Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/26/2013 – Grant Lee Phillips and Dave Dameshek

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/26/2013 – Grant Lee Phillips and Dave Dameshek

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest – Grant Lee Phillips and Dave Dameshek

Recorded 02-25-2013 – Release Date 02-26-2013

Production Number #1022

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Adam is opening the show with Dave Dameshek in studio, they’re riffing on Adam’s clean shaven look and Adam is on a great tangent about his beard-o-pubes.

Adam has a great anecdote about an invite to sit courtside at a Lakers game with Bill O’Reilly and Radio/media pioneer Norm Pattiz. Adam has a funny twist about Bill’s response to the news of their impending hang out.

Alison wants Adam’s take on sitting courtside and of course he’s wildly uncomfortable with it, Bryan just noticed some extenze packaging and Adam is explaining how it’s for their new testosterone enhancing supplement.

Adam is now going in depth on how this falls in line with what he’s been talking about, he’s citing his own eyesight decline and doing a long form jumbo plug.


Adam is giving yet another new twist on his “Gilded Cage of Minimum Wage” argument; he’s telling a specific story and referencing a building that Shek is familiar with.

Adam is doing a beat by beat recreation of what these interactions are like; he’s using his recent trip to film an episode of “Sports Nation” as a general example for this experience.

Adam has a story from his entrance to the building and his exit from the parking garage, he’s expounding on how everyone is terrible at their job.


Adam has an update on his theory about the academy awards being affected by the “participation trophy” generation and BB wants to know how this parking attendant could still be working there after doing this to countless people.

Adam has an inside story on parking validation at radio stations and what program directors will often do with the passes.

Adam is now sharing a story about himself, Dr. Drew and Mike August on the road in Santa Barbara and the “challenging” employee they encountered, Adam’s reply is hilarious and would be unbelievable from anyone else.

Adam has an awesome live read with a Twilight Zone twist.


Dave Dameshek’s #1 Sports

Dave has a suggestion for Adam and Bill after the Lakers Game, Adam is now on a crazy riff about stuffing a bota bag of Mangria up his ass to smuggle into the arena.

They’re all chiming in on Adam’s riff and Dave has a funny twist of Adam offering his butt wine to various celebrities famous for being courtside at Lakers games.

Dave is briefly touching on MLB spring training; he’s got a funny idea for the worst hell for Adam.

Dave is now bringing up the debate over “The Redskins” team name, Adam has an awesome suggestion for the old Washington Bullets. Adam and Dave are now going in depth on “The Redskins” debate and Adam has a crazy in character riff as a “Chief Thunderbear” -esque character.

Dave is suggesting they work out the official Girl Scout cookie rankings next time he stops by the podcast, he’s got some early thoughts and Adam is making him repeat the phrase “Tangy Mango”, gold!


Creep of the Week

Dave is proposing a new completion ranking the hottest young actresses, he’s asking Adam to pick Anne Hathaway or Jennifer Lawrence, Adam has a hilarious and quasi evil response with a funny callback to his bota bag.

Dave is now citing Jennifer’s encounter with Jack Nicholson at the Academy Awards and her new nickname coined by the press.

Dave is mentioning how Alex Karass was left out of the “In Memoriam” montage from the award show and he’s got a final dig for Grant Lee Phillips who’s coming up on the show next.

Adam has a funny Bryan Cranston anecdote from Jimmy Kimmel’s after Emmy award show party; he’s explaining how he was an accidental douche about “Argo” assuming it would be less of a quality flick and more of a “Drive”.


Dave wants to know the worst foods to eat after brushing your teeth, Adam’s list has a killer 3rd callback to his bota bag, and BB has a great reaction and is giving his worst item. Alison is giving hers and has a hilarious and adorable reaction to Adam shitting on her point.

Dave turns the blaster on Bald Bryan; Adam is now plugging the appearance of Eliot Gould from Amalfi on Thursday’s episode. Bryan has a funny observation and now Adam is telling the gang about the various types of guests he’s had.

He’s telling Alison a quick recap of the time the band “The Darkness” walked off loveline and BB is jumping into expedite the telling, nice work!


Adam is wrapping up a live read and now wants to show Shek the new Mangria label and his difficulties getting the same text approved for the white wine that was approved for the red.

Adam is making some flawless points about the bureaucracy of the submission process and how everyone wants to know why they’re allowed to operate with such hypocrisy.

Adam is really going off and nobody with any semblance of sanity can find fault in his various arguments, he’s got a great point about suing an alcohol company for not putting warnings on the packaging and Shek is now even agreeing and offering up his take.

Adam has a great one liner about a rented van and fertilizer, he’s now going off on the listeners who get mad at him for complaining about how difficult it is to try and build on his property and create for his businesses.


Grant’s making his debut on the ACS, he was a guest on Loveline with his band back in June of 1998, interesting side note that might be the one episode I’ve transferred the most copies of on cassette tape, at least 6 different copies.

Grant actually remembers his old LL visit and is reminding Adam; Adam has a funny thought about Grant knife fighting the guys from “Buffalo Springfield”.

Adam is asking Grant about his influences and just revealed a rarely mentioned love for the early works of David Bowie, whoa!

Adam is asking Grant about his journey and they’re now stuck on his work as a childhood magician, Adam is floating a theory on magician’s being the most wildly antisocial people on earth, he’s got some great metaphorical examples.

Adam has a great theory on being less popular the closer you are to home, Grant’s agreeing and sharing some more details of what he’s been up to since 1998, including another reference to his appearance on Loveline.


Grant is now playing a song live in studio from his latest solo album and it sounds amazing, nice work Dawson and everyone who set it up!

Adam is now thanking Dawson for his amazing work with the engineering, he’s on a tangent slapping his own back for building the studio, a bizarre judo like reversal of the “the government built that for you” argument Adam hates, awesome!

Dawson is on mic with some funny replies and he’s totally playing ball and rolling with it, he’s got some funny praise for Adam’s knowledge of the word “potentiometers” he seems to be unaware of the old “Liberace of the Potentiometers” title for Loveline’s engineer Anderson.


Mike Lynch is now on mic, he referenced the Lisa Loeb story from the KLSX morning show and now Adam is giving a full telling, great usage of the word “Summoned” by Aceman right before the story begins when he’s teasing Dawson about his love for “Alan Parsons”.

Adam just referenced “What a Fool Believes” by the Doobie Brothers and now Grant is doing an impression and singing it, whoa this is hilarious!

Grant is now doing it to the actual lyrics and he’s forcing Adam to harmonize with him, this is Ace Awards 2013 material for sure, I’m tearing up it’s so funny!


Dawson is explaining how they could probably get Michael McDonald on the show, Adam has a hilarious follow up question and Dawson is rolling with it again, once again nice work my man!

Adam wants them to play some “Ride like the Wind” and now he’s getting Grant to sing along to this too, Adam is claiming this song as one of his non guilty pleasures and praising the theme of the song.

Adam is now doing some plugs and wrapping the show, no news for A-Rose, great show but I missed the news segment, good thing there are 3 more episodes this week!