Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/27/2014 – Mike Rowe and Larry Wachs

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/27/2014 – Mike Rowe and Larry Wachs

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Mike Rowe and Larry Wachs

Recorded 02-26-2014 – Release Date 02-27-2014

Production Number #1270

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Adam is opening the show with Mike Rowe making his 3rd appearance on the podcast, he was on episodes #96 and #167 from year one, Dawson has a nice intro showing his fucking chops, hilarious “micro penis” comedy, probably with an assist from Lynch who wrote it I assume.

Adam is saying how excited he is to hear from Mike, he’s not getting to the full history, in 2008 I called into the KLSX ACS and requested Mike as a guest, and he was actually my first “get” for the show.

He refused to leave after his 203 segments were done and ended up staying for a record 9 segments, basically a fully show, only guest ever to do that.


Adam is now getting to the Bieber prank and his connection to the men who started, the Regular Guys, he’s giving some quick history of them and their connection to Jack Silver, BB is busting out the FJS.

Adam is explaining KLSX the former FM talk station, he’s now listing some of their old programming and citing the Kato Kaelin show.

Larry Wachs is making his 2nd appearance on the ACS, he’s on the phone and telling Adam about his history at KLSX, Adam is asking him to list off some of the other “on air” talents of his era.


Adam now is going to bust out his Carlos Oscar impression, he’s explaining how the show would work due to its time constraints, hilarious.

Adam is explaining why he loved “John and Jeff” so much, they set the bar so low in radio, inspiring him to keep going, and “if they can do it, anyone can”.

Adam and Larry are setting up some John and Jeff for the gang, he’s explaining how their “riffing” worked, Larry is now John or Jeff.


Adam is sharing the Jimmy Kimmel prank into John and Jeff’s show, the “If you’re black, let’s hear your rap” story.

Larry was let go in 1997, Adam is asking him about the “Nasty Man” and Larry seems to know even more than Adam about it, Adam is mocking the 6 “nastyman’isms” he used.

Adam is explaining how he saw the papered walls of the Nasty Man’s studio, where he had his slogans taped to the wall for when he ran out of things to say.


Larry and Adam are talking about the “radio mavericks” who booked the KLSX lineup, Adam has a nice turn of phrase working their age into the equation and referencing the TV show “Maverick”.

Adam is sharing the “radio death” theory from Jack Silver and Larry is now telling the gang about being called “boring” and the suicide hotline joke that preceded their termination from Bob Moore.

Adam has a hilarious “corrective sandals” comment and Larry is confirming he was sporting them.


Larry is telling them about how “Conway and Steckler” followed in their time slot and he’s sharing how Eric was fired from the show, as discussed on the last podcast.

Adam is now having Larry breakdown the prank and how it all started, he’s going in depth explaining it.

Adam is now wrapping up with Larry and joking with the gang about the former KLSX lineup, BB has a nice bit of FJS and Alison is asking why radio ends up with so many has-been’s.


Adam is now arguing against the “hot chick” theory for morning radio, Adam would rather have Artie Lange over a hot chick, and BB has a nice comment mocking Alison’s appearance.

Adam is now doing a live read, with Gary once again being worked into the mix.

Adam is now telling the “He Say His Name Was Bobby” story from 1999 Classic Loveline, he’s told it before but nobody seems to remember its Bobby, which with the broken English makes the story funnier, it was first told when the Columbine Kids guested on Oct. 24th 1999.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Trey, had a child with his ex-fiancé, he’s telling them about a domestic dispute that led to a restraining order.

Adam is now having him explain the nature of the incident, he’s giving all the details and explaining how he was visited by the sheriff the next morning.

Adam is asking him to explain the problem, which is his visitation rights, Adam says “don’t have kids with crazy people” and jokes about his own parentage.

Adam is joking with him about threatening his balls, he’s joking about his own use of zip ties to make his balls fall in line.


Adam is now joking about sweaters equally sincerity, he’s saying that if Trey gets bundled up in a few and makes nice with his exes mom, he might have an avenue to address this.

Adam has a nice “crazy cunt… I mean Becky” reply while explaining how the situation could go down between Trey and his son’s grandmother.

Trey wants to know when Mangria will be in stores in DC, Adam says they’re working on it,


2nd Caller Albert, he’s telling them about “heart shaped doughnuts” and wants to know if Adam has a problem with novelty holiday food.

Adam says he doesn’t like that idea but isn’t picky, he’s citing Matt Fondiler bringing the Halloween Doughnuts from like 3 years ago.

Adam is sharing how he doesn’t like the laser imaged cakes, he doesn’t want to mutilate a child’s face in cake/frosting form.


BB is asking Adam for his take on “Groomsmen” cakes and Adam is making a point about shape shouldn’t dictate food, taste only.

Adam is really launching into Matt getting recommendations from the doughnut lady and now has Chris on mic to explain how waiter recommendations work, what he would choose.


3rd Caller Wilmer is calling back for the way too many’th time in recent memory, c’mon guys, it’s once per month, that’s the rule for a regular caller that nobody asked to keep calling in, get it right man!

Wilmer has some problem with his fiancé that he wants a million people to suffer though, pick up the pace guy.

He’s presenting an argument and his fiancé can be heard from the background, Adam now has her on the line, he’s talking with Vanessa who sounds like Rosie Perez.

Adam is going in depth her Rosie Perez comparisons, Adam wants to know how someone goes their whole life without being told who they sound like, and they’re now playing a random interview clip of Rosie.


4th Caller Mindy, she’s citing Adam’s wedding dress rule, regarding cost vs. weight after marriage, the 100$ equals 1 year, Mindy wants to know if there is a cheapskate reverse of this idea.

Adam is joking about the state providing her cash refund if she can find a dress for 500$, she’s telling them about the cost of the dress.

Adam is now doing a live read.


Mike Rowe is now returning to the podcast over a 1k episode absence, Adam is sharing how they often discuss American workers and education for young people regarding on the job training and apprenticeship.

Mike is now telling the gang about his commercial for Wal-Mart that has led to a nightmare of publicity and death threats.

Mike is explaining how was hired and discovered the initial reaction to the commercial, he’s being super fair minded and telling all of the details.


Adam has a hilarious “what’s your boyfriends” name in reply to Mike’s wine of choice, he’s explaining how the FB Q and A session he did only fed the flames of this controversy.

They’re now playing the commercial Mike did for Wal-Mart.

Adam says it’s a great spot and wants to know if we don’t have bigger problems in this country, the big to small rule.

Mike is making a point about cognitive dissonance and what role it plays in this, when someone you hate does something you approve of, how that can send people into a tailspin.


Adam says most of the controversy that comes he doesn’t care about, but does make note of the real issues that people ignore, Adam says everyone is getting weird in their wiring, the colossal pussy factor.

Adam is getting to the discussion Adam and Mike had about musical talent compared to a laborious skill or trade, the craftsmanship way of viewing the word according to Mike.

Hilarious “you gotta want it” from Mike in reply to Adam calling back his wine of choice, Adam is bringing up the way businesses evolve, he’s looking back at the last 100 years and focusing on AMC and Harley Davidson.


Mike the former opera singer has an appropriate opera metaphor for this stuff and these stories Adam is quoting, Mike is now bringing up Hewlett Packard and explaining why he chose them.

Mike is making a point about innovation vs. imitation, he’s making some great points using cellphones to make his point, and he’s sounding smart as shit despite me barely understanding what he’s saying.

Adam wants to know what the plan is and how we fix it, he’s getting to the lack of practical skills and the tangible connection to building with your hands and what it does for your imagination and ability to create things.


Mike is now telling them about doing 300 episodes of “Dirty Jobs” and comparing that to Adam building his warehouse, Mike hadn’t seen it since year one, orange couch and lav mics.

Adam is sharing how the goals of getting things done by the end of the day made time pass quicker and made him feel valuable and like he accomplished something.

Mike is bringing up that 9 out of 10 people have jobs that are dependent on others to give feedback and determine your value, unlike building something.


Adam is getting to the smallish group of guys always working on his construction crew and how he’s never walked in on the guys and had one pull him aside about watching his step cause someone is in a bad mood and how they’ll eat anything he brings.

Adam says that a physical job leads to a more content/stoic employee and Mike is sharing a guy he met while doing maintenance on a yacht.

Mike is telling the gang about the blood streaming from the man’s head, he scraped the skin down to his skull and immediately covered it up, stoicism indeed.


Mike is getting to the angry acronyms out there and the “Safety Third” rule of working, he’s explaining that idea that was discussed on his last appearance on the podcast over 4 years ago.

Adam is getting to a bit from “President Me”, what if 1 out of 10 cars had a Prussian helmet instead of an airbag and how it would affect drivers globally.

Mike is now sharing a conversation with a pilot about the slogan “your safety is our priority” and he’s giving his side of the conversation, the notion that the pilot cares about strangers more than his own kids, he’s using oxygen masks and carriage laws to make a point about the dangers of flying.


Alison now has them all discussing safety and protective gear, if it actually helps anyone, Adam is referencing the NFL and Mike Rowe is getting to a theory about homeostatic risk while possibly crediting the wrong man for it.

Mike is now using “Deadliest Catch” to make his point, how safety is under your control and also your choice while on a crab boat.

Adam is now telling Mike about his kids, he’s citing the time his daughter demanded he move to the back of the room and ate shit after demanding Adam back up too far, past her range.


The “Less Forward” story, hilarious ate carpet reply and Adam is explaining how taught her a lesson but how she couldn’t blame him after learning her range.

Mike says Adam is not a villain nor hero, he’s saying the carpet is the most important part, Adam is now joking about AIDS infused broken glass, hilarious riff with Mike.

Mike is saying that Adam made the right choice and Alison wants to know if Adam even attempted to catch her, Mike is asking about the carpet, he wants to know its ok after the spill.


Adam is now telling Mike about his worst job cleaning carpets while doing a live read for Dollar Shave club, they’re joking about the blade count in modern razors, hilarious one liners from both guys about what each blade does, this is comedy gold!

Ace Awards material!

Adam is telling Mike about “The Better Man” drink using his Mangria that Mike is enjoying currently.


Adam is getting Mike to close out the Wal-Mart story and if it’s dying down, he’s listing all of the things that allow him not to really care too much, he’s making a point about American manufacturing and how it will help stimulate the economy.

Adam is getting the whore like nature of the average American consumerist, they’re now having a Rye incident with someone trying to make him a drink, and Adam wants a little splash of rye.

They’re now joking about ice cube trays and the lack of ice, Alison is explaining the type of fridge they have and Adam is now mocking the idiots who put empty trays and cartons back in the fridge.

Adam is now wrapping up the show to have a proper man-date with Mike who has to catch a flight sometime after the show wraps.