Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/28/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 313

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/28/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 313

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Jillian Bell and Charlotte Newhouse

Recorded 02-23-2016 – Release Date 02-28-2016

Production Number #313 – Idiotsitter’s Jillian Bell and Charlotte Newhouse

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Adam is opening the show with the standard intro, he welcomes Jillian Bell and Charlotte Newhouse to the ADS making their Carolla Digital debuts.

Adam talks about the guests meeting each other at The Groundlings and Adam reveals he first started back in 1986, Drew jokes about Jillian not even being alive yet, she reveals she was born in 1984.

Adam is riffing with Jillian and Charlotte about the insane odyssey of classes at The Groundlings and Adam says they’re better than he was since they made it to the actual main company, Adam says it’s akin to the NAVY SEALS or ARMY Rangers.


Adam wants the story of how they met and Drew is interrupting, jumping the gun and correcting their story of first meeting, Charlotte and Drew are using confusing language that sounds like more than just friendship and comedy partnership, confusing.

Adam is talking about people in radio and stand up comedians who never pursue improv comedy, Drew talks about developing his chops over the years working alongside Adam.

Adam is telling Drew about showing his son ‘Romeo and Drewliet’ the Michael Narren cartoon, Lynette pulled it up and was explaining how improv works to him.


They quickly touch on the Mangria joke from ‘Workaholics’ and they play the classic Narren cartoon.

One of the stools keeps squeaking a lot, they should replace it or break out the WD-40, this can’t be comfortable for the person sitting on it.

Adam is talking about the bit and how they would’ve forgotten they did it had Narren not animated it and sent it in.


Adam is now mocking actors and their interviews where they talk about the challenge of acting, hilarious Cleopatra line and Drew is a little over eager, he’s doing some Stewie from Family Guy kinda, he brags about his improv chops and then jumps into a live read, show off Drew is a weird a Dr. Drew.


Drew is doing an Live Read

Adam has kissing potion floating around the top of his coffee, Drew references Chief Thunderbear, he’s too excited edition

Adam shares how Philly Cheesesteak (Phil) ate his Jump Rope handle.


Adam is now describing the process of reverse engineering what your dog has been eating, Charlotte tells them about her dog eating a full bag of halls and Adam reveals his dog ate Natalia’s bike seat.

Adam is saying that nobody in his house is going to rise to the occasion or practice the discipline to properly train him.

Adam says that “they’re happier when they’re contained” and Adam jokes about Drew working social issues into this, Drew stops him and comments on the face he makes when he stops before saying something insanely controversial, the beat he takes deciding to go through with it “am I really going to say this?”


Charlotte and Jillian are telling them about their dogs, Adam tells them to sue the term freebie instead of rescue and she brings up Might Mutts.

Adam jokes about that being an awful breakfast cereal and Drew takes it in another direction and Adam lectures him about how Cynthia Szigeti would react to his bad improv technique.

Adam is now asking Jillian and Charlotte about the origins of their show ‘Idiotsitter’ and he shares how Phil Rosenthal has a show about his passion of eating and travelling, Dominic Monaghan has giant lizards on his head in Madagascar.


Adam jokes about his beat off and napping show and Drew jumps in, once again a little over eager and spoils the natural comedy.

Adam says he partnered up with Doug Benson on this one, he talks about his two shows ‘The Benson Interruption’ and ‘Getting Doug with High’ and jokes about his next show ‘You Blow Doug While He Takes a Bongload’ mocking the way he arranges his work for other people to pull the weight and do the heavy lifting while he chills.

“You Blow Doug then give him 20 Dollars!”


Charlotte is telling them about dealing with the homeowners of the location they use for shooting, Adam says he thinks he’s dealt with this young man who seems difficult and then argues the other point and comments on how people treat your home when filming in it.

Jillian and Charlotte are telling them about the various insane things filmed for the show in this rented house.


Drew is doing a True Car Live Read


1st Caller Tony, he says he comes from a long line of shitty sleepers, Adam calls Drew out on texting again and he says he’s actually looking up the medication he’s calling about.

Tony tells them about a different recipe for Costa Rican over the counter sleep aids.

Tony does that “like you Adam” thing people do when justifying their personal decisions and tells them about kicking SSRI’s due to the side effects.


Charlotte brings up hang gliding and Adam jokes about him not needing his memory, Charlotte mixed up zip lining with hang gliding and Drew tells them about visiting a ward that dealt with c spine injuries from hang gliders and how he decided in med school he would never try it.

Adam is telling them about Pete Brock and how he moved into Hang Gliding after racing and quotes him about the insanely long flights and heights they fly at.

Adam explains nobody wore a parachute as they don’t want to be viewed as a pussy, he says that he thinks Pete’s son even died doing that and doesn’t ever bring it up.


Adam tells them all about his wife and kids zip lining in Catalina and says he thinks that sounds fun and asks them if they agree, Charlotte picks up it and tells Drew he’s being asked on a date, Adam rolls with it and Drew has a funny one liner, nice!


2nd Caller Josh, he’s been listening since episode one and he brings up “back up beepers” going off on construction equipment in the middle of the night.

Adam is now talking about people fucking with themselves and how he hates it when we do this stuff.

Adam is now proposing his backup beeper theory; how many times have you moved out of the way after hearing one of these?


Adam is making some solid points about the loudness of the beeps and recalls the time they were writing a bit for The Man Show and a guy was sitting in reverse with the beep going off, Adam went out and asked him to turn it off.

Adam has the world record for Hang Gliding and he jokes about pooping on your enemy’s car hood.

Adam is now riffing about his Pegasus idea, pooping on your neighbor’s car hood and the funny denial afterwards.


Drew is doing some bad improv and saying Adam could argue that it’s a horse, Adam is unwilling to admit any guilt.

Hilarious riff, Adam is suggesting someone launched shit in the air from a T-shirt cannon, Hilarious question from Jillian, solid!

Drew is talking about the 20min Danny Kaye conversation from last week, he’s objecting to the fan tweets and now Gary is on mic and Drew is perplexed that Adam is aware of the ‘The Pirates of Penzance’ and Charlotte is well versed in all of this.


They are playing another or different part of the same song featured on ADS #311

Charlotte comments on Danny Kaye’s apricot perm and Adam riffs about the “song and dance man” bygone era where even guys like George Burns had to perform a little shuffle.

Drew has a cool tidbit about Joan Rivers and her career, Adam talks about how sad he felts for her and her seeming fear that she would become irrelevant if she ever took a day off.

They all comment on the documentary about her and have interesting insights and takeaways.


Adam finds out that Pete Brock’s son died in a glider his father built for him and they read the grim details and quickly move out of it with a hilarious “go for a glide” comment from Charlotte.

Adam wants to know the maximum distance a Hang Glider could cover; Charlotte wants to know about the bathroom options midflight/glide.

Drew is now forcing Charlotte to tell her story of sleep farting, she’s hesitant and this is the 3rd time Drew has made her tell it on air, 2nd to air.


Adam is sharing his theory on being used to sleeping single and the various habits you develop when not in the presence of others.

Charlotte is sharing the rest of the story and how she tried to pretends to sleep through an epic fart and Adam explains this is the conundrum and he asks if you should try and joke the fart away or ignore it.

Gary and Chris have a picture of the guy she farted on, Drew is talking a million miles a minute and Adam’s mind is racing.

Adam has the hang gliding distance record and Adam says her fart still lives in that man’s beard.


Drew is now not explaining why they have this picture of the man, Gary is on mic and asking how specific he wants to get there.

Adam is now dropping fake names and Gary says that charlotte seems uncomfortable.

Adam is telling Drew if it’s fine why is he still pushing it, they are now shouting at each other and Drew is maddening everyone with his insistence.

Adam apologizes and asks Drew about being interested in this individual beyond being the recipient of a fart, hilarious beard of fart comment from Drew.


Adam is joking about her being assface friends with this gent as she offers to book him via Facebook.

Jillian says it’s Brian McKnight and Gary’s thunderous laugh echoes from the soundproof booth, gold!


3rd Caller Jose, he wants to asks a question and they all get distracted again with a picture of a person also names Newhouse.

Jose wants to know about suicidal ideation without an actual plan to commit suicide.

Adam talks about the blowhard celebrity angle where people claim to have considered it after a loss or career low point.


Adam has a solid point about clinical suicidal ideation vs. someone talking in the press and Jose tells them about some medication.

Adam is telling Jose to break a sweat and shares his advice for a physical life, Adam talks about all of the guys he’s ever worked with who work with their hands and get things done on the job site.

Adam says they don’t click their heels and jump around like Dick Van Dyke but they’re also never depressed.


Adam is now presuming there is a lower depression rate among FedEx drivers, Jillian has a point about a simple life and Adam tells Drew to stop so she can finish, Drew mocks her and now Adam is on the train and they’re twisting her words and it’s great.

Charlotte talks about patting Amish people on the head, Drew mocks her for not having a solid town name and just going with Amish Pennsylvania.

Adam says they have to wrap and they had a caller asking about aliens and Charlotte shares the reptilian overlord Alex Jones illuminati theory.


Adam is doing a Slender Tone Ab Belt Live Read


Adam gives out the plugs and Adam admonishes Drew for shouting over his plug, Drew doesn’t get his own now.

Jillian and Charlotte crushed it, perhaps the most fun guests ever on the show, delightful!

I hope they come back soon and also guest on the ACS too!