Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/03/2016 – Glynn Washington and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/03/2016 – Glynn Washington and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Glynn Washington and Matt Atchity

Recorded 03-02-2016 – Release Date 03-03-2016

Production Number #1770

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Adam opens the show to a funny Dr. Seuss birthday intro from Mike Dawson and Mike Lynch, Adam is immediately mocking the man’s body of work and BB has a “Knock this bagel off my shoulder” #TopDrop from Alec Baldwin from the bagel/dreidel riff from the last episode.

Adam welcomes Matt Atchity to the show and teases the arrival of Glynn Washington.

Adam is telling them about the ‘Modern Family’ table read tour and the specifics, he talks about how people fight while cramped in tight quarters.


Adam is talking about being friends with cast mates and Gina shares a story of Roseanne forcing her staff to wear numbered shirts and Adam talks about Ellen’s staff briefing him on her vegetarian lifestyle asking him about his possible meat related topics.

Adam is explaining why the Ellen staffers were in such fear and once again touches on the cast at the end of season 7 still in a good mood, still friendly and kind.

Adam is sharting the story of the first time he met Eric Stonestreet and how he was heading to his costar’s wedding.


Adam is talking about all of the reason why Eric could not like his co-star/on screen husband and Adam talks about the basic conflict structure of the show and Gina is now commenting on it as well.

Adam is talking about the Ed O’Neil role and how the cast must snipe at each other and how being kind people makes it work so well onscreen.

Adam is talking about tension and mock fights between cast members. BB has a funny bit of agreement and Matt asks if the stage play element to the show, it being single camera leads to their close bonds.


Adam says his theory is the Big Bang Theory cast hates each other, Adam is once again on the psychodynamic standpoint and the vicious jokes from the show.

BB comments on the relatively unknown cast and Adam is talking about the child actors who were raised on set by quality humans and have grown into quality adult actors.

Adam is having Gary play a clip from Glynn’s show, Gina says it’s an incredible 10min that will open your eyes.


Adam is doing a Blue Apron Live Read

Adam thinks Beets have gotten a publicist

Adam says Blue Apron is the opposite of an airline in that all their high Falutin menu selections seem to land.


Gina is complimenting the new Prager University video Adam filmed that’s gone super viral.

Adam is talking about how he these videos go and he talks about why he focuses on “life things” over being right leaning political bits.

Adam is telling Matt about taping this right around Christmas and he explains they let him just roll on his chosen topic, no teleprompter loaded or needed.


Adam says it’s not that he doesn’t love the teleprompter, it’s that it hates him.

Adam is talking about Dennis’s producer who is not the most exuberant man who said “maybe next time we’ll put the stuff in the prompter” in front of Adam.

Adam says he likes Alan and Dennis a lot and that they used to respect him, Adam says months went by and the video never aired.


Adam says he knows this feeling as he’s shot Crank Yankers calls with Jeff Garlin out in Vegas, wow!

Adam is talking about an off day and how he presumed they were never going to air his Prager U. video, he thought it had been shelved.

They were actually waiting until Super Tuesday; he could’ve used a little heads up for his self-esteem.


Gary is giving Adam the numbers on Prager’s website vs. YouTube views and he sets up the video.

They’re now playing Adam’s “Who not to Vote for” Prager u. video.

Adam is peppering in extremely light commentary here and there, barely anything.

Hilarious video!

Adam is saying don’t work harder, work longer.

Adam says you must carve out that extra time and comments on all of the losers he grew up with who only worked 40hrs and then spent all of their free time on Jet ski’s while cracking weekend beers.


Rotten or Fresh the Rotten Tomatoes Game

Action Movies Theme

Adam is pumped to watch ‘San Andreas’ with his son, Gary gets on mic to say he watched it again after watching it while on tour with Adam.


1st Movie ‘Rambo First Blood Part II’ (1985)

They all weigh in and BB has a foreboding comment about this one making or breaking the game.


2nd Movie ‘Lethal Weapon 2’ (1989)

BB realizes these are sequels and quotes “Diplomatic Immunity”

Adam is now talking about the “Johnny Quest Villain syndrome” and the various eras where you can’t have baggage with your villain’s race.

BB remembers this being an ok sequel, Adam talks about Joe Pesci being added to the cast.

They all make their guesses.

Short game for BB!


3rd Movie ‘Die Hard 2’ (1990)

Adam says not a bad movie, some interesting stuff going on.

BB recalls the ejector seat and grenades scene.

They all react to the movie’s 69% score.


4th Movie ‘Speed 2: Cruise Control’ (1997)

Adam says this movie was a disaster and is trying to figure out how low to go.

Matt relishes telling them about the 3% score.


5th Movie ‘2 Fast 2 Furious’ (2003)

Adam is now mocking the plot of this film, the Miami setting and the clichéd musical ques indicating where they are.

Adam is riffing about the cars used for his drug muling empire, Adam says he enjoyed this one more than he should admit.

Adam says that BB must go super low if he’s going to try and make up the score and win, Adam swept the game.

Gina is in triple digits.

Adam reacts to the fans tweets that BB is referencing mocking their scores.


Adam is now teasing some Oscar thoughts from Matt and they move onto a live read. BB mentions Chris Rock’s IFB and Adam mocks himself for the 30min he covered on it on the last episode.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read


Matt tells them about his thoughts on Leo’s first win and funny engraving video comment, Adam is talking about the passage of time and how insane it is that a newbie celebrity is collecting his first win 20+ years after his first nomination.

Matt tells them how he feels about ‘Spotlight’ winning best picture and Adam shares his lack of story and dialogue critiques for ‘Mad Max’ and Adam says he re-watched ‘Whiplash’ again.

Matt loved ‘Brooklyn’ and they head to break.


They’re back from break with a ‘Nicaraguan Name That Movie’ and Adam comments on the laughs he has with his kids and their friends about the concept of a dojo like Cobra Kai existing in real life.

They just cleared the calls and Adam now feels badly as he didn’t want one of them to be cleared.


Adam is now having everyone list their worst jobs.

Glynn Washington making his ACS debut is telling them about washing dishes and being tasked with cleaning up a bathroom at a steak house.

Adam is now riffing about disposable bags for wearing to clean out a bathroom, Glynn is talking about someone shitting all around a bathroom and smearing it.


Adam is asking him about scraping plates and asks if he’s ever eaten anything off of a plate, he talks about preparing steaks for the night and how they would thaw steaks in the dishwasher when they ran out of thawed meat.

Gina is telling them about painting houses while in college, Adam says painting is torturous to creative people and BB tells them about being a secret shopper from Jack in The Box.

Adam is now describing working on the ACS, his boss made them put their pictures on mugs and listen to music he hated while screaming at it.


BB talks about working near an electrical transformer, what?

Adam is telling them about having to search for a lost watch in a McDonalds trash can for a customer and working on job sites, he references Shaky Jake and the poop bucket.

Adam is talking about racquet ball courts and having to remove a wall between two courts, he describes how they had to prep the roof and tent the entire place off.


Adam says they had air powered jack hammers and they had to lay on the top with their asses against the ceiling.

Adam says they got it halfway down and then could stand on the wall, Adam says he eventually told the boss he wasn’t coming back, it was dangerous, hot and full of cancerous dust and it wasn’t worth the 9$ an hour to do it.

Glynn is talking about being told to hop ladders while working on job sites, Adam says his kids will not have a miserable job, he says the best thing you can have is a miserable job to teach you what a good job is actually like.


Adam jokes about BB’s job of being tasked with banging widows over 30 as he tells them about working at a grocery store and Adam recalls that Lynch also had a job like that.

Glynn is telling them about his show and how they tried to drop the boredom element from public radio and explains that the idea is to let regular people know that their stories are cinematic as well.

Gina says they throw in a reading every once in a while and gives an example, a real fan.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the delegates each candidate won over Super Tuesday, Adam says he’s going to miss Bernie Sanders and he likes him because he’s sure that his messages baffle Hillary and he says that he likes that he’s so far out there.

Adam says there is a part of him that disagrees with Bernie’s politics and yet still would like to see him bring some real change.

Glynn comments on the KKK controversy with Donald Trump.


Glynn says he’s not allowed to reveal his preference for candidates as his he works for NPR and hints about feeling the Bern.

Adam is asking about the date in which Bernie will stop, Glynn says Bernie s going to do his thing with or without the nomination.


2nd Story is on the vine of Chris Christie set to the ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ music while he was standing behind Trump after endorsing him.


3rd Story is on an open letter blog post, Adam is now protesting the notion of such a letter and leaving notes on peoples’ cars, forgetting that one time he did it, he was cool about it though.

Gina is now reading the letter after Adam gets done mocking Gary for the view stats given earlier in the show.

Gina is reading the letter from the teacher.


Glynn is saying amen and Adam is for it as well, Adam says when you have kids and take care of them you really can’t believe how other people treat their kids.

Adam has an excellent dog chained up in the backyard without shade analogy.

Gina reads more from the letter and Glynn is telling them about a friend of his who works in the school system and is often the last line of defense against catastrophe.

Adam is talking about getting to host his kid’s fundraiser this weekend and he shares how he told his wife the reason the schools are so good around them is due to the parents who provide stability.


Adam is talking about kids being expected to survive let along excel under the threat of violence and shadow of addiction or trauma at home.

Glynn is making some great points about spending money on priorities, Adam says he doesn’t even like kids he just wants to save some money and comments on how preventive maintenance can save hundreds of thousands down the road for prison stints and wasted lives.


Adam is doing a Live Read


4th Story is on the latest reports that Katt Williams stuck up several women at gunpoint and robbed them.

Adam is recalling the time he played a show in Seattle the night after Katt played, Adam is recalling what the bewildered theater owner told him.

Adam is recalling the report he was told about the sheer chaos of the performance and booking.

Adam recalls it was December 2012 at the Paramount Theater in Seattle.


Gina has reports about him allegedly assaulting a clerk at a pool supply store and another incident that happened in Los Angeles after he was mocked for his height.

Adam says to what end and Glynn says that Katt has been doing this for a while.

Adam says that Suge Knight was doing what he did for 20yrs before getting caught on camera, Adam asks if this was about drugs and what Katt would tell him if he asked him about the behavior and bad decisions like chucking money out the window.

Gina asks if it’s mental illness and BB suggest he might be dying; they’re now watching the footage of Katt punching some strangers.


Adam says either you’re capable of punching strangers or not, Adam is now joking about Dennis Prager and his calm presence and kind appearance and how relieved the theater owner must have been to see them come walking in.


Adam is talking about the various times he’s been threatened and how some Armenians were waiting out by his car when he got off work at Loveline, funny riff from Adam about saying abusive and mean things about a race.

Adam says they’ve had it happen a few times and the best thing about doing a lot of boxing is holding focus pads with them right next to his head, Adam says you get used to being punched at and better at dodging and slipping.

Adam says the advantage goes to the boxer who can easily dodge a shot.


5th Story is on Iggy Pop’s nude art posing, Adam says a great hidden camera stunt would be to shave 3 inches off his cock on every artist’s sketch and have him react to the missing cock meat.

Adam is killing this riff, Ace Awards 2016 material.

Glynn talks about posing nude at 60 and wanting some added dong for his portraits.


Adam is doing a Trunk Club Live Read

Gary says this place is very cool and describes the stores they have across the country


6th Story is on the story that was tweeted to him about waking up early and junk food cravings, Adam is recalling his schedule for taping the KLSX morning show and contrasting that to taping Loveline at night.

He talks about the time he would go on east coast tours and would be starving at 6am at the airport, Adam is now reading the information from the article.

Gary explains how it’s the same feeling created by Marijuana and Adam recounts their conversation with Soledad O’Brien and her snickers bar at 2am.


Adam says he wanted grease in the morning and Gina talks about getting hooked on the vending machine at the shop last year.

Glynn recalls listening to the ACS a long time ago and tells them about losing 20lbs over the last month and a half.

Glynn is telling them about some doctors’ visits and refuses to give out his exact weight.


Glynn is sharing how his doctor got kind of racial on him but was ultimately right, Glynn gave up his nightly wine drinking and Adam comments on watching Chris Pratt on TMZ who said he misses Beer the most out of all the foods he can’t eat.

Adam is talking about not eating dinner with Sarah Silverman, she can’t do sparkling water and BB joins her with Gina.

Adam is now mocking Gina for being Jewish and not liking seltzer, he mentions celery seltzer and hits on Gina’s ethnic heritage and lack of appreciation for carbonated water.


Adam is now quizzing everyone on flat water vs. sparkling and chunky vs. smooth peanut butter.

Adam is still in the chunky camp and edging towards smooth.

Adam is now asking the gang to reckon where the country edges overall, flat or sparking and is it chunky or smooth.


Adam is asking Dawson why he likes only flat water, Gary is reading him the results and Gina references Andrew from the other studio.

Gary tries to answer for him and Adam is now talking about the tap water he suspects is being refilled into the glass bottles they charge for.

Adam says he stopped a waitress who was going for the 9$ bottle of water when they just wanted tap water, the free kind.


Adam says that Lynette was wildly humiliated and he explains what he did, BB says that the dud e appreciated that move saving him 9$.

Glynn has a nice Steph Curry anecdote about him endorsing Brita water filters and Adam mocks himself for endorsing Mountain Dew fore 25k after years of talking shit about their product.

Gina is giving them an either or preference example from a friend of hers.


Adam talks about Jimmy Kimmel and his resistance to Pepsi, Adam says he’s demonized their product and describers the time he did a spit take in his face at a Poquito Más.

Adam is now talking about fish tacos and how he orders them to avoid calories, he wants to know if it’s a healthy choice or not, don’t drown your taco in your secret sauce.


Adam is ranting about fish taco goo, like the Pillsbury doughboy joust beat off on your taco.

BB says it’s Baja style that Adam really wants and Dawson weighs in too.

Adam wants the sauce on the side and Dawson says it should be grilled fish, not battered and fried and Adam is lamenting the loaded thousand island dumped on them.

Adam is pardoning his pun about the tacos drowning in thousand island, Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a MVMT Watches Live read

Adam on his childhood cats and how they would alternate each other’s bowls, Norman and Kitty.

Adam suggest maybe BB just has super handsome wrists and that’s why he now wants his watch edition.

Glynn gets his plugs and Adam wraps up the show, solid appearance!