Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/01/2013 – Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and Dennis Miller

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 03/01/2013 – Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and Dennis Miller

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom and Dennis Miller

Recorded 02-28-2013 – Release Date 03-01-2013

Production Number #1025

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Adam has a hilarious tip of the 40oz in reply to the fantastic intro from Dawson and Lynch; he’s got two killer lines about why people slowed down on the dumping of the booze and then on what happens when you do.

Bryan has a funny reply and Alison seems to enjoy Adam’s funny comments, Adam is now teasing the arrival of Gavin and how he has some questions/suggestions for the man.

Adam is going in depth on how he hates waste and Alison has an amazing question to figure out what exactly bothers Adam, he’s now describing elves scooping sand which is hilarious and makes total sense.

Adam is riffing about his lap dog “Raffles” and he’s asking Alison and BB about seat belt use, Alison just got lumped in with Bryan’s point shitting and has a funny retort in protest.


Adam just presented one of his ideas he wants to share with Gavin, selling advertisement space on the electronic freeway signs, Alison even agrees it’s a smart idea and could solve a lot of the financial problems in California.

Adam is bringing up the arguments that could be used against his idea. Alison just jumped in to announce she’s engaged but the first announcement was on her new episode of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend with Jim Jefferies.

Adam is riffing about Elliot Gould from yesterday’s show, Bryan is playing clips and Adam is now doing a classic “Isaac Hayes” style conversation, Alison is weighing in and they both agree they didn’t think he was a terrible guest and was somewhat intriguing.

Adam is now defending actors and explaining how people expect too much out of them, he’s explaining that they’re in the business of digesting other people’s thoughts and regurgitating them, whoa.

Adam is now going in depth on talking with Elliot and Alison is bringing up her insiders perspective on what happened, Adam has a funny explanation about Elliot picking a lane. Adam just welcomed him back for a follow up visit whenever he wants.


They’re back to Alison’s engagement and impending nuptials, she’s telling the gang about her recent puppy purchase. Alison is now convinced a puppy is more work than a baby and doesn’t want anyone to tell her why she’s incorrect.

Adam is now on his “throw money at the problem” riff; Adam is really going off and painting a picture.

Adam is doing a live read and now setting up his interview with Dennis Miller, taped 02/19/2013 earlier in the day before the recent live episode with Greg Fitzsimmons #1018.


Adam is now welcoming Dennis Miller to the show; they have a very funny opening riff about the fuhrer and transportation.

Adam is dealing out some plugs for Dennis and his radio show, Dennis is jumping in to add to it.

Adam is praising Dennis and just declared him a comedy dissuader, they’re now getting into how they get lumped in as right wing comedians and Adam is offering some nuanced insights as to why.

Dennis is now telling Adam about meeting his wife, he’s bordering on Greg Fitzsimmons level of appreciation for Lynette and now he’s wrapping up the call.


Adam is now welcoming Gavin to the ACS for his first visit, he’s relaying how he was reading up on Gavin earlier in the day and found out he was a wine guy, Gavin is now filling in the gang on his history with wine.

Adam had Gavin sample some Mangria off air and he calls it “some serious stuff”, Adam is now filling the gang in on how he read about Gavin’s dispute with an inspector that was in part of what lead to his work in politics.

Gavin is now telling the story and Adam is jumping in to tell Gavin the “breather-less dishwasher” story.

Adam is now asking Gavin what we’re going to do to change this, Gavin is calling back to his book but it’s in context and he’s making some great points about government and bureaucracy, particularly how it can be dehumanizing.


Adam is now launching into the lack of competition in government, Gavin is agreeing like crazy and Adam is going off.

Gavin is now calling for a “Yelp” for government services, Adam is arguing how they would react in the real world, and Gavin seems to agree and is explaining this would be an early step in the process.

Gavin is explaining that he supports labor and unions while totally agreeing with Adam that there needs to be more flexibility and transparency. Adam is bringing the department of building and safety back into the mix.

Adam is now sharing a story about a recent build and the plan approval process; he’s jumping all around and now explaining the concept of a “deputy inspector” and calling them “gougers”.


Adam is now digging into the recent controversy of the female senators who wrote a letter to the academy to have Seth Macfarlane banned from hosting future award shows.

Adam is now yelling and Gavin is trying to jump in defending these coworkers, he’s now telling the gang about his wife and her award winning documentary.

Adam is now pitching a billion dollar idea to Gavin, he’s jumping in and mixing it up and Adam is getting serious about him listening to these ideas.

Gavin hasn’t heard of the “if you can steer it clear it” road signs and is genuinely interested, Bryan is actually surprised and Gavin wants to know why 47 other states have these signs, Adam is yelling again.


Adam has some harsh words for Villaretardo and Gavin is trying to defend the man while learning some new details about him, hilarious!

Adam is now trying to get Gavin to defend “Click it or Ticket” and Gavin is asking for Adam to educate him and now run for government.

Adam is now bringing up the illegal sales of flowers on the sides of roadways in Los Angeles, Adam has an awesome wine analogy and now Joe from the CHP is joining the show.

Adam is now yelling about his car that’s safe at 100+mph and chicken shit tickets; he’s citing his radar detector and the cops that pull unsafe maneuvers all the way up and down the grapevine.


Adam is agreeing with Gavin and yelling at the same time, “Click it or ticket” is now back up for debate, Gavin uses the term libertarian and Adam uses it right back at him.

Adam is now citing the time the drunk driver ran into the side of his house and was allowed to escape prosecution because an officer never showed up at the residence.

Bryan is now jumping into ask Gavin what California is going to do about all these film productions leaving the state, he’s now explaining the efforts and admitting it’s not enough.

Adam is now weighing in to explain how it’s such a simple equation, he’s citing his recent trip to Winnipeg and his close quarters to Samuel L. Jackson who was filming a movie.


Adam is telling Gavin he’s one of the good ones and trying to express the warmth he clearly feels for the man, he’s now setting up a KTLA piece about the “DROP” program and the mayoral candidate’s connection.

They’re playing the clips and Adam is adding some funny commentary throughout, hilarious “WHAT!?” delivery from the Aceman in reply to one of the comments in the clip.

Adam is going off on these programs, Gavin is making it clear he can’t speak for it in specific terms but is offering up his general understanding, totally professional!

Alison wants to know the benefits of these programs and there doesn’t seem to be a clear answer.

Gavin is getting back to Adam running for office to remedy these issues that bug him so much and now they’re plugging his book some more.


Adam is now moving past local politics and asking Gavin about his 2016 presidential election, he’s giving super detailed answers about both parties and saying kind words for Governor Christie while predicting Hilary as a sure thing win.

Adam and Gavin are digging in over entitlement and Gavin seems to be assuming Adam is of the “Romney” mindset. Unemployment is the new topic, Gavin has some great points and Adam has one too.

Adam is now presenting hypothetical scenarios and Gavin has a great hypothetical response, this is an interesting common ground, great show!

Homelessness is now the topic and Gavin is offering up some very impassioned points; Adam is weighing in and has some great responses.


Adam is now taking it in a dark turn trying to get Gavin to admit why black and Hispanic people have a greater difficulty accessing checking accounts.

Adam is telling Gavin he knows what he’s saying; he’s citing his “Ihop” explanation and agreeing with Gavin.

Adam is trying to get Gavin to give up the “everything effects everyone” and Gavin is being nice trying to see it from Adam’s pov, Adam steps in to explain its wildly pragmatic not just more so, awesome.

Gavin is agreeing with Adam while being politically correct and attempting not to alienate any constitutes while praising Adam’s conviction.


Gavin is getting a little heated and ranting about the things he doesn’t like, he’s taking aim at Adam’s complaints about the illegal immigrants conducting illegal sales in front of CHP officers ticketing tax payers.

Gavin is getting personal and sharing his story, he’s telling Adam about his dad abandoning the family and Adam is jumping in to extrapolate some points.

Adam is praising Gavin and Gavin is sending some praise back, they seem to both have loved this very spirited show.

Adam is remarking on the bizarre duality of last night’s guest vs. Gavin and their word per minute ratios, hilarious Extenze HT live read where Adam apologizes to Gavin.