Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/04/2015 – Road Stories

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/04/2015 – Road Stories

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Road Stories

Recorded 03-01-2015 – Release Date 03-04-2015

Production Number #1524

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Adam is opening the show with a future minded intro, Adam has an intense yawn and Adam is explaining the huge difference between single and double live show nights.

Adam is setting up the road stories segments of this episode, explaining they pre-taped these from some recent guests.

Adam is bringing up some of his stories that Lynch reminded him of, he brings up the Kansas City gig with Drew and the pathfinder full of laundry.


Adam is explaining how the follow up visit went with Lynch and August when a bird-shit covered Kia picked them up.

Gina has an interesting point about people not noticing the detritus of their life and Adam says she’s right it does become part of the landscape.

Adam is now asking why the club owners and people in charge sent their fuck ups to pick up the talent without at least giving them a few instructions like “wash your car.”


Gina is sharing she was in the long line to meet Adam and Drew when they were doing the live show at KU, she says Adam was clearly pissed and now she’s got a better understanding of the behind the scenes events.

Adam is now bringing up the most annoying picture move done at live shows, where the group of gals try to get Sheila in the frame, Adam wants to shout “shut up cunt, she doesn’t want to be in the picture” and Adam is now telling people what they need to do, make a decision.

BB asks why these women refuse to be in the photo, Adam explains that it’s more common among women he’s noticed but some people don’t like their photo taken when they don’t feel so good about their current appearance.


Adam is doing a live read for Zip Recruiter

Adam and Gina joke about the drivers in Kansas City.


They’re now playing their first road story, its Howie Mendel telling them about playing a live show at someone’s mansion.

Howie is describing his feelings about bring pressed against a wall in a strangers bathroom and would’ve rather been on the road.

Howie is describing the bacchanalia of the bachelor party and his performance in front of a bachelor getting blown, Howie shares the sting of the story where he ran into the bachelor’s wife after the party.

Howie is now sharing his praise for the movie ‘Road Hard’ and Adam is now commenting on the clip and calling Howie a mensch.


Adam it sharing an anecdote about Howie Mendel and his germ phobia, he’s describing the time he observed Howie eating communal popcorn from a trough he brought in.

Adam is sharing Howie’s “I’m Crazy” reply when Adam tried to apply logic to his phobias.


Adam is doing a live read for ‘Unfinished Business’


Alonzo Bodden is up next, Adam mocks Gary and co. for the list he was given, not in order of course.

Alonzo’s audio quality is rough, the story is very short and they’re going right to DAG.


David Alan Grier is telling them about a memorable bad road story, DAG is describing a club owner doing 50+ minutes and describing the modifications to the club. He’s got two more old stories about clubs that were impenitently closing.


Adam is doing a legal zoom live read


Adam has an in-depth intro about casting Larry Miller and his role in the film.


Larry Miller is now sharing his road story.

Adam is saying he wanted someone who could move the needle, not every comedian made it into the movie and he’s dropping some more underground names like Jay Leno.

BB is joining him for this funny back and forth.


Jay Leno is now sharing a cowboy vs. Mexican locals fight at one of his gigs, he’s got another bad road story where they didn’t have a mic for him to use.


Adam is doing a Burger King live read

Croissants are yummy edition

Adam’s pronunciation of “croissan’wich” is incredible.


Adam is now launching into Brad Williams Road Story


Brad is telling the story of a woman driving him back to his hotel, she was drunk and then wanted Brad to pay for her car after she totaled it.

Brad is sharing another story, he’s telling the audience about meeting another woman who wanted to give him a lap dance after his show.

Brad is telling them about the woman knocking him out with her head.


Brad has a 3rd story, these setups are solid, seems like they weren’t intended to run back to back?

Brad is sharing the story he told on the last episode of the ACS about getting off an overweight plane.


Adam transitions to Dana Gould.


Dan Gould is now sharing a road story about finding a wealth of porn between the mattress and the box spring, he’s describing the type of porn.

Dan wants to know who spend that much time in a hotel room that they could amass that much porn.


Adam is now playing a clip of Greg Fitzsimmons sharing a road story involving a fire in San Francisco.


Adam is doing a Smart Things live read

Jiggle the key to turn the wheel variant


Adam is plugging the most recent Take a Knee with Art Alexakis and wrapping up the show.