment, RZA likes the analogy.

Adam asks him about moving to the South and Midwest as youth, he explains when that happened and credits that with him picking up some manners and learning respect.

Adam is sharing his experience with “military guys” and the similarity to the Midwest and southern traditions of respect for elders.


RZA is making a point about teaching and instilling respect, he’s sharing an anecdote from his children’s teacher about their supreme level of respect.

Adam is in agreement and explains that rules and a tug on the chain for kids helps the same way it does with pets, RZA has a great follow up about law and order and its necessity.


RZA is telling Adam how ‘The Wu-Tang Clan’ formed and he’s dropping all kinds of gold for fans of 1990’s rap music, RZA insinuates some street pharmaceutical work and his early fatherhood.

RZA is now quoting the great Raekwon, he explains that they were able to turn things around and make even more than with drug money through positivity and music.

RZA is telling them about founding the company and Adam is bringing up the changes he noticed in Mike Tyson after he got sober, he jokes about weed not being on the list of discontinued substances and RZA has a knowing reaction.


Adam is now setting up the classic ‘Crank Yankers’ call where Dave Chappelle plays the manager for ‘The Wu-Tang Clan’ and RZA’s really enjoying it, he is a fan of the show and has seen it before but it’s still getting a strong response.

Adam seems to be enjoying it too.


Adam says you forget about things you did and then go back and discover it and forget you even put it out, Adam talks about meeting people before they become “them” before they blow up.

Adam brings up the time he found out that Kerry Washington was a big fan of his, RZA seems to love the story of Adam seeing the play ‘Race’ and getting a drink with DAG.

Adam is complimenting RZA on taking his 2nd chance, he’s telling him to repeat that and says you might not be able to instill in some but he took that narrow path.


RZA has some great quotes and an interesting philosophy, Adam asks him if he would be dead or in jail by now if he hadn’t changed his life when give that chance.

Adam asks him when the group really started to explode, he says that his laser beam focus was the spearhead of their work.

Adam is asking him about the pushback that evolved in the group after their initial success in 1993 and then extreme success in 1997.


Adam is now asking why the time off since the last album, he’s explaining their 2007 release and he says perhaps that was some work he should’ve kept personal.


He explains the 20th anniversary inspired him to create ‘A Better Tomorrow’ and Adam is asking him about being trapped a in business that wants you to keep doing what you’ve already done, pigeonhole you to a singular role.

RZA says that the value will come in time and uses the ‘Mona Lisa’ as an example for the unimaginable success for art on a long-term scale.


RZA is telling them about buying a villa in France and how he wouldn’t work unless a check was on the horizon, instead of staying creative while not working to stay sharp.

Interesting life lessons on complacency and the trappings of success, Adam is saying that half of the stuff he does for free goes nowhere, he has an interesting “work with Steven Spielberg” example but doesn’t share his ‘Saving Private Ryan’ audition story.


RZA is telling them about auditioning for films and how that humbled him, he references Quentin Tarantino sharing his wisdom with him about filmmaking.

RZA closes that with a point about treating actors with respect and dignity when he casts films now as he’s been in their shoes.

Adam is telling RZA about Paul Newman humbling himself to become a championship racecar driver, RZA likes the story and is finishing Adam’s sentences, this is great.


Adam has a Charles Barkely golfing point and RZA says “your ego is not your amigo” and explains how it will always crush you to buy into your own hype.

RZA is giving an example of a billionaire who invested in one of their albums and showed them the love with a record release party but then was initially snubbed when requesting a simple group photo with the guys, RZA explains he clued in Ghostface Killah who then started treating this guy with respect like a man, and how that changed things.

RZA has a “good in your arena” example and Adam says not to have two modes, he says have the one respect mode and then you never have to worry about disrespecting the billionaire.


RZA has a “smart asshole” explanation for how if you don’t feel nor have the respect you got to have two modes and fake it to get success, it’s better than not trying.

RZA is making a point about aging and Adam is joking about the abuse and mocking of the elderly and what a shortsighted idea that is.


RZA is telling Adam about his late grandmother, Adam mentions his father is in the hospital, he has had a small stroke but it seems like he’s going to be fine.

Adam is sharing how he told his dad about Norman Lear who is 10 years older and still sharp as a tack and how his father could possibly have a lot more time.

RZA tells Adam how he feels at 45, he says reading is a great influence on him and that the great men of history don’t reach their prophet hood until their mid-40’s.


Adam is making a point personal evolution and growth and change, RZA has a great Quincy Jones anecdote and Adam is joking about how one might think to fire Quincy nowadays instead of letting his wisdom at 51 create one of the greatest records of all time.

Adam is sharing his love for Quentin Tarantino and his work, RZA is explains that when he used to spend a lot of time with him it started with them watching movies together as “Kung Fu buddies” who watched old movies together, that sounds so cool!

RZA is telling them about being around someone like that and gleaming wisdom from them, Adam is now asking RZA how he got into Islam and left Jesus at home.


RZA says that he was initially turned off as an anti-white thing and alter came back to the teaching of Jesus Christ.

Adam says he wants all of the people to follow the Ten Commandments, he’s an atheist but wishes everyone would do all of those things.

Adam says he likes talking to religious people who he respects and they impart wisdom from their religion on him and how he often agrees with a lot of it, he wants his children to walk that narrow path RZA referenced earlier in the show.


Adam is sharing his theory on exposing yourself to new ideas and concepts outside of your comfort zone, RZA thanks Adam for having this conversation, and he must come back for another appearance.

RZA is dropping wisdom about all of these different faiths and prophets, Adam is right in the mix and says it’s sort of like humanity beginning without technology.


Adam is talking about the evolution of phones and says we’re not using rotary phones and we now benefit from the people before us who did all of this stuff, we understand that from a technological standpoint, why not that with wisdom.

RZA is now sharing his inspiration for the latest ‘Wu Tang’ album and the quest for a better tomorrow for all men.

RZA is saying we can use the stories of history to avoid repeating the mistakes and suffering the hardships of the past.


Adam closes it out on a great point from RZA, Adam says his full name and thanks him, this was a wonderful chat, you should subscribe to this show for more like this if you’re not already, and I can’t wait for part II.