Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/10/2016 – Monica Mehta and Vinnie Tortorich

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/10/2016 – Monica Mehta and Vinnie Tortorich

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Monica Mehta and Vinnie Tortorich

Recorded 03-10-2016 – Release Date 03-11-2016

Production Number #1776

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Adam opens the show to a great “heard it from a friend who” intro from Lynch and Dawson, BB has a drop of today’s guest Monica Mehta critiquing a “dud of a story” from a different newsgirl for today’s #TopDrop.

Adam is talking about how he met Vinnie Tortorich as he joins them again for his weekly segment.

Adam talks about the look one women’s’ faces as they run, like they’re chasing a plate of shit.


Adam is really going in depth on professional runners and how personal best is the seeming goal, funny descriptions of angry women’s faces and Adam jokes about the movie ‘Personal Best’ and tells Gary to look it up.

Adam is now sharing the protein bar dilemma at the Carolla household, Vinnie is sharing how learned that Natalia likes eggs but cannot make them, it’s a bridge too far for Lynette some mornings and BB has a “too bad you don’t employ a full time nanny” line that Adam riffs on.

Adam is now reacting to Vinnie’s faces as Adam talks about the 23 grams of sugar in the protein shake they’re pounding in the morning; Adam was satisfied that it was just about half of what a can of coke has in it.


Vinnie is talking about the hidden high fructose corn syrup in foods and Vinnie asks Adam who had the shake, he has an enraged “What!? ME!?” in response telling him about his viscous green compote shake he chokes down; Adam says he has got to move in with Vinnie.

Adam talks about his wife acting like Adam and Vinnie are “bothering her” and how it leads to arguments, he says the coach isn’t trying to offend or bother you, he wants to help.

Sonny is now waving from the other room and he’s chiming in with his perfect bar and shake breakfast, Sonny says that his dad is better at making eggs than his mom, Adam appreciates his allegiance and tries to tell him that Lynette makes decent eggs.


Vinnie is now quizzing Sonny on whether or not he should come back over and help them make eggs, Sonny says he’s trying to compliment him, and has a great “I’ve only had one mom so far” line in reaction to the question about his mom from BB.


Gary’s reaction is stellar from the booth; you can hear it over Sonny’s hot mic.

Adam is now explaining how he’s done with this personal Vietnam and Sonny has an adorable question as Adam wraps up his riff about being done trying to win these battles at home.

Vinnie is now talking about the liver and how it reacts to sugar, Adam is talking about the nutritionists who use blowhard repetitive phrases and gives Vinnie his “you don’t want to turn your liver into a dier” and Vinnie tells them about guesting on For Crying Out Loud.


Vinnie is reacting to the protein bars and he tells BB to eat real food instead of his Canola spray, Adam is sharing how they got meat bars for the family.

Vinnie is sharing how people react to him telling them how to lose weight and he emphasize the baby steps part as Adam walks through the protein bars that Lynette has swapped out.

Adam wants a Vietnam bar, something that doesn’t need one to hold their nose and swallow it, and not “food is a party” somewhere in between, cut bait or “I’m lying to myself” and Gina asks about the nuts.


Adam says he’s on Lynette now and her diet, Adam says she loves her cheese and salami for lunch but not for breakfast, Vinnie loves the house and references the zip line.

Adam is now capping the conversation and says the kids will do eggs, the battle will be with Natalia tomorrow over the shake, Adam jokes about “Reason” and tells Vinnie he’ll just set the house on fire, Vinnie has a killer “what does that do!?” in reply.


Adam is doing an Uber Live Read

Do Re Me again edition


Fit or Bullshit

1st FOB Healthiest taco option

Adam and Vinnie are going over tacos in depth, BB asks about the “what’s best” part of the question, Adam wins round #1 with ground beef.

Vinnie talks about the white sauce for fish tacos and why white meat chicken leaves him cold, Adam likes that Vinnie factors in flavor.


Adam says part of the problem is that we’ve been lead to believe that if it tastes good it can’t be good for you, we must punish ourselves.

Vinnie talks about the 1970’s and calories and how we all learned to be like this, he talks about Weight Watchers and The Biggest Loser and how everyone puts the weight back on.


2nd FOB Best bang for your buck workout in 30min

Adam is now going over skipping rope and Gina brings up Swimming, Adam says the best workout is drowning and jokes about someone pushing you of the back of a ship, funny riff.

BB says Rowing Machine and it’s his favorite exercise actually.


Vinnie says he’s with BB and uses the machine at the gym, he says that swimming by itself is not a great exercise by itself and explains how it effects bone density.

Adam is now talking about having a jump rope competition to The Spice Girls with his daughter, how awesome!

Adam is talking about skipping rope with his daughter and playing games with himself, he says Lynette might have the video.


Vinnie shares his mind bet style games where if they screw up they must repeat the process and BB shares how he can get a bicep workout on the rowing machine.

Gina asks about jumping rope with her ample chest, Adam has a killer “Vinnie will hold them” and jokes about him saying it will be tough to do it with a boner but he will do it.

Vinnie talks about Gina wearing double and triple bras, Adam has a killer rowing machine line and Vinnie has a “you don’t have to bring it in at all” pervy comment that Adam says proves he’s not professional.


3rd FOB Best Snack Between meals

Adam has a killer burn some calories producing the nut butter one liner, BB comments on the oddly specific #3 choice.

Adam is praising the exotic cheese that Vinnie has showed him, recommending them with some salami and mustard for a mid-day snack.


Vinnie explains why the nut butter is the best option, he explains why gum promotes hunger and why they give it to astronauts.

Adam is talking about the way most of life involves unintended consequences and contrasts gum chewing to avoid eating to low income housing for the homeless community.

Adam asks Vinnie how long it’s been since he’s seen Howie and he talks about the show taping back east effecting their daily interactions.


Vinnie is telling Adam about his private sessions and how he rarely does it anymore because trainers have been so priced down in the industry due to these big box gyms.

Gary has the footage of Natalia and Adam jumping rope and Gina comments on him doing like a jig mid jump.

Adam talks about being able to do the jump over the broom stick move and how he did it on ‘The Man Show’ and Adam is telling them about attempting to ride his unicycle and ride off a picnic table, Adam was showing off for his niece who was in town.


Adam is now telling the story or trying to start telling it, he goes back to his balance and inner core and how he accepts it like someone who has a beautiful voice and how someone can choose to embrace a gift or squander it.

Adam says he rides the unicycle every night and if he falls off he has to turn around and do it again, he talks about fighting his bad side when turning and why he does figure 8’s and how after doing it 10 times 5 nights in a row he’s already way better at it again.

Vinnie talks about good athletes and how they train through trouble spots and overcome them, Adam is talking about teaching his daughter how to ride a unicycle and he comments on the model he taught to drive a stick shift on his speed channel Car Show.


Adam is going over the method he came up with, he used a safe word for the clutch being pressed in, she chose Voltaire and Adam taught her the moves with the car parked.

Adam is going back to the unicycle and the safe space he’s taught his daughter, he tells her to get the pedals neutral, not at opposing up and down positions.


Adam is going over the steps and how the neutral feeling is the most important part, he gets into introducing a 6-month old black lab into the mix and how that complicates the process.

Adam talks about using a spot on the wall to balance and how by merely putting a hand in front of him would make him fall and how his old Yoga ball standing medicine ball tosses would go south in a hurry.

Gina has a dancing comparison that leads to a Stripper DJ Bit and Jade is being called to stage 5 this time, funny riffing working Vinnie into it.


Adam gives out the plugs for Vinnie and then jumps to a live read before break.


Adam is doing a Live Read


They’re now heading to break.


They’re back from break with Monica Mehta making her 4th appearance on the ACS. They play a listener voicemail where a caller told them about techno music at the rodeo.

Adam and BB have a killer riff back in forth as they act out a quick improv scene, BB forgot the potato salad for their Klan meeting, hilarious!


Adam plugs Monica’s book and brings up her mom’s food services business and she tells them about her family’s background again, including living on a ship for some time.

Funny child labor comment from Monica.

Adam is now asking Monica to share who she likes in the presidential candidates and what is realistic vs. impossible.



Q and Ace

1st Caller Ted, he asks about The Deaf Frat Guy and if there was ever a movie they were trying to produce, he says they wrote a killer script and it was abandoned even though there was interest from the guys who made ‘Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle’ and he shares Lynette’s reaction to the script.

Adam comments on the time he and Jimmy and Kimmel wrote a script with Ivan Reitman “12 years ago” but it was actually longer than that, maybe 17yrs ago?

Adam says maybe they’ll get the rights back to the DFG script and release a book, Adam has a killer white slavery riff talking about selling his kids and trying to buy them back as a metaphor for a studio owning your content, BB has tons of industry terms he’s peppering in.


Monica says she doesn’t believe in anyone’s tax policies and doesn’t listen to them, she says that there are 7 million men who have dropped off the work force who now are faced with fast food and low income jobs.

Monica talks about the broken family system and Adam jokes about being laughed out of the room when he was interviewed by The Huffington Post.

She talks about the societal depression and how the stats show men checking out of society, retreating to a peter pan lifestyle of video games and oversleeping.


Adam talks about men and their need to work for a sense of self, he jokes about the Porcelain Punisher and his sensitive side and comments on his recent cat drama.

Monica says these men end up creating a huge issue for women and Adam jokes about Bernie Sanders figuring out the problem and solution, Monica says now her tax dollars means less to her than the state of things, Adam absolutely agrees.

Monica lives in Houston and how she went to the Rodeo and saw people she doesn’t see every day but live in the same state, city even.


Monica has a funny Louie Anderson ‘Coming to America’ reference that seems to be appreciated and Adam is now talking about solving the problem from the wrong direction.

Adam calls the politicians running for president liars and Adam is joking about Monica’s background and she gets to NAFTA and the WTO caused deficits that have harmed our country and job prospects.

Monica is telling them about the way we end up importing more goods than exporting and how many jobs have been lost from 1997 until today.

Adam jokes about his expensive loafers and tassels, Monica roles with it nicely.

Adam has her prepare to explain who she wants for president; they move on back to the calls.


2nd Caller Robert, he’s going to the Amsterdam live show and wants to teach Adam some cuss words, Adam plugs the live shows and he asks him about the plan for the show.

Adam has a funny Jet Green joke and Robert tells them some swears, he has a funny retard “what if I just point to Mike August” comment and Robert explains he’s going to meet his good friend Angie and he’s never been there before.

Robert is good friends with this woman and her fiancé, it’s moot.


Robert is kind and defends a hook nose as a lovely affectation, he met her playing games on Xbox, Adam jokes about Robert not saying hi and pretending to remember him.


Adam takes it back to Monica who says she would like Trump in the Whitehouse, aside from his rudeness and she explains why she supports him.

Adam asks what if your female and Indian like Monica, hilarious period and Chicken Tikka Masala replies from Monica.

Adam is ow talking about the Hispanics being a minority despite being a majority of the population of Los Angeles and how minority status is now related to income and they go over the term racist and how it’s been neutered by overuse, Adam says it’s fucked out now that everyone is a racist.


Monica is commenting on the obscure laws that Trump is bringing up such as one that allows for collusion between insurance companies.

Adam is talking about the insurance company commercials and how they suggest that buyers check torque ratios and other things that aren’t real, Adam is talking about getting a car totaled and getting it replaced, Adam wants to know why there is this bizarre soliloquy about your relationship with this company.

BB says this is liberty and they have the worst spots, Adam has a killer general joke after BB has a funny point about a woman crashing her car into a tree.


3rd Caller Troy, he went to a goodwill receptacle out of town and he brought in some bags full of clothes and goods to drop off.

The guy running the place screamed at him and told him not to come drop stuff off, he wants to know how Adam would react in that situation and Adam comments on the self-entitled emboldened mess that we’re in and how everyone is off the deep end, it’s not worth even engaging.

Adam is now describing a woman from the neighborhood who had a local paper and wanted to show him an article on himself, Adam explains why he tries to avoid the good and bad, he’ll just stay out of it.


Gary now has the Liberty Mutual advertisement and Adam is mocking the logic of this woman in the ad actually existing in real life.

Hilarious drag coefficient one liner from Adam joking about this woman testing her car in the wind tunnel, Adam asks who is the person who writes this bullshit.

Adam says the thing that brings him joy from these commercials is picturing the actress taking this stuff home and trying to run the lines with her boyfriend and make it sound like it makes sense, gold!


Adam is doing a Club W Live Read

“probably not who’s your team?”

“Everyone one of those online quizzes I take ends with me being a bad dad or an alcoholic” – Adam


Gina’s News

Hilarious bad driver riffing from the gang, good stuff.


1st Story is on the claims from both Hillary and Bernie that they will not deport undocumented immigrants.

Gina has a clip of Hillary responding to Trump’s comments about Mexicans. They go over her use of “basta” and Gina brings up more from the clip.

Adam is now saying there is no amount of women in pants suits who can fix this and how this idea of Hillary’s for a cradle to college pipeline is as crazy as say no to drugs.


Monica talks about the borders and Trump’s supposed wall and the various reactions and hypocrisy found in the system, she even quotes and mocks Hillary’s double talk on the subject and attempt to shift blame/attention.

Adam is now joking about treating the IRS the way we treat these border laws, Monica talks about the dangers and horrible crimes associated with illegal immigration.


Adam says he wouldn’t want a wall if they had a better solution and he talks about how he wants room for folks who want to legally immigrate.

Adam asks when illegal immigration has been such a controversial topic in a country and how it’s such a base concept that’s innate to having borders and rules/laws.

Adam says it’s weird that we’re arguing over something that we all seem to want as a nation, he has a hobo sleeping on the porch and dog got out scenario and having a 5-year debate with his wife over it.


Adam gets it, Hillary gets to pretend that Trump is a racist and then win votes by spitting a couple bits of Spanish and Monica talks about the real deciding factors of American politics.

Gina has Bernie sharing his idea for an executive action to go rogue and Monica says the plan of both is similar to Hillary’s and BB asks about immigrants voting habits that evolve over time spent assimilating in America.

Adam is now commenting on how they paint the republicans as all racists to win democratic votes and Adam is joking about his Mount Rushmore of racists.


Adam is talking about the Nazi’s and ISIS, he talks about the Klan and their consistency and comments on how the Huffington Post would like you to believe that he hates black people and Mexican but loves Indians and he calls Monica “curry nipples” and riffs with her using a funny real world accent that she normally doesn’t speak with.

Adam has a nice lobster tail price per lb. analogy for what people would prefer and Monica has some real world stats about employment which Adam agrees with and explains how things like Stucco work would boom with the vacuum of Hispanic people to fill the demand.

Adam talks about the legacy of prize fighting among different races and nationalities, explaining how the country works and people try to do better for their kids.

Gina wraps the news and BB plays a drop of Monica from the top of the news story.


Adam is now talking about trowel and stucco work, how you have to earn its respect as Monica puts it.

Adam is now recalling the time he was doing stucco work and was across the street from Jay Leno’s home where he was working on vintage motorcycles.


Adam is now doing a Live Read


Adam plugs the latest merchandise, Vinnie’s stuff and closes it out with a plug for Monica and a new drop.