Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/01/2016 – David Javerbaum

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/01/2016 – David Javerbaum

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest David Javerbaum

Recorded 02-29-2016 – Release Date 03-01-2016

Production Number #1768

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Adam opens the show to a funny intro and a funny “There is no god, I’m god!” #TopDrop from Adam, Adam is explaining that they will be covering the Academy Awards.

BB says the audience likes them recapping it after, not the episodes recorded during so much.

Adam is talking about the IFB earpiece that Chris Rock was using said ‘Interruptible foldback’ device while hosting the Awards.


Adam is recalling the various jobs he’s worn one for, including for half of a taping of MTV Loveline.

Adam explains how the system works, akin to the NASCAR spotters and he’s got a funny “penny for your thoughts” comment.

Adam is sharing how ‘Catch a Contractor’ was focused on framing and moving Skip for shots.

Adam is explaining how they will correct data and slip you information to enhance your performance, he says you try and avoid the IFB ear and he explains how they would frame it and how he would swap ears to prevent the camera from picking it up.


Adam says he’s never noticed the IFB in past presentations and jokes about arguing with his wife about this and he talks about how comedians are trained to watch the clock and don’t need this kind of prompting.

Adam shares he noticed Chris reach up and push the IFB in when it popped out, Gina and BB react to the clip of the IFB pop out.

Adam is explaining that the jokes were funny but he felt off his rhythm and he is referencing the very “Un-Chris Rock” moment where he’s talking about Leonardo DiCaprio and Adam mocks the weird mouth noise he made midsentence.


Adam is back to how this felt very uncomfortable and off to him, he explains how the comedian/host needs to focus on the jokes and how the other side of your brain trying to keep track of the acorn in your skull that’s slowly sliding out every 45sec.

Adam is describing the person probably trying to help and ironically only hurting his performance and he comments on the “black actors” theme and how overwhelming it was, he gets that it needs to be addressed, not the whole show though.

Gina brings up the Cameraman’s focus on Sophia Vergara.

Adam brings up the predictable subject matter and gets to the flesh colored IFB and how the one Chris was sporting should have been painted to better match his skin tone.


Adam says his wife’s argument was that they did color it, Adam says these IFB’s are 5k a piece and BB has a funny Cynthia name drop that Adam corrects.

Adam is now talking about his experience with taping ‘Catch A Contractor’ and how Adam kept his IFB in his right front pocket and has handled many of them, he would know better.

Adam says that if you live with him long enough you’ll just got fuck it and disagree to disagree, he infects those around him and makes them hate/abuse him.


Adam is now telling the Academy crew to error toward Wesley Snipes shade paint for Chris instead of the stock “flesh” color that Adam promises to update if he’s ever in charge.

Adam is very interested why this IFB was used, he describes several scenarios of how this could’ve went down and the compromise sometimes involved in these hosting gigs.

Adam is talking about the Stacey Dash gag that didn’t quite land as the audience didn’t seem that familiar.


Adam has Gary search about IFB use among past hosts and if anyone is talking about this besides Adam.

Gina asks if David Wild could hypothesize on this, Adam says he’s going to guess no.

Adam is now talking about the ‘In Memoriam’ and explains he doesn’t need publicists in the list, agents too but mainly publicists.

Adam is talking about Joan Jett getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with two shitty songs she didn’t write and what that does for all of the rest of the inductees.


Adam is now talking about Jim Hill and his brother David Hill, he talks about guys like him or Ryan Leaf making it into the hall of fame.

Adam says he would want his name as far away from a publicist as it can be.

BB talks about the Abe Vigoda snub and Rowdy Roddy Piper also being left out from the in memorium segment.


Adam is now talking about the bad chunks of dialogue that are given as examples of the best screenplay nominees, he says you should pick a cool slice of dialogue and not the lame choices used, Adam says he likes the stage direction part.


Adam is doing a Draft Kings Live Read


Adam liked he part of the show where Chris Rock fucked up Charlize Theron’s name, BB has a nice African American on African American crime/insult joke that Adam likes.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Bernie, aka Bernice.

She’s telling them about her sexually aggressive friend and his clear feelings for her which results in regrettable jealousy and hostility between her, guys she likes and this “friend.”

Adam is now joking about Leonardo DiCaprio and how he’s slept with more women who he’s never seen again compared to what’s going on a college campus.

Adam is making a point about the way young men can “live off an areola crouton” and tells her to not give him a crumb of anything, she tells them about his request for pictures of her feet.


Adam is talking about her Hispanic heritage and he tells her to take a picture of the feet of a young Hispanic man, he asks if she has any older brothers to stand up for her, hilarious “your older brother is in his 70’s” one liner.

Gina has a great Ducky reference that Adam intentionally misattributed to ‘Coming Home’ instead of the John Hughes Oeuvre. For great comedic effect.

Adam asks Bernie if she keeps this guy around as he validates her and Adam says that men don’t keep women around us who want to bang us that we’re not interested in, super pragmatic in the honker department. Gina really appreciates this realization about men.


2nd Caller Brian, he’s not there.


3rd Caller Tony, he’s 33 calling from Seattle and comments on the changes over the past 30yrs and asks Adam how he has adapted to change so well and how he learned to be so open to do so.

Adam says it’s good to know what you know and better to know what you don’t know, he talks about providing the content end of his business and never learning to type, he pays other people to do that.

Adam says successful people don’t worry about the future, the future solves itself as you focus on the present.


Adam says it’s akin to asking him if he regrets having triplets, no, that’s a weird place to be and to ponder, don’t waste your time.

BB and Gina are now commenting on the poor dialogue choices from the ‘Best Adapted Screenplay’ category and he jokes about the preceding clip being so generic it could’ve come from an episode of ‘Small Wonder’ and asks why you’re even bothering to pull that clip.

Adam takes it back to the Awards Show and the lame dialogue choices used, Adam is reacting to ‘Carol’ and peppering in some light commentary over it.


Adam says there is no dialogue happening in any of these scenes and they go to the 5th clip of ‘Room’ and they get ready to head to break.


Adam is doing an Uber Live Read

Matt’s wedding is 1 month away edition


They head to break.


They’re back from break with David Javerbaum making his ACS debut, they play a listener voicemail asking if Adam would eat sushi he dropped on the ground and he admits he would have to eat it, Asian pubes stuck to it and all.

Adam is talking about Sean Hayes being in David’s latest project and Adam reveals why he doesn’t care for Sean Hayes, he tells them about taping a commercial with him and Sean didn’t sweat the entire time and he complains about sweating next to him.

Sean actually guested on Loveline and got along great with the boys



Adam is asking him about his play and how it came from his book which originated with the Tweet of God twitter account that Gina is a huge fan of.

Adam is asking him about a typical day at ‘The Daily Show’ when he was still working there with Jon Stewart and David prefaces it’s been awhile and then gives him a few details.

Adam is now asking him about the Chris Rock IFB situation and David recalls working on the writing team with Jon Stewart for his hosting duties.


Adam has a funny “Dick Clark lost a step” anecdote of the time he mistook Adam for Jimmy Kimmel when Jimmy was hosting the AMA’s or People Choice Awards.

Adam is now bringing up the black lives matter issue and David shares his theory on why Chris would be sporting the IFB.

Adam is talking about taking the dog for a walk with a caller to resist pulling, a gentle lead? he calls his dog a she…


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the Academy Awards highs and lows, Adam jokes about the crawl and references his Harry Seaward joke.

Gina has some moment from Chris Rock’s opening monologue and Adam comments on how 100% of the time the clip doesn’t play immediately.

They play a clip from Chris talking about why past generations didn’t care about the award shows as much.


Gina comments on Sophia Vergara’s reaction shots and Adam says when you react big with double d’s you’ll be getting camera time.

Gina has another clip from Chris’s monologue and Gina sets up the clip of Stacey Dash, David shares his love for this moment and Adam gets in depth on it too.

Adam is reacting to the joke and Gina comments on her performance, David calls her a starfucker and says there is nothing wrong with that, just be honest about it.


Gina has another clip of the presentation from Louis C.K. and Adam says he found a great premise and he supported it with information, the jokes weren’t the best lines but the great premise was being supported.

Adam is saying he was impressed by Ryan Gosling and his presentation, they’re now playing it and the gang are reacting.

Adam says Gosling was showing his chops and it was nicely written vignette, a tight little bit.


Adam asks if Ryan and Russell Crowe didn’t do a movie together recently and if it bombed or if it’s not yet out, Adam says he’s seen commercials for it going back to 4 months ago.

Gary explains the delayed release date that makes sense of it all.

Gina is telling them about Leonardo DiCaprio finally winning his Academy Award and she plays a section of his speech about climate change.


Adam agrees with Leo and says build more Nuclear power plants, he’s with Leo.

Gina has the clip of Lady Gaga and Joe Biden’s introduction.

Adam asks if he should just be going dorm room to dorm room asking if they are having consensual sex, Gina is now a college student who is far too comfortable with her own sexuality.

Adam is explaining how he popped the pins off the door to invade their room.


Adam says there is a box that says he can squeeze her left titty if she wants to consent to that too, Adam is mocking the “brave heroes” who blowhard about nothing.

Adam is mocking Joe’s hair plugs and is killing this with sarcasm, Gina has the clip of Lady Gaga and Adam objects to everything being an opportunity to politicize things, why not just an awards show.

They’re now listing to Lady Gaga and Adam mocks college rape statistics and the hypocrisy of the left and connects it to the bogus send hand smoke statistics.


Adam is really going up a storm and ranting about turning everyone into a victim and David has a funny question about the rape factory, Adam tells him that it’s usually a girls’ volleyball gymnasium on campus.

Gina has a killer “whoops, whoops” reference to Sonny and now Adam is talking about the bogus campus rape statistic and Adam suggest we replace college with Knott’s Berry Farm, if 2 out of 10 women were being assaulted while there, maybe we look into the place and who is running it, not ask people to change or monitor others.


David asks about Boysenberry, Gina tries to conjure the combination of berries and Adam chimes in too.


2nd Story is on the Razzie Awards; Adam has a great joke about only nominating black films to see the city burn down.

Gina has the details on the tie for worst picture along with some of the best categories.

Gina teases the Razzie Redeemer.


Adam is doing a Live Read


Adam shouts out Sly Stallone and BB is now trying to figure out it if it’s the director of ‘The Cobbler’ who also made ‘Spotlight’ and Gina reveals that Adam was right. They talk about Sandra Bullock and her history with the awards and go over ‘All About Steve’.

Adam objects to them holding 1992’s ‘Stop if My Mom Will Shoot’ and now Gary is reading off Sly’s wins at the Razzies over the years.

Adam and Gary are in agreement that ‘Driven’ is a “Tool Flick” and not that bad.


Adam is sharing his sympathy for Mark Ruffalo and the Mark Rylance win, Adam has a killer “throw confetti” over his head description of what he didn’t expect Mark to do upon winning.

Adam asks if Star Wars was shut out from the Academy Awards and BB mentions the big upset win by ‘Ex Machina.’


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read


3rd Story is on the initial reactions from Donald Trump regarding the endorsement of David Duke, Adam is riffing about felching and how it’s always best to feign ignorance and Gina compares it to people suing “not that I recall” on the stand while in court.

Adam is telling them about getting stretched by Kelly his workout guy, he shared his observation about the weird time we live in, his 9yr old daughter believes in Santa and is very aware of the black lives matter movement.

Adam discovered that Kelly wasn’t aware of the black lives matter movement despite being a black man, he watches a lot of Netflix and Adam goes over the explanation and Adam says one part of him wanted to punch him and the other part to celebrate him for being blissfully ignorant of this stuff.

Gina wraps the news


Adam is doing a Scott’s Roundup Live Read

Nature’s Boomerang, Adam is now riffing about boomerangs and how they are used as hunting tools, he asks if the thing you hit won’t just be very annoyed before it comes over and eats you, get Scotts Roundup instead.

Patios were meant for cooking and hanging with Philly Cheesesteak edition


Adam gives out the closing plugs and BB tells them about Gina’s beverage and the condensation which makes it look like the picture on it has a skin condition, Adam’s picture or Gina’s?

Adam closes out the show to a drop of him talking about Felching.