Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/28/2013 – Elliott Gould live from Amalfi Restaurant

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/28/2013 – Elliott Gould live from Amalfi Restaurant

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Elliott Gould live from Amalfi Restaurant

Recorded 02-27-2013 – Release Date 02-28-2013

Production Number #1024

Show Page

Adam is opening the show with a quick bit of tampon comedy in protest to Alison’s lack of microphone cord length; Alison jumps in and closes it with a killer new take on the “catching the bouquet” tradition.

Adam has some nice greetings for the gang.


Audience Questions

1st Question from Jay, Jay is now explaining that he’s a standup comic working with Kevin Nealon, Adam is asking him about the “Bubbles” the elephant defense video and now Jay is praising Adam’s comedic genius.

Jay wants to know if Adam would prefer a gay child or a child with a lifelong weird sexual fetish, Adam has a hilarious reply to Jay’s description of “weird” and now he’s explaining his decision with some praise for the gays thrown in to boot.

Jay has a counterpoint and Adam is now teasing him about taking up too much mic time, Bryan either has some key drop work or Alison can imitate her own drops flawlessly or it was a combination of both.

Adam has a hilarious hypothetical scenario of what life would be like if all the guys who cultivate a fake personality of not caring about getting laid actually didn’t care about it, gold!


2nd Question From Nick, Adam is now interrupting to riff on Paul Harvey in response to Nick’s last name, he’s polling everyone on Paul Harvey and referencing the super bowl commercial that used his posthumous voice over.

Adam is quizzing Mike Lynch who of course knows, once again earning his “oldest 35yr old” status, Adam is now asking Elliot Gould from off stage, Elliot claims to not know and is now joining the show.

Nick wants to know how Adam could complain about disposable wipes; Adam mocks him for initiating “What Can’t Adam Complain About” and is now explaining that he actually has recently become hooked on the wipes so it’s more difficult than ever to complain about them.

Adam is using the angle of Jimmy Kimmel and the Clorox Wipes horror story to register some kind of complaint, DING!

Adam is trying to bring Elliot into the mix and he’s busting balls a bit, it’s already a little awkward.


3rd Question from Ben, he wants to know if there is a set range of age gaps that are appropriate for dating, Adam has some funny replies and Ben is chiming in and rolling with it nicely.

Adam is now yelling about women living longer than men and how it’s never brought up, very funny riff. Alison is now trying to convince Adam to share his highly controversial reason why that is, he’s now working his dad into the analogy comparing him to a pair of slippers.

Adam has convinced Elliot to sample the Mangria, he’s trying to ignite some more conversation possibilities and Elliot is shooting them down, funny deadpan responses.

Adam is asking Elliot about his various trips to the Academy Awards, not much to speak of but he does have a breif John Wayne anecdote, Alison is now topping it with her own JW story and Adam is busting out the impression of him.

Adam is now pondering the impressions that lead to everyone copying them, he’s trying to come up with some names from throughout entertainment history and the gang is all jumping in.


4th Question from Matt, he wants to know the downside of apps that allow you to find people you’re already friends with to then hook up with, he seems to be hinting at that specific one that checks your Facebook friends.

Adam has a funny riff about technology always heading towards the dong and Alison is getting Matt to elaborate.


5th Question from Mike, He wants to know how Adam met Lynette and now Adam is telling a very detailed version of the events.

Adam is asking Elliot about his movie some more, he doesn’t have much to say so Adam is hilariously riffing on what he thinks the plot might be about.

Adam is asking Elliot about his time in China and Alison wants to know his favorite role that he’s played.

Adam is telling Elliot about his kids, he’s busting out the comparison where raising a girl is like raising 3 kids and raising a boy is like raising an old cat.


Adam is now riffing on the versatility we now have when it comes to screen size compared to how it was when Adam was a kid, very funny stuff.

Adam is now suggesting they take this show on the road, Elliot could be agreeing?

Bryan wants to ask Elliot about his career but he’s asking Adam’s permission first like Adam is dictating that Elliot isn’t allowed to talk, BB always chimes in without asking so it’s weird he’s pulling this angle, Alison’s quick witted reply is just gold!

Bryan has some in depth question about the behind the scenes drama on the set of “American History X” between the director Tony K. and Edward Norton, nice work BB

Adam is digging into Elliot’s journey, he’s being less feet draggy and it feels less like “handball against the drapes” than earlier in the show.

Alison just busted out a well-timed nugget of info about the singer ex-wife of Elliot; Adam is now asking him about being married to Barbara Streisand and the idea of being brilliant and demanding no longer working in today’s society.


Alison is now reading another selection from her fake pregnancy memoir, good stuff!


Alison’s News

Her top story is on the new cast of Dancing with the Stars; Adam has a funny thought on the appearance of a Judd and is now stepping in to correct Alison on the name of D.L. Hughley.

Adam is now riffing on how Mike August pronounces certain things, he’s now telling an anecdote from Celebrity Apprentice and team Forte.

Adam is riffing on people he doesn’t know who’s he told are famous, he’s got some funny points and Alison is jumping in.

Adam is breaking down his season of DWTS and the enormity of facing off against an Olympian.


2nd story is on the full scale recreation of the Titanic, Adam is asking about the actual scale and now he’s on a funny riff about never hearing of the movie.

Alison is explaining the details from the story and Adam is riffing on the billionaire investor.

Alison wants to know if Adam has ever been on a cruise and he’s now telling her about his 1997 Christmas cruise with Lynette, Jimmy and his ex-wife.

Adam is telling some long lost details about his quest to obtain balsamic vinaigrette and Jimmy’s ex-wife’s habit of insulting people with her predictions about their careers.

Adam forgot the best part of this story, which can be found in the first episode of Loveline from 1998, he was trying to get money off his debit card but wasn’t able then had to pull an awesome scam involving nickels, seek that one out!


3rd story is on Morrissey canceling his booking on Jimmy Kimmel Live after Jimmy had the guys from “Duck Dynasty” as guests scheduled for the same episode.

Adam wants to know when these reality show people became TV stars, Adam is calling back to his claims from earlier in the month about Morrissey possibly being a weirdo, hilarious exaggerated recollection of what his tour manager told Adam.

Alison is reading the details and now they’re playing a clip of “Carrot Call” and Adam is back to riffing about hillbillies as TV stars.

Adam is explaining why he understands where Morrissey is coming from, citing his status as a horrible student, Alison has more details on the story.


4th story is on a study that says 20% of men dream about their exes, Adam has a hilarious observation about all the things he dreams about that he doesn’t have sex with and he’s citing his cars.

Alison has a funny reply and now Adam is joking about the exhaust pipes.

Alison is saving the topic and asking Adam about his dreams, explaining that they both don’t have the crazy dreams of their youth.

Adam is trying to bring Elliot back into the mix, despite Adam’s enthusiasm Elliot won’t finish his Mangria and now Bryan is calling Adam out for taking it, Adam’s reply about conservation is hilarious!


5th story is on a 32yr old Brooklyn man suing his parents for 200k for not loving him enough, Adam immediately replies that if he thought his dad had more than 10 bucks he would be suing him right now.

Adam is bringing Elliot into the fold and telling him how he could see Elliot as his dad, he’s quizzing him on his interest in sports and Adam is riffing on his nonspecific answer.

Adam is riffing some great “MASH stashe” bits, he’s now working Magnum P.I. into the mix and Adam and Alison are cornering Elliot into some behind the scenes tales from the set of “Friends”.

Alison is wrapping the news with a topical closing line and now Adam is doing some plugs and Elliot has a funny quip about Adam’s live shows with Dennis Prager.