Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/07/2016 – Deaf Frat Guy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/07/2016 – Deaf Frat Guy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Deaf Frat Guy

Recorded 03-06-2016 – Release Date 03-07-2016

Production Number #1772

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Adam opens the show to a funny “sometimes he gets a little bummed out about his eye infection” intro and BB has a “Privileged Buttholes” #TopDrop from Kristen, Gina reveals she didn’t miss it as she listened.

Adam is now teasing the discussion about her brother, she’s got a funny tone to her voice and BB is talking about it too.

Adam is explaining how he’s never ventured away from home, he is within 10 miles of where he rode his bike as a boy, Adam says he’s never had to rebel against a community or religion.


Adam says it’s a 3.7 miles’ average distance of everywhere he’s lived while in California.

Adam doesn’t know his home phone number anyway so he can’t tell BB how many area codes he’s had, Gina talks about her brother’s various tattoos.

Gina has a nice “he does” reply when Adam says he likes a body to tell the story of work, BB is now asking Adam questions in a “Right now!?” improv scene.

Adam is going to be a thoracic surgeon, hilarious extremes and Adam says wait 9 years and BB will have to scrub in to talk to him in the operating room.


Gina is further telling them about her brother and his early rebellious ways that are quite tame, basketball instead of studying the Torah.

Gina agrees to get a picture and BB has a funny “guy from Smash Mouth” line and then Adam comes up with his name Steve Harwell.

Adam is telling them about his long weekend of kids’ stuff, he describes the father/daughter dance and how women’s wiring is so specific and unique.


Adam is explaining that up until the last minute they thought Natalia didn’t want to go, even when Adam asked after getting home tired on Friday, she didn’t want to dance with him again.

Adam is now bringing up the experience of Natalia dancing with him how someone would dance with a cactus.

Adam is explaining how he briefed her that this would be dance heavy, Adam says if this was Sonny they could’ve exchanged a look and known what each other was thinking.


Adam is defending his poker face and thinks she’d didn’t decide to go because he was tired and not that excited and could read it on him, BB jokes about a relief pheromone after Adam’s prompting.

Adam is now going over the experience of arriving to the church early and how excited Natalia was about their awesome dancing and moves, she is counting the days until the next father/daughter dance.

Gina has a killer “get out of my room old man” and now Adam is riffing about that too, from his daughter’s POV and jokes about her finding a lost brother that Gina didn’t know she had, covered in tats and he says “I’m going to stop until I suck one of these off of him!” which elicits a stunned reaction from both Gina and BB, holy shit Adam is still at the top of his game.


Adam is describing the great moment with the dads who all come out and support their daughters and aren’t creating future wrecks who will fuck up society and have scars so deep no laser could ever carve them out.

Adam has a killer “hey everybody we’re going to do the limbo, change it p” strip club DJ bit thanks to BB’s musical queue, very funny.

Adam is saying that he was commiserating with the dads about all the things that were once on the “daddy docket” and how that list has only grown with more things.


Adam is going over the dads talking about UFC #196 and Adam reveals he was invited to watch the fight at Harland Williams house.

The other dad revealed he will be taking the kids to Valley Forge and they all gave it up to him.

Adam is now talking about money has nothing to do with the dance, anyone can do this, of anyone income level.

Adam is mocking the broken logic of poverty preventing good parenting, this dance cost almost nothing, it could be done for free.


Adam is now riffing up a storm about dad’s who move to Florida and send one annual gift and he has a funny “stupid stuffed dolphin, I already had my period” scene with him as an angry daughter lamenting her absentee father and his dumb out of touch gifts.


Gina brings up Adam’s arrival time at the fundraiser and he uses his time on Loveline and the KLSX morning show to make a point about being able to show up on time, he always shows up last minute and on time.

Gina has a funny “Walking shoes” comment aimed at Mike August.


Adam is doing a Reverie Bed Live Read

“I’ll Tell You Playa Haters out there…”

Adam address the criticisms he’s received about his 20min bed vibration being akin to a snooze alarm.

Adam is talking about the real advantage of having a split bed like the Reverie.


Adam is sharing his feelings about sampling in music and explains why he hates it, he feels it’s lazy and just spackling over the bricks already laid by Led Zeppelin or whomever.

BB agrees that Puff Daddy’s ‘Come with Me’ is one of the worst songs of all time.

Adam is now using this week’s SNL performance from ‘Future’ and focuses on how ‘The Weekend’ comes out and does most of the performing, much like Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth with ‘See You Again’ and now Adam is riffing over the performance of ‘Future’ and suggesting he do the same with live shows.


Adam has a killer Joel McHale performs while Adam vapes and talk sings for part of the performance, hilarious “In the house” line and funny follow up from BB as they riff out this improv scene.

Adam is now using Tom Petty as a counter example to this type of performance, Adam says this is not that enjoyable to watch and he explains how he likes to “see what they do” and learn about new artists from the show.

Gary is filling them in and Adam continues to riff about everything being hot, the parka and bear pelt worn by ‘Future’ and moves onto the Sirius 80’s channel and First Wave and the programming retards over there.


Adam is telling them about his plan for the programmers, they can’t allow for two shitty 80’s songs to simultaneously play, one of the 80’s channels must have a good song.


Adam is now mocking ‘Tainted Love’ by Soft Cell and on the other 80’s channel it was Phil Collins ‘I Don’t Care Anymore’ and Adam has them focus on the long “no mo” ending.

Adam is joking about the argument that Phil got into with his wife and all of the session musicians and just played this over and over again, BB mocks the irony of this ending and Adam says it’s not a song.

Dawson has a Dodgers mentions and possible use for that song.


Adam is now having them play some XTC ‘Senses Working Overtime’ that he predicted Sonny was going to dig, Adam is now having them skip ahead to the end and he explains what he likes in a song is this type of flow/structure.

Adam is talking about Andy Partridge whom he calls Danny and BB drops a nice Bonaduce nugget into the show.


Adam is now doing a Legal Zoom Live Read

Adam talked to a dad last night who was a legal zoom guy


DFG is returning to the show and BB is now helping Adam refresh the audience with his backstory.

BB is getting some of the details and they’re covering a lot of the KLSX stuff that many people have probably never heard.

DFG the Deaf Frat Guy is telling them about the two Ashley’s and has a new bit about Poochie going to wall street and his firm being featured in ‘The Big Short’ and he describes the amount of strange tail he gets with this gem “The dude gets more strange tale(tail) than an Edgar Allan Poe anthology” and everyone slowly catches up the brilliance of it.


DFG is now telling them about Poochie’s Uncle and how he got beat up a Donald Trump rally, he once again pulls back a swear, someone got in his head about the PodcastOne “clean” podcasting mandate?

Adam tells him he has permission to swear, DFG is addressing the rumors and says he didn’t “tag” Lynette as they promote the Arizona Mangria Bar Crawl.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Christina, she’s telling Adam about the Facebook group she made for fans of the show and how over 40 people are flying in to see him in Portland.

She wants to know why Adam hasn’t added a cat into the family, Adam says he loved cats growing up as they’re basically free and bury their own poop.

DFG says it smells like cat in the studio and is clearly hinting about Adam’s bathing regimen changes.


Adam is talking about what a nutty dog Phil is and how he approached two great Danes in the neighborhood and he is commenting no how Phil would roll over and kill the kitty in his sleep. Adam does some great dog noises and thinks he would lick the cat to death out of joy.

Adam talks about the large women he saw who rolled over and smothered two babies in her sleep, he talks about stopping and assessing blame after the 2nd baby.

They’re talking about hairless cats, Adam says he wants the stroking kind of cat, not the weird hairless kind covered in foreskins. The cat that looks like it was burned horribly in an industrial fire.


Adam is talking about walking back into this office after the night out at the kid’s event only to find a huge dook from Phil in his office, BB has a killer “read your latest script” one liner aimed at Adam.

Adam is now describing the cleaning process and how he asked both Lynette and Olga to go find something to do besides commenting on how much it stunk in the room.

Adam is now telling them about his paper plates he cut in half and uses as poop scrapers.


2nd Caller Joe, he tells them about his new gig working in radio, Adam is explaining what a great gig radio is and why people want it.

Adam is talking about the guys who have the 4pm to 7pm radio shift and the awesome schedules they’re able to keep.

Adam is talking about taping Loveline and the late schedule and how much worse it would get while they were on tour of the East Coast.


Adam talks about how people in radio just show up, BB talks about the “weirdo” factor and DFG claims he’s in touch with Jack Silver, great FJS impression from BB.


Adam is talking about becoming a regular talk show guest and Gina has some radio pro advice, she talks about doing a featured segment or bit to spotlight his work.


3rd Caller Paul, he comments on the plates Adam is spinning and he wants to know how much work he’s actually doing on his house, he tells them about the envelope house and the sheer amount of work ahead of him.

Adam is talking about taking the kids on the roof of the house and how the kids move, she runs across the ridge and Sonny walks like an elderly grandpa.


4th Caller Ira, he was thinking about Adam while in the shower the other day, DFG demands a question and Adam is mocking the weird human instinct where people you’re trying to move along end up digging in.

Adam is now telling them about a listener who asked if Adam calls in with any characters on the current ‘Kevin and Bean’ morning show, Adam says they did about 17 laps and the guy had a buzz on so he didn’t want to be mean.

Adam is talking about trying to wrap up with people, he’s comparing that to a loose tooth you keep flicking with your tongue.


Adam says he thinks it’s a conversational form of the tooth and talks about the public speaking reactions of pitting out and dry mouth, why couldn’t god design us better.

Gina asks what are the odds Ira asks his question when they go back to him and he’s still in the shower story part of the call, BB compliments him and they move on.


JV or ALL Balls

1st JVOAB Koy fish

They’re all weighing in and DFG is now sharing his genocidal thoughts about the poor fish he could take out, Adam says he rarely thinks about the fish agenda.


2nd JVOAB beating your meat up in a tree during a severe lighting storm, Adam has a killer line about confusing the neighbors, making them think you are aroused by lightening.

DFG is telling them about one of the Mikes who died while beating his meat in the tree.

DFG talks about the relative value of a nut and confirms it was Mike R.


3rd JVOAB mini cobra tequila

Adam is talking about Mescal Tequila and the different taste, DFG has a “ladies who eat the worm, dead on a gear shift” joke.

DFG is telling them about the plastic cobra he might use, Adam says the idea is all balls.

DFG shares the bold name “Cobra” and Adam tells him about the malt liquor, he says he has a marketing plan and calls it ‘KoBBra” instead.


Adam declares BB the winner and they move on


Adam is doing a Blue Apron Live Read

Inflatable dolls at the sex shop that don’t quite look like they do on the box edition


Gina’s News

1st Story is the death of Nancy Reagan; she has the details of her demise at 94.

Adam is talking about her weighing 91lbs while alive and robust and comments on her “Say No to Drugs” and he says godless her but he doesn’t think there has been a less effective campaign and cites Click it or Ticket.

Adam is saying that Just say no probably reminded a handful of Americans to do drugs, probably an et negative effect.


Adam is now talking about a campaign to tell people to stop masturbating and asks how many people will be reminded to then beat off.

Adam says even when you do a national no smoking day people smoke more.

BB has an interesting point about the sex education among young kids and the arguments about it possibly creating sexual behavior at an earlier age.

Gina has any interesting point about the evils of Marijuana that have now fully reversed for her as an adult, don’t push too far indeed.


2nd Story is on UFC #196 and Conor McGregor’s first UFC loss.

Adam says he missed the gala of fights and some dude spoiled it for him before he could get home to watch SportsCenter.

Gina has the details of the bout.


DFG praises Nate Diaz and Adam comments on talking to Nick Davis about the weight class jump, Nick is now saying he was agreeing with Adam initially, he shares that he did bet and BB asks him about the odds.

BB asks about always taking the underdog and DFG has some info about betting early in the NFL season.

BB and Adam are talking about the spirit of MMA and Nick is talking more, Adam is bringing up the Miesha Tate matchup with Ronda Rousey and Nick shares his theory about them scheduling Holly Holm for Ronda first, Nick misspeaks while talking about the plans for Miesha’s next bout.


Adam is now talking to DFG about “laying and praying” while battling female boxers.


3rd Story is on Mitt Romney’s attack on Donald Trump and his failed businesses.

Adam mocks Mitt’s delivery with a funny Jewish comment and now Adam is reminding John Oliver and Jon Stewart that we live in a Kardashian era, talking about someone only makes them more powerful.

Adam says by getting histrionic and making a big deal we’re only boosting that person’s stock.

Adam talks about the Silver lining of watching people on the left go insane and freak out about a potential trump presidency.


Adam is now using voter ID laws as an example for how they overreact to common sense and how Trump only makes them blow their tops.

Adam talks about the Boston sports guys he knows and how much enjoyment he gets out of watching their teams get beaten, hilarious riff about Kevin Hench and Bill Simmons not enjoying a game breaking play and Gina sets up another clip of Romney.

Romney is now talking about the historical lessons to be learned and Gina shares Trump’s reaction to Romney’s comments, as predicted by Romney.

Adam is telling people to enjoy this and Gina powers through to the next story.


4th Story is on Trump’s reactions to the small hands comments, they play the clip and BB says this is a presidential debate, DFG says he’s like the guy who heckles the dudes in line for a bukake video.

Gina wraps the news while DFG and BB have a funny moment.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read

“I Thought It was open” – Adam on the idiotic dealer salespeople who can’t even get a key before making you walk a mile to look at a car you probably don’t want.


Adam is giving out the closing plugs and wraps up the show.