Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/04/2014 – Monica Mehta and Jesse Ventura

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/04/2014 – Monica Mehta and Jesse Ventura

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Monica Mehta and Jesse Ventura

Recorded 03-03-2014 – Release Date 03-04-2014

Production Number #1273

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Adam is opening the show with a new impassioned intro for our battle against patent trolls, Adam is giving a plug for the campaign on Fund Anything.

BB has a killer one liner and Alison is rolling with it, as he responds to Adam’s comment about other podcasts being effected.

He’s got a rare Selfie #TopDrop and Adam is commenting on “To Catch a Contractor” being used in place of the show’s actual tittle “Catch a Contractor”.

Adam is explaining that there was an electrical issue at the studio and the AC is off, they’re all sweating from the heat it seems and Adam is suffering in his sport coat and slacks that he wore for his ESPN taping earlier in the day.


Adam is now pitching “Sleep Puss”, hilarious hat with fuzzy ball comedy as he tells the gang about recording Stern at 3:55am and he’s making a point about having to wake up to perform vs. waking up to pick someone up from the airport.

Adam is sharing the process for getting ready, how he was unsure about drinking coffee and he’s telling them about the move he pulled utilizing his egg timer.

Adam says he went to bed about 2 minutes to midnight and set his timer for 3:58, for psychological currency and he’s joking about Molly’s strange reaction to their early wake up.


Adam is joking about being a dock, the only thing on your plate is literally food, no schedule to keep and no responsibilities.

Adam is now bringing up the early AM jogger and his reaction to witnessing the guy, he wants to know if it’s a “Truman Show” style plot against him or the man actually lives a life that includes 4am jogs.

Adam is now making a rule, he says that 230am means you’re walking home from a party, 6am means you’re on top of life and winning, he’s unsure what 3:51am means for the strange jogger.


Adam is now on a killer riff about everything being jogging gear when you’re drunk, hilarious examples and Alison is now in agreement giving her take on seeing someone at the mysterious 4 o’clock hour.

Adam encountered a spider on his wall at 4am, he’s comparing it to a stepmom coming home early and catching her stepson having sex on the couch.

Adam is now walking them through his bizarre face off with the spider, he’s now riffing out the details of trying to blow behind the mirror where the spider was hiding.

Alison is telling them about finding a bug bite on her hip, she’s commenting on the “Fiancé Daniel” drop she’s have to replace with a husband variant, she says she wasn’t aware she was saying it in that tone at the time.

Adam is now telling them about “rat mites” and trying to freak their shit out, after Alison told them about her creep factor in knowing a spider was crawling on her hip.


Jesse Ventura is now joining the show via phone, it’s his first time on the show since 2011, and he was last on Episode #545.

He’s explaining why he gave up air travel as Adam gives out his plugs and welcomes him to the show.

Adam is now asking him to expound on how he feels about this country treating its citizens like criminals, he’s citing the metal in his body that results in him treated like a threat at the airport and why he ended up suing.


Adam has a hilarious “plastic butt plug” joke in reply to Jesse’s metal comment, Jesse is telling them about being patted down at the airport while in office as Governor and traveling to California, after 9/11.

Adam wants to know what the end game is for the government, he says its martial law and it’s the fault of the American people who keep electing these people.

Jesse has a point about people being born into debt and wants to know why people stick with this broken two party system, Adam says we shouldn’t be cheering for either one of these political parties.


Adam wants to know Jesse’s plan, he’s telling them that he would be the first president since George Washington who didn’t belong to a political party, he says he couldn’t get anything done as president and Adam has a great reaction to his honesty.

Adam says he’s with Jesse and commenting on his perceived image as a “nutjobs” and Jesse is now combatting that label and explaining why it shouldn’t be applied to him.

Adam is now citing some of his idiosyncratic behavior and Jesse is now once again destroying all of the devil’s arguments that Adam keeps throwing at him, Jesse admits he knows that Adam is just playing advocate and offering up these arguments for Jesse to shoot them down.


Adam is asking Jesse about the future of energy, they’re now debating the nuclear power issue, Adam has a great bit of NIMBY and Jesse is now trying to school them on Nikola Tesla.

Jesse is now quoting an inventor who told him about some missing technology, Adam is sharing his flight from New York to Los Angles” time in the air observation.

Adam is now clarifying his stance on this stuff, how he doesn’t buy into the conspiracies but does see the influence of industry and established/legacy methods on progress and the lack of development in some fields.


Adam is now asking Jesse about his latest project, he’s filling them in, and Adam is asking Jesse about his family and the ages of his children, hilarious drone comedy.

They’re wrapping up the interview, funny van one liner from Ace and Jesse is telling them about the hassle of the U.S. and Mexico border, Adam is praising how much he likes the guy and is citing the classic drop of him praising “The Man Show”.

Adam is now making a point about people who once served or achieved greatness and the legacy of respect it elicits from him, nice examples and Alison has a nice follow up.


BB wants to know what would be said about Jesse in his obituary, Adam is now saying he likes people who have a motor and have lived like 5 lives, he’s listing off all of Jesse’s achievements and why he doesn’t want to brush off substantial people.

Alison is summing it up nicely and Adam says that we right people off based on their appearance, he’s citing the drivers he’s been interviewing for the Paul Newman doc in their advanced years, interesting any ageist logic from Ace.

Adam is now doing a live read.


They’re now premiering a new Richard Banks original, BB is doing the setup and now they’re playing it.

It’s based off of “Escape” by Rupert Holmes?

Adam is discussing “next” with Alison and BB trying to figure out the use of it, Adam is giving some examples of when next should be used, Alison is clarifying her take, BB and Adam both agree on “this” and “next” so it must be right.


Adam is now doing another live read, they’re wrapping up the live read and BB plays the drop from Monica Mehta mocking the cassette tape news story, still nobody has explained to her the role cassette tapes have played in Adam Carolla’s career and archive.


They’re back from break with Monica making her 3rd appearance, Alison and Monica are now riffing about the story from that drop and Adam is joking with them.

Alison is now clarifying the intent of Monica’s comments, still they’re arguing about tapes, she’s clarifying her take on excellence and esteem.

Adam is now asking her about how you address a lack of excellence in your life, Adam wants to know about exploring entrepreneurial goals in the modern age.


Monica is giving her take on risk and combatting natural impulses regarding loss aversion in order to change your life, she’s citing the major advancements of every decade, nice cassette comedy from Adam and BB.

They’re now discussing fossil fuels and alternative energy for the 2nd time in the show, Adam is trying to clarify her comments about modern version of old fuel sources.

Adam is making a point about crude oil never being sexy, even at 100mpg, Adam says he blames “The Jetsons” for everything paling in comparison.


Adam is asking Monica the best place to live if you’re an entrepreneur, she’s telling him about moving to Texas and why it’s good for business.

She’s quoting the housing numbers and availability and explaining how spending time with other entrepreneurs can inspire you to achieve more.

Adam is making a point about modern vehicles and speed limits, he’s arguing against the “play it safe” argument and how weighing risk is good for time management and eliminating waste.


Monica is now citing some data about how entrepreneurs think, Adam is sharing a classic example from his family when he asked about renting his first home when he bought a new one, he’s saying his family’s reaction caused him to do the opposite and rent the place out.

Adam is explaining the nature of how precarious his position was on Loveline the TV show and with the radio gig, he’s quoting a phone call with Bob Ringwald, Molly’s father.

Monica is commenting about failure and its role in entrepreneurial living, Alison has a great callback to the news and Monica’s drop.


Adam and Alison are now doing a live read. They’re now playing the Deacon Jones head slap clip after Adam and Monica’s him/her back and forth.


Alison’s News

1st Story Is a follow up about the girl they thought was not included during the “In Memoriam” segment, Adam is asking why her moment was posted after Bette Midler’s performance.

BB is bringing up the absence of Dennis Farina during the “In Memoriam” segment, Alison is now mentioning another deceased actor from the past year, the young man from Glee.

Adam is saying he doesn’t want to see picture of the people when they were close to death, he wants the best picture they have of the actor, not from two days after they died.


Adam and BB are now asking how they reconcile the absence of Dennis Farina, Adam is citing another article he just read about himself with his name misspelled and spelled two different ways within the first paragraph.

Alison is asking about their consensus vs. the reaction that her fiancé had with his group viewing, Adam is complimenting Ellen and says she did a good job but would like more bombast, much like the mid 90’s Billy Crystal stuff, the overblown budgets and opening films.

Adam says this is why “Doogie Howser” just needs to host everything, he wants to be swept away in a sea of pageantry on awards night, and he needs Neil Patrick Harris.


Adam is now quoting his conversation with Sonny about god, Sonny surmised that god must be a woman.

Adam is now calling for a mash up of Jared Leto and Elizabeth Berkley, he’s explaining why Jesus has to look a certain way in film, what it must take to prepare for the role etc.

They’re all riffing on it, including Monica.


2nd Story is on the murder trial of Oscar Pistorius, Alison is now sharing the testimony from the neighbor and Adam is now reacting to the combo photo of Jared and Elizabeth, Alison is saying it’s about the profile.

Adam is giving his take and asking the gang what they feel about it, Alison is sharing some of the info she has about their past domestic issues and BB seems clueless, knowing only the basics.

Adam has a great “started running out of instinct” joke about Oscar hearing a pistol and his comfort level with the sound from his day job.

Adam says he doesn’t think he’s going to do time, he thinks Oscar will walk due to the shred of doubt, Alison is saying she doesn’t think his argument is the truth but if it was, isn’t it an argument against owning guns.


Adam is explaining the role a gun might play in a dangerous neighborhood, how he would want his wife to have one if he was gone, he’s telling them about how he tells Lynette to lock her deadbolt at night.

Adam is now painting a horrific dude at the foot of the bed scenario, Adam is asking how many people have walked in on their parents fucking, how many intruders got in and snuck up on someone because of the lack of a privacy lock, great point.

Alison is asking Monica about risk and home life, she’s explaining how risk taking actually plays out and says that any entrepreneur who has success knows how to mitigate the down side.


Alison is citing people who lock their front doors, Adam is saying he’s got the entrepreneurial spirit but is fastidious with home security and safety precautions.

Adam says most people end up dying over some chicken shit part in their car, he’s giving a super grim example and extrapolating that to the macro with an airplane example.

Adam says take care of the 3 dollar part, he’s now making a point about carbon monoxide poisoning, he’s referencing the classic “Zorback’s Bus” story but not actually telling it.


Adam say he wants to die via dirigible crashing into a volcano, he wants something grand, worthy of this life.

Adam is now doing a live read and BB is working the last riff into it.


3rd Story is on the missing chunk of the Super Bowl for Time Warner customers who have now apologized via 5 dollar gift cards.

Alison wants to know how the guys feel about these kind of apologies, Adam is getting to the dangerous part of life we’ve entered, the blame assignment for all misfortune that seems almost universal.

Adam is clarifying that he’s not a big fan of the cable companies but is making a point about air travel and the great batting average most humans have, he’s got another great car starting analogy.


Alison is somewhat reluctantly sharing her participation in the Lean Cuisine rewards program and how she was driven to quit participating due to the extra work.

Adam has a new hypothetical road trip about the lean cuisine box cutter or the guy who collects Marlboro dollars, Adam is sharing the power move story about refusing to let anyone use their loyalty cards when he paid for the lunches for everyone.

BB is now bringing up the idiosyncratic argument with Adam, proclaiming him that again and he’s citing the couple examples where BB perceives of waste, Adam is clarifying what he sees as waste vs. some guy not getting some extra free stuff.


BB says that not signing up for a club card at a grocery store is not in line with someone who takes home a doggy bag, Adam says he doesn’t feel like he’s wasting when he tips, he’s not cheap he’s clarifying, he hates actual waste, not money being wasted.

Adam is bringing up his desire to take the family out to Zeke’s for some BBQ, Adam is sharing Lynette’s reaction and her using the kids to argue against his desire to have BBQ, hilarious quotes from his reply to Natalia about paying for the dinner.

Adam is bringing up how Natalia picks up on vibes and tried to convince everyone to mutiny on Adam’s dinner plans, he’s sharing how they walked upon a sushi place and Alison is rightfully sympathizing with Adam.


Adam is describing Lynette picking out the tuna from the rolls, trying to balance out the ratio and Adam’s observation about her picking out the most expensive part of the dish.

Adam is getting to the cosmic waste he cannot stand, Monica is labeling his reaction to packing up the discarded tuna and sushi remnants as “fucked up shit”.

Alison is now plugging her show and the episode #257 with Lynette  Adam is giving an assist as she wraps up the news, Adam is doing a live read.


Adam is now wrapping up the show, he forgets to say bye to Alison and they have some fun with it as they close it out.