Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/11/2013 – Peter Mehlman

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/11/2013 – Peter Mehlman

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Peter Mehlman

Recorded 03-10-2013 – Release Date 03-11-2013

Production Number #1031

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Adam has a very spirited and well-timed intro, BB has a choice drop and Adam has a wonderful “tell a friend” riff.

Now Adam is off on a tangent about his “purity of sport” observations and he has an interesting tidbit about taking Drew aside and telling him who was actually talented after/during loveline recordings.

Adam has a hilarious “Dukes of Hazard” riff and he’s segueing to a “cream rises to the top” tangent, Alison is getting in on it and it’s great.

Adam is once again telling/asking the gang about the standard grey gym shirt that seems to highlight sweat more than any other shade, he’s threatening to bring in a photo of a “perfect Mickey Mouse head” across his chest and abdomen, Bryan has a funny one liner.


Adam is now launching into the story about seeing the Lakers game from the skybox with Chris “Maxipada” Laxamana, “Half Tard” Gary Patrick Smith and the “Porcelain Punisher” himself Matt Fondiler, courtesy of friend of the show Russel.

The control room has fired up a photo of Adam examining a small closet in the skybox, he’s now explaining why and it’s the most insanely hilarious plot he’s concocted in some time.

An almost “Ocean’s 11” style scenario with Maxipada hiding in the closet overnight, gaining sustenance from smuggled hotdogs, Adam is describing the pitch he gave in the room.

Alison’s reaction is the exact same as my own, I wish I could body swap with the man so I could “Die Hard” through the ceiling and perform the “task”.

Chris is now on mic, he actually seems to be receptive to the idea and now Adam has not only referenced the time Chris traveled in the “boot” of a car but now his infamous bus story too, man he’s got some good road stories.


Adam is now sharing his “4 second bullshit week” idea about teaching your children only 4 seconds of various languages and skills in order to improve their maneuvering through life.

He’s explaining the dance camera during the game and the white guy with 4 seconds of dance moves that inspired this new brilliant idea.


Adam is now asking the gang what they would do if they were in his shoes; he’s sharing Sonny’s recent basketball game where he scored up a storm, hilarious one liner about said scoreboard.

Adam is explaining that one of his alarm sensors at his home was triggered right as they arrived at the YMCA with moments to spare. Adam as per usual took the car and drove back.

Upon checking the panel, it revealed the sensor was the faulty one that would have tipped him off, but the operator misspoke and unintentionally (?) gaslit him.

He’s explaining how he’d rather be beaten almost to death rather than be embarrassed and he wants the gang’s take on his story.


Adam is telling the gang about going to dinner with Dr. Drew and his wife, Susan was regaling them with Paulina’s desire to get a TCB tattoo.

Adam is explaining how he doesn’t get the desire to get a tattoo as a form of rebellion now that the majority of the population have them however he does like the throwback nature of TCB in the face of all the tribal bullshit.

Adam was asking questions up a storm trying to delineate the origin of the idea for this tattoo; eventually Susan revealed that she’s a huge Elvis fan.

Adam is on an extended explanation of what a hard worker, extreme eater and overall animal Dr. Drew is in all areas of his life.


Adam is now having Matt join them to share the story of trying to form his custom earplugs, he’s relating it to the last time he had a mold of his ear made for a custom IFB during the MTV loveline days.

Matt is confirming the process and now Adam is riffing on how they did it in the nude and Matt is rolling with it like a pro, Alison just had a killer tangent about homemade penis molds, get that drop!

Adam’s molds were rejected and now Matt is reading the correspondence from the company as to why, Adam is giving some plugs and has a very “Great Magnet” moment in regards to Alison’s most recent podcast guest Lake Bell.


Peter is now joining the show for his first visit, Adam wants to talk about his journey but he wants to take it back to the tattoo topic. He’s citing it as a signifier for a woman with low standards, Adam is bringing up the tongue piercing and now Peter is unknowingly quoting Adam from 17yrs ago.

Alison inadvertently just gave Bryan another gift in drop form, awesome. Adam is connecting tongue rings to “stuffed crust” pizza.

Adam is quizzing Peter about his youth in queens, Peter is now telling the gang about his parents and his early aspirations.

Adam is now making an observation about “super humor” and how it’s gone the way of the “soufflé humor” or his now forgotten “Benedict Arnold humor”.


Adam is on a hammock riff, calling it the outdoor version of a beanbag chair. Adam is really going off and Bryan is chiming in to confirm one of his suspicions and now Adam is asking some follow up details.

Dawson is on mic to confirm he also has one of these types of hammocks and now Adam is asking him for some of his other tips on success.

Alison has a papasan chair tangent to end the prolonged silence that just happened, now Adam is realizing what’s she’s talking about and joking about the “Lay Z Boy” being the pinnacle of comfy chairs.


Adam is now introducing Bryan’s new segment, with a hilarious Mike Lynch and Richard Banks intro.

Bryan is now presenting a review for “Oz the Great and Powerful”, Adam has some thoughts on James Franco, Bryan has an observation about Michelle Williams and Adam has an anecdote from his week filming “Dawson’s Creek” with her in 2003.

Bryan is now giving an in depth review. BB is giving a nice recommendation for “A Simple Plan” and Adam is concurring strongly.

Adam is now praising “The Wizard of Oz” I’ve never heard him say any of this before; whoa he seems to be a fan.


Alison’s News

She wants to bring up a new form of “annoying honking” she’s noticed when driving, she’s describing it as the “sarcastic clap” of honking.

Adam is asking questions, he’s for honking but needs to know what the motivation is before he can weigh in on this.

Adam is now on a tangent about people putting too much trust in their fellow citizens behind the wheels of a car, he’s citing the people who blindly text while walking into traffic, he’s sharing an anecdote about driving through an alley home after Sonny’s game.

Adam is sharing the story of Kobe asking Drew about the “Jodi Arias trial” before entering OT to win the game, Adam was just courtside himself last week but he didn’t get any courtside chats.


Alison’s top story is on the move back to “Daylights savings time” Adam and Alison both hate it, this Superfan is trying to move to Arizona to avoid it.

Alison is asking Peter about reality TV, he’s saying he refuses to watch it as “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” delivered the deathblow to his “It’s like You Know” whose cast actually guested on Loveline in 1999 btw.

Adam is citing his white wine vomit story from when he was 16 as an example for Peter to get him to get over his dislike of reality TV, Peter has a funny one liner and is now telling the gang about taking years off from vomiting and the “Great Magnet” date of June 29th.

Bryan realizes this story made it into a Seinfeld episode and Peter is now filling him in.


2nd story is on the Cardinals now selecting the new pope, Alison wants to know if Adam sees any potential candidates he likes.

Adam is going with the brother and jokes about calling up cousin Sal to get the gambling odds.

Adam just wants to see how they look with the hat on, hilarious!

Adam is now calling for a “Pope Combine” like the NFL draft, and now Alison is wrapping the news.