Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/07/2013 – Jon Reep live from Amalfi Restaurant

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/07/2013 – Jon Reep live from Amalfi Restaurant

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Jon Reep Live from Amalfi

Recorded 03-06-2013 – Release Date 03-07-2013

Production Number #1029

Show Page

Adam is welcoming Jon back to the show(ACP #120 Official Archive and Year 1 DVD set) with everyone on stage, he’s got some quick remarks about Jon’s “Hemi” commercials.

Adam is now telling Jon and the gang about the jug of cinnamon moonshine that was left behind at his car show, he’s explaining how typically the food and beverage items left for hosts are not consumed by said hosts.

Adam is now telling the gang about his new habit off topping off his Mangria with the moonshine, Alison has a hilarious and super honest reaction and now Adam is trying to explain it more.


Adam is asking Jon about his journey, they don’t go very in depth and now Adam has ended up on Dr. Oz and his scrubs, thanks to a well-timed comment from A-Rose!

Adam is riffing on the initial decision making process for the arm length of scrubs, he’s citing Drew as the only doctor this benefits due to his awesome guns!

This is one of Adam’s all time funniest rants/riffs on scrubs (the workplace clothes not the TV show).


Adam is telling the audience and Jon about Alison’s upcoming wedding, Alison wants some advice from Adam as the pressure and stress has become overwhelming.

Adam is offering up his rules for a wedding when he pre-impresses himself with a new “spending cap” for weddings of people who don’t own a home or condo.

Adam is now riffing on all the lies involved in a wedding; he’s focusing on the wedding dress and bringing up his classic and flawless point about daughters rarely wearing their mom’s dress.

Adam has another idea he’s totally in love with, what must go on in his head that he’s so fast he can stop and smell the roses of his thoughts before sharing them while everyone is still playing catch up with the last thing he said, spooky!


Adam is giving some plugs for Jon’s stuff and now they’re on a tangent about his movie, Adam is riffing on tornado movies.

Adam is now updating the gang on shooting his new movie earlier in the day with Larry Miller; Adam is sharing some more details of his next movie.

Adam is explaining how he was told to use “kickstarter” to raise the funds, he’s sharing how he came up with the idea to shoot one scene from the movie in advance and use that to motivate potential investors.

A very novel concept indeed, it calls back to early Sam Raimi and Coen Brothers too, yet Adam has made it distinctly his own, even Bryan can’t shit on this one and is commenting to that effect.


Adam and Jon are commenting on all the famous TV and movie guys who are now taking to the road to perform live due to the “holding deals” and other superfluous Hollywood cash sources drying up.

Jon is complimenting “Windy City Heat” calling it the all-time funniest movie and now Adam is jumping in to thank him.

They’re breaking down the movie and Jon is actually walking the gang though his favorite scene.


Blah Blah Blog

1st blog choices are Jamie Lee Curtis, Nia Vardalos, and Joan Cusack.

2nd blog choices are Kareem Abdul Jabar, Cheech Maron and D.L. Hughley.

3rd blog choices are Oprah Winfrey, Larry King and Oliver Stone.

Adam is now riffing on Larry King being so old he has to travel with soup, he’s explaining how he loves the fake lines you use to cover up lying.

Jon is jumping in with “I wish I was lying” and now Adam is explaining how that one actually works every time and he’s citing his old “Crank Yankers” calls and how he used that line numerous times.

4th blog choices are Rita Wilson, Kevin Bacon and Graham Nash.


Alison’s News

Her top story is on Mark Burnett’s miniseries about the Bible; Adam is now explaining why the ratings were so high and telling an anecdote about an email from Mark asking for a tweet related favor.

Adam is now explaining how he’s never been exposed to a bible except for a very brutal incident from his past, he’s now riffing with Alison about his hilarious fictional incident and it’s comedy gold!

Alison has another perfectly timed question about sleeping in hotel rooms, Adam is now ranting about trying to turn the alarm clock to the side and it’s gold.

He’s now onto the pillows on hotel room beds, another bit of perfect comedy.

Adam is now telling the gang peeing on a guy’s wallet for a Man Show bit, Jon is sharing about his shy bladder and now he’s joking with Adam about using the stall in public bathrooms.


2nd story is on the gap between the life expectancies of men and women closing, Jon jumps in with a great self-satisfied sniff for the Aceman and Alison is reading the facts.

Adam is explaining he doesn’t need men to live longer; he just wants the gap closed and is happy regardless.


3rd story is on another new study about pessimists living longer than optimists, Adam is citing himself as the exception and telling the gang about his last trip to the doctor where he was violated.

Alison is now sharing an anecdote about her own last exam, Adam has some hilarious follow ups about the doctors instructions to Alison.

Now Adam is pondering why humans are defaulted to being freaked out about butt stuff in spite of their own best interest, he’s calling himself the worst offender of this behavior.


4th story is a “CLUE” like deconstruction of a murder, Alison wants the gang to try to put all the pieces together and now she’s reading the details of the crime.

Adam is now joking about what would be found in his system if he was run though the same tests as the victim. Dawson is now on mic and tried to lay in a classic man show reference but Adam is too quick and he’s doomed.


5th story is on customers being upset at Taco Bell for the “Cool Ranch” flavored taco’s not being available at some locations.

Adam is now riffing and ranting about all the ways society has tried to make everyone obese, he’s now going off on ranch and has a hilarious and simultaneously disgusting example involving Sonny.

Adam’s “cool ranch” rant is now morphing into his “passion fruit” rant and my mind just exploded.

Adam is on an epic riff about thousand island being drummed out of the dressing game by the ranch loyalists and now he’s doing a live read, giving some plugs and wrapping the show.