Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/08/2013 – David Otunga and Ray Oldhafer

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/08/2013 – David Otunga and Ray Oldhafer

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – David Otunga and Ray Oldhafer

Recorded 03-07-2013 – Release Date 03-08-2013

Production Number #1030

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Adam is opening the show with Ray in studio, Ray is bringing up the Buddhist girl who was in love with him in high school, and Ray calls her by the name of Woody Allen’s wife instead of her actual name “Jung Hi Lee”.

Adam is now telling the gang about her interest in him and the time he was her date for grad night, he’s going super in depth and revealing far more details than any previous telling despite not remembering her name up top.

He’s describing going to the LA convention center with ten thousand Buddhists, Ray is jumping in and it’s gold.

Adam’s telling one of the “fruit flies in the locker stories” this is not the actual story which also involves Ray, this is the one about the “prayer alter”.

Alison is jumping in and they’re making some fine points about Buddhism, hilarious and insightful!


Bryan is jumping in to explain he took up meditation when he was diagnosed, Ray has some quick praise and Alison has a hilarious one liner about working at Carolla Digital.

Adam is sharing his “multivitamin approach to life” theory and dipping into the placebo effect.

Adam is asking Ray about peeing on him at their 10yr high school reunion and Ray finally admits to it without protest and has a great, almost sweet nostalgia based reasoning for doing it, wow.


Adam is now launching into the Gavin Newsom episode that’s being intentionally misinterpreted by the media, in particular the Huffington post.

The quote was from when Adam was almost “in character” as a childlike innocent or an alien from another planet asking a logical series of questions based on the racial issues brought up by Gavin, morons.

Adam is going off; this is an extended perfect rant against the idiots trying  to fire up the latest round of controversy for Adam’s comments on the show.

Adam is still railing against the people calling him a racist, he’s going off on the pirate ship, and this shall now forever be known as the great “Pirate Ship” rant of 2013.

Adam is wrapping it up and tying it all together with a thank you to the audience without whom he’d only have a dingy, whoa he nailed it and got a “tell a friend” in.


Ray has a totally professional segue and launches into the “maxima style” live read, but I can tell Adam isn’t ready and now he’s thanking ray and telling him to hold up for the “Tax resolution center” live read.

Adam is asking Ray about his tax debt history, Bryan has an anecdote too and now Ray is explaining how the IRS listed his tax lean as “child support” on his paychecks from ABC when he was working for Jimmy Kimmel Live.


Ace on the House

1st caller Adam, he owns a home and they’re mocking Ray with the long running joke from the Ace on The House podcast, he has some issues with a pipe and Adam and Ray are solving it.


2nd caller Martin owns a condo and is asking for some grout help, he’s getting a bit uppity and Adam jumps in to do some “emotional chiropracter” work.

Adam is now going off on personal motivation; he’s citing the spa that he and Jimmy set up for Lynette, Dr. Bruce and Jimmy’s ex.

Adam now has another analogy, he’s comparing the loaded car he’ll eventually give to his kids when they’re 16 vs. the one bought by a kid saving up since he was 10 and how both cars will look after 1 year of driving, he’s right.

Adam has some praise for the guest who just arrived, Alison is filling in some details about him and now they’re saying goodbye to Ray and throwing it to break.


Adam is back from break with David in studio, he’s doing some plugs and mentioning Dave’s buddy who was helping himself to the delightful Mangria.

Adam is asking David about his journey and dubbing him the “chocolate Dolph” hilarious!

David is telling the gang about his work in “The Call” and Adam has a hilarious riff about the looks of the average 911 operator in comparison to Halle Berry.

Adam is now praising David’s physique and his fiancée Jennifer’s, he’s asking him about her physical transformation and he’s being honest while respectful.

Adam is now running his “moderation is everything/moderation is boring” idea by David, he agrees and is now telling the gang about how he first met Jennifer Hudson.


Adam is praising David some more and explaining why he’s glad women are interested in him for his looks, in comparison to someone like David Spade.

Adam has a hilarious quote explaining why David Spade is deemed as non-threatening, and now Adam is asking David about his education.

David is explaining how he got interested in education and acquired his law degree.

Adam has a hilarious breakdown of his days cleaning carpets, he’s telling the gang about his experiences driving the “Radical Rich” van, and David has a funny one liner in response.

Adam wants to know why so many lawyers spend 10yrs in school to get to their profession and then give it up after a year; David doesn’t have an answer for anyone but himself.


Alison is asking David about his looks and physique and now he’s explaining how he first got into working out, he’s citing his early bullying.

Adam is now asking David about “The stigma of being educated” that pops up in the black community, Adam is asking some very detailed questions.

David is telling the gang about his days as “Fat Urkel” Alison is now really bonding with David, Adam is wishing he was bullied so he could just use it as an excuse.

Adam is explaining how he wasn’t bullied but had the shit beaten out of him by his friends, he citing the time Ray through a knife into his knee and the “Marshmallow” incident.

Alison has a perfectly timed question about who in their right mind would let Adam babysit, Adam has a killer reaction to her question and phrasing and now he’s giving one of his most detailed explanations of his babysitting days.


Adam has now spun off onto another tangent; he’s now pondering what it would have been like to be in on one of the “Dukes of Hazzard” voice over recording sessions.

Bryan is in character as Bo or Luke and Adam is the engineer, David is now trying his hand at a voice over and seems to get the bit, very funny!

Alison is asking Adam if he and his buddies were having sex with women during the same era they were up to these shenanigans.

Adam is telling the gang about seeing Reevi in his pajamas the last time he babysat for the kid, then seeing him in stark contrast later in life, a short but funny variant of the “Reevi and Ronny” story.


They’re back from break; Adam has a live read and is now telling the gang about Natalia’s recent tooth transaction with the tooth fairy.

Adam has a funny angle about the only thing worse than giving someone money is giving it to them under the guise it’s from a sprite; Alison is jumping in and helping Adam bring the point home.

Adam is now relaying Mike Lynch’s reaction to the 40 bucks Natalia made, Lynch is now on mic to confirm it and they come up with a hilarious “tooth exchange program”, gold!


Adam is now explaining how he thinks the worst thing you can do to any organism is to overwhelm it with too much free stuff, he’s back to his delayed gratification theme.

Adam is now riffing on bears, Alison has a key line connecting the dots of his point about “bear self-esteem” and now Adam is on his all-time funniest “Yogi the Bear” riff.

Bryan dubs “Booboo” the original point shitter and now Adam is riffing on him trying out for “The Groundlings”, this is gold!


Alison’s News

She’s got a crush on David, Adam is saying we all should and including himself in his reasoning for why guys like David should be exalted over guys who are all attitude and tattoos, Alison has a funny reaction to Adam’s “we”.

Adam is now telling the gang about his daughters 1st grade lunch menu, he’s got a great point about it being so funny you couldn’t write it into a script and Alison has a brilliant point about perspective.


1st story is on Los Angeles entering a bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympics; Alison is explaining all the rules behind entering and the past games that were held in Los Angeles.

Adam is telling the gang about his experiences in 1984 during the summer games and witnessing OJ running with the torch while Adam was working on his first jobsite.

Adam is on a “Bruno Magli” riff, he’s using the logic of a movie to explain how things should have went down, he’s got an update on who was running the torch and now seems to think he didn’t witness OJ running with it but did see someone else.


2nd story is on “The Steven Tyler” act passing in Hawaii, Alison is explaining the premise of the legislation and why it was passed.

Adam is now citing the footage that lead to this, he’s telling the gang about what it’s like to be a celebrity, he’s saying it all weighs out in the end and joking about the “one last picture” line people use.

Alison is wrapping the news and now Adam is delivering a clean live read with a funny quote and now Alison is jumping in with some Superfan “Small Wonder” knowledge.

Adam is calling for the C.H.U.D. definition, Cannibalistic Humanoid Underground Dwellers and Mike Lynch comes through with the save, nice work as he had one of the all-time funniest  C.H.U.D. related tweets.


Adam has a nice live read and Bryan has a choice drop from the “Pirate Ship 2013” rant to close out another week of the ACS!