Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/05/2013 – David Lee Roth

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/05/2013 – David Lee Roth

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – David Lee Roth

Recorded 03-04-2013 – Release Date 03-05-2013

Production Number #1027

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Adam is excited to welcome David to the show for his ACS debut, he’s jumping right in to the 2006 parallel launch of their morning shows to fill the slot left by Howard Stern’s morning show.

He’s now taking it a few steps back and telling David about discussing the prom that Drew saw Van Halen perform at before David joined the band.

Adam is asking Dave about his Journey, he’s telling the gang about being part of a school bussing program and how it exposed him to urban culture; Adam is helping him flesh things out and asking great follow up questions.

David is telling the gang about the BPM science behind early Van Halen, Adam is telling him that his favorite VH song is probably “Aint Talking about Love” and David doesn’t seem to mind it and has a nice pizza metaphor in reply.


Adam is now asking David about “Snotty Scotty and the Hanky’s” a band Dr. Drew wanted Adam to run by David, he remembers them well and now Adam is launching into a rant.

Adam is on an extended rant about bad taste vs. no taste; David is now stepping to argue on Scotty’s behalf and complimenting their superior band name.

David just brought up the Pasadena doo dah parade and now Adam is riffing about the audience that parade is meant for, gold!

Adam is asking him in depth “one on one” style questions and really breaking down the evolution of the band. Dave just misunderstood Adam’s question and now he’s steering into Dave’s crazy skid and creating some comedy about consumers deciding if they really need another “Pirates of the Caribbean” movie.


Adam is telling the gang an anecdote about taking Sonny to his YMCA basketball game over the weekend; he’s making a larger point about being a parent and therapy.

Adam is asking Dave about his childhood and family, he’s being very honest and Adam has questions for days, interesting.

Adam has a hilarious callback to “Snotty Scotty” while talking about Dave’s renaissance man of a father; Dave is now telling the gang about his mom.

Adam is now asking Dave about the infamous Van Halen rider with the rule about brown M&M’s, Adam was right about why it was in there and now Dave is explaining the thinking behind it, nice question form Alison!

Adam is asking Dave for an update on how they’re getting along on the road; Adam is telling Dave about talking with Michael Anthony who he says seems very laid back in stark contrast to Dave and Eddie.

Dave is not disagreeing and actually explaining the energy behind trying to one up each other on stage.


Adam is asking Dave about the morning show and how the offer came about, Dave is explaining how he predicted Howard’s exit and was testing out the format with an eye on his position/slot.

Dave is explaining the factors that lead to the end of his show, he’s telling the gang about resisting a “sports block” and how his sense of humor was deemed “too late night”.

Adam is now going off on the formatics of morning radio and how it’s built to cover up a lack of talent, Dave is telling Adam that he’s 100% correct in his descriptions/railing against the format.


Adam has a hilarious and honest description as Dave being like his crappy older brother “Kurt” and how he would use his antics over on the east coast to take some of the heat and the focus off of himself.

Dave is responding really well and now filling Adam in on the window debacle from his studio, Adam is now telling Dave about the peanut butter incident from his studio and Dave has a hilarious reaction to the names Jack Silver and James Babydoll Dixon.

Bryan is jumping in with some well-timed classic “Fake Jack Silver” quotes.

Adam is now doing a “Dollar Shave Club” live read, Dave has a hilarious reaction to the language and riffing in the read, awesome don’t miss this live read!


Adam is coming back from break in character as his morning zoo DJ; he’s bringing Dave in as the guy in the traffic copter.

This might be the longest “traffic and weather” riff ever done on the podcast, Dave is now complimenting Adam on this riff turning into art and just when the riff was dead Adam’s now revived it, whoa!

Alison is asking why the format requires the constant pace, Adam and Dave are now riffing about the techno music beds and now Adam is having Bryan lay some in as he gives a eulogy.


Alison’s News

Alison’s top story is an anecdote from a recent trek into an employee bathroom at a grocery store, her description of the scene is delightful and Adam’s response is killer.

Adam is now putting his own spin on Voltaire’s (Dostoevsky’s) quote about prison and society, Adam is saying you can judge a society by its bathroom.


Alison’s real top story is about the recent death of a woman at an assisted living facility, she’s telling the details and now they’re playing the 911 call.

They’re all reacting to the clip and now Alison is giving the full details of what happened along with her reaction to the full call, Dave is giving his expert take as an actual EMT.

Adam has a hilarious comment about the windbreakers he would make the old folks wear at his assisted living facility and an even funnier one liner about his own windbreaker, awesome!


Adam is now going off on the woman in the tape, he’s describing his own experience dealing with someone who is resisting beyond their best interest, and Alison chimes in with “a no roll”.

Adam has 3 variants on the type of personality that goes into these people who get on “No Rolls”.

Adam is riffing on the only way to incentivize these people into doing the right thing is to threaten their 911 call will be released to the media.

Adam and Alison are now doing an in character improv where both the caller and the operator are actually pleasant, Dave is doing some helpful background work.


Adam is now riffing on the shows “Family”, “Family Affair” and “The Brady Bunch”, he’s got a great comment about Bobby Brady.

Alison is now wrapping the news, Dave’s reactions are funny and now Adam is launching into a Legal Zoom live read and wrapping the show with some plugs.