Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/01/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 217

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/01/2015 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 217

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – The Love Between The Two Hosts

Recorded 02-24-2015 – Release Date 03-01-2015

Production Number #217 – Big Freedia

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Adam opens with Big Freedia in studio, Adam asks him about his history and background in music, he asks if he can clarify his orientation for the listeners, Adam has a funny one liner about his own connection to Bounce music.

Adam and Drew are quizzing Big Freedia about his dating life, he’s telling them about her boyfriend who identifies as a straight male.

Adam is asking what his boyfriend does for a living, he works.


Adam is having Big Freedia explain the eponymous movement surrounding him and the nature of Bounce music, they hear a sample of it and now Adam is asking him about the music’s popularity in Brazil.

Adam is telling Big his theory on Brazilian’s like showing off their caramel asses, Drew and Big both can’t help but agree.

Adam and Drew agree on pink and white “pathetic” white asses as Drew puts it.


Adam is asking Big about his family’s support and current connection to the church, Big Freedia says the community has been awesome and supportive, Adam is asking about the current state of New Orleans, he says it’s rebuilding nicely.

Adam is telling them about grand marshalling a Mardi Gras float in place of Tommy Lasorda, Adam is explaining how he pitches lefty and Drew once again tells him about being a true left handed person, he’s been told this before and Drew has told him this same reply before.

Adam is telling them about throwing beads with Tommy’s face in New Orleans.


Adam, Drew and Big Freedia are doing a live read for Dollar Shave Club


Adam is now finishing this story and his frustration with not being able to explain the strange circumstances to the people receiving the super confusing beads.

Drew says New Orleans is the most unique city in the United States and Adam is explaining that Jambalaya is a metaphor for the city itself, he pulls of an excellent self-satisfied sniff in response to his witticism.


1st Caller Corey, he’s asking them about trying to compromise with his wife, she wants a big family and he’s good with just one kid. He wants to get a vasectomy and shares his doctor’s grim prediction for the fate of his marriage if he were to get it without her blessing.

Drew asks the physician if this has been published, otherwise it’s not scientifically verifiable but he does tend to agree with that idea.


Adam is asking Drew a moral question, he says he loves having both a boy and a girl and he’s describing a beautiful moment with his daughter that touched his heart.

Adam is describing the beautiful scene with is daughter telling her about what he hopes for her future.

Wow this is incredibly touching, this should be added as a bonus chapter for his next book, this is amazing, what a brilliant speech and so cool of Adam to share that on air.

Adam is a great father.


Adam is now describing his hilarious preparation before leaving the house vs. his wife’s and laments the x amount of hours she’s wasted to make herself even prettier, that she could’ve spent doing anything else.

Adam is explaining that beauty is a shit message to be used to try and empower other women, he explains that beauty shouldn’t be the ultimate goal and we shouldn’t lie about what is or isn’t beautiful.

Drew is further mocking Adam for being a sexist and a racist, sarcastically of course.


Drew is doing a live read


Adam is telling Drew about the beautiful time he spent with his family out on Kevin Costner’s property and how he used Kevin’s impressive work ethic and stories to instill grit and inspire his daughter.

Adam says his daughter has really come around and he says as she’s maturing she’s further understanding his role and she respects him for his sacrifices for the family.

Drew predicts a turn around the teen years, Adam is resistant to that.


Adam is asking Big Freedia if he has kids, Adam is now asking Drew about trying to engineer a gender for a follow up kid, Drew is giving some practical advice about the science and ethics at play.

Big says keep on trying and you might get that other gender on the next one, maybe not.

Drew is asking what the difference is between getting fertility treatments and this, Adam has him drop it as he’s bored of his own question.


2nd Caller Scott he is stringing together some impressive word combinations, he’s telling them about his dad’s cluttered home and concern he’s becoming a hoarder.

Drew asks him if he’s seen the hoarding and giving a more insightful look at what this could be a bigger symptom of, some larger mental health condition.

Drew asks if he sees a doctor regularly and tells him to tip off a home health worker, Adam says he has a disease that’s the opposite of hoarding and wants to expel things in his way.


Drew says he can’t let anything get in his way and accumulate and needs to complete tasks now so he doesn’t have to worry about them later.

Adam references his childhood and they talk to Big Freedia about Louisiana politics.

Adam quotes Mike August about the corrupt politicians of the region, Big Freedia can’t disagree.

Drew is arguing his “Pussy’ness” and Adam has a solid Loveline example to prove his point.


Adam says he’s like one of the Polaris machines constantly surveying the bottom of your swimming pool, Chris is now on mic and brings up Adam’s frustration with Drew leaving his mug in the studio.

Drew is in disbelief that Adam is heading to the U.K. this fall, Adam says the Goodwood festival is there and he wants to see that again for the first time in over a decade.

Big Freedia is peppering in some funny commentary about the title of the festival, Adam says he will also be working on his 2nd documentary.


3rd Caller Patrick tells Adam about being on the same day as him and Adam jokes about people who buy into horoscopes and astrology.

Adam is saying he feels the same way about 9/11 truthers and how it’s a sign that you’re an idiot, Drew has a nice “it’s all in the human experience, take it all in” bit of wisdom.

Adam is asking Patrick what he was calling about, Patrick brings up the change among the audiences at colleges, and he’s citing the entitled on the verge of fanatical young people.


Adam is showing Big Freedia the photo of the Goodwood Festival, he tells Gary nice job and he has an even better one to show the actual look the people attending.

Patrick brings up an article he read about millennials not wanting to put in the hard work for a real relationship, Adam brings up the redefining stuff that people try to pull off every generation.

Adam is bringing up the way that changing the terminology and identifiers doesn’t bring you any closer to the brass ring of life.


Adman brings up the callers who would correct him on Loveline, including the blind/seeing impaired woman who called in from time to time.

Drew brings up the medical students the Skeleton/ Skeleeton crowd who tried to change the pronunciation of basic terms when he was med student and seems to happen with every generation since.

Adam and Drew have some super practical advice and more reasoned take on the topic than their caller who Adam potted down.


4th Caller Matt, he says Adam has alleviated his depression over the years.

Matt wants to know about Adam getting depressed after his football playing days were over, Drew brings up the end of the NFL season and how that depresses Adam every year.

Adam is telling him that the less you have in life the more value things like football have, but as you accomplish more and add people to your life it matter less.

Adam and Drew bring Big Freedia in the mix and Adam tells Matt about his post football depression.


Adam is doing a Simply Safe live read.


Drew comments on the Road Hard Screenings and Adam mocks Drew for knowing how to bring him out of his funk.

Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the episode, nice job Big Freedia, very funny.