Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/27/2015 – Artie Lange and Johann Hari

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/27/2015 – Artie Lange and Johann Hari

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Artie Lange and Johann Hari

Recorded 02-26-2015 – Release Date 02-27-2015

Production Number #1521

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Adam is opening the show with a standard intro, BB plays the “This is nerds” drop from Adam yesterday, during the Rotten Tomatoes game.

Adam sets up the upcoming phoner from Johann Hari, Adam is telling them about ‘Road Hard’ making it into the top 100 movies on iTunes and Adam is sharing the info he learned about the total number of movies available, 85,000.

Adam says his work has just begun and it feels like some karmic payback for the underappreciated gem ‘The Hammer’.


BB is getting Adam to further describe the most frustrating aspects of that film’s release, Adam says that a cult classic designation does mean more now with the ease of access to media.

Adam brings up ‘Windy City Heat’ and he’s making a point about the out loud laughs in the film and Gina has a nice quote from the film.

Adam is sharing some of his favorite moments and makes a point about how odd it is to make a movie around the star not having a script, acting around them as they react.


Adam is telling them about his ‘Air Caligula’ cameo and BB incorrectly says “Joe Blow” when describing the ‘Joe Schmo Show’ and Adam tells them about watching the movie last night at Phil Rosenthal’s house.

Adam is telling them about the generous benefactors who contributed enough to visit and see the film from Phil’s house, Adam references my buddy who drove in from Texas.

BB asks how Phil did with having the strangers over, Adam says that in Hollywood the disappointers never disappoint and the guys like Phil and Jay Leno always come through.


Adam says it’s awesome and he says he hit up Stern about his visit next week, he was told that the show is dark that whole week while he films ‘America’s Got Talent’ and that led to Adam booking Howie for the live show at Caroline’s on Thursday.

Adam hit him up for the ‘Road Story’ segment that will be airing next week, Adam and BB discuss the “It Doesn’t have to be that hard” quote from Jay Leno.

Adam wraps up the Stern anecdote and shares that he will be booked for the week after next, Gina brings up a relevant topic and Adam has a funny one liner reply.


Adam is sharing his take on the smaller pool of female comedians and hosts, Adam says women have a greater capacity to go back and forth, Adam is now sharing the typical email exchange with Mike August.

Gary gets on mic to share his experiences with asking August if they should sell something on iTunes or amazon, the answer is both, sell it on both.

Adam is making a point about “thinking you’re better than you are” and uses texting while driving as his example, they’re both praising Maria Menounos and Adam says that she has some “former fat chick” in her that makes her so kind and humble.


Gina is weighing in and Adam wraps up his thoughts telling them to remind him to bulk up his daughter and jokes about already checking the box of showing his son his penis.


Adam is doing a live read for the movie ‘Unfinished Business’

Adam is doing the “Lock it up” thing again with BB joining him.


Johann Hari is now joining them for his debut, the phone quality seems strong and Adam tells him about seeing him on ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ and Johann is sharing his main argument/discoveries about addiction.

Adam is asking him if he thinks that everyone involved in this system are too close to see it objectively but him as a journalist is somehow able to see it without bias.

Johann is now making a point about heroin and pharmaceutical opiates, he’s now quoting the research about rats and heroin and cocaine, Dr. Drew addressed this on ADS #213.


Adam is now quoting Dr. Drew and jokes about having a bottle of cocaine laced water himself, Johann is now quoting some date from Portugal and their switch to decriminalization.

Adam has a funny “are we talking about rape too” improv bit with BB that is strong enough to be considered for the Ace Awards 2015.

Adam is making a point about broken families and then how incarceration, humiliation and isolation end up exasperating some pretty difficult circumstances.


Johann is now back to his Portugal data and the discoveries from their adjustment, Adam is now quoting some of the discussion that Johann had with Bill.

Johann is now using gay marriage to make a larger point about cultural evolution, Adam is now being falsely jingoistic and jokes about ‘The Imitation Game’ and the fate of Alan Turning, another killer riff.

Adam has an excellent point about the criminalization of drugs and Johann totally agrees then launches into an anecdote about his experiences in Mexico and he places the blame for the current state on the drug war.


Adam is clarifying what he meant and mentions dissolving bodies in acid.

Johan is making a logical point about stopping people from doing what they want to do and how it’s resulting in all of these ancillary deaths just because you made it illegal because you don’t like it.

Adam is now arguing how you lessen the impact of things you don’t like vs. trying the impossible feat of eradicating them.


Johann is telling them about a junkie who organized a system to save his fellow homeless addicts from overdosing and dying on the street.

Johann is telling them about a former mayor of Vancouver and how he changed his POV after spending times with addicts, Adam jokes about them saving time by bringing him over to Rob Ford’s place.

Johann has a very spirited point about overcoming this broken system and injustice, Adam gives out the plugs for Johann and jokes about ex-Junkie Arite Lange setting foot in the studio.

Adam invites him on the show, and Johann wraps it up with a funny comment they all seem to appreciate.


Adam says the sad part about not having a horse in the race is he just wants the government to do things that make sense, BB and Adam says that it’s an adolescent view of the world to eat meat and be against hunting.

Adam is saying he would not like his car to be broken into and how desperate crime is almost always drug related, Gina is making a solid point about the narcissistic element of keeping drugs illegal.

Adam calls politicians pussies and Adam is now riffing about following a guy around with a casket, BB is joining him for a quick improv riff.


Adam is asking if they get bumped by empty cups in movies and says you need a body inside a casket for it to seem real.

Adam is arguing about the term junkie and says he prefers drug abuser, funny angle.


Adam is doing a Smart Mouth live read


Q and Ace

1st Caller Cornelius, Adam remembers talking to him before and references “Sister Rose” and he says he might have heard the worst cover of all time, Aretha Franklin covering the Beatles ‘Eleanor Rigby’ and Gina is familiar with the song.

Adam says that ‘Higher Ground’ is horrible, the Red Hot Chili Peppers version and then he brings up the horrid Lenny Kravitz cover of ‘American Woman’.

Adam is adding ‘Dancing in the Streets’ to the list of bad covers, Adam says they must have been beaked out of their minds on coke.


Adam tells Cornelius this doesn’t crack his top 3 worst, he says all she did was Arethatasize this song, Adam says she’s too good.

Adam is arguing that neither Mick Jagger are very good singers, Adam says he thinks neither of them have natural chops but Bowie has a more stylized voice that works for his sensibility.

Adam is asking for the songs on ‘Hunky Dory’ and tells him to hold on.


Adam is doing a live read


Adam is now playing the song ‘Kooks’ and saying he finds Bowie interesting, Gina asks them if they’ve heard the a Capella vocal track for ‘Under Pressure’.

Adam says he likes the song ‘Bitch’ and BB plays it for them, Adam says you can’t beat this song and Adam threatens to show up with a vest full of C4 at the offices for all of the program directors who never play these songs.

Adam says this song is played less than ‘Dancing in the Streets’ and Adam is now trying to conjure the title of another Stones song.

Adam heads to break.


They’re back form break.

Artie Lange is returning to the show, they come back to some ‘Nicaraguan Name That Tune’ and Artie immediately asks Adam if he saw the movie ‘Brokeback Mountain’ and is now describing the violent first sexual encounter in the movie.

Adam is now riffing about the tunnel vision of the porn section/adult store and how you accidentally see some homosexual pornographic images, a compact version of his classic riff about adult video stores.

Adam is now trying to describe the “threat response” that goes off in the brains of males upon viewing homosexual pornography, as Dr. Drew discovered when covering some functional MRI research on his 2005 Discovery Health show specials ‘Strictly Sex/Strictly Health’.


Adam says he doesn’t want to see Joe Theismann get another compound fracture as long as he lives, Artie says that Adam just made the most liberal argument there is.

Artie is now explaining why it’s the ultimate acceptance, Adam says he likes a cock to be involved in porn after Gina asks Arite about lesbian porn.

Adam says that Artie is the best at what he does, it’s unclear what he does but he’s the best.


Adam is now asking about that friend you have who is the badass who you feel safe in any situation with, Artie is that guy on stage, when Artie is with you on stage you have that badass in your corner.

Artie says that might be the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to him.

Adam is telling him about his upcoming live shows in NYC and mentions his friendship with Alec Baldwin.


Artie is now describing calls from his agent about his past bad behavior, Adam brings up his wife’s ability to quite things he doesn’t remember saying that sound like something he might have said.

They’re hinting around Alec getting in trouble for personal and public comments, Adam is making a point asking what Lenny Bruce would thing about the PC thought police of today.

Artie says that Carlin and Pryor fought the same battle, was it for nothing.


Adam is doing a live read

Artie mentions something lewd with a postal worker, Adam tells him to hold on.


Adam is asking Artie to come guest next week in NYC, how cool!

Artie says the great Mike August asked him already, BB mocks the use of “the great” and Artie mentions being able to see Mike’s teeth over the phone. Artie has a killer joke about teaching a spin class and then being late for his own podcast recording in his kitchen.

Artie is asking how Adam gets this energy to do all of this stuff, he mocks his own lack of output and Adam is telling him about lining up shit down the road and chipping away at it.


Adam is now describing how he would have reacted to projects due in school by putting them off until the last minute.

Adam says he just schedules himself ahead of time and multitasks, Adam talks about Stern being in bed by 8pm in order to do his show the way he does it and people rely on.

Artie also praises Howard Stern’s work ethic and Adam is now referencing the “fruit flies in the locker” story, one of them.


Adam is talking about never taking the SAT’s nor even learning algebra, Artie has a funny one liner about Jimmy Kimmel being insanely more successful than Adam.

Artie comments on Adam seeming like a man’s man then praises Adam’s wife.

Artie is asking him if it annoys him that his wife asked him on her Bruce Springsteen podcast, he was a great guest.


Adam says that his only problem with his wife is what happened when he lost his gig in 2009 and told her she needs to step it up in the earning department then she did a Bruce Springsteen podcast, yeah like 5 years later.

Adam is now arguing his preference for John Hiatt over Bruce Springsteen, Adam says somehow he has a bunch of Bruce songs on his phone that he doesn’t want.

Artie further praises Lynette and Adam quotes Lynette telling him that everyone loves her and hates him, he shares his reply about paying everyone.


Gina’s News

1st story is on the verdict of the killer of Chris Kyle, Adam is now arguing how you can’t play the insanity defense when you’re actively fleeing.

Artie says that when you have the name of the killer you are automatically guilty, Adam asks if the parents shouldn’t do 6 months for giving him that middle name.

Gina quotes the killer regarding his reasoning for shooting the two men at the gun range that day.


Adam has a funny “igger” one liner with BB, Adam jokes about this murder being a white supremacist and then killing the number one killer of brown people.

Holy shit this is a bizarre and fantastic riff.

Artie brings up the KKK, Gina fills them in on the texts sent between Kyle and his friend about the obvious mental state of the guy who shot them prior to them arriving at the range.


Artie has some of the details about the killer and his history of racist poetry, Artie says he read some of it and Adam says “please have Leonard Nimoy be the voice of it” – Adam


2nd Story is on the new pace of play rules for the MLB, Adam is asking for end to the super repetitive idiosyncratic behavior, Adam is commenting on how the average player is well below half, so what do all of these superstitious moves get you.

Adam is asking them to stop the spitting, Artie is unsure on this and Adam is further describing the gross spit move the players are doing.

Adam says the spitting is freaking him out and he’s describing a pitcher who does a weird tongue curl, Adam is joking about him doing that when he leaves the game and goes home to his wife, just spitting in her face.


Artie comments on his super bowl bet, Adam shares his big win and Adam is now quoting some expertise he’s heard about that last play.

Adam is sharing his “he’s a genius” logic for why Pete Carrol chose that play over a running play, Adam says that they did exactly what Bill Belichick and the Patriots wanted.


Adam is now doing a Legal Zoom live read

Artie praises Dawson’s golden pipes, he always takes note of the man’s skillset.


3rd Story is on the FCC net neutrality bill passing, Gina has the details.

Adam has his usual take on the government and how eventually they might try to get their beak wet, mafia style.

Adam is calling the government a large dumber version of the mafia, criminals are cunning the government is not.


Adam is telling them about traffic school vs. paying tickets and how the law changed in their favor, Artie is making a point about the necessity of bead cops.

Adam is further predicting the government will one day wet their beaks with this policy, Adam brings up the patent trolls without making note of the possibility of internet fast lanes benefiting large companies and hurting independent podcasts like his.


4th Story is on Apple being ordered to pay patent trolls, Adam is responding to the lawsuit taking place in Texas and he says they hang their shingle up their as they know it’s beneficial to their case.

Gina has some more info and Adam is asking who these judges are, he comments on the conflict of interest and Artie agrees.

Adam is now asking why Apple must do a high tech court battle in Tyler Texas, Gina says that Apple is of course going to appeal, Adam has some funny a-peel comedy.


Adam can’t stand the people who claim this ruling is just a drop in the bucket for apple, that’s not the point, who care if they can afford it.

Adam says that most court related stuff is based on annoying you out of your money.


5th Story is on the hearing for Roman Polanski to be extradited, she’s got all of the details and Adam has a funny merkin one liner.

BB asks if we’re still doing this, Adam is now commenting on how Mexico refuses to extradite people, Adam says he wants to say to Mexico in response to that.

Adam is saying we should just come fucking get them, we will send a couple guys and pick him up, Artie is breaking down his crime and what he did to the 13 year old girl.


Adam is saying we can bomb you if you don’t like it, Artie is bringing up Nagasaki and Adam has a killer “Brown eye for Brown eye” one liner that Artie says need to be a T-Shirt slogan.

Adam says we should’ve just done that (sentence and lock up Roman Polanski) the same day much like they should have executed Charlie Manson already.


Adam is doing a Square Space live read


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.

Adam heard something weird in his cans, Dawson gets on mic and Adam wraps up the show.