Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/06/2013 – Robert Davi and David Wild

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/06/2013 – Robert Davi and David Wild

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Robert Davi and David Wild

Recorded 03-05-2013 – Release Date 03-06-2013

Production Number #1028

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Adam is opening the show to a very out of context drop from Bryan that fans shouldn’t read into(too much) and some love for the great Robert Davi who will be making his return visit later in the show.

Adam has a funny back and forth with Bryan about drinking off of his water bottle.

Adam is riffing with Alison about his mom and her Chicano studies degree, Alison is really matching Adam’s speed on this one, good stuff.


Adam is now bringing up the local mayoral election; he’s got an amazing quote about the exit of Villaretardo and an interesting counterpoint to the “stay the course” mindset.

Adam is now setting up the “Drop” clips played last week during the episode with Gavin.

Adam has another clip with the follow up on the study; the gang has some funny reactions to the reveal from the city official.

Adam has some hilarious reactions and Alison a more serious reaction to the bullshit in the clip, very interesting.

Adam is now setting up the 3rd clip with both runoff mayoral candidates, his immediate reaction is gold.


Alison is now asking Adam about his thoughts on mayoral candidate Kevin James who was a guest on the podcast last year. Adam is giving his take on the man’s chances and making a very interesting point on sexuality and race for republican candidates.

Adam just revealed which runoff candidate he prefers and now Alison is asking why, BB is calling him out and not quite picking up the layers of irony, Adam is now telling him his other analogy that involved rooting for a boxing match.

Adam is asking for his notes that were moved because they didn’t look good on camera, he’s setting up an anecdote about “full tard” Gary and its gold.


Adam is showing Alison a picture from the scene he walked in on today, he’s telling them how “Full Tard” Gary had the light on with all 4 gates closed preventing it from illuminating his workspace despite Adam’s frequent requests he use light while working.

Adam is now bringing up his “Giraffe with low power lines” analogy from earlier in the week; he’s now riffing on a new polar bear variant about “Stu”.

Alison is jumping in for a key “cohost” role here and helping Adam explain the order of events and now she’s reading the headline from an actual story that Adam somehow conjured up during his metaphor.


Adam is now welcoming Chris to the show, he’s the prop maker(master?) for JKL and also worked on the Man Show, Adam is quizzing Chris about his most creative work for JKL and now Adam is on a hilarious riff about the high art they were creating.

Chris is presenting Adam with a statue of Adam that he made, you can see it online by visiting the show page link up top, Adam is thanking Chris and he’s now exiting the studio.


What Can’t Adam Complain About

Adam is now setting up the first video clip for this new variation on the classic bit.

1st Tax Rebates, Adam is now on a jag about never receiving one and explaining his tax history in a super condescend form. Adam has a killer quote about what a tax rebate would be like for him and now he’s riffing on Drew’s response to his past tax debt on a recent Adam and Drew Show.

Adam is now telling the super rare story about his “Animaniacs” check from 1992 and the IRS mistake that came back to haunt him, he’s got a great point about people not fixing their mistakes and not being conscious enough to realize how they affect others.


2nd Pixar Movies, Adam is now explaining how he’s toured Pixar, loves their movies and story work.

Adam is now telling the gang about how he was “Commander Nebula” in the “Buzz Lightyear of Star Command” syndicated TV show.

Adam is ranting about wanting them to throw him a bone with some VO work in one of their movies, something. Alison just dropped some obscure Carolla fan science with a “Taxi from Wizards of Waverly Place” reference.


3rd Guys who clean up the graffiti along the freeway, Adam has an immediate hilarious response and BB jumps in with a nice follow up that Alison “Yes and’s” perfectly.

Adam is now ranting about the union benefits and pay for people wearing orange vests working for the city, Adam is now explaining “good working for the city” and the small battalion of good vs.  The army of people out there cleaning up the work of the assholes.

Adam has a hilarious courtroom riff, Alison’s response is even better and we find out Adam wants his name on a “predator drone” in addition to his asteroid, get on it Tom Burbine!


Adam has wrapped the bit and he’s now on a great riff/rant about there not being any graffiti prevention programs or tip lines, he’s got a very bizarre and equally hilarious mongoose tangent.

Adam is now bringing his pterodactyl “Terry” out of retirement to offer up a solution to the masses of assholes infecting our society, Alison seems down for it and Bryan is calling for a “runoff candidate podcast” and Adam has a killer reply, whoa!


David Wild and Robert Davi are now joining the show, Adam is complimenting Robert’s singing and telling the gang about seeing him live.

Adam is telling and asking Robert about his “That Gut” status in movies, he’s jumping right into his favorite scene from “Showgirls” and claims he says it to his wife every night before she goes to bed. They’re now playing the clip and Robert seems amused and simultaneously uncomfortable at the same time.


Robert is being a good sport and lamenting never living down that movie despite all of his other credits and great work, he’s now hinting about the “Research” being conducted in his trailer while filming the movie.

Adam is asking Robert how he makes money performing with these full bands and orchestras, Robert is giving and in depth answer and explaining the various sized bands he brings based on the venue.

Adam is doing a killer Hulu live read, everyone is getting in the mix, don’t miss this!


Relationship Calls

Adam is setting up some relationship calls; he’s asking Alison about her impending nuptials and her plan for a ring. They’re now discussing the concept of a “blood diamond” and the realities of actually buying one.

1st caller Andy, he doesn’t get Adam’s “ladies first” joke and wants the gang to settle an argument, what’s worst erectile dysfunction vs. premature ejaculation.

Adam has a hilarious dog food analogy, Alison jumps in to clear it up with a hilarious tone and inflection, Adam’s right on deck with an immediate response.

Adam is having the guests weigh in, Robert is in awe of Adam’s “rabbinical wisdom” when it comes to matters of the dong.

Bryan is sharing a personal anecdote about trying condoms with numbing lube, he’s telling the gang about having to confess to his partner.


2nd caller Trixie, she’s a delight right off the bat and is filling the gang in on her last boyfriend a guy with small hands.

Adam’s quizzing her a bit and not getting much, he’s got a hilarious delivery on a line about cats with small paws.

She’s giving them shit about the music used in the “stripper DJ bit” and Adam has a killer reply, Mike Lynch is now on mic to explain they all met her in NYC at Carolines last year.


Alison’s News

David has an observation up top and now Alison wants to know Adam and Lynette’s “Ring Story” he’s telling her about how they picked an antique ring but eventually the diamond had to be swapped out, wow!

1st story Alison is reporting on the Death of Hugo Chavez, Robert is filling the gang in on the conspiracy theory about his death.

Adam has a hilarious conspiracy theory follow up, wow this is gold!

Robert has some amazing points about Hugo and Adam is now on a tangent about Sadaam Hussein picking people out of parliament to have executed.


2nd story is on the updated TSA restrictions; Adam is now filling the gang in on one of the Mike’s traveling with a box cutter for years after 9/11.

Adam is now explaining the process of telling him about the zip lock bag requirement years after it had been implemented.

Adam is now bringing up the hypocrisy of the rule enforcement from airport to airport and Alison is reading the rules, Adam is telling Alison how James Babydoll Dixon was able to get around the golf club limitations.

Alison is reading more of the restrictions as Adam sings a made up song to Bryan’s music bed.


Adam is now on a hilarious tangential riff about throwing star efficacy in movies vs. real life, he’s now doing a hilarious improv of how he would react to being hit by one.

Bryan has a killer one liner that nobody catches and now he’s helping Adam with the improv but this one is mostly Aceman, Ace awards 2013 material for sure!

Adam is calling for a movie to implement a realistic throwing star sequence, Alison is asking Adam about karate chops and now Adam is riffing about the type of wood they use.

Adam has a funny riff about using karate tournaments to learn what materials are good in earthquakes.


Robert is now quizzing Adam on his family; Adam is explaining the middle name anecdote and the Carollo story of how his family name was changed.

Adam is doing a live read and follows it up with a great “oh god I hate my dad encounter” at LAX where he ran into a producer he knows heading to Colorado to sample beer with his son.

Adam is riffing about how he wants to pull these kids aside to tell them how lucky they are, David wild now has an anecdote of his own that seem to really touch Alison.


3rd story is on Jon Stewart taking a hiatus from the Daily Show in order to direct a film adapted from a book written by a past guest.

Adam is now riffing about the batting average for Iranian spy accusations and has some hilarious quotes.

Robert is telling some anecdotes form his childhood and now David is jumping in, Adam has a hilarious dig at David that he seems to take in stride.

Alison is wrapping the news and now Adam is launching into a very “occupy” style live read, good stuff.

Adam is giving some plugs and wrapping the show.