Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/04/2013 – Lisa Loeb

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/04/2013 – Lisa Loeb

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Lisa Loeb

Recorded 03-03-2013 – Release Date 03-04-2013

Production Number #1026

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Adam is opening the show with a very spirited Get It On with a sweet intro for the newly engaged Alison and kind nod to the temporarily sore throated one Bald Bryan.

Adam has a funny story about his trip to Denver and Matt picking him up for the airport, Matt is now on mic to confirm and enhance the telling from Adam.

Adam has an even funnier story from the trip, he’s citing his phone call with Babydoll right before he boarded and the stark contrast in aircraft they were going to be utilizing, awesome story.


Adam has a clip from Maxine Waters, he’s refreshing everyone on his first meeting with the woman in the late 90’s at “Politically Incorrect”, they’re now playing the clip and Adam has some funny replies.

He’s transitioning to another out of it woman, this time during his Mangria tasting in Denver at “Applejacks”, they sold out of a record 40 cases and Adam is now telling the gang about staying and signing everything.

Adam is describing a blonde woman from the line who called him a diva, Alison is asking him about it and he’s fleshing out the scene.

Adam has yet another encounter with a difficult woman he doesn’t know, this time it’s in 1st class and Alison is helping him finish this one too.


Adam is now filling the gang in on his experience at the Lakers game, he’s describing an almost Mr. Bean style scenario where of course Adam was directed to go to the wrong lounge and missed his dinner with Bill and Norm.

Adam is describing the experience and why it was a good thing but not quite what Dr. Drew had described on a recent episode of “The Adam and Drew Show”.

Adam was sitting next to Classic Loveline guest Will Arnett and saw ACS morning show vet Zach Galifianakis across the arena.

Alison has some great questions and Adam is wrapping it up with some praise for the Lakers organization.


Adam is now telling the gang about the feedback he’s received from the Gavin Newsom episode, he’s going super in depth and breaking it down, Alison and the Froggy BB are jumping in and adding a lot to the discussion.

Adam has a follow up on Gavin’s origin and Alison is jumping in on this too, Adam has some very funny quotes and he’s now explaining why he doesn’t think Gavin will return to the show despite thinking he had a good time.

BB is giving his take on the interview and has some very interesting insights, nice work Bald!


Adam is lapping back to the check cashing argument from Friday’s show with Gavin, he’s got some more fantastic points and great quotes about the problem, BB has some quick tidbits and now Alison is sharing an anecdote.

Adam is now riffing in response to Alison’s comments and BB has a killer one liner. Adam has a great Giraffe analogy and now he’s sliding back to Gavin’s upbringing and appearance and the benefits those might have played for him in life

Adam is now setting up some clips from Friday’s episode, actually hearing it in retrospect and isolated really highlights Adam’s insane arguing jujitsu.


Adam is setting up a clip from “Too Late” to highlight some possible parallel thought on a recent TMZ bit; he’s sidetracked addressing a shitty tweet that accused him of discriminating against the poor.

They’re playing the clip from TMZ and now from the clips from Too Late, Adam is arguing a few possible scenarios for how this idea might have wound up on TMZ, including a hilarious quote about trying to get his joke back.

Adam has a nice live read and he’s throwing it to break.


Lisa is now making her ACS podcast debut, Adam is busting Dawson’s balls right up top, wow!

Adam is welcoming Lisa to the show and they’re having a nice back and forth about file sharing and purchasing music, Lisa has a funny anecdote about sales statistics and her father’s patients in Dallas.

Adam has a great idea about file sharing not feeling like stealing the same way not making contact with money makes it easier to spend.

They’re now talking about cassette’s, Adam has a funny quip about his various mixes and the rest of the gang is jumping in a bit, Lisa still has a cassette deck in her car, awesome!


Adam is getting a refresher on Lisa’s journey and they’re going in depth on her time at Brown and work as a teenage DJ.

They’re getting into Lisa’s 1994 Billboard #1 single and what that was like for her, she’s giving a quick anecdote about temping and they’re moving on.

Adam is getting an update on her personal life, she’s now married with two kids since the last time they chatted, Adam is rubbing it in and busting Dawson’s balls some more about the 2006 ACS.


Lisa is telling Adam about her husband working for Conan O’Brien and now Adam is sharing his sympathy he’s always had for Andy Richter being perceived as short by the audience because Conan is so tall.

Adam just came up with a great new hybrid business, Lisa seems to love it and Alison has a funny Patrick Dempsey twist.

Adam is sharing his new idea about traveling with a guy with a giant melon head so he’ll at worst have the 2nd largest head in all of the fan pictures, we’ve done that ACEMAN!

Adam is sharing his worst mirror on earth vs. greatest mirror on earth idea.

Lisa is telling the gang about working with one of the guys from “New Found Glory” a great band and another classic Loveline guest that got along great with the Aceman.

Lisa is now playing “No Fairy Tale” live in studio, and it sounds amazing, nice work Dawson!


Adam is floating an idea about Lisa’s talent being slept on because of her beauty and general put togetherness, Lisa is taking it as intended and seems to agree, profound!

Lisa is telling the gang about releasing her independent albums over the past decade and how she was perceived as not an artistic type due to her stability and business savvy.


Alison’s News, her stop story is from 2010 and explains the change from “And the winner is” to “And the Oscar goes to?” at the academy awards.

Adam is going super in depth on his take on the Oscars and how he misses the celebration and competition element and doesn’t enjoy the false humility.

Adam is now referencing his classic 1999 appearance on Letterman; he’s recounting his bit where he told everyone to kiss his ass.


2nd story is on the cast of “Modern Family” being stuck in an elevator and now she’s setting up Adam’s classic trapped in an elevator story, he’s now giving one of the best all time variants of this story, nice.

Adam is floating his hilarious idea about everyone being able to benefit from 6 months in prison, Lisa even agrees and Adam has a funny quip about “Pruno” and an even funnier riff about having to blow inmates, Lisa and Alison’s reactions are as priceless as they are dissimilar.

Adam is now on a killer Dollar Shave Club live read with a hilarious Thomas Edison twist.


3rd story is on the Amazon UK store selling “keep calm and rape a lot” T- Shirts, Alison is explaining what happened. Adam has a very funny Monty Python joke and now he’s defending people’s right to buy and do dumb stuff.

Adam is now citing the double lip hoop piercings, he has a funny tangent about people having the right to go get those piercings and how he has the right not to beat off to them.

That funny quip has now lead to a bizarre tangent about a dystopian society where the thugs put the “Jack” in jack booted, whoa this is killer!

Lisa is making some solid points and getting her POV across, Adam is now citing Gremlins and making a perfect analogy to how something might slip through the filters in the Amazon store.

Adam is now setting up his most riffed on scene from the movie “Gremlins”, they’re all now riffing on the super out of place scene, Adam is getting super detailed and explaining the various reasons one couldn’t descend a chimney.

Alison is giving her take on seeing the movie when it originally came out, she’s asking Lisa and she only just saw it for the first time in the last few years, Adam is now asking BB for his take on it.


Adam is doing a live read; he’s got a killer riff about heavy metal music weighing more on mix cassettes. Alison is wrapping the news with her clean variant closer and now Adam is doing some plugs and mentioning the reduced shipping cost for Mangria.