Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/26/2016 – Christa Campbell, Lati Grobman, and Vinnie Tortorich

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/26/2016 – Christa Campbell, Lati Grobman, and Vinnie Tortorich

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Christa Campbell, Lati Grobman, and Vinnie Tortorich

Recorded 02-25-2016 – Release Date 02-26-2016

Production Number #1766

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Adam opens the show with funny conjunctivitis intro and he welcomes Kristen Carney back to the show, BB has a drop of Adam saying ‘I Threw Away My Stage Pants’ and BB quizzes Vinnie about his bathing regimen.

Kristen Carney asks Adam about what he uses to wipe and he riffs about buying horsetails off Amazon, BB says that Adam’s eye is getting progressively worse.

Adam says he just put drops in it and he talks about returning from the table read of ‘Modern Family’ and BB asks about the exterior house used for the show from his neighborhood.


Adam is now commenting on the tweets where he predicted Trump as president in 2016 back on his KLSX radio show in 2008.

Adam says that Trump wasn’t threatening to run, Adam is trying to frame this bizarre promotion and Kristen Carney comments on it being a threat.

Adam sets up the clip and they play the full thing, with Teresa leading him on his Trump impression and riff.


Adam says he was just letting his eye rest and he plugs Vinnie’s book, Vinnie says that Adam must have one of the most beautiful family’s he’s ever seen.

Vinnie says Lynette is perfect and BB tells Vinnie what a weird subject this is, Adam gives it the ok and Vinnie is back to how perfect their lives seemed and how he presumed that Howie Mandell was punking him by trying to tell the Carollas how to stay fit.

Adam talks about the double edge sword of a good metabolism and what it means for your actual health vs. appearance.


Vinnie talks about people who have the metabolism that gets away with murder and how they’re roughly 20% of the populace.

Adam is explaining how his buddy Ray would have to verbally argue and fight with people to prove he didn’t work out while he was drinking and smoking.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom Live Read


Fit or BullShit

1st FoB Fatty Liver disease is caused by the constant overconsumption generally by alcoholics, Vinnie explains why this was false and how high fructose corn syrup can now cause it even if you’re perfectly thin.

Vinnie has a use of “acute” and Adam thought he was flirting but actually he was referencing Kristen’s pregnancy.


2nd FoB Type 1 diabetes is caused by the overconsumption of high carbs.

Vinnie explains how metabolic syndrome leads to all of this and Vinnie apologizes for talking Adam out of his answer, Adam calls BB the winner and they move on.


Adam talks about the documentary ‘Winter on Fire’ and praises the filmmakers who will be joining them in a few.


Q and Ace

1st Caller Andrew, he congratulates Kristen on Gina’s anniversary and he wants to know if anyone has a story of turning in their two weeks’ notice at a job.

Adam talks about how show business and job sites work.

Adam mentions he stayed home in 2007, he talks about how guys who fight just fight and guys who talk do just that.


Adam is explaining how he didn’t even talk to his agent and how he knew his agent would promise to smooth things out.

Adam explains how Kimmel showed up at his door and asked him if he could answer his phone as they kept calling him.

Adam talks about the live show he missed and BB jokes about them getting what they asked for by not letting him do long form Donald Trump impressions, wow!


Vinnie is telling them about walking off camp and mentions Bubby Brister who he knows as Bubba who also left the same camp and went onto the NFL.

Vinnie is sharing some background on Bubby and Adam says you know he’s not lying about playing college ball with him as he called him Bubba.

Vinnie asks about the Miracle Mets vs. Amazing Mets and he wisely asks Kristen if she has any idea what the fuck they’re talking about, funny.


Adam is now wrapping up with Vinnie and gives out the plugs as they head to break.

Vinnie will be guesting on ‘For Crying Out Loud’ and you can hear it here:

FCOL with Vinnie Tortorich


Adam welcomes the documentarians behind ‘Winter on Fire’ to the show making their ACS debuts, Adam brings up the amazing footage they got and Christa and Lati explain how they got information and used Facebook to make this movie.

Lati explains how they were directing people to the square to see this play out, Christa comments on the live bullets the military was firing at protestors.

Adam says it was refreshing to see white people being roughed up and he comments on Vitali Klitschko even getting floured by the protestors he was supporting.


Lati is talking about the relative beauty of the Klitschko men and BB asks how many people were killed.

Adam is talking about the chaos and bloodshed among some of the most beautiful lighting and architecture.

Lati praises the music in the film and how it was reedited when they brought the footage to Netflix, they re-structured the entire running time and know how to structure these docs.


BB asks what they’re wearing for the Academy Awards and Adam says if you win you can’t show up dressed like Cher in 1974, funny Bob Fosse gown and plastic pumpkin on your head one liners.

Lati mixes up radio DJ’s with long haul truckers while talking about professions where people were diapers, poker players etc.

Christa tells them about working in the ‘Texas chainsaw Massacre’ franchise and Lati tells them about the poverty of documentary filmmaking.


Christa is making a point about the relative unknown violence depicted in his documentary and she mentions the woman in Texas who was eaten by a bear, funny comment from Adam joking that he knew the woman, coincidentally close to the fallen tree in San Diego and the connection to Mike Carano and BB from last month.

Adam is talking about the utter chaos in the film and how there wasn’t a clear good/bad guy in the film, there was nothing to hang their hats on.

Adam talks about the relative confusion about Russian politics and policy and he asks them what’s going on right now in the Ukraine, how are things.


Adam asks how much of this is Russia’s doing and Lati is avoiding getting too political, she is saying that you shouldn’t be able to shoot live bullets at humans for disagreeing with you.

Kristen asks about these people who show up the day after the cops shooting the protestors, Adam says there are not a lot of other options.

Lati is saying it’s a fomented rage of many years, Adam jokes about not being as heroic as protestors but watching a subtitled movie with a bad eye puts him close, they all riff about his eye infection.


Adam is doing a Zip Recruiter Live read


BB asks them if they get to take part in the Oscar lead up parties and events.

Adam tells them to enjoy the movement and jokes about them not showing up there with Texas Chainsaw movies in the future.

Christa is praising Lati and her work reediting the whole film over a year, Adam suggests they both show up in black face and do it as protest for the #OscarsSoWhite controversy.


Adam is talking about the Oscar odds for the Documentary category and he says the movie Amy was overproduced perhaps.

They both love her music and they comment on it a bit.

Adam suggest perhaps a few less cuts to her finds and explains his take on the real challenge of a documentary.


Adam talks about making his Paul Newman documentary and contrasts that to ‘King of Kong’ and Lati has a great point about the average viewer and how people take in films.

BB says he saw every documentary nominated this year and there wasn’t a stinker this time, he’s citing some previous years and Adam says he tried Citizen Four but couldn’t finish it.

Christa and Lati are going over their reactions to the nomination and they move on.


Gina’s News

1st Story is some lawsuits from former students of Trump’s university that never led to the promised careers or benefits.

Adam is joking about the old Tommy Vu infomercials from the 1990’s and the self-selecting group who buy into this bullshit and these programs.

They are now watching an old Tommy Vu commercial, Adam wants a good clip minus the piano and comments on people remixing things on the internet before trailing off.


Adam thinks Trump has been sued 200k times and they move on.


2nd Story is on Iowa lawmakers approving a bill to allow elementary school children to handle and possess firearms.

Adam says that cheap helicopters are worse than no helicopters, it’s lower rent than not having one at all, there are certain version of boats that are the same way.

Gary has a better clip and Adam says the testimonial was always the best part.


Adam is sharing his simple plan and he says that if you really could make this cash you would keep it secret, like the people who claim they can predict the super bowl winner every time.

Gary says the Tommy Vu prison sentence is a myth, Gary has some of the details about him being indicted and sued and how he still plays in the World Series of Poker.


3rd Story is on a recent survey of Los Angeles citizen who want the city to hold the 2024 Olympics, Adam says they say they want that and BB shares the devil’s advocate POV of infrastructure improvements.

Adam predicts a rounding up of the homeless people and a Soylent green solution.

Adam talks about the graffiti all along the guard rail and across the freeway, Sonny asked why people who do that and Adam says it’s because they have shitty parents, if your kid is out tagging things you have a shitty parent.


Adam says that Caitlyn Jenner will have to run a leg of the Olympic Torch in Los Angeles.

Kristen brings up a ‘Graffiti Removal tool’ from Shark Tank and BB explains the joke of it.


4th Story is on the plane full of assholes who cheered in delight at an allergic child as he was deplaned.

Adam is now riffing about the city shutting down for marathons after touching on service dogs and assholes who bring their pets on planes.

They are back to the documentary and the way the cops thump on their shields and the “us vs. them” feeling that inspires in the populace.


They are back to the news story and Adam talks about the planes that are now full of dog dander and Adam is sharing how people applaud for the end of delays on flights, regardless of the reason.

Adam says this is puss on puss crime and he comments on the name Bowser.


5th Story is on Antonin Scalia’s hunting society that was with him while he was on vacation and passed away.

Adam is talking about your favorite activity becoming a lifestyle, he contrasts Surfers against Hunters and talks about the people who frequent ‘Color Me Mine’ and never speak of their pottery again.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read


6th Story is on the cowriter of ‘Idiocracy’ tweeting about the film as a parody and how it wasn’t meant to be a prediction of our own societal downfall.

Kristen quotes his tweet and Adam praises the movie, he’s describing it.

Adam is citing the fast food commercials of today and BB praises the film too.


Adam tells them they better hope this doesn’t come up Sunday night and BB now breaks down the plot and Adam is telling them who Terry Crews is.

Gary tells them it was 500 years ago, he means 500yrs in the future and Adam corrects him.

Adam is praising the content coming from so many sources and how you can find something of high quality whenever you want.


Christa shares her love for ‘Making a Murder’ and Adam shares his quiet theory about women and their obsession with murder along with how much they would assault men if they outweigh us all by 20lbs.

Kristen loves murder shows and true crime, Adam is talking about his wife’s love for Nancy Grace and quotes her asking why someone would need a bloody ice pick to walk their dog.

Kristen is quoting a study that shows Soap Operas being dwarfed by this true crime content.


Adam is now talking about how it seems every guy has had an affair as it comes out in the investigation and trial.

Adam says it’s the Gary Condit theory of life and how most of the time the intern doesn’t get abducted and killed.

Adam says his first question for interns is “do you jog in parks?” and Lati has a non PC reply.


Adam is now riffing about Arnold Schwarzenegger impregnating his maid and Adam says this makes him more man/Predator than he was before in his eyes.

Adam doesn’t get the guys who want to marry their mothers and how he aimed for someone as far away as possible in every capacity and regard.

Adam is talking about guys like stories about gladiators and shit.


Adam thinks that they bring life into the world hence the obsession with taking life, BB says that doesn’t make sense and Adam says it sounded good.

Kristen is weighing in and Christa says it’s real so it makes it better.

Adam then says perhaps a little too much time on their hands.


Adam says that women have a greater capacity for empathy and putting themselves in the shoes of people suffering.

BB thinks this might be women getting to let their repressed rage and anger out via other’s actions.

Adam shares his theory about ‘Making a Murderer’ getting its legs from the female viewers.

Kristen wraps the news kind of, Adam goes right into a live read


Adam is doing a 720CreditScore Live Read

Unfuck your credit report edition


Adam is now wrapping up the show and has a funny “talking about a journalist” zinger as he gives out the closing plugs for the guests and their movie.

Adam has a funny Lati/Latty closing riff and remembers to plug Kristen’s website.

BB closes the show with the “I’m kinda horny what do I do with it” drop.