Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/02/2015 – Dana Gould

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/02/2015 – Dana Gould

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Dana Gould

Recorded 03-01-2015 – Release Date 03-02-2015

Production Number #1522

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Adam is opening the first of 2.5 recordings and tells them that the movie screening is all sold out in NYC, Adam plugs Dana Gould’s live shows and praises his immense talent.

BB has a Dana Gould #TopDrop and Dana says the only difference between him and any other guest is that he actually tries, Adam is sharing his “do it for you!” advice for guests.

Dana says the best advice he ever got was from Kevin Rooney “it’s a show” and explains the context.


Adam and Dana are riffing about strippers and firemen both using poles, hilarious.

Adam is telling them about getting stoned then eating beat salad and shares his invention “The Beet Bracelet” to keep people from freaking out about dark red material in your stool.

Adam is now suggesting how great golden beets would be if they came out in gold ingot form, Dana is sharing the reaction to having shit on your hand before and after parenthood.


Dana is going over his process for preparing dog food and jokes about dogs like cat shit and it being the almond Roca of the dog world.

Adam is saying he does a lot of microwave action and shares how he got a plastic microwave cover that wasn’t working the way he wanted, after living with it for 6 years he finally asked if they had a higher positioned lid.

Adam says they now have a much better plastic cover and it cost less than 3 bucks, don’t try to get the pricey car, look for these things in your life and replace them.


Dana is suggesting that burnt popcorn smell ruins microwaves, like a skunk made of cat pee.

Adam says that everyone’s’; headphones just went out and Adam is now once again telling Dana about the level 50 on the Hobo Power spectrum.

Cat shit on a white hot hibachi.


Adam is doing an Arctic Ease live read.

BB is in the mix and makes this a memorable read, funny.


Dana is telling them about an invention his daughter came up with that involves a winter glove with a pouch to insert heat pads.

Dana has a new one for men’s underwear.

Adam is suggesting he would just tape the Arctic ease wrap to his leg.


Adam is telling all parents to take a nice tasteful photograph of themselves fucking and give them to their teenage boys to use in case of boner emergencies, to rid them of not enhance.

Dana and Adam are discussing boner disguise techniques and Adam is describing the belly move.

Artie is asking about the people who make their own homemade porn, Dana is mocking the level of narcissism at play, saying they should film themselves shitting.


Adam is commenting on the people who brew their own beer when there are 200 varieties available at the store, the best stuff on the planet for 7 bucks at the store.

Adam says he’s had the roommates who do this and heard the bottles explode in the middle of the night due to faulty timing/exhaust systems.

Adam is commenting on how to drink someone’s microbrew, Adam says that losing 20lbs or getting a great job is far more impressive than making your own shitty beer.



Q and Ace

1st Caller Steve, he’s got some nice praise and wants to know if Adam has ever been approached to do a leading role in a drama.

Adam says nobody had ever asked him to act or write in their project, Adam says that he thinks if you can do comedy you can do drama, we’ve all lived drama.

Dana tells them about his experiences while filming ‘Mob City’ and how he didn’t know how to adjust to the performance initially.


Adam thinks he will one day right something more serious and dramatic, Dana says that Adam’s role in ‘Road Hard’ is essentially a dramatic and grounded role.

Dana shares how he can’t look at himself on screen, Adam says he looks at him as attractive and Adam says that Dana did a really nice job in the movie.


Dana says it was quite literally the role he was born to play, Dana says the movie was a lot better than it had to be and he was proud to be in it.

Adam says the most flattering part of life was that everyone signed onboard before reading the script, Dana comments on Kevin Hench looking like a boxing poster from the 1800’s, Dana thinks he’s ripped.

Adam is commenting on how real dude like Kevin Hench is and Dana Gould brings up Chris Henche, Greg Fitzsimons was the last guy to bring him up, Dana describing mixing the two guys up and it’s similar to what Greg did on air on this show, wow.


Adam and Dana are now engaged in a love fest over Kevin Hench and Dana says he’s still rocked from when Leonard Nimoy died but he doesn’t think Kevin is even phased as he’s such a man’s man.

Adam recalls bringing up Leonard Nimoy on the podcast but can’t recall when, he thinks he may have brought him up recently, right before he died.

Adam lets Dana finish up his thoughts on the movie, Dana compares Kevin Hench to Viggo Mortensen and himself to a hobbit sidekick.


Adam shares his thoughts about his own appearance and how he can remove himself from the judgment and just watch the screen.

Dana tells him about guesting on a talk show and Adam is sharing his experiencing looking at himself in the mirror before going on stage on a late night talk show.

Dana says he preoccupies himself by thinking about what some old timey celeb was doing in the same situation 30-50 years ago.


Adam is sharing how he gets some last minute “is my nose running” obsessive thinking, hilarious “am I gay” follow up from Dana, so funny.


Adam and Gina are doing a Life Lock live read


Adam recalls that Leonard came up on the show with Artie when Adam said the “racist poetry should be narrated by Leonard Nimoy” according to BB and Adam.

Adam is right, it’s from #1521 at 01:24:12 “please have Leonard Nimoy be the voice of it” – Adam

Dana shares his experience of doing a bit about Charlton Heston and getting off stage as the news broke about his death.


Adam is talking with Dana about the list of guys you’re shocked to find out are still alive, hilarious Jack Lord comment form Dana.

Adam is now talking about doing ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ with George Takei and fails to mention the ACS episode where they also discussed the Japanese American Interment.

ACS #31 (feat. George Takei)

Adam comments on Dan’s two Emmy awards for his work on ‘The Simpsons’ and I now trying to come up with some of his favorite episodes, he’s’ citing his two that come to mind the quickest and Dana says that Leonard Nimoy is in his favorite episode.


Adam talks about the episode where Homer becomes morbidly obese, Adam is quoting it.

Dana is sharing his experience on an episode called ‘The Parent Wrap’ and quotes Homer from the episode, Dana mixed up the title on his favorite episode, it was ‘Marge Vs. the Monorail’ and Adam is now describing the episode where Barney woke up after sleeping a on conch shell on a kitchen floor.

Dana tells Adam about their process trying to get Barney back on the sauce without bumming out the audience.


Adam is now doing a live read for the movie ‘Unfinished Business’

Adam jokes about his immense love for the talent and work of Vince Vaughn.

Adam is sharing the story of the time he was in Seattle in 1994, it was actually a motel outside of the city a Travelodge in Renton Washington, I‘ve stayed there too, my childhood friend lived in the complex behind it in 1994 as well, odd coincidence.

Dana incorrectly guesses Kirkland, my hometown that’s where Adam played his first live show in “Seattle” but Adam doesn’t correct him, he’s now on the Kirkland train and Adam is joking about being far away from the heart of the city.


Adam is talking about the parking lot that was shared for the Travelodge, the bar and the convenience store next to the Travelodge.

Adam is sharing the semen floater story, where Adam’s “shins got pregnant” and BB quotes the iceberg line Adam has used in the past.


Adam intros the new theme for Gina’s news, courtesy of Mike Lynch and Reich Banks


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the details of the death of Leonard Nimoy, she quotes his wife who shared the cause of his death.

Adam says it’s great we live in a time where 83yr old billionaires can tell kids not to smoke, funny riff about the evolving lifespan of humans and the quality of life in the first world in today’s modern era.

They’re all talking about the directorial efforts of Leonard thanks to Gina bringing it up.


2nd Story is on Ronda Rousey’s record breaking win in her most recent title defense, Gina is playing the clip for them to watch in studio.

Adam is commenting on the almost mythic stories about Ronda’s mom training her with surprise attacks and technique demonstrations.

Adam has a funny teenage boyfriend riff, he should get Ronda and or her mom on Take a Knee, which needs to happen.


Dana has a great anecdote about a former karate champion and they’re now watching the footage he describes of the battle against a pimp.

Adam is commenting on the tricky boxing move of the karate guy, he explains to them how he used his strong hand to trick him and then knocked him out with the left.

Gina quotes Ronda and Adam is now thinking about the dynamic of living with someone who can kick your ass, Adam says that women live with this all the time, what it must be like to be dating Ronda where she’d surely beat you.


Adam and Dana are commenting on various funny Freudian scenarios.


Adam is now doing a live read for

Spock’s gone edition, Dana has a nice assist.


3rd Story is on an upcoming episode of the Dr. Phil show where a woman named Sarah explains why she sent over 1 million dollars to a man she never met.

Adam, Dana and Gina all bust out some funny Dr. Phil impressions and Dana is filling Adam in on Dr. Phil’s history with Oprah, unfamiliar that Drew told this same info to Adam right as Phil was hitting the scene in the late 90’s/early 00’s.

They are now watching the teaser for the episode, Dana has a funny one liner and Adam is now joking about the guy who died and left her this money only for her to blow it all.


Adam says that why he wants to be buried with his wife’s vagina, just to prevent this type of waste.

Dana has a funny closed casket line, good stuff.

Adam has a great “weird vase” topper.


4th Story is on a West Virginia man who is facing charges for shooting his kids with a bb gun, Gina’s got all of the details and Adam is now telling them about going around his house and tidying up and turning things off.

Adam says he’s had the conversation about turning things off 300 times, he thinks one well-placed BB would drive the point home.

Adam is suggesting he should try using this technique for reshaping the behavior of his kids.


Adam says he can’t hit his kids, he can’t punch a woman and shares Drew’s rule for striking only when a child is running into traffic or engaging in life threatening behavior, Dana has a solid “you hit me” closer.


Gina wraps up the news to her new theme.


2nd Caller Evan, he wants to know Adam’s thoughts on the new BMW i8 and he’s asking him about the various features, Adam is riffing about how superior Germans are to Americans.

Adam is now describing the average German man’s fashion, the shoes and frames are great everything between isn’t.

Adam is telling them about a recent Carcast episode with a Rolls Royce, Adam is describing what would happen if he tried to use the button for the i8 and it would explode like in ‘Casino’ he’s that cursed when it comes to technology, why did they even put an explosion button on the key fob.


Adam is doing a Tri-Calm live read


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show, Dana killed it!

Adam is just going to miss Dana in Chicago, BB gives out a plug for Dana and Adam is teasing the upcoming shows he’ll be doing while on the road.

Adam plugs Take a Knee and BB closes it with a funny drop of Dana from the discussion about the thoughts one has while waiting to go on stage of a late night talk show.