Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/26/2014 – Kelley James

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/26/2014 – Kelley James

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Kelley James

Recorded 02-25-2014 – Release Date 02-26-2014

Production Number #1269

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Adam is opening the show to a deep cut #TopDrop from his film “The Hammer”, Adam is now entering into an anecdote about Jodi, his wife’s wonderful pal and all around great lady.

Adam is explaining what a straight shooter she can be, her sincerity and how she gets away with perhaps what someone less attractive could not, when it comes to Compisults.

Adam is explaining the nature of the Compisult and the difficult spectrum between a romantic comedy and a documentary, Jodi prefers the doc and Adam is saying you cannot compare the two.


Adam says doing a doc about Paul Newman is doing a movie with Paul whether he likes it or not, hilarious!

Adam is now getting to the batting average on docs vs. rom-coms, BB is in agreement.

Adam is singing the praises for the “Senna” documentary and also citing how hard it would be to fuck up that story, he’s now riffing about Latin cultures engaging in adult behaviors earlier than the western world, hilarious Barney and breast comedy riffing with A-rose.


Adam is now referencing Dawson’s “Sister Christian” intro, he wants to know the songs that the gang would turn up and enjoy if alone vs. if someone was entering their cars.

Adam and Alison are now listing their top handful of these songs, Adam adds some Hanson to his list.

BB is telling the gang about his “tool tunes” that Alison seems to know of in advance, he’s now listing off his playlist.


Adam is now telling the gang about labeling things with boring titles to hide them and how it’s a great example of humans overestimating themselves and their future selves, Alison has a nice “glass bowl” weed pipe story.

Adam is joking about the “one Zot and a tear drop” treasure buried in his backyard, Alison is telling the gang about jotting down her email passwords, Adam is sharing how he uses a laminate and writes his pins on the back of his bankcards.

Adam is explaining how he is able to keep track of so much and how he can’t prevent others from “putting their sombreros on his car keys”.


Mr. Brightside

Adam is bringing up the song ‘Macarthur Park” Adam argues it’s not bad and awesome despite being put on every worst song list, Adam is mocking the Rolling Stone lists and explaining how you’re supposed to picks songs that are trying to be good.

They’re now playing the song for Alison and BB who don’t seem to recall it, Adam is saying they should probably hear the Donna Summer version, it’s still playing with some light commentary from the gang.

Adam is now comparing this song to the bat mobile and using it to defend its quality, oddly enough.


Alison says she likes it and Adam threatens she’ll like it even more in a scant 15 minutes, Adam is now comparing it to an episode of “The Monkees” and Alison is adding some other songs to “Tool Tunes”.

Adam is now offering some extended commentary as the song is still going, BB has his own observations and Adam hopes Richard Harris is dancing, even in his grave if applicable, Adam is joking about it raining in hell, the moist heat.

Adam is killing it with his hell is like Tampa in July, Alison is joking with him about it and now he’s doing a live read.


1st Caller Tyson, he’s broke, working 2 jobs and hasn’t had a lady in 4 years.

Adam is now getting to the advice he came up with Drew on The Adam and Dr. Drew Show #120 this week, he’s explaining how much technology has improved the life of even the extremely poor like Tyson and myself.

Adam is asking Tyson about his TV, explaining his old TV that was deeper than it was wide, Adam is saying his access to pornography alone is amazing, hilarious when I was 25, 1997 wasn’t even invented yet with a sniff reply.

Adam is asking him about eating half eaten food from his restaurant gig, Adam is joking about sushi restaurants being the best gig for this, and he’s sharing why it’s diabolical.


Adam says you either go “full sush” or “nego on the shushatino” nobody takes a half of a bite of sushi, he’s explaining why.


2nd Caller Scott, he was cheated on and divorced and just got dumped by his girlfriend, Adam is asking him about his dumping, Adam asks if it was the relationship equivalent of dying of natural causes.

Adam is singing the praises of Minneapolis and St. Paul, BB and Alison agree and they’re all discussing it.

Adam is now saying that his 8 year old daughter is a dating plus, Alison agrees 100% and is offering up some very encouraging replies about how women view a single father.


Adam is on a sick riff about his fake 8 year old he used to lure women back to his place in this bizarre and wonderful fictitious scenario.

Adam is summing it up for Scott, hilarious “your daughters not holding your penis back” reply from Ace.

Adam has a great closing joke that Alison seems to appreciate.


3rd Caller Kurt, recently disgusted his gal has been having an affair for over a year, Adam is now mocking his ability to track and blaming his proximity to Humboldt.

Adam is now making a point about breaking up and how it works in your first few relationships vs. when you’re older, he’s saying you need to be out there sampling the Whitman’s box of punani at age 22, watch out for the half eaten ones, Alison is in the mix and it’s gold.


4th Caller Dan, Adam is mocking his use of greetings and somehow psychically predicted his last name.

Dan is telling the gang about his dog destroying his 3500 video camera, he’s now connecting this to his childhood beagle that destroyed a Ghostbusters toy.

Dan was a guy discussing possibly doing the videography for Alison’s wedding, he’s now joking with Adam who is killing it on a riff of a courtroom sketch artists.

Adam has a great “your parents are dead, well there you go” closing joke.


Adam is now doing a live read, being sad for his Molly girl up top.

Adam is now going to break.


They’re back from break with Kelley James returning to the show for his 4th visit.

Adam is singing Kelley’s praises and making a point about the improv comedians and how the most talented ones, were the ones who could make up a song on the fly.

Kelley is now launching into a song, this is great.

Adam is telling Kelley about Jimmy Kimmel’s upcoming 3rd child and first with his new wife Molly, he’s telling Adam about how he found out about the pregnancy via a sonogram slide showing up with for friends and families who were present.


They’re all now riffing about people playing fast and loose with their phone pictures, he’s joking about a particularly graphic one he saw just the other day.

Alison wants to know if the kid will have to be given a “k” name, much like Kimmel’s parents and family, Adam is now saying he knows the top tier and bottom tier for naming your kids all with the same first letter, The Kimmels and the Oldhafers.

Kelley is now doing the improv portion and he’s making up a song about Kimmel’s Kid, he’s doing a great job.


They’re now asking him about his self-deprecation regarding having a girl’s name, Adam is bringing up Saved by the Bell and is mixing up AC Slater and Kelly Slater the former Loveline guest.

Alison now just explained it to him and Adam says he can’t watched any videotaped sitcoms, due to the shitty quality, Alison is saying she was comforted by it and explains why.


Alison’s News

Adam is now doing a live read with Gary Patrick Smith being worked into it.


1st Story Her top story is on Jimmy Kimmel’s 3rd child and she’s apologizing for helping Adam out with that save.

Adam is explaining his memory of Jimmy’s kids back in the 90’s, hilarious joke about running over Kevin and a sweet anecdote about building Katie a tree house.

Adam is now saying that kids should never be allowed to get bigger than any adults they saw as children, he’s citing Jimmy’s younger brother John who he first met when he was a teenager and walked in on him being busted with a penthouse magazine.


They’re sharing Jimmy’s take on finding out the gender and all offering up their own opinions on the matter, Adam says they could gamble on the gender for celebrity kids.

Kelley has a funny comment about Jimmy not announcing it on the ACS, Adam is telling Alison about how far along Molly is and the half chewed Flintstones chewable inside her.


2nd Story Is on the Justin Bieber prank from “The Regular Guys” that has now blown up into a media hoax, Alison is explaining the nature of the prank and quoting Tim from the show.

They’re now bringing up the cast of the show and the nature of the prank, Adam is saying he should have Larry Wachs in his phone, Larry guested on ACS #94.

Adam is now getting to how one of the guys would always talk about branching off to his own thing, Adam is sharing his reaction to finding this out, what are you talking about doing, and you’re already ahead of the game.

Adam is trying to explain how people who don’t have the most unique talent should probably stay the course and the difficult feeling of wanting to tell them that but not wanting to be rude.


Adam is now getting to the Mangria singing and how it was set to a soundtrack of techno music, despite the singing being at a Honkey-tonk bar.

Dawson and Gary are now on mic, Adam is joking about electronic music being added to “Pirate of the Caribbean” at Disneyland in 5 years, nice “Howards End” reference too!

Adam is now inventing a coffee table book of chicks working at theme restaurants scantily clad but they’re just not quite pulling it off, he’s describing a hooter waitress with a belly roll


Adam and BB are now riffing an improv with a strange “Thunder from Down Under” theme and hilarious acting from both chaps.

Alison wants to know what recourse the theme restaurant has if your thighs are too thick, Adam is now riffing about a garbage shoot for the manager’s office, like an old Bond movie trapdoor.


3rd Story is on the end of the “Got Milk” campaign, Adam says the Patrick Ewing one ruined it for him, they’re now looking at Dennis Rodman’s and Alison is asking Adam how he knows the man’s tattoos so well.

Adam is riffing about the way people talk about milk, it goes from healthy to unhealthy and people can’t decide, he’s citing the two arguments for and against it, hilarious “we’ve also been to the moon bitch” reply to the people who talk about us drinking another species milk.

Nice Manatee one liner and Adam is now giving an analogy about Aliens observing an exotic car and asking what species created it, then siding with that species.

Alison is now wrapping the news.


Adam is now doing a live read.

Adam is thanking Podcastone and showing support for our team, Classic Loveline!

Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.