Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/09/2016 – Dave Rubin and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/09/2016 – Dave Rubin and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Dave Rubin and David Wild

Recorded 03-08-2016 – Release Date 03-09-2016

Production Number #1774

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Adam opens the show to a decent and coincidental “100% Gluten free” intro and BB has a David Wild #TopDrop in honor of his 100th appearance on the show, David has a decent line prepped and promises to make it one of his top 100 visits.

Adam jokes about me briefing him on his bowel movements as I’m abreast of so much information and always reminding him of stuff, very funny.

“he’s that tuned into me” – Adam


David is now immediately getting to his professional tennis player status, he’s now a paid athlete and a Mulholland club champion, he even pardons Adam for his B&E mischief at the club during the 1980’s.

Adam is describing the club as David has a Hebrew Heights topper with “Kike’s Peak” and David tells them about being a “Youngblood” member and seeing Slash playing tennis during a recent visit.

Adam has a funny riff about slash playing Tennis wrong and David tells them about the diversity among the members and his tennis partner.


Adam is now talking about the crazy “what gets kids killed” shit they were up to and BB jokes about Ray’s Enema Antics being a new Carolla Digital Production.

Adam is explaining the “Jacuzzi Water Gun” to Gina and she asks who was on the business end of those blasts.

David out of nowhere asks Gina for a hug in honor of International Women’s Day and BB is mocking him for the request, David slips in a song he wants to play for Adam in honor of the day.

Adam has a song picked out too.


David Wild has a new Bonnie Raitt covering ‘INXS’ song ‘Need You Tonight’ from her new album, BB compliments the musical arrangement.

Adam says his problem with INXS never was the lyrics as much as the execution, Gina asks about her age and David has a classy way of saying he doesn’t know.

Adam is telling them about a Lou Reed cover of Peter Gabriel’s ‘Solsbury Hill’ and ranting about it and the ‘Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’ losing value with is presence.

David has a funny one liner joking about Lou recording this after his death.


David is telling them about Chicago being inducted into the hall of fame and BB plays the original version to cleanse the palate.

Adam teases his song.


Adam is doing a Tommy John Live Read

Long Drive without readjustment and skip rope in your Tommy John’s edition


Adam says he was driving with Lynette on Saturday and they stopped on this song by ‘The Sundays’ he explains he and his wife both like good music and dislike bad music, they don’t have the same taste outside of quality.

Adam has BB playing some ‘Here’s Where the Story Ends’ as they pepper in some great live commentary about the band and the song, Gary has the details on its initial release and BB praises it as ahead of its time.

For those not familiar the Sundays are a great band that predate a lot of other “sound-alike” artists, perhaps best known for their cover of ‘Wild Horses’ featured in the infamous Reese Witherspoon fingerbang at Seattle Center in the movie ‘Fear’ from 1996.


David recommends the group ‘Ivy’ and their album ‘Apartment Life’ he threatens to buy it for Adam if he doesn’t find it.

Adam tells David about Adam Shlesinger working on ‘The Man Show’ and the ‘Crank Yankers’ theme song after David name drops him, David and Adam both enjoy the movie ‘Music and Lyrics’ and Adam transitions to a YouTube video tweeted at him.


Adam is now setting up this video and explains his take on pop music and trying to un-paint himself out of the racist out of touch grandpa corner.

The Truth About Popular Music

Adam loves this guy’s voice; he could use a better vocal mic but it’s the accent that Adam seems to appreciate.

They’re now watching the video, it hiccups and they pepper in some light commentary, Adam thinks Billy Corgan is Doug Benson during a clip from the video.

Adam comments on Dawson enjoying this rant/video.


Adam really gets heavy over the Kanye West clip, mocking his sampling and lack of singing ability.

Adam has a funny one liner about the Frank Zappa interview clip and how it was the only worthwhile thing to ever come out of his mouth, BB objects of course.

Adam is complimenting the video and the lines, he has a great “aha” and “What!?” and stops the video to talk about stupid people and how they love repetition.


Adam says stupid people like the same food every day, people like dodger dogs and David has a funny “say that again” joke.

David asks who this guy is and nobody seems to know, Adam did say his name though and it is Paul Joseph Watson.

Adam is now ranting about how they pump this music into every event, show and place to eat burgers.


Adam is sharing how he asked the prick behind the Casio to turn his shitty playlist down, Adam keeps calling him a prick and recount his “I’m enjoying it” reply.

Adam is now asking if we love the zombies in media so much because we are zombies?

BB has a solid point about a bygone era of music with a similar dynamic of producer and song writer removed from the artist performing.


Adam takes it back to the video to let him finish his points, BB is reacting to his aggression towards Coldplay and their catalog.

Adam now tells Gina about his senses and how he can tell what’s bad vs. what’s good and uses his lifelong style/look to defend his stance.

Adam says people defend music they love from when their brains were soft or when they were getting their first blowjob yet they’re never caught listening to these songs, funny ‘Little Red Corvette’ joke from David and an even funnier topper after Adam says it’s the song you heard during your first BJ.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read

Dawson got attacked by Phil and loves every minute of it Edition

Dawson gives a dog motion detector pro tip for customers of SimpliSafe.


Adam gives out the plugs for David Wild and BB says to another 100 shows, David asks for Adam to tweet at him and use the word Love, Adam pledges to have Fondiler do it ASAP.

Adam ask him about the TV Land Awards and some possible reunions but he can’t spill the beans just yet so they move onto the calls.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Diane, she compliments BB’s book Shrinkage and Adam’s book ‘President Me’ and David tries to get her to plug his twitter handle after she compliments his feed.

She tells them that one of her favorite videos is ‘Separate Ways’ and she wants to know what happened with Steve Perry and ‘Journey’ and why they won’t reunite.

Adam has them put her on hold as she’s “nutty” and David explains the balance of power in that band and uses Chicago has another example, interesting stuff.


Gina asks about Peter Cetera and botched reunion show with Chicago for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction.

David says he’s going to be having lunch with Chicago Superfan Jimmy Pardo and host of Never Not Funny, David’s favorite podcast.


2nd Caller Ron, Adam grunts about his delayed delivery or because of something on the screen?

Ron is calling about Adam’s recent Marriott topics on the show, the Erin Andrews case and the argument between the shuttle driver and another staffer while they were on the road.

Adam is now asking Ron to tell them if this is typical behavior and there is something in the water at The Marriott.

Adam says thanks for the clarity and cuts him off, whoa!


David tells them about hosting a show with Erin Andrews and Adam teases him into another anecdote where he name drops Tom Cruise describing how people bait him into shows and projects with people “they’ve reached out to” who never end up involved.

A bait and switch to get you involved using a bigger fish.

Adam gives out the plugs for David and they wrap up.

They head to break.


They’re back from break with Dave Rubin making his ACS debut, Adam has a funny “you would like to invite my assistant on your show” joke as Dave is about to ask him on as a guest.

Dave jokes about turning Glendale into a podcast mecca, Dave talks about liking to have people on his show he disagrees with and Adam explains he used to listen to the ‘Bible Answer Man’ just to hear his take on different topics.

Adam is sharing the local L.A. politics of the bullet train that perpetually seems out of reach and the campaign to take those funds and invest in water catchment devises instead, the more practical and achievable goal for the present.


Adam is now talking about labeling yourself a mopar guy and being biased against Chevy, make a decision based on what the experts say and the best car available, you want the best.

Dave talks about the label of liberal, Adam is now talking about the conservative principal of a pot plant and growing things on your own property and how the 2nd amendment guys are the first ones to turncoat on the pot guy’s rights.

Dave is talking about not infringing on rights of citizens and how the conservative party was coopted by the religious right and Adam is now talking about the morning after pill and has a funny Ru 486 riff.


Adam is now explaining how pro-life people should’ve reacted to the morning after pill and their actual reaction made him realize they’re against the sex.

Adam is now talking about how conservatives “shake the snow globe of science” and he cites Maxine Waters a democrat and her “the science is out” comment from backstage at Politically Incorrect 17yrs ago.

Dave is now weighing in and he’s got a solid bit of logic about the hypocrisy of pro-life individuals when it’s their loved one.


Adam is talking about an ala carte version of politics; he says he’s tired of being lumped in with the super right wing hardliner guys.

Adam just doesn’t want to pay 60% in taxes with no results and doesn’t want to ruin poor people with handouts.

Adam is talking about Don King and touches on one of his murders, Adam is now quoting himself in describing who Donald Trump is, great reaction from Gina.


Adam is talking about Don King trying to court the Klitschkos by pretending to be into chess, Dave talks about Trump and his circular nonsense that is all aimed to get him into office, he will do whatever it takes.

Adam is now talking about music and people needing to be “soothed” and he says Trump is the fantasy answer candidate and it all sounds too good to be true, like he’s taking care of business.

Dave jokes about the Mexicans building a wall to keep us out if Trump does become president, Adam has a killer joke about illegally immigrating to Mexico and pooping up from the dirt screaming how does it feel now bitches, wow!


Adam is doing a Live Read for Birk Sun Solar backpacks


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Arnold Schwarzenegger’s endorsement for John Kasich who Dave describes as a competent hardware store owner.

Adam references Trump’s penis comments during the republican debate and Dave mentions missing that one and seeing the aftermath on twitter the next day, he references Ted Cruz’s weird booger eating thing.

Adam is saying decorum is gone, Dave agrees and Adam is talking about the Detroit Marriott and how he saw a guy barefoot in pajamas waiting line at Starbucks and Adam says if you asked him he would say “I wanted coffee” and the operative part would be the “I” and describes the photos of people sleeping in public.


Dave talks about the freedom and insane envy he has for these people, Adam says he would like to take his envy and react like the Germans did toward the Jews in the 1930s and 40s.


2nd Story is on Jared Fogle’s epic weight gain, BB has a killer ‘Firehouse Subs’ joke and Dave has a decent although now clichéd 6-inch joke.

Adam jokes about Jared being the first prisoner who has to exit prison via removed wall like the guys from the 1990’s local news and Jerry Springer episodes.

Gina has an update denying the reports of his weight gain.


Adam is now riffing about “Sticky Buns” being sold in a prison commissary, why give them any ideas.


3rd Story is on AC/DC cancelling their upcoming tour dates due to Brian Johnson’s hearing loss.

Adam talks about auto racing and ear protection and BB asks his feelings about rhea band, Adam is saying he likes them especially the Bon Scott era, he jokes about his decades long misunderstanding by mention Von Scott.

Adam says they have been fucked out in movies and mentions ‘Bad to The Bone’ as another example of a song ruined by its use in movies.


4th Story is on the quick actions of a father a recent Pirates game that protected his son from getting smashed in the face with a bat.

Gina has the details and quotes from the father Sean Cunningham, Gina has the picture that was caught by an eagle eyed photographer.

Adam jokes about home learning not to text via a baseball bat.


BB shares a photo of him and his wife at Spring Training and Adam reacts to the joy of BB’s life and lamenting him having it, BB shares how easy it is to pull off if he really wanted to, but it’s clearly more about BB not enjoying it rather than Adam getting to enjoy it as well.

Adam is talking about the guy in the 2nd row with his “Baldwin with the Paparazzi” vibe.

Adam says good for dad and he likes that impulse in a father.


5th Story is on Katt Williams latest outburst; Gina has some video along with the insane description.

Adam is now talking about the disparity in mental illness treatment for black people, he talks about how he never learned to read, he wasn’t dyslexic.

Dave is now getting Adam’s logic and how you never hear about a black person being dyslexic and the racist assumption between different races and how rude it is.


Dave brings up Bernie Sanders comments about poor people.

Adam is now riffing about sizzurp and has a funny comment about the “crazy brother” excuse that’s used to dismiss this kind of behavior.

Gary has the ingredients for sizzurp.


Adam does a Life Lock Live read


Adam relays that Katt is 42yrs old and because of racism people refuse to recognize his probable mental illness.

Gina is now playing them the video, it is rough.

Adam says it would be nice if Katt has a neurological workup, he needs one now and Adam is talking about Katt on tour with Suge Knight.


Adam says that Suge Knight is the Saddam Hussein of Posse companions, Adam is now riffing a made up movie.

Adam is suggesting a ragtag group and BB has a killer Shiite/Shiit (shit) joke for the movie, wow that is hilarious!

Adam comes in with his own version of it, they move on after Adam ties it all toghetr.


6th Story is on Maria Sharapova’s positive drug test and loss of her sponsors, Adam is now asking what her worst case scenario is, marrying some producer?

Dave talks about enjoying chia pudding and jokes about everyone being on some performance enhancing substance.

Adam is asking Dave about his husband’s homemade syrup, Gina is giving him an assist with the ingredients.


Dave talks about his former love for Bill Cosby and his influence of his career, Adam jokes about Bill preferring to be introduced as “Bill” and not the world’s most famous rapist.

Adam is talking about how Roman Polanski gets away with it and Dave mentions the sheer volume, Adam has a killer use of “yeah but still” and Dave says that everything will offend somebody.

Adam says that’s why he only rolls with racists hard to offend and they make great BBQ.


Adam is now asking for Dave to make him jealous with his descriptions of their awesome meals at home, Adam has a funny gay twist on “jackpot” and Adam talks about how straight guys let themselves go.

Dave says he’s only gay at night and BB says TMI, Adam is talking about the game passing guys by and the sadness of men trying to stave off father time.

Dave talks about the best argument for gay marriage.


Adam is sharing a conversation he had with his nanny about the kids and their diets.

Olga asked if Adam wanted her to take the food away from them, he would rather she steer them toward healthy options, but he doesn’t want any energy around it, no hidden candy under his daughter’s bed.

Adam has a good point about porn searches in repressed states and Dave brings up alcohol and Europe, Adam agrees and explains why we have such bad binge drinking in America.


Gina connected Dave to her pot doctor and he tells Adam about taking one puff and he mentions “Granddaddy Purple” and Gina explains how purple pot is deep Indica “in da couch” and they quickly move on, Dave talks about how he likes the body high and doesn’t need the mental part.

Adam has Matt write down the name and Gary gets on mic to update them on pot names in L.A.

Gina wraps the news.


Adam is now doing a Live Read for Zip Recruiter

BB tests out the new Sizzurp drop

Adam is now giving out some plugs and jokes about sleeping like a baby while in Amsterdam, Gary gets on mic to help him plug the Mangria Bar Crawl.

Adam plugs Dave’s show and podcast ‘The Rubin Report’ and reveals he shares the studio with Larry King and Adam tells him to bring his “old man” and his whisk.


Dawson has a “do something silly” line in his closer, whoa!