Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/27/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 121

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/27/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 121

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 02-25-2014 – Release Date 02-27-2014

Production Number #121 Big Textile

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Adam is opening the show with the standard intro, he’s breaking down the PayPal subscription math and now Drew is getting to what’s up with him.

Adam is asking him about things, Drew is telling Adam about his daughter and her articles about her eating disorder which was picked up by the Post as a news story.

Adam is now making a point about this middle zone of media, everyone is a guinea pig and the people after us will have it down after learning the lessons of our experiences.


Adam is now bringing up the old timey powered wig rapists that got away with murder vs. modern day where anything you do gets a response, reaction and judgment from the public.

Drew is giving the details of how he’s being punished in the media about his daughter’s life and disease, he’s getting to the “we better get your teeth checked” reply from Susan when Paulina first told her mid-fight in a car ride.

Adam is now asking about the intrusive parents and the cliché they discussed on Loveline, Adam predicted this while joking about it many, many times.


Adam is telling Drew not to put a happy spin on his demands for his family, Adam is explaining how he demands a lot too from himself.

Adam is getting to people using the “I’m coming down with something” excuse.

Adam is now touching on the weight issues and messages between boys and girls, Drew is telling him that he’s prescient and this came up.

Drew is now citing all the people who didn’t catch this, Adam is now making a point about how he got through all of school being functionally illiterate, people don’t try to catch people.

Drew is saying that even when trying to catch someone it’s very hard, Adam has a point about locked bathroom doors allowing for private acts, eating disorders, coke use, drug tests.


Adam is getting to the way he sees weight fluctuations among people and how he never thinks eating disorder unless they appear to be like Karen Carpenter, Adam is using DJ Qualls to make his point.

Drew is joking about friends who involve him in their projects, trying to dig at Adam, Gary is on mic as Adam has a killer “Friends” joke.

Drew is using his own cancer diagnosis and how people act like he shouldn’t get sick, Adam wants to know if Paulina’s motivation is 100% altruistic or if part of her needs to be heard and wants to battle mom a bit.


Adam is telling Drew to think about it while he makes a point about the two stages of people being desired to be heard, he’s citing the Mackenzie Phillips incest story and the less likely Maureen McCormick story from the 2009 morning show.

Drew is making a point about seeing Paulina giving interviews at 20 and how poised she was in comparison to what Adam and Drew would have been like at that age.

Drew is telling Adam about all of her interviews scheduled this week, Adam says maybe 20 is good, she’s not too up in her head.


Adam wants to know if she’s going to get a book deal out of this, Drew explains it’s not about that for her, she’s trying to be of service.

Drew hopes she doesn’t get a TV show out of this, Adam predicts it’s where it’s heading after doing “The View” and how someone is bound to take notice and offer her a show.


Adam and Drew are now back from break and Adam is telling him about his fantastic work in the Olsen Twins movie from 2004, playing their father.


Adam is now commenting on Drew’s treadmill of life, he’s saying that everyone would say they’re on one and Adam is making note between their emotional treadmills vs. Adam’s physical one.

Drew agrees, Adam is making a point about worry vs. going to the airport, at least with one you can sleep in your bed at night.

Adam says he’s starting to understand that nobody really cares that much, he making note of the KTLA Sam Jackson incident that was a news story for about 72hrs.


Adam has a great stepped on a rake dinner party analogy and making a point about people seizing the opportunity to make a scene or point, the schadenfreude of it all.


1st Caller Jeff, he’s exciting a 20yr marriage and Drew wants to know why his wife wasn’t treated for her intimacy issues.

Jeff is telling them about his new gal taking a huge nose dive in the last 6 months and how he’s not privy to her treatment but thinks she may be suffering from “borderline” personality traits.

Drew is asking him about her relationship past and childhood trauma, he’s spelling out what it leads to.

Drew is explaining how important his treatment is and what a borderline can do to their partner, spinning them in different directions.


2nd Caller Jamie, she’s been married for 8 years and they have issues with spending vs. saving money.

Adam wants to know what she’s spending their money on, Adam is now commenting on clothes purchases and his own wife’s lack of impulse for shopping yet still has 30+ pairs of shoes.

Adam is now commenting on women saying they can’t wear a dress twice in 10 years, Adam wants to know about big textile, he’s blaming them, big fashion.


Adam is now commenting on the notion that you can’t be seen twice in the same ensemble, Adam says it’s very first world and lavish, almost arrogant.

Adam is making a point about these same women being hypocritical Prius drivers trying go green in every other facet of life.

Drew is sharing his own strategy with his wife, letting her take control of the finances to have a larger role in their spending, to see how saving could benefit them.

Adam is having her clarify how cheap her husband is, they’re being very fair while discussing how they both need to compromise.


Adam is now doing another live read with Drew.


3rd Caller Rob, he’s calling about his daughter’s kidney disorder, Glomerulonephritis the topic of an infamous 2005 Loveline call.

Drew is explaining the nature of the condition and the possible consequences, Rob is explaining that she doesn’t have the worst version of this.

Drew prompts Adam to ask if he’s real doctor or just a love doctor, gold!

Adam is critiquing Drew’s “oomph” reply, Adam is cutting him short and Drew is recommending a really good pediatrician to act as a middle man between him and the specialists, Adam says he needs a wedding planner.


Adam and Drew are wrapping things up, Adam is giving out the plugs.