Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/28/2014 – Dov Davidoff and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/28/2014 – Dov Davidoff and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Dov Davidoff and Matt Atchity

Recorded 02-27-2014 – Release Date 02-28-2014

Production Number #1271

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Adam is redefining male beauty with nice intro from Dawson and Lynch, Adam is doing the thank you’s and teasing about the patent troll “crowd funding” event.

BB has a great #TopDrop and is crediting it to a twitter account I’m surprised he didn’t know existed prior to this, Alison and Matt are also in studio.

Adam is telling the gang about editing his Paul Newman doc with Simon from Sweden, he’s telling them about the “1 Mississippi” and then became interested in what they use in its place.


BB has a funny Baltic sea joke and Atchity has a Fjord topper, Adam is now telling them about “John Doe” and how his old Stripper ex told him about “Joe Blogs” and he’s sharing the Swedish variant which Simon could never conjure up, Adam is now saying that if your country doesn’t have one of those it’s a marker for a good place to live.

Hilarious “lousy with corpses and rivers” comment from Adam and even funnier reply from Alison, hilarious “Sven Tudball/tugball”? Riffing with Adam and BB too.

Adam is now sharing what will happen in the news when “John Doe” from the band X dies, hilarious who’s on first with A-rose.


Adam is sharing his experience getting a teeth cleaning and his lack of a reply for “how did you hear about us?” queries, it was the closest dentist.

Adam has a hilarious “I can stagger home” joke about the proximity to the dentist, Adam is getting to the inline water heater he tells all dentists about, she even bragged to Adam that she refuses to buy it each time the sales guy tries to bring it up.

Adam is saying the worst part of the dentist is the evaluation, he’s getting to the tooth numbers and the weird conversation between the two that doesn’t include you, Alison is joking about trying to interpret the dentist’s grunts and groans.


Adam is now riffing about the qualifying comments from the dentists and Adam says he has no good real memory of what went on in his mouth, he’s forgetting the late 90’s dental nightmare, the 1998 producers being the worst.

Adam is getting to the “twice a year” recommendation he was given by the doc, Adam is now joking about how they arrived at that recommendation.

Adam is saying he loves the scraping and wonders what the fuck could be on your teeth, Alison asks how they know when to stop.


Adam is getting to the “Pina Colada” polish/sand they offered him, Adam is joking about sandy briquette and virgin Pina coladas with sand, Adam says he passed on the rub.

Adam is joking about the dental X-Rays and the shoulder roll employed by the dentist trying to get out of the room before it starts up.

Adam is now joking about someone being saved by a lead vest during a shooting by a disgruntled dental patient, hilarious comedy mocking the Pina Colada song.


Now Adam says he did get the sand rub on the teeth, Adam is getting to the titanium post in his jaw that was actually recalled, it never had a false tooth on it, and Adam says no surgeon should ever use the carpentry metaphor, it’s not helpful.

BB says that the general public is not disturbed by the metaphor because they don’t have Adam’s carpentry knowledge, what?

Adam is now sharing his theory on trail mix, Adam is touching on the veggie pizza alternate theory and adding grape jelly to the list of things that nobody wants.


Hilarious “suck you off” for marmalade comment that BB riffs with nicely, Adam says when you re-order your jelly, order more strawberry and other berry flavors.

Adam is explaining the service dog he saw in the restaurant, Adam is shouting for a moment in disbelief and he’s making a point about the patron’s dog swollen bare asshole on the booth, hilarious descriptors

Adam has a great Bill Cosby/Shaggy “Doggy Doily” shout, Adam is now bringing up the actual service dogs vs. the emotional support ones, and how stressful is brunch?


Adam is now making tons of analogies between other areas of society and the fear of germs, using the family of four who sat in the booth on top of the doggy anal booth.

Adam is now doing a hilarious “Bark Box” live read.


Rotten or FreshLiam Neeson Edition

1st Movie Taken (2008) Adam has a nice riff about the “I’m coming for you seen”.

Matt is explaining Liam’s reasoning for taking these unlikely roles and Adam has a killer fucking 23yr olds joke.

Adam is now talking about “The Grey” and how his dyed hair he was sporting bumped him.


2nd Movie The Grey (2012)


3rd Movie Rob Roy (1995) Adam has a hilarious callback to the dental paste from earlier, Adam is now recommending Brian Cox in “Manhunter” playing the first on screen Hannibal Lector.


4th Movie Love Actually (2003) Alison is sharing her experience doing the movie interruption with Doug Benson (so original) for this film.


5th Movie The A Team (2010) Adam is joking about sucking off Bill Simmons while watching this movie, Matt is explaining his take on the film and its performance at the box office.

Matt is telling them about his picks for the Academy Awards, they’re now closing out the segment.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Asher, he was just stuffing his face with cheesecake, Adam says it has every good quality of cake and pie, Adam is explaining that he likes fruit on cheesecake, or even booger cheesecake.

Asher wants to know if the happiness gained from success is worth the pain to achieve said success, Adam is giving his satisfied vs. happy theory and how one needs to find their “Ossobuco of life” like Nick Offerman and his canoes and what that does for him.

Alison and BB are now giving their takes and Adam is saying that you should do the best work possible and not focus on its reception or thins beyond your control.


Adam says it’s best not to view life as on or off the clock, Adam is now joking with him about his cheesecake.

Adam is now ranting about the lack of Ossobuco on Los Angeles Italian restaurant menus, Adam is now joking about L.A. being on the tip of the jack off cooking spear, hilarious grandma riff.


2nd Caller Derek, he’s calling Arkansas and Adam is quizzing him about the availability of Ossobuco there.

Derek has a bunch of compliments and Adam is getting to the post tooth cleaning flossing, he’s explaining that he doesn’t know what to do with his hands and never being less in need of a flossing, funny Abba-Zaba joke.

They’re joking about the flossing, it’s good stuff.


Derek wants to know about team mascots of color that are considered politically incorrect, why is the lucky charms mascot ok.

Adam says it’s because they’re “doing well” and the use of minority as euphemistic language for political situations and discussions.

Adam is making a lot of great points and BB even seems to agree about the idea of a minority when you thin slice any group based on specific criteria.


Adam is now explaining that these are just meaningless causes for ego stroking, hilarious “The Brett’s” good looking blonde guy replacement for the “Redskins”.

BB wants to know why the fighting Irish isn’t offensive, Adam is now getting to the “white male” stuff that people bring up and how nobody gets offended by that type of hate speech from actual racists, the people who coopt someone else’s culture for various reasons.

Adam is doing a live read with a 110$ “Boner offer” and wrapping up



They’re now back from break with Dov making his 6th appearance on the show, only his 2nd in studio with the gang.

Adam is jumping right to Dov’s junkyard upbringing, saying he doesn’t remember it but they discussed it in depth last time he was in studio, with some “Sanford and Son” comedy if I recall correctly.

Adam and Dov are now joking about people thinking about having kids before doing it, Dov is telling them about national pull out day, his own made up holiday.


Adam is now giving his theory on “Cumming on the Tits” and he’s setting up the song for Dov, but they’re not playing it.

Adam is now sharing his scam for the “free cockfight for all Raiders Fans” idea, they’re now playing the song for Dov.

Adam is further asking Dov about his home life and family, he’s defending them while being honest about their parenting skills lacking in some areas, Adam is joking about travelling the future and getting a similar reaction from someone’s kid about their upbringing.


Dov is telling them about his father’s anger and wanting to have his mom killed, hilarious lesbian monkey joke from Ace.

Dov says his mom told him that his dad was getting blown by a dude at the wedding, Adam says he doesn’t feel like anyone is stopping him from doing anything, he wants to know the people who externalize things like that.

Adam has a great rental tux joke and wants to know why Dov’s mom would tell him this, Adam is joking about this being on his own top of the list of things to hide, he calls Dov’s mom’s filter a fucking hula hoop.


Adam I riffing about how this never needs to come up in natural conversation, Alison is in the mix and Adam is now asking what she was trying to say by telling him about this.

Adam is quizzing Dov about his childhood problems in school, Adam wants to know what 15yr old male with a creative mind isn’t suffering from something that looks like ADHD.

Dov is getting a bit hippy’ish about learning and training people to think so they don’t ask questions, Alison is now asking Dov about his father’s counter culture status, hilarious joke with BB chiming in.


Adam is back to Dov’s dad getting sucked off and has a hilarious caterer joke, Adam wants to know why they got married if they were so against the conventions.

Dov is very thoughtful sharing his take on why his parents ended up married and having him, Adam is now riffing from the POV of Dov’s dad.

Adam is now doing a live read with BB, they’re connecting this to the story Dov told, awesome!


Alison’s News

Her Top Story is on a ticket for looking at maps on cellphones being overturned in court, she’s citing her own experience, and Adam says “spirit of the law” not letter of the law.

Dov is now giving his take on letter of the law, Adam says it’s dangerous to text and talk while driving but not while at a red light, Adam is saying the city is like a cash register that’s always off, but always off in the city’s favor.

Adam says the d plus students work for us bitch, you job is to keep us safe from others and ourselves in some cases.

“Protect and serve bitch, remember that? Not protect and serve up shitty tickets” – Adam


Adam is now using Los Angeles as a case study, how they nickel and dime the citizens and he says the tickets need to be in line with the minimum wage, they shouldn’t be high enough to bankrupt someone.

Alison is now reading an article/op-ed about Los Angeles, Adam is agreeing with it and says nowhere is there such a steep change in cost than parking meter penalties.

Adam asks whose streets are these, the cops don’t own them, the taxpayers do, and Alison is now reading the rest of the piece.


Adam is saying that he used to get way more parking tickets when he was poor, he’s now explaining how when he lived with an ex on Franklin and how the lack of available parking almost guaranteed a ticket.

Adam says poor people get fucked with tickets, even when being pulled over, Driving while poor he says is the real issue, not some racial one.


2nd Story is on the list of Academy Awards presenters and Dov is telling them about seeing some Cirque De Sole and how impressive it was compared to any actor he’s ever seen.

Alison wants Adam’s take on Ann Hathaway and Adam is adding her to his Scarlett Johansson list, hilarious “when I told all of her friends” reply from Ace.

Adam is now getting to Kate Hudson, what has she done in the past decade plus.


BB is listing off all of Kate’s shitty roles post “Almost Famous” and Alison is now listing off the rest of presenters.

Adam says he’s not excited about them and Dov wants to know why people care about them at all, he doesn’t get pop culture.

Adam is sharing why people like it, the opposite of Schadenfreude, Adam is now explaining the two modes, the “no matter how bad it gets, I’m not that dude” vs. “look at Ben Affleck and Clooney laughing it up” and Adam has a killer joke about pinned pants, why can’t legless vet’s get pants that fit.


Adam has a great “loser bus” riff while joking with Dov, nice reactions from Alison, hilarious “party bus” riff and Adam is now doing a live read.

Adam is now getting to “paying it backwards” how he stole Alison’s nature box after someone stole his, Alison is surprised to learn it was intentional, Adam is now giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.