Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/08/2016 – Bill Engvall and Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/08/2016 – Bill Engvall and Jo Koy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Bill Engvall and Jo Koy

Recorded 03-07-2016 – Release Date 03-08-2016

Production Number #1773

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Adam welcomes Jo Koy to the show with a quick plug for his new podcast ‘The Koy Pond’ and BB has a great “gotta spill your nuts” #TopDrop.

Adam is talking about ordering food for the ‘Road Hard’ backers and how he got too much stuff, they always error on the side of you spending more.

He is now trying to offload the food and he talks about how his wife will give too many options for the kids, “do you want the mac and cheese or a BLT?” and how the kids will then ask for the more expensive and time demanding option instead of eating the leftover side dishes Adam wants to get rid of first.

Adam is going over the excess “mac and cheese” and other side dishes.


Adam then went over to Andrew to ask him if he would eat coleslaw, mac and cheese or baked beans.

Adam brings up Simon, the editor of something…

Gina comments on the name of their Director of Photography and Adam is now riffing about Simon’s country of origin and how he heard about him going on “holiday” which he contrasts to American’s and our vacations.

Adam says we “vacate” and he’s riffing up a storm about the shame we include in the word we use, Gary gets on mic to get his vindication and reveals Simon is Swedish.


Gina asks Adam about the last time he went on vacation without working, he recalls the family vacation where they took the kids to Hawaii.

Adam is riffing about the waterslide in the pool area while they were on vacation and he shares how Natalia never climbed down and instead made her rounds around the resort using the lazy river instead of coming down the slide.

Adam says all women do is watch the those shows where women are abducted and they don’t do the statistical math about actual abductions and the anomaly of it ever happening.


Jo is telling them about his son saving a kid in Hawaii and how the father was on his phone totally unaware he almost lost his son.

Adam has a killer “40” and BB calls him on it, Adam tells him to check the tape.

Adam is now explaining how people either underreact or overreact in good Samaritan situations, never appropriately, they call you a saint for telling them about their dropped comb, don’t even reply when you save their child.


Adam is now suggesting an experiment where you abduct the kid of the person who super over reacts to the dropped comb or wallet and see if they blow you for your returning said kid you abducted.

Gina asks if Adam has ever heard parents admit out loud they didn’t know where their kids are and Adam is trying to recall a time he left the kids in the car and got some shit.

Jo has his own anecdote and he declares he’s done complimenting other people’s kids.


Jo talks about how the mother of the 2yr old he complimented gave him a pedophile shrug and had mild disdain instead of appreciation.

Adam is now riffing about people who don’t say hello or good morning when passing you outside, he’s got a killer extreme example with yelling, very funny.

Adam is now explaining he would just give one huge gracias if he was to open up shop in Mexico, he could learn that easily, Adam is now riffing as the middle eastern employee of the gas station, BB has a funny “advanced class is next” comment.


Adam is now doing a SimpliSafe Live Read


Blah Blah Blog!

1st Blog Kirk Douglas, Carl Reiner or Norman Lear?

Adam has a funny “same heading as BB mentioning he went to high school with Tom Brady vs. how many times tom has mentioned he went to school with BB”

They all weigh in and BB takes a point along with Ace.


2nd Blog Michael Moore, Montel Williams or Neil Young

Adam talks about being a refugee in his own home, he’s got it right up there with house arrest, funny raped in a cell or chillax on your own sofa line.

Adam jokes about wishing his son had lead poisoning rather than just being slow or lazy.

Adam is talking about how his son with a dusting of retardation from lead poisoning could lead to an easier life for everyone involved.


Adam and BB both take their guesses and Gina gives her guess as well, Adam has a funny misunderstanding and threatens to have screamed she’s a goddamn liar if Gina said she knew it was Montel before his name was mentioned.

Adam says this is Lynch’s gift, he does this and tricks them all.


3rd Blog John Densmore, Nick Mason or Stewart Copeland?

All famous drummers.

Adam is talking about Hillary talking about race and the notion she’s going to right the super white slave ship, Adam is talking about the 8yrs of a black president and how media has only trumped race baiting and Obama couldn’t fix it, so to think they would be able to do what he could not is insulting.

Adam says Bernie Sanders said something that pissed him off, Gina says she has that for the news.

Adam makes his guess, Dawson lists the names again and Adam has a Ray Manzarek lookalike comment.

Adam now wants Nick Mason and Ray Manzarek side by side.


4th Blog Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders or Al Franken?

Adam mocks the “I travel around and talk to the people” blowhard move, BB jumps in and they all riff about it.

Adam was left with Hillary and takes the win, couldn’t have done it in more noble fashion.


Gary is now mixing up the names and drummers, Adam is saying it’s now Stuart Copeland who is the dead ringer for Ray Manzarek and Adam freaks on Gary a bit.


Bill Engvall is now joining them for his ACS debut and Adam asks him about his origins in comedy and he talks about his first job and how he became a house MC after being a strip club DJ.

Adam and BB do a quick Stripper DJ bit and Bill tells them about ‘Dallas Faire’ his old club and Jo is now doing an old English riff over some fancy music, an old timey strip club DJ, Adam calls it Ye Ol’ Strip Club Announcer.


Jo says he loves this, he remarks on his clean act and this smutty past.

Adam is asking him about what year he was DJ’ing the strip club and he instead tells them about MC’ing for the comedy club, Adam wants to know about the songs of the era to properly riff.

Adam rolls with him changing the subject and asks him about the repetition part of comedy and explains that’s why he taught comedy traffic school to get more reps in.


Bill talks about headlining and being the best on the show to get an audience to return, Adam is asking him about the ‘Blue Collar Comedy’ tour and he credits the ‘Original Kings of Comedy’ as their inspiration and he talks about their high profile tour and private jets.

Bill says he likes his place in the lineup and doesn’t care about placement, he was cool with everyone else blowing up around him.

BB has a funny “one member’s gay” one liner after Adam mentions how they were able to avoid the trapping of boy bands, they were older and experienced.


Adam says it’s insane to him that more people don’t think selfishly by letting one-person headline, Adam says that Jimmy Kimmel is usually taking the lead in that partnership when it comes to the comedy and angles they pursue, with Drew he’s the leader and Drew needs him for guidance.

Bill has a great follow up and Adam is talking about the wife of the guy who is thinking about quitting and Adam says these people start getting loser cheerleaders around them trying to encourage them to rock the boat or quit.

Adam is talking about his 50$ radio bits and Ray’s reaction and insistence he demand 100$ per bit for Kevin and Bean in 1994.

Adam jokes about live TV being the ultimate way for your spouse to cheat with the pool guy, Jo embodies said pool guy and riffs with him.


Adam gets in a closing plug for Bill, he jokes about the Wiltern theater and shares his Pico and Venice joke from the first time he played it.


Adam is doing a Castrol GTX Live Read

Your engine is like corporate America, important parts up top.

Gina has a question about oil tweeted at him by a listener (Tony?), Adam is explaining which is more crucial when it comes to oil changes, time or mileage?


Adam has a funny Jiffy Lube wants riff and compares them to DeBeers and the diamond industry, funny cost including your pinky ring riff with BB.

Now Gary is on mic confirming what Adam said.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Justin, he’s calling about Jimmy Kimmel’s probably hosting duties for the 2016 Emmy’s and he wants to know about the odds of Adam appearing on the broadcast or assisting with the writing on the fly.

Adam says he can and probably will be there just like he was the last time Jimmy did it.

BB has a funny ‘Catch a Contractor’ nominated for a best reality series award, Adam is praising the format of the show and the comedy, Adam says they would never ruin their show with Adam’s name which lessens the value for them.


Adam says he realizes that’s he looked as a clod inside this industry, he says you’re much better off nominating ‘Girls’ and Jo says he’s not a clod in his eyes, he says he hates everyone that thinks he’s a clod.

Adam blames himself for creating the clod cloud around himself, Adam is talking about how people are always surprised by his involvement in good things.

Adam has a killer “backsack as a goatee” spread his butt cheeks example for the insane reviews complimenting him for his good comedy.


Adam is now bringing up ‘The Man Show’ and the classic bit where Jimmy Kimmel marries a monkey and the very high batting average the show had.

Adam is bringing up his other projects and he tells Justin to support the pirate ship, he’s already hung up, prefect timing much like his comments and call, nice work 1st Justin!


2nd Caller Justin is getting married and wants some advice about dealing with his future wife and says he would tell him the same stuff his dog trainer tells him.

Adam is commenting on negativity and yelling English at dogs, it means nothing.

Adam says he needs to realize they have different brains and he explains how they need to compromise, it’s not a lesser brain, it’s a different brain.


Adam says it’s your job to try and get what you want out of life with your spouse, it’s your job to get this thing that inhabits the planet and your apartment with you at the same to not kill you in your sleep.

Adam talks about learning the language of Dr. Drew and Jimmy Kimmel and adjusting himself with both guys to get better responses out of each guy.

Adam tells him about his kids and their gender based differences and tells him to picture one as Dr. Drew and the other as a She Devil, a relentless clawing she devil.


Jo talks about sex and the role of that in the relationship and Adam says that’s all connected to your attitude.

BB is backing Adam up and talking about empathy, Adam explains that Jimmy cares about birthdays and Drew does not, he explains both men’s logic and their agreements.

Adam brings up Daniel Kellison and his wish to stop buying expensive gifts for each other and how he quietly likes Jimmy not going with it, perhaps Drew and he have the wrong approach.


BB brings up ‘House Hunters’ on HGTV and how the women care more about how the home will fit into their lives while the men only care about budget.

BB has a “youporn account” comment that doesn’t make sense.

Adam says this is the same thing he tells black people about cops, kiss their asses so you don’t get a beat down.

Jo praises Adam’s be selfish advice and kissing ass and working your way up, he talks about opening for another comedian and Adam has a funny “ancient Chinese secret” comedy tour joke.


Adam says people don’t get that everything is a relationship and he talks about the professional and personal relationships we all have, even one night stands.

Adam says that “gimmie, gimmie” will only result in someone trying to dodge you, Adam says try and be in a neutral position with everyone, so they don’t dread your phone call or correspondence.


3rd Caller Dave, he brings up Mike Ditka endorsing Donald Trump and references Louis C.K.’s open letter.

Dave wants to know about voter influence and Gina is making a face, Adam address the notion of Ditka having more influence than Louis.

Adam is talking about endorsements and is uncertain it can even be measured in effect.


Adam says they’re not surprised and Dave wants to know about Adam endorsing a candidate and Adam explains that Ditka and Louis C.K. aren’t speaking to an audience like a radio show host such as Rush Limbaugh.


4th Caller Chance, he’s sharing his uncertainty on what is good or bad in “J.V. or All Balls” and Adam explains the terminology.

Adam asks Chance what he’s in school for and Adam thanks him for the call, he asks Jo for some Bung Lu Su, funny “small balls J.V.” line from Jo/Bung.

Adam is now sharing the story of the time they were in a cab in New Orleans and the cab driver told him to chill out about the speed limit and passing a cop, Adam is telling them he was screaming and freaking out being from Los Angeles.


Adam marveled at the cab driver not being scared of the cops and how that mindset doesn’t exist in Burbank.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Erin Andrews 55 million award for her lawsuit against The Marriott hotel where the peeping tom filmed her.

Adam is remarking on the Marriott Executive being witness watching the footage on his phone and mocking her body, that alone added 30mil to the total.

Adam say that played completely into her narrative of humiliation.


Adam wants the stalker to have never been born and brings up the employee who gave out the room number, Adam say the perpetrator was evil and the hotel employee was maybe Caelan ‘esque, he’s a “trusting lad” and Adam is explaining how someone directed the angry boyfriend of the woman who got arrested at their live show to his green room, they weren’t trying to send someone to fuck with Adam, it was an honest mistake.

Adam is talking about suing the hotel employee and how they made a mistake without malice, Gina has a great point and Adam comments on the policy, that alone is proof of your intent.

Adam says you can’t enforce every policy at all times, people can smoke in nonsmoking areas.


Adam has a funny riff about this employee giving out other sports casters room numbers, Adam talks about Jayne Kennedy and the bootleg video with her and “fist” and they all comment on it.

Gary says he’s not making up the sex video and he’s trying to find more information.

Everyone guesses on the award for Erin Andrews, she reveals the 55$ million figure.


Adam is bringing up Mark Geragos take on this case and he shares his own feelings about the evil poor guy not being punished very much while the rich deep pockets corporation are going to pay up because they can.

Gary saw the video of Jayne and says it’s “from a different era” to politely describe it and he confirms the fist, Gina wants to see it but Adam does not as he jokes about it harming her career while marveling at her beauty.

Jo can’t understand BB not being aware of Jayne, he was born in late 1978 and never recalls hearing of this woman.


Adam says there should be a black dating website called “Carbon Dating” and BB has a killer promo code Ace one liner.

Adam is bringing up Jimmy the Greek and his handful of sextapes, Jo says this vague reference proves Adam’s genius.

Gary is filling them in on the video and her career.


2nd Story is on the democratic national debate, Gina has clips of Sanders and Clinton arguing over the auto industry and Adam asks why she sounds like a witch.

Gina has a tease for something Bernie said that she knew Adam would respond to.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read


Gina has the clip of Bernie saying when you’re white you don’t know what it’s like to be poor.

Adam says it’s like meeting someone who’s never had Sushi and now he talks about the coal mine disaster in West Virginia, he’s got a killer “white privilege, black lung” one liner.

Adam is talking about poverty and the single white female coal miner who died too.


Adam is sharing how the spouses and survivors told the cameras that the mine owner was cutting corners and the dead knew they were risking their lives.

Adam says if you would like to stop with the race stuff then stop preaching it, it’s not reality.

Gina has a great point about the multicultural poverty of Michigan.


Adam talks about being discriminated against when he applied for the Fire Department and didn’t get called back until 6yrs later.

Adam says he likes dudes and he likes chili, that will be a drop!

Adam talks about his buddy Jeff who wanted to be a fire fighter, he talks about his life when he did get the call, now 7 years later according to Adam.


Adam couldn’t get over the fact that he turned this application in so long ago, back when he was 19, he was now 27 and it had been so much time he quizzed the other applicants when they turned in their application, Wednesday.

Gina brings up the “all lives matter” trap question that Bernie Sanders was tested with and how ridiculous she finds the logic.

Adam says the race is now only down to black, they don’t bring up Hispanic or Asian people and it’s funny they use the term diverse, it doesn’t mean one group being singled out.


3rd Story is on Peyton Manning’s retirement and she shares a clip of him from the press conference where he talked about his daughter.

Adam jokes about having the same types of conversations with his dad, hilarious “daddy” riff with Adam requesting various beyond humble childhood accoutrements.

Adam talks about his found football and baseball he got while thrashing through the ivy, Gina wonders how Adam would have turned out as a Dickensian street urchin instead of just being ignored at home.


BB is talking about hunting for balls with his dad and Adam explains he would use his commemorative balls as game balls, he says it’s like giving a poor family a commemorative pot roast, nope they’re not going to frame it, it’s getting eaten.

Adam has Gina wrap the news before he starts crying.


Adam is now doing a Live Read for Bet DSI


Adam closes out the show with various plugs and live dates.

BB plays the “now I wanna kick your baby” drop from Jo when he was complaining about complimenting the looks of children and the parents who don’t react the way he expects.