Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/02/2016 – Alec Baldwin and Sue Costello

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/02/2016 – Alec Baldwin and Sue Costello

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Alec Baldwin and Sue Costello

Recorded 03-01-2016 – Release Date 03-02-2016

Production Number #1769

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Adam has a standard Get It On! Intro and he thanks the fans; BB has an Alec Baldwin ‘Quiet!’ #TopDrop and Adam is mocking Caelan’s bio for Alec and the inclusion of ‘Along Came Polly’ which he objects to.

BB says that Caelan must like that movie and Adam is mocking the dumb plot of the film.

BB sings the praises of ‘The Cooler’ and Adam comments on it being from 2004 and how old that makes him feel.


Adam says they were airing ‘The Hammer’ over the weekend but were using the wrong description for the guide.

Adam is asking what else they do in the programming department, repair saddles?

Adam is saying it’s not that hard and BB tries to get Adam to react to a joke about The Hammer starring Jane Lynch, he blames Adam reading for missing it, he says he heard it.

Nick is now chiming in via Gary as they talk about Matt Hamill’s UFC career, Adam is now joking about disqualifications in professional fighting.


Adam is telling them about a sitcom-esque moment and explains that his wife’s niece was in town and they were heading to visit Lynette’s dad on Sunday.

Adam explains they have tons of meat and steak in the fridge and his own inability to throw out food, he says it feels ugly, ugly dweller of the planet, nothing to do with money or country of origin.

Adam is sharing how he asked if Megan could come back and whip up some steaks, they confirmed it all and he got all of the meat out to thaw it.


Adam is going over his multiple meat laps he did with them.

Adam explains how the kids and family got back a few hours early and were carrying armfuls of ribs and sides, Adam mocks the puss out move of buying the desserts and having Lynette spend 241$ of his money on their food.

Adam explains it’s his fault for explaining this is what cannot happen, Alec Baldwin is now on the line and he misses listening to Adam on Loveline.


Alec is asking Adam about his workload and what he’s been up to, Adam says he’s cranking out podcasts from one studio and documentaries from another.

Alec is plugging ‘Late Night Snack’ after mentioning his own podcast, Adam comments on Dan Dratch brother to Rachel and on their resemblance.

Alec is now telling Adam about the show, Adam says it’s very satisfying and feels like ‘Cash Cab’ a bit, BB asks about the show.


Adam is now asking Alec if he feels that he intimidates people, with his opinions and articulation.

Alec is explaining how they do ‘Here’s the Thing’ his excellent podcast and he explains how punching a guy once now lives on the internet forever.

Alec is citing Robert Conrad and how people presume he has a persona like him off camera.


Adam is now commenting on Robert Blake and ‘Battle of The Network Stars’ and how Gabe Kaplan whipped Robert Conrad’s ass in a foot race.

Adam is riffing about Gabe Kaplan, hilarious bagel on my shoulder comedy from Alec, nice reaction from BB. This will be a drop.

Alec has a funny “I want to be the Gabe Kaplan of my generation” line that Adam steps on a bit, might not be clean enough to turn into a drop.


Adam has a funny “hat rack” one liner while Alec tells them about his next couple films, he says he just wants to be around his kids, his 2yr old daughter and 8-month old son.

Alec brings up ‘The Hammer’ and the softcore porn like shots of him throwing punches, Alec wants to know if Adam was trying to send a message to people not to mess with him.

Adam is now talking about never being hit on by a gay man and not really caring.


Adam says his super slow heartbeat that is like “kitty litter on a transmission fluid stain of the driveway of life” and nobody wants to mess with him.

Alec mentions James Remar, he keeps calling him Jimmy and Adam is saying he likes to have the look of an eel.

Adam says he needs to get Alec a copy of ‘Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman’ and asks him about the paychecks for films vs. TV today.


Alec is telling them about the money one makes for a series and uses ’30 Rock’ as an example, Adam is now talking about Tom Cruise and his hard work that has kept him atop the action movie genre for 20yrs.

Adam quotes his “I bring home the bacon, you bring home the Bac~Os” line to his wife and Alec shares his admiration for Tom Cruise and how he would like to trade places with him.

Adam comments on Alec’s sheer talent perhaps not equating to the same paydays, he’s so good at everything he never can focus on just one element and profit off it or dominate it like Tom.


Alec has some very insightful comments about life and how Alec could have made himself into a brand, funny testosterone patches and dyed hair calling from the gym comment from Adam.

Adam is softening the landing about Alec’s body of work and his talent.

Alec is now bringing up the movie ‘Mary Reilly’ and has a great bit of logic of how an agent reacts to you stepping out of your lane, wow!


Adam has a final question for Alec and asks him what his take is on the political landscape, he’s commenting on the eternity between today and the election in November.

Alec is talking about Rubio and his similarities to Ronald Reagan, Alec has a great point about Hillary and Bernie Sanders supporters.

Adam asks does Sanders encourage or inspire him that someone can get so far, Sanders is not a novelty.


Adam says a really good movie today just needs strong word of mouth, not a huge promotional campaign.

Adam is ready for Alec’s answer, whoa…

Alec is talking about the difficulty of his career vs. a career in politics.


Alec has a “rich white guy” prediction of what would be lobbed at him, Adam says he doesn’t come from money and Alec brings up the retorts of big oil types about his personal life and wealth.


Alec says he’ll probably act for another 4 years and jokes about having 11 children by the time he’s in his 70’s, making barrels in Amish country.

Alec says mayor of NYC is not really something he’s up for and where he would run or for what is also up for examination/debate.

Alec is now quoting Fairuza Balk from the documentary about the troubled production of ‘The Island of Dr. Moreau’ they’re talking about “Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr. Moreau.”



Adam makes Alec pledge to come by and tour the warehouse and car collection while he’s in town in April, not come on the show, just come look at his cars.

Alec says he loves Glendale and agrees to it, Alec tells Adam he loves him and wraps up the call saying he’ll come by in May…


Gina is now stating how dreamy Alec is, commenting on his years of handsomeness on film.

Adam talks about beauty and the paychecks it brings.


Adam is doing a Carbonite Live Read


Q and Ace

1st Caller Jim, he loves Glendale too.

Jim brings up that there is a Bruce Springsteen show coinciding with the Mangria Bar Crawl, Adam says he’s not told anything and Gary is now chiming in and defending Lynette, explaining she’s just going to seem when he comes to Los Angeles.

Adam has a killer “where’s Lynette!?” from the Boss on stage unable to sing, this is great!

Gary says he now sees the blog post, she is going, Adam as Bruce recovers with a 2, 3, 4! And says it’s win/win and encourages her to go, hilarious!


Adam says he likes the part of life that is based around his family enjoying life and he says it would be nice if it came back around every once in a while with some lasagna or something, but regardless he’s happy they get to enjoy life.


Adam is doing a Life Lock Live Read

Dawson flubs edition


They head to break


They’re back from break

Sue Costello is making her ACS debut to a great Rich Banks song riffing on ‘Uptown Funk’ hilarious!

Adam gives out the plugs for Sue’s dates and website.

Sue says she’s never met Adam in her 20yr career, Adam tells her about doing open mics at ‘The Deli Smoker’ and ‘The Comedy Store’ and she asks if he killed or bombed with his early outings.

Adam says he wasn’t very good, he was like a 14yr old boy who fucked for the first time, you’re not delighting the babysitter, holy shit!


Sue has a nice follow up and Adam talks about his life of being discouraged from talking and joking around.

Sue namechecks Kevin Chapman as her early inspiration in standup.

She explains how terrified she was to try standup and says she was so nervous she threw up, took a nap and comments on her tomboy look, funny description.


Adam is talking about his niece who is very into judo and he’s known her basically her whole life, he sidesteps and comments on people calling him out regarding Lynette’s mother the supposed 3rd degree black belt, he says oh yes that is true and she earned those stripes.

Adam is explaining that they were having dinner the other night and his niece was trying to arrange her first amateur cage fight, she was explaining why it was important to conquer her fear.

Adam has a killer Bruce Springsteen analogy for Lynette to understand the need for her to get through this.


Adam talks about comedy clubs and how nobody has ever really died on stage, well not from bombing.

Adam is riffing about Joe Don Baker and ‘Walking Tall’ after sue brings up his character, she tells them about her first time on stage and how she was going to theater school at the time.

She talks about her childhood familial dynamic and what role that played in her career in comedy.


Adam says the one thing you can find among most people is facing a fear and challenging it, to a certain point.

Sue shares an Alec Baldwin story and tells them about a funny conversation they had before he met his wife.

Adam says being a cute chick is its own form of celebrity.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Erin Andrew testimony from her peeping tom case against Marriott hotels.

Adam is now saying in the world where we rename everything, citing “dykes on bikes” and how “peeping tom” is old school in the world of sexual predators.

Adam says he would prefer peeping tom over predator and says it’s quaint like pickpocket.


Gina has a clip of Erin Andrews crying on the stand, Adam jokes about her having a tack in her shoe.

Adam says the naked part is mitigated when you look hot, that softens the blow.

Sue says that’s what people who don’t look good naked say, funny reaction from her and Gina.


Adam is talking about the good looking people he’s know who were always quick to nudity and Adam is saying he’s trying to be Mr. Brightside here and then gets to a 2nd point.

Adam says he just talked about this on Reasonable Doubt #33 earlier in the day.

Adam is saying that her defense of people thinking she did this as a publicity stunt was quickly discredited and nobody believed that.

Gary is on mic and giving his take, Adam talks about her “Hoochie Coochie Shake” and BB asks if they are going to let Gary get away with the lie that he’s never seen the full video.


Adam has a killer underage chicks with table legs line that elicits a holy shit and he reminds them his girlfriend listens daily, hilarious!

BB is now in the mix with Adam as he tells them about picking an all-male jury to sympathize with her.

Adam talks about the insane amount of profiling in selecting jurors and goes over the multitude of factors to consider.


Adam explains she’s not suing the peeping tom, you never sue the “empty bag” and BB has a funny extension cord comment.

Adam is sharing Mark’s theory on how they’re going to cite their training materials and polices to prove they don’t endorse their employees violating guest security.

Adam sya that Mark told him there is criminality here but not on Marriott’s count or actions, this guy wanted in.


Adam is now riffing with Sue about the old timey sex talk, Sue has an anecdote about a club owner who was spying on people.

Adam is explaining how Mark told him that Marriott will cut a check for a 1.5-million-dollar settlement and Adam explains how Patent Trolls plan their lawsuits with the same logic but using it in reverse.

Sue has some good points about cross examination and the public eye.


Adam says she might have gotten Dancing with The Stars because of this story and Gina has a follow up about her demands for security screening now when traveling.

Adam is asking Gary when the case broke and when she got cast on DWTS to see if the dates line up.

Gina has a clip of Erin talking about having to go to work after the footage leaked.


Adam is now making a point about nudity and damages and has a fair assessment of what she should be able to do, Adam is talking about the sympathy/damage ratio and compares it to the Alec Baldwin “Little Piggy” phone message leaked by Harvey Levin of TMZ.


Adam is stepping back and thinking of what sorts of controversies you would wish on a loved one, it’s not among the worst or most offensive.

Adam says blame the Kardashians for the doubt over leaked sex tapes and Sue has an interesting take, Adam says he wonders what her bosses would say about her being forced to address this and work after the leak.

Sue has a dramatic backstory of Cameron Diaz getting upset at Jessica Biel backstage at the Academy Awards after she and Justin Timberlake broke up.


Gary has the DWTS and incident dates.

Adam is now arguing about how this might not be a big payday for Erin.

Gina tells them about posing nude in college and how she wouldn’t do that in the era of cellphone cameras.

BB has an alternate angle on the supposed controversy and mentions the proximity to the Kardashian tape being released.


2nd Story is on a player whose penis flopped out during the combine, Gina has the footage and Adam is now riffing about the “unsprung weight” and says that players are getting a little too casual, no longer wearing cups.

Gina says she saw no bulge in the whole super bowl and Adam says that in 20yr it will be like ‘Red Hot Chili Peppers’ with a sock over their cock playing NFL football.

Adam says he can’t get inside the head of a man with a huge hog in response to Gina’s question about this guy’s possible excuse/motivation.


Adam is riffing about skill positions players and circumcisions.


Adam is now doing a Live Read


3rd Story is on Sylvester Stallone’s Oscar Loss and his brother’s reaction on twitter.

Adam is now talking about the movie ‘Bridge of Spies’ and how there are movies you inherently want to see vs. ones you don’t.

Adam says he loves Tom Hanks, he loves Spielberg and the Coen Bros. but 5 months of the screener sitting on his table hasn’t yet cajoled him.

Gina is now reading Frank Stallone’s tweets.


Adam says he likes Frank and he’s a good guy.

BB asks if the actor who won Mark Rylance even knows who Frank Stallone is, Adam has a funny “is that Sylvester’s brother?” line and BB rants against him winning an award for his backlog crappy work.


4th Story is on the new mascot for the Clippers ‘Chuck The Condor’ and Adam asks if we aren’t past the era of anyone caring about mascots and he talks about is son’s lack of interest in them, he likes sports but doesn’t care about the mascot element.

Adam is now down with the mascot that doesn’t have anything to do with the name, Adam is all for the college mascot and the history.

Adam likes the Trojan and the Seminal, he wonders if Florida State ever plays Colorado and the Indian Mascot sees the Buffalo and starts licking his chops.

Adam is riffing up a storm about this idea, BB is adding to is nicely.


Adam is now saying he likes all the fighting Irish stuff, in college.

For Professional sports the paint has dried on the window of your mascot.

Adam says the mascots of the modern era are like when McDonalds tries to make salads and equates that to the same process that leads to a crappy multi-camera sitcom.

Sue has another old timey slang callback with “Yowzers” and Adam is talking about showing his kids movies for the first time, Gina asks if the kids have seen any classic musicals, he’s not certain.

Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a Live Read for Castrol GTX

Adam explains how oil dripping work like a bed pan or chamber pot to Sue edition

Adam has funny oil draining and engine warm up sound effects too.

Sue needs some air, Adam is killing it with his trouser comedy and Adam tells Gina she’s so lucky they ran out of time to talk about her brother, she comments on it and Gary weighs in too with what a nice guy he is.

Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show.


BB closes the show with the new drop of Alec Baldwin daring you to knock the bagel off his shoulder from the anecdote he told during his phoner.