Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/26/2015 – Sam Jones and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/26/2015 – Sam Jones and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Sam Jones and Matt Atchity

Recorded 02-25-2015 – Release Date 02-26-2015

Production Number #1520

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Adam opens the show with a spirited intro and plug for the two live shows from Caroline’s in NYC.

Matt Atchity returns to the show and BB plays the first drop he ever loaded into his Replay 360, Adam is now praising the movie it’s from ‘Defending Your Life’ and contrasts it from something like ‘Groundhog Day’ and has some solid logic about how we’ll all die vs. how many of us will repeat a day for 30-40 years.

Adam says you should see a comedy in a place with other people and laugh with other people, Adam is now using ‘American Sniper’ to make a point about how you reenact scenes from movies and says he was recently doing the “Lock it up” scene from ‘Wedding Crashers’.


Adam is now saying you don’t recreate the scene in Fallujah with mop handle fake guns, Adam is now proposing a live Eddie Murphy plays your palace show for the sultan of Brunei and hoe he even he would want some other people around to witness the comedy.

Adam is asking Matt what he predicts for the score for his movie ‘Road Hard’ and tells him about giving out free tickets to critics to see it with fans.

BB is telling Adam to invite the Rotten Tomato critics to the screenings in each cities, Adam says he heard that Richard Roeper liked the movie.


Adam is now quizzing Matt about the movie vs. ‘The Hammer’ and he says it’s very sweet but not in a bad way, he likes it.

Adam is now doing a comparison of the difficulty of making a romantic comedy vs. a documentary, he says a doc is a more forgivable form to watch a story, easier to make and Gina has a funny callback about the bad description for his movie, nice!

Adam says that the theme to the Rotten Tomatoes game has now become bigger than the game itself, BB has a great ‘The Heights’ reference.


Adam is now giving out the plug for ‘Unfinished Business’


Q and Ace

1st Caller Lewis, he wants to know why the media rags on Adam and claims he’s homophobic and racist, BB has a great one liner and Adam has an even funnier dark twist.

Lewis wants to know why people are so determined to paint him as a homophobic racist, Adam is now mocking the notion of Hollywood tearing themselves a new sanctimonies asshole about not embracing diversity at their own award celebration.

Adam is telling them about doing an interview for an Entertainment Weekly piece on Jimmy Kimmel and he’s now on an epic rant about living in actual poverty.


Adam is on fire and ranting about digging footings with a coffee can, Adam tells BB to turn the music off and says he’s pissed.

Adam is destroying the idea of him benefiting from white privilege, He says life took revenge on him for an extended period of time.

Adam is joking about people thinking his former life was the volleyball montage from ‘Top Gun’ and he’s now telling him to pot this music down.


Adam is bringing up the bogus reporting and narrative put forth by EW about the final season of the Man Show after Adam and Jimmy left and ended things and the previously frozen out producers tried to revive it and completely failed and humiliated themselves and their company.

Adam is quoting the “braying sports aficionado” line and the “Carolla’ectomy” along with the bullshit about Jimmy’s ill-fated venture into late night, the new king of late night actually.

Adam says he could’ve looked like someone with dignity who chose to leave the show with his friend, instead of painting it to look like he wanted to continue and was let go.


Adam is bringing up the lack of his representation in the crowd funding Hollywood success list that EW ran, Adam is telling them to all go fuck themselves and mocking EW for not writing up a story on ‘;Road Hard’ and says it will never be told.

Adam is mocking the idea of being the bully that everyone is raging against, he never bullied anyone and was much poorer than anyone you ever knew.

Adam wraps up his rant and Gina is the only one bold enough to ask a follow up about what the EW reporter said to his opening explanation.


Adam is leaving out the Tom Shales element and jokes about them offering him the Man Show final season with any co-host including the dead dog from ‘Turn and Hooch’ and Gina has a nice addition that Adam really appreciates as BB tries to blow off the obvious agenda.

Adam is now telling people if they’re ever going to convince him he’s something he’s not are wasting their fucking time and his daughter and wife are having the times of their lives, they don’t need anyone to feel sorry for them.


Adam takes it back to Lewis he has a follow up, he’s bringing up adoption and says that he can’t agree with Adam about adoption and all things being equal.

Adam is clarifying his point and saying that nature, he’s now using the ultimate argument of nature and evolution.

Adam is now commenting on Matt’s refusal to answer the question, all things being equal and Adam takes it back and has him on the ropes.


Adam is telling him he gets to give the right answer and stay in the good graces of his Hollywood chums.

Adam says he doesn’t like people misrepresenting him and how people turn commendable actions from him into disgraceful and sad fictional narratives.

Adam says he can do bad things or he can do nothing, they won’t notice if he does something great and BB brings up the “Must List” including that Adam has framed.


Adam changes his tune and Matt tells them about Rotten Tomatoes getting the boot from Sirius due to Entertainment Weekly not wanting them as competition, on the same network?

Matt is getting catty and the gang notice it, good stuff.

I like it when Matt gets real.


Adam is now doing a live read for Tax Act

Adam mocking the idea of a word like E-Fileable and how that would confuse someone if uttered when he was in high school.


Rotten or FreshThe Rotten Tomatoes Game

Will Smith movies edition

They briefly joke about his fill in doing better than him, BB has a killer one liner aimed at Matt and Adam has a brilliant follow up.

Adam asks if he wants to see the new movie he has out ‘Focus’ and Matt tells them it’s just ok and is clearly trying to ape the movie ‘Out Of sight’.


1st Movie ‘Independence Day’ (1996)

Adam likes the movie and how he punches the alien in the face upon meeting him, Adam is joking about trying to punch an octopus in the nose, he doesn’t think you would knock it out like a guy, he thinks it would die or run away.

Hilarious new riff about a 19 year old movie.

Adam says he likes the movie but doesn’t think critics could’ve given it up to this one even if fulfilled all the things promised by the poster, trailer and genre.

Adam says 71, BB says 72 and Gina goes with 83.


2nd Movie ‘Men in Black’ (1997)

Adam says this is another movie that you think critics wouldn’t like, he says this has a nerd angle and says they go nuts for nerd blockbusters, not the jock style of ID4.

Adam guesses 79, BB goes 83 and Gina goes with 78 and Adam is pissed he didn’t listen to himself, Adam is now further making a point about this being a nerd movie and comments on his guess being right in line with the audience.

Adam blames the nerds taking over the fucking world.


3rd Movie ‘Wild Wild West’ (1999)

Adam says there was some fun stuff in this movie, he praises Kevin Kline and guess 34, BB says 20 and Gina guesses 42.

Adam says he didn’t know this movie was this poorly received, Chris gets on mic to explain that Will Smith turned down the role of Neo in ‘The Matrix’ to make this movie and Matt defends that choice and quotes Will.


4th Movie ‘Ali’ (2003)

Adam says he can’t figure out if he was great or the movie was just great, Adam is guessing 84, Gina has 79 and BB guesses 90.


5th Movie ‘I Am Legend’ (2007)

Adam and Gina both liked the movie, Adam doesn’t know why they didn’t call it Omega Man Part 2, Matt wisely informs him of the original book but leaves out the decades long struggle to finally adapt it to the screen which still resulted in something only about 5% of the quality of the book.

Adam is now trying to generate a guess, he’s got some good descriptions of the types of movies that critics like to watch/review, Matt’s reaction to the movie Adam just described is incredible.

Adam is mocking the notion of selling out.

Adam says 73, BB 83 and Gina with 60.


Adam is addressing the low 70 score, Matt brings up the problems people had with the ending.

Matt explains that Ben Lyons got some harsh criticism for calling this one of the best movies ever made after taking over the chair on ‘At the Movies.’

Adam reads off the scores, Adam is telling her the key to the game is cynicism, and there is a perfectly timed “Bald Bryan is right everybody” drop, nice.


2nd Caller Eric, he claims to know why airlines are letting dogs on planes, he’s got a simple explanation about the Americans with Disabilities act and basically sums things up.

Adam says that the government with the best of intentions sets something up and people then game the system and take advantage, he asks if things ever really help.

Adam is now riffing about vets formerly needing to clip their pants due to missing limbs, he wonders if we just have greater pants budget now.


Adam is saying that Stephen Hawking makes enough and can pay for his own ramps, BB brings up that he’s not from America and Adam has a nice reply.

Adam is explaining how disabilities were once defined vs. today, he’s saying that in bygone eras you were stinging beads staring into the distance, now you have the benefit of technology and fancy wheelchairs.

Adam says back in the day there were only a couple of gigs, not you can find a life in data entry and just need computer access.


Adam is saying we’re not beating ourselves with our own fucking stick, he’s mocking the idea of being enslaved by a set of rules passed down from alien overlords.

Adam is arguing for a sensible modification of the American’s with Disabilities act, even BB seems to agree with his summation of Adam’s argument.

Adam is bringing up his old Beachwood canyon house and the million stairs leading to the house, Adam is bringing up the building inspector demanding Adam build out his door way to 32 inches.


Adam shares how he shut the guy down by knowing the reason for the building code.

Adam takes it back to the caller and they wrap up with some “Yes” drop work from BB.


Adam is doing a Reverie Bed Live Read

“Notice you’re driving the Jetta today” – Adam


3rd Caller Maggie, she is an avid fan and lives in the west side of Cleveland, she’s describing her neighbors who are making her nervous, she’s got a killer impression of her neighbor who asked her to let him in, she pre-apologizes for the impression.

Adam and Maggie are now talking about Ariel Castro and Maggie actually performed Karaoke with one of the victims, she tells Adam the woman did a rendition of “Intergalactic’ during their ‘Beastie Boys’ themed evening.

BB asks if she sees the girl out often, Maggie is shockingly in the know, Adam is bring a dick and mocks the idea of doing standup Cleveland.


Adam is killing it, this call is Ace Awards 2015 material.

Adam is asking her to do the impression again, it’s so fucking great.

Adam says the best way to deal with unruly neighbors is to not, to avoid them completely.

Adam says the unruly start listening a few years after being incarcerated.


Adam’s advice to everyone is to just move out, Adam is now having her do an impression of the “drug lord” woman who she hears screaming and fucking.

Adam is telling her to track down her biological dad in Florida and kick him in the nuts, she informs Adam her deadbeat dad does reside in Naples.

Adam not so subtle remarks on his nearly perfect guessing history.


Adam tells Maggie to move out, she’s such a fun caller and is really adding to the show, I hope she calls back again.

Maggie is telling them about her now sick and possibly dying father reaching out to her and he gives her a spirited pep talk to empower her to keep her dad out of her life and not feel unneeded guilt about it.

Maggie really appreciates it and Adam touches on the very meaningful conversation he had with his daughter that led to a single tear, one of the most touching stories ever shared by Adam.

This was discussed on the upcoming ADS #217, Gina’s reaction is wonderful and BB’s as well, Matt jumps in and jokes that she was upset about not being able to get her ear’s pierced yet.


Adam further gives Maggie some encouragement now that she’s off the line, he restates his opinion about not owing parents who abandoned you.

“The kid turned out to be a piece of shit right?” – Adam summing up the film ‘Boyhood’ during his closing talk with Atchity about this year’s crop of academy award nominated films.

Adam heads to break.


They’re back from Break

Sam Jones is making his ACS debut, Adam is asking him about his journey from taking photos that led to his current show.

Adam and Sam are talking about getting follow up work after the first photos turn out well and they talk about his work photographing Obama. They talk about John Hamm and Adam mentions his cock, echoing a recent episode of For Crying Out Loud, his wife’s podcast.

Sam is now telling them about his documentary “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart” about the band Wilco, Adam is now adding them to the list of bands people claim they love but never actually seem to listen to.


Gary is updating Adam on Sam’s bio, Adam is sarcastically mocking the notion of Caelan fucking up a bio for a guest.

They’re going even further in depth on his work photographing Obama and spending time with him on Air Force One.

Sam is telling them about Obama’s ability to do the political trick/move of remembering facts about you and making you feel like the only person they’re interested in seeing, Adam brings up Tom Cruise and his similar move with people’s names.

Sam shares the dirty joke he told the President to get his iconic shot they’re all commenting on.


Adam does a Blinds Galore live read


Gina’s News

1st Story is on the 1989 film ‘Road House’ being used to train NYC cops to embrace the philosophy of “being nice until it’s time to not be nice” and Adam mixes up Road House and Road Hard, BB has a funny one liner.

Gina is now playing the scene from the film that’s being used to train the cops.


2nd Story is on Yoko Ono’s open letter about the criticisms regarding her “music” and Gina plays a clip after reading a selection from the letter.

Gina brings up her calling out Iggy Pop and Adam gives his honest take on his career and talent as well, Adam says that when you get the insane energy that often is masking a lack of talent.

Gina jokes about Sam not celebrating the catalog of Yoko Ono.

Adam and BB give their honest take on the talent level of Lou Reed and Adam shares his unpopular take on Bob Dylan, Adam throws Frank Zappa on the bus of guys he thinks are overrated.

Gina has a funny line about him knowing how to name his offspring.


3rd Story is on the vote to start work on a new Los Angeles being approved by Inglewood County in California.

Gina has all of the details, Adam is now sharing an anecdote of trying to discuss something with Mike August in the green room before the live show.

Adam is describing the Bengals helmet lettering, Adam and BB both knew he was wrong and he went on his iPhone and Adam is not done with Mike, he’s going back to how they couldn’t find the helmet Mike had described, Adam thought the palm sized computers would end all of these retarded arguments.


Adam is doing a live read for Future Advisor

Adam uses his parents’ lack of a retirement plan for a funny setup


4th Story is on a Tulsa woman being arrested after allegedly trying to bite of her boyfriend’s penis, Adam is back to the “not over” retarded argument with August regarding the Bengals helmets.

Adam is joking about what starts better and ends worse than a cock bite, he uses being kidnapped by ISIS to contrast how quickly good leads to bad in a cock bite scenario.

Adam has a funny improv scene with BB and Gina has a funny one liner that earns a “The More You Know” music sting.


Adam is now back to another “this is not over” with BB and Adam asks if it pisses everyone else off when someone claims they didn’t say something you just heard them say.

Adam is talking about the cast listing on IMDB and how Mindy Robinson is at the top of his list, Adam’s wife was unsure how their system worked.

Adam told her it wouldn’t be alphabetical as his name starts with an A and a C, his wife told him “alright” like he brought it up, he simply corrected her statement.


Adam asks if that isn’t a unique female thing, Gina has a great impression of this and Sam shares his take.

Adam remarks on Mindy being ranked higher than Tom Cruise on IMDB, Adam describers her scene and explains the lack of his involvement in her casting.

Adam has a plan for IMDB to put the star of the movie at the top of the cast, Sam agrees with Adam that it seems pretty weird.


Adam shares his understanding on editing IMDB but he’s thinking of Wikipedia.

Adam is now asking for a sternly worded letter for IMDB about how he’s PO’d.

Gary confirms Adam is ranked 14th on his own movie, Adam asks him about the cast list of ‘The Hammer’ and Gina wraps the news.

Adam says he thinks that Randy Couture is dating Mindy, Adam has a nice Lou Reed and Yoko Ono callback, and he jokes about a Yoko wrangler.

Adam does a live read for The Happy Home


Adam gives out the plugs and wraps up the show.