Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/05/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 218

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/05/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 218

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 03-03-2015 – Release Date 03-05-2015

Production Number #218 – Max Shank with Guest Host Mike Catherwood

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Dr. Drew and the all-time 2nd greatest Loveline co-host Mike Catherwood, Drew is instantly mocking Adam for his frustrations regarding the annoying shit Drew does on air.

Mike is now in defense of Adam says he has his own list, Drew plugs the radio show he hosts with Mike that has a very interesting format.

Mike praises ‘The Hammer’ and Drew is asking Chris for his favorite aspects of the movie, he says the hotel scenes.


Mike is now making a point about how travel for work opens up your eyes to the shortcomings of most accommodations.

Mike is now asking how much Adam directed vs. Kevin Hench, Drew is further refreshing the audience on Mike’s history with him and their shared interests.

Mike mocks Drew’s newfound coffee fetish, he criticizes Drew for guffawing when he recommend MCT oil and then listening intently when some random quack guest told him about.


Mike and Drew are now firmly backing ‘Caveman Coffee’ in place of another formerly more famous brand that perhaps made some claims they didn’t back up.


Drew is doing a live read


Mike is introducing Max Shank who is joining them for his first phoner on this program, Drew is asking Max when he started working out and lifting weights.

Drew is explaining that he finds many people who are resistant to lifting didn’t start young like they did, he asks Max how to get someone to start lifting and working out and actually get something out of it, the way they do.

Mike is now chiming in and they’re commenting on trying to keep the extra 10lbs off, Drew asks what’s sustainable for working out and lifting from the late teens through middle age.


Mike has some interesting insight and asks how you deal with the average guy or gal and get them progress without redlining them.

Max is telling him about not confusing your goals with the goals of your clients, Max has a really in depth answer.

Mike is commenting on skill development, Drew is clarifying and Max is telling them about doing less through complexity of movement, Drew is sharing his own experiences and results with isolating muscles.


Drew talks about his results with personal trainers and says his nightmare exercise is a Turkish Getup and Max is telling him about not including movement he hates into his program.

Drew says he likes the feeling of pump and like he got something done at the start of his day, to carry with him.

Mike says he likes pain involved with devolving skills and ability, Mike references his Muay Thai training and sparring and what he gets from that kind of pain.


Mike asks about getting men who don’t want to do Cardio to do it and women who don’t want to life weights to start doing that.

Max has some insight and says not to tell women how much they’re lifting.

Drew says his workout time is meditative, he uses it as study hall time and that’s why he doesn’t like the Turkish Getups, he likes the intellectual experience he gets with his simple movements.


Mike is asking Max about kettlebell training and Max brings it back to his book and Mike plugs and Drew doubles down with a click through plug.

Mike asks Max what fuels him and he shares that he watches what he eats as his family all tend to be overweight, Max says getting a 6 pack may have been his initial ambition but now it’s different.

Max tells them about keeping raw spinach and carrots and they all marvel at their different raw vegetable preferences.


Drew makes a point about conscious planning, Max says that he doesn’t know of a simpler vegetable than baby carrots.

Max tells them about cooking for yourself and caloric intake, Drew critiques bullshit diets and cites the blood type variant.

Mike asks how Max gets his message out without it being distorted.

Drew compares his experience to practicing medicine.


Drew is wrapping up with Max, he has a practical bit of advice for the listeners.

Mike claims to have masturbated to Max several times, he takes it in stride.


Drew is doing a live read for Lifelock Ultimate Plus


1st Caller Robert, from Downey California he’s calling about a pregnancy related rash on his wife, Mike has a wise question about its possible relation to a similar sounding condition.

Drew is telling him to take her to the doctor and says he needs to be very suspect considering all of the factors.


2nd Caller John he asks about Drew complaining about various professionals not being able to see or treat someone with a mental illness, he’s making a point about lack of insight.

John is telling Drew about his experience in treatment and with various physicians.

John is sharing his misunderstanding of what he thinks Drew is calling for, Drew now apologizes and spells out his agenda and the meaning of his comments.

Mike has some closing comments and Drew thanks the caller for him allowing him to expound further on this.


Drew is doing a Simply Safe live read


Drew is closing out the first hour and Mike will be back on Sunday, solid first episode.