Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/10/2015 – Jim O’Heir, Jo Koy, and Leland Orser

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/10/2015 – Jim O’Heir, Jo Koy, and Leland Orser

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jim O’Heir, Jo Koy, and Leland Orser

Recorded 03-09-2015 – Release Date 03-10-2015

Production Number #1528

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Adam has an exhausted ‘Road Hard’ pre-recorded intro and he thanks the fans for supporting his new movie ‘Road Hard’

Jim O’Heir is going to be guest hosting this installment, he was on previously on ACS #1304 last April, roughly 11 months ago.

Adam closes out his intro with a live read.


Adam is doing a Dollar Shave Club live read


Adam is now doing a Simply Safe live read


Jim opens the show with Gina, BB and Jo Koy all in studio.

Jo and Jim joke about Jim sitting in Adam’s chair and compare it to the captain’s chair on plane, then he jokes it smells like shit.

Jim has a bit of a “gassy/joking” groaner and he’s now praising Adam’s work in ‘Road Hard’ where Jim played a club owner trying to dick him out of his guarantee.

BB comments on the oddness of Jim hosting the show after guesting only one time, while Joe has been on many times, BB’s number is not correct but a nice estimate.


Jim is going in depth on his thoughts on the movie and Adam’s blending of reality and fiction to construct the narrative.

Gina is in the mix and BB is explaining Jim’s role in the movie, Jim explains that Adam told him what the club owners are like and mentions that Adam recorded Howard Stern earlier in the day, Gina shares he was also on a local station in Los Angeles.

BB calls Jo “Joy” and they’re further discussing the idea of a guarantee for a standup show and Jim plays a clip from his scene in the film.


Jim is giving his thoughts about how cruel it is to renegotiate a guaranteed rate, he contrasts that to working as a union actor, and Gina backs him up.

Jim is telling them about the fungus on his right big toe, Jo marvels at how everything get worse once someone points it out.

BB is now being super honest about his own foot fungus problem.


Jim asks how long Adam has been gone, he jokes about the end of this two hour show and the probable coup they’ll want to throw to have him host full time.

Jim is asking about everyone’s weekend, Gina is now going in depth on her weekend UFO watching excursion with her boyfriend.

Jo is mocking the idea of the UFO’s showing up, Gina says she had a great time but doesn’t know what she was looking at.


Jim asks about Gina’s boyfriend and BB has a funny one liner, Gina rolls with it and is telling Jim about her spa treatments and why she always requests a woman masseuse.

Jim says he always requests a dude, Gina has a “Harder!” that will probably soon be a drop, BB is oddly quiet…

Jim is saying he cannot have a dude massage him, BB requests a woman due to feeling more relaxed, Jo leaves his underwear on and BB is the opposite, Jo is riffing about it.


Jim is joking about happy ending coded and Jo is saying he had to apologize to a woman recently after getting aroused during a massage.

Gina quotes Danny Bonaduce and says “good friend” not sure she’s aware of all the hatred he spews about Adam “He’s not funny, Adam’s not Funny, they hired me to bring the comedy” – Danny

BB has a killer one liner about the code phrase to get a hand job, Jo stops the show and rephrases it and compliments BB.


Gina is telling them about the mini bike convention going on next to the UFO event, Joe is asking Gina if she would go with aliens if asked, she doesn’t’ want to get probed.

Jo is telling them about playing in Dayton Ohio and having Chris D’Elia open for him, they riffed that the whole town were aliens as they didn’t laugh at their tried and true road tested material.

On the cab ride back to the airport the driver claimed the Roswell UFO was stored there and everyone in town knew it.


BB is telling them about going out to Arizona for Spring Training and he describes what it’s like to get seats out in the grass and eat, he claims it’s enjoyable for non-baseball fans.

Gina reminds BB that he spent time with the great Teresa Strasser while in Arizona, he has a nice plug for her show ‘The List’ and gives a short description of seeing her again.

Gain asks Jim about his weekend, he’s telling them about the Kickstarter campaign for his movie ‘Middle Man’ and Jo says it’s a great concept, Jo says that’s the “feature” act and explains it’s a rough gig.


Jim is listing off his potential cast and the rewards for the contribution levels.

Jim is giving his thoughts on filmmaking.

Jim throws it to Baldywood.


Hooray for Baldywood

BB is giving his 2nd review of the movie, he already gave it a B- on ACS #1469.

BB is going over the cast, he gives the history of the 1.4 million in funding, Jim has another groaner of a joke that echoes Adam’s pre-recorded intro.

BB says he saw this at the premier with his wife Christie, he says she liked it more as she wasn’t as familiar with the jokes and comedy from Adam’s world and the show.

Adam calls this a solid date movie, he tells people to check it out and doesn’t letter grade it this time.

BB wraps the segment.


Jo is asking about Amazon Prime and BB plugs it, Jim plugs it too, Gina tells people click through the Amazon link on

They’re heading to break.


Adam is doing a Future Advisor live read

“Have fun going to Junior College” – Adam, mocking his parents lack of preparation for his future.

They’re back from break

Leland Orser is making his ACS debut, Jo Koy has left the building and Jim gives him some plugs.

Jim is telling Leland about doing this for the first time and is asking Leland about his career and variety of legendary roles and performances.

Jim asks him about Bea Arthur on ‘Golden Girls’ and he compliments her brilliance and knowledge of comedy.


Jim has some insight about the cast of ‘Golden Girls’ and they’re now bonding over a shared history of stage acting, BB jumps in and asks about the movie ‘Se7en’ and Leland is ready.

BB has years of talking about this movie on air under his belt, it’s been in his top 5 on ‘The Film Vault’ several times.

Leland tells them about being the sole survivor of John Doe in the movie, Jim brings up the time Leland passed out during a take in the movie.


Leland says he stayed up two nights in a row to get to that level of performance, he says that black coffee and smoking kept him going.

Leland is complimenting Morgan Freeman and says that he told him to find his eyes during one moment in the scene, he call shim a lovely man.

BB asks him if he knew what the whole movie would be while working on it, Leland tells them about his time working at the Roxbury night club and how he was able to walk the red carpet with a former co-worker from their as the ultimate symbol of his career progress, nice story.


Jim is telling them about a guest star role he had on ‘Boston Legal’ he shares the details of the big scene and the level of pressure on him.

Jim has a very cool anecdote about James Spader and his kindness, another nice story.

Jim is asking Leland about his roles after ‘Se7en’ and he tells them about his 5 years on ‘E.R.’ and Jim is now asking about how he memorized the intense medical jargon and how he was told to learn what the words mean before memorizing dialogue.


Leland is telling them about the movie he directed with his wife Jeanne Tripplehorn ‘Morning’ and BB lays in some Elliot Gould drops much to the delight of Leland who is working with him again on ‘Ray Donovan’, this is great. Gina’s has a solid reaction when Leland mentions his wife’s name.

Jim wants to know what was like directing his wife, he says he slept in the guest house and the rule was no talking about the project while in the house.

Leland says his wife knows the role and is a pro, not much was needed.


Leland says he would love to do live theater again, he compliments ‘Better Call Saul’ and says the great age of film is now on television.

Jim is explaining that the dream was to get a sitcom and get it into syndication, the dream among all of his peers back in Chicago many years ago.

Leland tells them about his latest movie, he compliments Adam Carolla on his work selling and promoting ‘Road Hard’.


I like the cut of Leland’s jib, he must return when Adam is back, sadly the guests who appear on these guest hosted installments often never return to the show.

Jim and Leland are going in depth on independent filmmaking and how they try to make it easy and “shoot you in and out” and now Gina is having Leland share the plot of his latest movie ‘Faults’ and breaks down the intense plot.

Gina asks him about the deprogramming techniques he uses in the film and if he did any research, he tells them about the shooting length of 19 days.


Leland says it’s more exciting and inspiring to do this type of filmmaking, Gina calls back him sleeping in the guest house.

Jim is telling Leland about his movie, he says it’s a character he doesn’t often get to play.

Jim sets BB up for some Elliot Gould drops.


Gina’s News

She explains the inspiration for her news theme song based on the musical ‘Hair’ and the story she told about performing nude, Jim asks if she did that with her pendulous breasts and she has a brutal retort that even she seems to regret as she uses a “just kidding” and she corrects him to use the term “perky.”

Jim feels badly and fears he made a faux pas and takes the insult about his own body pretty well.


1st Story is on a local chapter of the KKK that tried to recruit new members in Selma on the 50th anniversary of the march. She has the details of their “grass roots effort.”

Jim says he can’t handle the KKK nor the Westboro Baptist Church, Gina says they’re from her hometown.

Leland mentions the university of Oklahoma scandal, Gina says she cancelled that story as the audio was too horrible, BB convinces her to go with it.

Jim mentions the late Harris Wittels and how the church protested his funeral for his involvement in Hollywood, he further describes his inability to understand them and their awful actions, and Gina has a wise sentiment about Fred Phelps and his initial trauma that has led to his fervent horrific ideology.


2nd Story is on the racist fraternity at the University of Oklahoma, she has the details of the suspension and plays a clip of the kids singing the racist chant.

BB jokes about it clearly being rehearsed and not spur of the moment.


3rd Story is on the death of Sam Simon, she’s got the details about his charity and Leland tells people to get their colonoscopies and keep tabs.

BB tells Leland about his cancer, he explains that it will always be with him, god willing for the next 50 years.

BB reacts to the claims that he always brings up his cancer on the show, which simply isn’t true, he only tells guests from time to time like this when necessary, he’s right.


Jim is sharing the experience of getting a prostate exam, Gina tells them about something her boyfriend had and his initial misdiagnosis.

She says her bf went back and gave the doctor a piece of his mind, interesting…


4th Story Is on the SAE fraternities cook losing his job do the racist idiots of the frat and the fundraising campaign to help him stay afloat while he finds a new gig.


5th Story is on a woman who claims to have accidentally “packed” her dog in her luggage, she has all of the details, and Jim tells them about recently losing one of his dogs.

BB says it was checked baggage, it could be a previous tag from it being checked last time, and you don’t bring checked bags to the TSA checkpoint.

Jim says he learned something recently about his dog sitter, he says he has security cameras and checked the tape to find out that his dogs were left unattended most of the time.


Jim jokes about his cameras capturing him in his underwear, Gina tells him he will probably have to say something.


6th Story is on the hunt for a man who stole a woman’s car on their first Ok Cupid date. She’s got all of the details of the man who goes by the name “The Gooch”

Gina wraps the news, BB asks her to get to the closing sting so he can play a funny drop from the 1st news story.


Jim is asking Gina about her experiences posing nude and acting nude at 18, she proudly tells Jim about her lack of body shame and then gives a caveat about people on twitter who think she’s stuck up for not hating her herself nor her body.

Jim gives out some plugs for Jo Koy, he tells Leland what a fan he is and is giving out his plugs.

Jim plugs his Kickstarter campaigning for Middle Man and says he made out with Aubrey Plaza on Seth Meyers show, he shares something Rob Lowe told him about kissing on camera.

Jim says he tasted Aubrey Plaza spleen at one point his tongue was so far into her mouth, holy shit.


Gina plugs the upcoming ‘Road Hard’ Screenings, Jim did a solid job as a guest host possibly the best any guest host has ever done and references the pendulous comment and feels badly still about saying it.

He closes out the show with a tongue in cheek promise from Gina about a closing make out session.