Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/09/2015 – Richard Roeper

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/09/2015 – Richard Roeper

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Richard Roeper

Recorded 03-07-2015 – Release Date 03-09-2015

Production Number #1527

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Adam opens the show to a solid “Just about everything critic” intro for Richard Roeper who is on his way to the venue to record the podcast before the screening of the film.

Mike August is joining Adam on mic and helping Adam flesh out his craziest week of travel and work in recent memory, Adam is talking about meeting Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and how he told him he was a huge fan and looked everyone in the eye and treated them with respect.

Mike is now going through the activities of their time in NYC, Adam is sharing how they showed up at a restaurant at 12:30 and were forbidden from sitting in a “closed” section and were forced to sit in a different area.


Mike August has a killer summation of the Mexican standoff Adam found himself in at the restaurant, Adam calls it some of the worst BBQ they’ve ever had and Mike says it was the worst, not some of the worst.

Adam and Mike are now digging into publicist Lee who proudly told them about his love for ‘WrestleMania’ and directed them to this establishment, Mike even name checks the place.

Adam and August are joking about an adult man attending WrestleMania with his mother and he asks who invited their mom to that let alone to a bachelorette party as Lee’s sister did.


Adam and Mike both praise Lee and says he’s awesome, Adam mentions running into Stone Cold Steve Austin and August tells Adam about the action figure Lee showed him of Steve.

Adam shares how Mike told Stone Cold about the action figure.


Adam is doing a Dollar Shave Club live read


Richard is now joining them and Adam thanks him in all way, Richard plugs the movie and Adam teases that they’ll get into Richard’s career history and how he ended up reviewing movies.

Richard shares how the average person thinks they can do his job and how it’s quasi insulting for them to tell him so, Adam is asking him about the legacy of film critics and what the current state of the industry is.

Richard tells them about getting his foot in the door at the Chicago Sun Times which led to him meeting Siskel and Ebert.


Adam is sharing his love for Siskel and Ebert and ‘At the Movies’ and Adam asks him about the balcony set they used for the show.

Richard is telling them about the evolution of the set and where they taped.

Richard explains the process of how they would tape the show and not announce their take before taping, letting it be a real on air reaction.


Richard is sharing the pressure of making friends with filmmakers and he’s got a personal anecdote of Roger Ebert and Robert Altman becoming friends.

Adam talks about Roger’s sole screenplay credit and shares a lesser known fact that a key Austin Powers tagline comes from that film.

Adam is asking Richard about the Oscars and his thoughts, he agrees that ‘Birdman’ is one and done and doesn’t call for repeated viewings, Adam is now praising ‘Goodfellas’ and how every scene is so engaging you must watch it despite having seen it many times.


Adam says that in ‘Birdman’ if they went back into the dressing room one more time he was going to kill himself, despite thinking of it as good film with artistic merit.

Richard has a point about the 1998 film offering and Academy Awards, Adam is making a point about ‘American Sniper’ and Richard is giving his take on the film and how it’s not as jingoistic as people claim.

Richard has a point about ‘Coming Home’ and Adam is giving his take on the kid from ‘Boyhood’ he didn’t like the kid very much.


Adam and Richard are now talking about JK Simmons in ‘Whiplash’ and now Richard is telling Adam about the movie ‘A Most Violent Year’ and comments on the performance of the lead in that film.

Adam is now giving an update on the Paul Newman documentary and explains that he’s trying to get Tom Cruise involved, he’s telling them about what Bob Sharp told them about working with Tom.

Adam is commenting on Paul Newman playing a race car as the last role he had on screen, he’s commenting on Tom Cruise racing in “Showroom stock” cars and he comments on the footage of 25yr old Cruise.


Richard is bringing up the name Cole Trickle the character tom played in ‘Days of Thunder’ and Adam is commenting on actors dictating the actions of their characters in film and picking movies based on being able to pursue their hobbies and passions outside of acting.

Adam is asking Richard about the various co-hosts that guests on ‘At the Movies’ with him and he’s got a nice John Mellencamp anecdote with a funny Meg Ryan tidbit.

Adam says he can remember most episodes of ’60 Minutes’ and ‘At the Movies’ and Adam calls Roger very brave and says he had the heart of a lion, Adam asks if there was an inner fire that was inextinguishable despite the various adversities he was facing.


Richard is bringing up how Roger let the movie keep him going instead of retiring to some porch in Michigan waiting for death.

Adam is commenting on the viewing experience on a phone or laptop vs. in a theater and how a comedy is a better communal experience.

Adam is clarifying his point and asks Richard which is a more pure experience, a laptop alone or in a screening room.


Adam is doing a Simply Safe live read


Adam says he yearns for people to come to a screening instead of seeing just the vimeo link, Richard says he has a top of the line screening room and comments on people waiting in line to see a free movie in Chicago and how it effects the screening.

Adam teases his story about the movie ‘The Ring’ and Richard talks about seeing the films in IMAX at Nay Pier.

Adam is now painting a picture about the first time he watched ‘The Ring’ the infamous “Gateway Plasma TV” story.


Adam is now asking Richard about the best horror films out now, he brings up “The Babadook’ and asks if he missed something or if they just wanted to leave it open ended.

Adam says he misses the classic thriller ending of something like ‘The Usual Suspects’ and Richard is now listing off some tropes and how they got established in horror, mainly the false ending trick.

Adam is asking if ‘Star Wars’ is in jeopardy of tarnishing its legacy if this movie isn’t received well, Richard says he likes the first three Star Wars movies and mocks the idea of a shot by shot analysis of the trailer for the new Star Wars.


Adam is bringing up a middle aged woman losing her shit for a sports game on the TV, Adam says he’s not that into anything and asked Mike if he wouldn’t rather be her and be that into something.

Richard says he cannot wear a Jersey for any sport or activity he’s not playing in despite being an avid sports fan.

Adam is telling them about his insane schedule going from DC to Minneapolis and Adam brings up the guy with the old timey moustache wearing patriot shoes.


Adam says he doesn’t know if he should jealous or hate these people, Adam is asking Richard about the movie and jokes about waiting so long to get into it.

Richard has some funny noted about things he liked from the movie, they’re complimenting Howie Mandel and his overall kindness.

Richard is bringing up the role that Jay Mohr played in his movie, Adam says Jimmy has never offered him that gig in real life, audience warm up and that Jimmy and his relationship is not like the one in the movie.


Adam and Richard are praising Diane Farr’s excellent work in the movie as Adam’s love interest, he has some praise for the daughter character and Adam is going into a live read.


Adam is doing a legal zoom live read


Adam is excited to go to the Chicago screening and they wrap up the show, very cool of Richard to show up for this one, nice chat.