Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/10/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 316

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/10/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 316

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between the Two Hosts

Recorded 03-08-2016 – Release Date 03-10-2016

Production Number #316 – The Priest of Ibafa

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Drew opens the show with Adam getting his coffee just outside the studio, he’s upon us and Drew is asking Gary if he can hear him, it’s a very weird intro and Adam finally gives it once he gets to his stool.

Drew is telling Adam about his daughters Grad School program and Adam explains an article was tweeted to him about homework and he is getting into how unfair this homework is for people without the resources they have, even for them it’s a stretch.

Adam is now talking about how the latest “5 Icon” homework where Sonny needed a picture of Genghis Khan and Adam explains he lives in chaos.


Drew shares a “from the mouth of babes” moment from his kids 6th grade class where a student admitted his mom made this fancy diorama he was presenting to the class.

Adam is now explaining how his wife is being driven insane by this workload and how it’s causing fights between him and his wife and explains a scenario where he wanted to take Sonny with him and she wanted him to print out a picture of Genghis Khan.

Adam says a 2nd language or a fiddle, anything other than these unnecessary stupid projects.


Drew talks about the benefit of these projects encouraging kids to speak in public and convey information.

Adam is talking about kids spending their whole day at school and how nobody would recommend they have an 8hr work day, plus more work once they get home.

Adam is now spelling out the work part of homework and how much trouble it causes for families, he feels for the single mom’s out there trying to get by with this, he mocks his own “white privilege” and Drew hints around the black community and absentee fathers.


Adam talks about the rules regarding football practice for high school students and how it’s based around what’s fair for the other teams that can’t afford it.

Drew and Adam comment on Nick nodding, Adam says he’s nodding off and not agreeing with Drew.


Adam and Drew are doing a Casper Live Read

They go over the bygone era of mattress purchases and the hassles that were involved.


Adam is back to these god damn projects and Drew takes Adam back to family and education and Adam says we’ve lost our way in the stigma department and jokes about having meetings under his house, they were kicked out of the church they were using, nice improv from Drew.

Adam is now sharing an absentee father vs. dad who smokes judgment paradigm, Drew says the smoking father will be a pariah like Adam implies and the absentee father is just a free spirit in today’s society/world.

Drew shares an anecdote about a recent screwball millennial caller into Loveline who was saying she’s going to have a kid and trick a guy into impregnating her, opening every retort with “the way I figure” and “the way I see It” to which Drew does not give an F.


Adam is talking about the fundraiser for his kids and school and they joke about him showing up 5min before ShowTime.

Drew is putting on the Slender Tone and Adam explains what crop of kids are going up against, explaining their family structure and how the family of his daughter’s best friend met.

Adam explains to Lynette that they’re not competing with these kids and these families, they can only hope for their kids to get by and be better than they were.


Adam is doing a Slender Tone Live Read

Adam is describing this belt and says he feels like it as he does Buddhism, Drew feels the pulse in his brain and praises that feeling.

Drew is on 35, Adam says that’s intense and they should chillax at 20.


Adam is back to his wife’s “how are we going to beat these kids” question and he told her his kids will only beat themselves and that’s all they should hope for.

Adam got his wife to agree with him about what college is going to be in 10yrs and he uses Kanye West no longer releasing CD’s as an example of the progress of society.

Adam thinks that kids will be going into a field straight out of high school, his son will probably end up in engineering or building and he says people are free to round out their education in their free time and learn the violin or about Genghis Khan.


Adam is talking about his Prager U. videos and Drew is trying to conjure up Khan Academy and he says nothing like that can replace actual learning and Adam is now using his recent civil war video watching to make an example, saying he is now the most well versed in the civil war out of the entire building.

Adam is joking about dunking his kids in the pussy juice of college, ladling them pussy juice, hilarious riff with Drew even saying it back at him.

Adam is asking if he wants to pay for his kids to go to school and come back to explain that the way he talks to his gardener is full of macroaggressions, to be brainwashed with pussy juice and think that Dennis Prager smoking a Cigar out back is spreading 6th hand smoke.


Adam talks about Mike August attending business school and how a student was attending from China remotely, 10 years ago.

Drew quotes the poster about confusing a google search with a medical degree/training and is commenting on how people use these videos to then argue they have learned something or are an expert in a field.

They’re now going over the time Kelly Osbourne claimed to be a WWII expert on Classic Loveline just to be contrarian and what happened after she said that, there is a large reaction form the guys in the booth and Drew is now insisting that’s what she said, he’s right.



Adam and Drew are going over Adam’s “women aren’t interested in war” proclamation on that episode which led to Kelly’s objection, Adam and Drew have an NFL/Super Bowl example for people who know something, talking about how men are able to at least make guesses as it’s in their realm of knowledge.

Adam is now going overt how Kelly was insisting he was wrong but was unable to name the allied and axis powers, the good guys and the bad guys, she labeled that a trick question.

Dre calls back the “way I figure” Loveline caller and Adam talks about maintaining his positions as the world’s biggest douche in her eyes, Adam is now looking at Nick and saying he’s an MMA expert but doesn’t know the name of the two fighters from the latest PPV bout.


Drew is doing a Five Four Club Live Read

Gary says that the designer mentions is a big time guy edition


Adam is now asking Drew about his daughter going to Grad School for writing and threatens to talk her out of it, he says that a writing sample is all that anyone ever asks for when you’re trying to get a job.


1st Caller Akos, he’s calling from Hungary and has a perfect Hungarian example of what a good language it is, Drew is now defending Hungarian and insisting they weren’t making fun of it, Akos says Adam is right and he gives them some Morse code -esque Hungarian.

Adam is now talking about how Hungarians love storytelling and Drew asks about the Jewish piece of their culture.

Adam shares the “wooden priestly pipe” tongue twister and breaks out some Hungarian that leads to Akos recognizing it and he explains what it means.


Adam thanks him for giving him the answer and being honest, he talks about other people who give him unsatisfying answers regarding their primary language, “we don’t have cantaloupe” and he takes it back to the Priest of Ibafa and how is grandpa tried to teach him it, Drew is now reading it and laughing at his own pronunciation.

Akos thanks them for helping him learn English, Drew is fearful of what he’s learned and Adam mocks kilometers, he’s now running his Hungarian family names over with Akos, asking him if he’s familiar with them.


Akos tells them about making bows and arrows for a living and explains he started it himself, Adam asks him about his tax rate, it’s roughly 50%.

A noise goes off in the studio, Adam tells Akos to check in more often and wraps up by talking about growing up with goulash in Los Angeles and contrasting that to Akos.

Adam stumbles into a live read.


Adam is doing a Bet DSI Live Read

Drew says Hmmm and ummm edition.


2nd Caller Rick, he’s calling about the Mangria sales in the Baltimore area and wants to tell them about his big fan status running back to the 1990s, his phone line is repeating their audio, recording vis his computer?


3rd Caller Barry wants to know how to deal with his passive aggressive wife and shares how she’s being aggressive and critical regarding his lunchtime Shamrock Shakes while at work.

Drew is asking for some background and Adam talks about his wife and a walk they were one where she asked him about when they would be getting started on the new house.

Adam says he got passive aggressive and said they are finishing the current house first; Adam is ow saying this is stuff that all couples go through.


Adam has a hypothetical scenario with Drew’s wife mopping a kitchen floor and Adam’s phone goes off again, Gary tells Adam it’s his phone as he tries to blame everyone else.

Egg on Ace’s face, his phone was left in the studio.

Adam is back to Barry and he’s asking him about killing it with kindness for one month and shares his internalizing responses that he can give instead of escalating, don’t hit her like rams butting head, use Ju Jitsu (Judo, he means Judo) to use her own momentum against her.


Adam says there is something she’s not happy with about Barry and Adam is trying to give him ways to diffuse her and Drew is back to how the criticism affects him.

Adam is talking about how his wife is pressing the button on his mechanical mechanism and Adam admits he’s working on his own tendencies and trying to overcome them by ignoring them and leaving.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read


4th Caller Jeannie, she’s a huge fan and she says that Adam is an actual feminist and explains her reasoning and even says Drew is one too, she cites the pro feminist ideals they expound and what a great father Adam is for his children in particular his daughter.

Drew recalls a time they were profiled by a student from Santa Barbara who told them the same thing, Adam says he has no recollection.

Right on Jeannie! she asks Adam about his instincts and he screams about knowing everything and why he doesn’t get down on himself for negative comments.

She talks about listening to Classic Loveline and how he blows her away with his good sense, she was in laws school when it was airing and didn’t have that level of sense at the time.


Jeannie is calling them about a woman who is pursuing her heavily and won’t deter regardless of Jeannie’s lack of interest.

Adam is telling her to give the woman nothing and to document everything, no go back to get more Jeannie!!!! Don’t skip ahead her to talk to Rick again!


2nd Caller Rick Round Two!

He claims to have met both Adam and Drew at HFStival, his line still has some feedback, Adam is talking about his weird dominion he has over people when he wants them to leave or stop talking, he wraps up on Rick.

Adam is talking about Ricki Rachtman being described as a superstar and Adam is not slagging him while talking about the business they’re in being fooled by hair dye and tattoos, funny quiet superstar repetition from Ace.


Adam is giving out the plugs and wraps up the show.