Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/10/2016 – Brian Redban and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/10/2016 – Brian Redban and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Brian Redban and Matt Atchity

Recorded 03-09-2016 – Release Date 03-10-2016

Production Number #1775

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Adam opens the show to a funny 3,005,286th Beatle intro from Dawson and Lynch, Adam makes note of it and has a weird throat noise, BB plays the new “Sizzurp” #TopDrop

Adam welcomes Matt Atchity back to the show.

Adam is talking about re-watching Whiplash and it’s 94% across the board between all critics and the people, all 3 categories, that movie is 94% for sure.


Adam mentions me and comments on me sending him emails, he says they’re long but on the Henry Deutschendorf Letter scale they’re a 0.25 at best.

Adam is sharing how I told him about the latest Classic Loveline #601 Doggy Night 01/18/1998 released in the feed.

Adam is now paraphrasing and sharing how I told him about predicting that caller James the Zoosexual got sodomised by his Akita.


Adam has an example of his kids with school work and Lynette and them getting used to handing things off to people.

Adam talks about people telling him about his clairvoyance, Adam says he never listens to the old stuff and gives out a nice plug for the show Classic Loveline available on iTunes and via the link above.

Adam says he doesn’t need people telling him what he was write about, his internal compass dictates it and it’s nice but he already knew he was right.


Adam, Matt, Gina and BB all riff on the topic and s references ‘Sleeping Dogs Lie’ and Adam has a nice 94% callback. Adam talks about Producer Ann’s intense reaction on air to James.

Adam is sharing his reaction to the call and the opening of it, he explains how the call started and BB pegs the timeframe as the late 1990’s and before Anderson and his era on the show.

Adam is now playing them the show, after the call begins it’s been edited down for brevity’s sake.


BB’s reactions are epic; he even shoots snot out of his nose when Adam asks if James’s ex-girlfriend was a bitch.

Adam explains they edited the call down and now everyone laughs like crazy to “would be like a date for James” one liner.


Adam now says that he and Drew both having nothing in their veins other than antifreeze and gives a few examples of the wide range of lives for a dog.

BB has a nice Sarah McLachlan sound bed while referencing the ASPCA commercials and BB is trying to initiate an improv scene with Adam, he’s hesitant then jumps in.

BB is bragging about his tap water in the bowl and having his balls as Adam tops him with getting blown by his master, Adam’s best role of all time as “James’s Dog Brute” and BB plugs Classic Loveline as well.


The irony of Adam and BB both never plugging it on air before and then doing it on the very day that PodcastOne pulled it down from the public page to make it premium only, oh great magnet how you hurt us all.

The close out the topic as Gina asks about Adam’s language and the safe harbor designation that protected the show.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Scott, he’s a big fan of the Adam and Dr. Drew Show, BB is trying to speed him along with a drop and he references a John Goodman celebrity encounter he recounted in an interview involving Kristin Wiig.

Adam says this seems like a weird thing for him to express, Gina has the quote and Adam calls it a celebrity misdemeanor.

Adam says he’s putting it on himself and being monogamous, it sounds like he says putting it on “ham” and then goes on to tell his own awkward “who died?” question when the classroom had just learned of the fiery Pinto deaths of his team and classmates Robert and Lenny.


Adam talks about having Vince Vaughn as a neighbor for a short stretch and he mentions how they would walk to dinner with the wives, the “Hazelnut” soup establishment where Adam told Vince about his old douche neighbor and shared the infamous “if his house is on fire I won’t dial 911” story and how that might have led to them not being in close contact and him not being a neighbor any longer.


Adam describes the burning palm tree from the old guy’s yard, he describes the look on Vince’s face that shamed Adam for his atheist deal with Satan to not dial 911.

Adam is talking about an awkward Sarah Silverman encounter and Adam mentions the time they went to the Roller Disco with “Jordan” and Ray grabbed Louis CK’s manboobs and jiggled them from behind.

Matt tells them about an encounter with Ben Stein over a parking spot dispute and rotten tomatoes negativity for his documentary, Adam says an argument for god is not going to work or get good reviews.


Adam is telling them about the guy who gave his Newman doc a bad review, the one other movie he hated was ‘Whiplash’ because JK Simmons character “was a bully” and Adam tells Matt that one day they will have some bees and clean house over at Rotten Tomatoes.

Even BB objects and Gina riffs about why he hated the Newman doc.

Adam and BB go into a nuanced conversation about film and characters and how regardless of the topic or character a movie can be appreciated even if you don’t agree with something politically or hate a character.

Matt explains the Rotten Tomatoes system regarding numerical scores and they move on.


2nd Caller Lucas has been writing a comedy bit about Donald Trump and wants Adam’s take on whether it’s a good idea or not, he’s got a nervous and delayed delivery, Adam is telling him about execution over idea and he asks him for a sample of it.

Lucas is reading his idea.

Adam tells him to apologize after some more of the idea Adam is now asking him about why he’s choosing comedy and why now, just because you’re miserable in your current job doesn’t mean you are going to be a successful astronaut or spokesmodel, it doesn’t make you funny.


BB brings up Nick Santora and Adam jokes about him having a gay porn career before writing, Lucas is now sharing his first joke.

Matt has an insult and BB is being positive, Gina has a fair reaction and Adam says he’s not in the dream dashing business but if he was…

Adam is now telling him if there is a man of the Jewish persuasion behind him at the open mic if he will step aside he will bless him continuing down this path.


Adam is talking about the limited stage time and the very real problem of people who have no business at open mic “beating off into a ceiling fan” while some people who could really make a go at it are waiting in the wings.

Hilarious fan setting riff with the gang and Gina’s reaction is priceless, Adam is now asking for a fan manufacturer to add an LED to a fan to indicate the speed selected, so you needn’t count and wait and pull a cord repeatedly.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read

Who let the dog out, all the mikes use it edition?


Rotten or Fresh – The Rotten Tomatoes Game

Brothers in cinema edition

Adam and BB comments on Matt’s weight loss and BB is sticking on the “slightly less” shlubby part, not a lot of sensitivity from the guy who lost a lot of weight.

Adam asks Matt about ‘The Brothers Grimsby’


1st Movie ‘The Blues Brothers’ (1980)

Adam comments on how they have talked about the score for this film in the past but it was an air and he has no memory so he has no advantage.

Adam and BB give their longest and most in depth take on this movie and why it’s so great, they always say it but this time they explain it, interesting takes.

Adam is now giving his guess, Gina goes with a high score from the critics and comes damn close to matching it.


2nd Movie ‘Stuck On You’ (2003)

Adam never saw it, Gina talks about the random pairing and Adam says they came up with the title before the premise and doesn’t remember taking to this one.


3rd Movie ‘Step Brothers’ (2008)

Gina just saw this and laughed her ass off, Adam’s seen pieces of the movie and BB says they are the funniest parts of the film, the two leads.

Adam refers to Richard Jenkins as “What’s His Fuck” and Adam comes close with his guess.

Adam says sometimes it hurts you when you like the movie and are playing the game.


4th Movie ‘Twins’ (1988)

Adam talks about Gina’s childhood love for this film and Ivan Reitman’s range in the good and bad filmmaking dept.

Adam guesses and they give their “rotten or fresh” designations.

Matt suggests it’s a great premise for a sketch.


5th Movie ‘Super Mario Bros.’ (1993)

Adam recalls this movie coming out way after the first game was popular, he’s right it came out 2yrs after the 4th game in the series (technically 5th if you count the lost levels and Doki Doki Panic re-skinned Super Mario Bros. 2’ as 2 and 2.5 respectively in the series).

BB reacts huge to the fact that it’s Mario Mario and Luigi Mario, sharing the same last name that’s the same as one guy’s first name.

Matt incorrectly gaslights Adam that it was made in 1990, an appropriate time for the movie to come out, instead of 93 when it was far too late.


Matt says they have an on the nose guess, Gary reveals they have a tie and BB has a great “for 2nd!?” and Gary tells Adam to take a seat, seemingly relishing it.


6th Movie ‘Four Brothers’ (2003)

BB says he’s seen the movie and Gina thinks it’s a joke and doesn’t actually exist, Adam jokes about the “no child should have to bury a parent” comment that he got someone to agree with on ‘Crank Yankers’.


Gina takes the win with a “hollow victory” and Adam says this is a nice win and gives out the plugs for Matt.


Adam is doing a Live Read

Vinnie says eat nuts! Edition

Adam loves Macadamia nuts, he says they are grown from the ground and get closest to “nummie nummie num num” out of anything this side of meat or processing.

Gina reminds Adam that Roseanne Barr grows Macadamia nuts and they head to break.


They’re back from break with Brian Redban making his ACS debut, they play a great moment in local news as they roll in.

Adam welcomes him to the show, he was previously on the KLSX ACS during the Mencia plagiarism controversy, he told them about filming and creating his viral video and the Bob Hope joke that made him quit standup for a while.

Adam has also been on air with on the Joe Rogan Experience, most infamously when Brian told him about his “Spiderman Technique” which you can hear via the link below, Adam’s reaction is priceless!

Joe Rogan Experience #101 – Adam Carolla, Brian Redban (PART ONE)


Adam plugs Brian’s podcast ‘What Brian Redban Do’ and his upcoming live standup dates.

Adam reveals that Brian is serving Mangria on his tour, Adam says he didn’t know that Brian was behind the Rogan/Mencia video.

BB recalls that he was on the morning show though Adam has forgotten and Brian Redban tells them about his abandoned 2nd video that was kyboshed by Mencia’s attorneys.


Adam is now asking about the plagiarism and how it call came to everyone’s attention and Brian explains the ease in creating the video.


Adam is now using Mike August as an example and explains his history with comedy, Adam tells them about Jeff Foxworthy buying Ritch Shydner’s act.

Brian tells them about Robin Williams cutting checks for people who caught him stealing jokes.

Adam shares his befuddlement at all of the joke selling and behind the scenes dealing in lieu of creating themselves.


Adam is now sharing how he watched at Philip the Juggler bit he created in 1981 and perfected for 20yrs, Sonny watched it with him and Adam says that 5min he developed millions over his career.

Brian addresses Mencia claiming to have changed and tacitly admitting his past misdeeds, Brian shares how a kid spotted Mencia doing a Daniel Tosh bit.

Adam says some of it is innocent but this isn’t, Brian reacts to the Amy Schumer writer controversy.


Adam talks about the famous comedians who had writing staffs, he acknowledges that Brian is not a scholar and he reacts to Adam’s comment about Chris having a writing team and he tells them about Chris having a “mob of all white writers, 10 writers” when he was practicing for the Academy Awards.

Adam is now sharing the pot store/cupcake joke Kimmel had that Adam would repeat while crediting to him, he says he always feels the necessity to assign the joke to the creator and Brian is talking about the fellowship of comedians and adding tags to each other’s work.

Adam asks him about drawing a distinction between an awards show and doing an actual hour special.


Adam says he gets the Oscar part, having writers to help you.

Adam doesn’t like when a standup special is filtered through the Jewish guy in the corner, he says it’s a little bait and switch and comments on the historical legacy of it while trying to figure out what bumps him.

Gina brings up Louis C.K. writing for Chris Rock and nobody else seems to be aware of their history, she’s right.


BB has a funny Laura Kightlinger drop, Adam talks about a late night show and the necessity of a writing staff vs. standup.

Brian talks about generating and refining an hour of comedy and Adam asks him about generating content and he tells them about adding a 15min chunk every 3 months and peppering in one liners.

Adam asks him about how often he gets on stage, Jerry Seinfeld returned to the Comedy Store after many decades just last night while Brian was there.


Brian says he keeps his studio at The Ice House and works out at the Comedy Store while in town, Adam asks him about likening it to the gym and how you better go regularly to see any results.

Brian compliments Dean Delray and how often he gets on stage, Gina asks about variances in room quality and how it effects the audiences.

Brian is talking about The Ice House and The Ha Ha Café and their different crowds.


Adam talks about the Melrose Improv and contrasts that against The Ice House and the “different vibe” the place possesses and blames the Melrose issues on the tourism factor.

Brian brings up the industry element of that club and explains his own batting average at the club, Brian performed on stage for an entire industry crowd and thought he bombed, unaware it was a bunch of jaded showbiz types in the crowd.

Adam explains these clubs are giant restaurants and are willing to give the performer the lion’s share of the door as they make their profits margins off nachos and hot wings along with tips for the staff.


Adam is explaining his thoughts form years ago about comedians going bar to bar and sending money to the family members of Jack Daniels and why not bring Mangria instead.

Redban is complimenting Mangria and Adam brags about pouring it for a crowd of people and having some leftover while they’re all catching a buzz.

Adam has a killer “it makes you funnier!” yell and jokingly riffs as if he’s drunk.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the death of ‘The Fifth Beatle’ George Martin, she has a clip of him talking about his time working with the band.

Adam is now sharing his love for ‘Nowhere Man’ and explains how he’s gotten his fill on the earliest ‘Beatles’ music, BB is sharing a tidbit he heard about intentional feedback.


2nd Story is on Andy Wachowski’s transition to Lily, Adam stops Gina and says god bless you to Lily for choosing a new name instead of just cobbling together a new name from their old name, adding a y or adding an “ina” to it.

Adam is talking about the status of Lily; does she still have a dong?

Adam says this is his problem of today’s too kind world where we can’t ask about the dick fillet surgery party of the transitions, Adam says he must find out and comments on the insanity of the two brothers both going through a transition.


BB talks about the funny spot in history we’re in and Adam says this feels like a fairly strong argument for genetics when it comes to transgender people.

BB tells them about ‘Cloud Atlas’ the Wachowski’s last possible masterpiece, he explains it’s most likely a bad movie but there is a 5% chance it’s the greatest film ever made.

Gina reveals that she also can’t stop thinking about it almost daily since seeing it, BB is now explaining the complex narrative and time shifting structure of the film.


Adam asks about he behind the scenes gender issues being woven into that film, Adam is curious what their dad did for a living and Brian wants to see their parents.

Adam is now talking about the adopted Shamrock UFC legends and their dual championships minus a genetic link due to them being adopted.

Gina has more information, telling them about their hardcore atheist father and Adam is now leaning back towards nurture and he admits it’s gauche to ask if your cock was still attached to you.


Adam says we used to have labels and titles that helped in the clarity department, Brian proposes transgender rankings, Gina explains it’s none of your business and you’re supposed to acclimate and accept without judgement.

Adam is now sharing his theory on people being who they want and Gina mentions Adam’s Lance Bass theory, he explains it to Brian.

Adam has a funny delivery asking if that guy is gay and BB has some solid follow ups.


Adam shares his “new face of Al Qaeda’ joke he shared with his wife when she pulled up the People Magazine cover with Lance Bass on the cover.

Adam talks about ‘The Daytripper’ and Brian agrees with Adam’s theory, he talks about watching the show ‘Vanderpump Rules’ and BB says he his wife watches and loves that show.

Adam says he knows the family and comments on the British man that carries his dog with him everywhere, Adam has a funny hair kinship joke as they wrap up the story.


3rd Story is an update on Katt Williams current situation, Adam shares his theory on mental illness and black people, Brian shares a weird anecdote of approaching him.

BB brings up “crae” as the black community’s version of eccentric.

Adam is contrasting Katt to Charlie Sheen, Adam suggest Al Sharpton and some other black community pundits speak out about this subtle form of racism that can lead to someone getting shot for simply being chemically imbalanced.


Adam does a Live Read


They’re back to the story and Gina is telling them about what was found in Katt’s home, Adam has a killer “this is so ironic” POV joke as the guy being beaten for not agreeing to beat someone else.

Gary updated Gina on his bail and Gary tells them he only has 2 kids; Adam says 2 kids who probably need dad to sober up.

Gary is now getting the update, he has 1 kid of his own and 7 adopted and Adam asks if they’re of Asian decent and mentions Dana Gould.

Brian suggests adopting a 17yr old Asian girl and having a young Asian bride a year later, Adam is now joking about Dana “ripening” his daughters in a long con, Hilarious!


Gina can’t open the link and Gary warns that might be a “virus” and Gary explains some more backstory and asks for a couple minutes.

Adam says he would have mixed feelings losing his kids to his nanny, hilarious riff!


Adam says it would be at least a lateral move for the kids, Adam is asking for another news story.


4th Story is on 50 Cent’s bankruptcy filing and court date after posing with stacks of cash spelling out the word “Broke” and Gina has the details on his claims of it being prop money.

Adam asks if the picture on the left is him posing with the cash as his dick, Gina brings up his Vitamin Water money and Adam uses MC Hammer as an example for the loss of wealth and he explains how cars and boats deprecate.

Adam quickly explains how someone can run through a fortune and he comments on when he was 18-19 the interest rates on T Bills was out of the roof, he talks about how he learned that Molly Ringwald had a million in the bank and how she could have made 100k in interest alone, never having to work again.


Adam says almost anyone can get there using Vicodin addiction for a metaphor explaining how people can blow through money.

Adam talks about the fake money used in old TV shows and movies.

Adam is commenting on the prop money and why they couldn’t show currency on screen.


BB is trying to figure out the logic of such a law, Adam is now telling Gary to scrap Katt and the Kittens and find out if there was a law prohibiting actual currency being in media.

Adam says that Gary shares 50 made 100 million after taxes off his stake in Vitamin Water.

Adam now asks about how much cred he loses in the rap community buy claiming this is fake money and how much does he risk with the feds by sharing this picture.


Adam is now doing a True Car Live Read


Gary is telling Adam that many people believed in the myth of this law but it doesn’t seem to actually exist.

Adam asks if it was the same as the 555 phone number thing and references the laugh track on ‘M*A*S*H’ and how back in the day TV was TV and everyone was fine with it being fake.

Gina wraps the news, Adam gives out the plugs and Adam talks about how scary it is to walk out of San Jose improv after a show, funny “guy with the horse in the blue outfit” comment that Brian responds to and Adam promises the Mangria will be flowing.


Adam shares the deadline for the latest limited Edition T-Shirt and mug.

BB plays the “I know it’s considered like gosh to ask if your cock is still attached to you” drop to close the show.