Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/25/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 312

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/25/2016 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 312

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Brian McKnight

Recorded 02-23-2016 – Release Date 02-25-2016

Production Number #312 – Brian McKnight

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Drew opens the show with Adam walking into the studio, Brian McKnight is in studio and Drew cuts him off while giving a plug for his new album.

Drew references the Inspector General and Drew asks who doesn’t know of Brian, Drew notices that Adam’s eye is nearly swollen shut.

Drew is telling him to look in the mirror, Adam blames sleeping on his arm and mentions his dog Phil, he cites his lung infection from the last recording.


Adam talks about seeing Brian driving a Lamborghini Gallardo last time he saw him back at KLSX and Adam recalls the time he stole a homer off him at the Celebrity All Star game in Chicago, Comiskey Park.

Brian recalls the fateful play and Adam is digging him about his “best catch ever” and he jokes about Tommy Chong’s son who he calls Hashtag Bong, Bongstein, hilarious riff.

Adam is talking about the fence they set up for the celebrity players and how the fence at c stands and could nearly trip you.


Adam is sharing his thought process behind the catch and how he hoped to get it in time to prevent a triple, he goes over how the pro player was coaching him and told him to lay out and catch the ball, resulting in him changing distance.


Drew is doing a live read for

Adam asks everyone for their favorite nut, Brian goes with a Cashew and Drew says Pistachio.

Adam jokes and says if you were like Lance Armstrong and only had one nut, Adam recommends the macadamia nut and the two-bite size range for them.


Adam is talking to Brian about new release Tuesday and how we’re now going with global Friday releases like theatrical films.

Adam is telling Drew about going to the Peterson Auto museum with his kids and the masses of humanity lining the freeway.

Adam is joking about double dipping the car museum and the holocaust museum.


Adam is talking about Duesenberg cars and Drew marvels that they were American made cars and now German.

Adam takes it back to Brian and Drew references “Doozy” which Adam explained came from that car, Drew asks about the origin of the term “full blown” and Adam is now quizzing Brian about his touring schedule and performing on the road.

Brian tells them about “sitting in” with other musicians and Adam marvels at such a thing and jokes about Drew doing that with other doctors, he would have to “scrub in.”


Drew asks Brian if he did MTV Loveline, he did MTV-Loveline – 1998-04-16 – Brian McKnight but forgets he also guested on the radio show at least once for Classic Loveline #875 – THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 1999 – GUEST: BRIAN MCKNIGHT • HOST: ADAM, DR. DREW

Drew says he only recalls often running into Brian on flights across the country, Gary updates Adam that it was Duesenberg who manufactured out of Indiana.

Adam is asking Brian about sitting in with ‘Rascal Flatts’ and Brian is telling them about calling them during their Vegas residency and how he got roped into joining them on stage.


Brian is sharing a fun anecdote of performing with them, Adam asks Brian about his family and Adam brings up his kids love of the show ‘Modern Family’ and how they’ll be attending a reading tomorrow.

Adam is talking about how it’s finally happened that other kid’s feedback is reaching his kids, he shares how Natalia told him that a friend was telling her how funny her dad was and how funny his dad thought he was.

Brian has a funny “my dad loves you” twist and now Adam is talking about his other greatest moment in life, he cites the stolen homer and a trip to Senor Frogs during Spring Break while MTV Loveline was still on the air.


Adam is describing this scene of college spring break chicks doing shots with him, Drew comments on Adam mentioning Jimmy Kimmel being left out as he was just hosting ‘Win Ben Stein’s money’ at the time.

Adam shares the “my mom is a huge fan” compliment that the young lady leveled at Jimmy after Daniel Kellison pointed out the other basic cable celebrity in the bar.


Adam is talking about ‘The Eagles’ and his feelings about their catalog, Drew shares his own feelings about people who hate music, Adam is sharing his wishes to never stop punching the person who wrote ‘Dirty Laundry’ and now Adam is mentioning his feelings about ‘Fleetwood Mac’ in comparison.

Adam shares how he got some great tickets for the Foo Fighters and he resisted Kevin from Kevin and Bean telling him who the guest performer was going to be.

Adam is sharing how it was smash cut to the concert and it was a very addled Stevie Nicks trying to perform ‘Gold Dust Woman’ and Adam is joking about Stevie’s Spanks and depends, are the spanks over or under the diaper?


Adam is doing live commentary over the bootleg footage, Adam is sharing his frustration over how infrequently he gets to go to concerts and was forced to sit through this.

Adam is asking for them to fast forward to her trying to make her way up and down the catwalk, Drew says “she’s trying to dance I think” and Adam says when a doctor says that about you it’s very telling.

Adam asks where Brian McKnight was when he needed him, Drew talks about being 14ftr from Kanye while he was having his manic episode on stage last year, he shares his wife’s urging of him to get Kanye off stage for his own good.


Adam is now asking Drew about what’s most likely happening with Kanye and he explains the plain old mania going on, Adam asks Brian if he knows Kanye and he talks about meeting him before he got famous.

Brian refuses to mention what Kanye was doing in the club VIP where they met, interesting…

Adam is talking about the career decisions that don’t make sense when people are wired like they are and he talks about his feelings about the Pamela Anderson sex tape and how he thought everyone was being honest at face value regarding the purported theft.


Adam talks about wiring and how they could each further their careers by giving up their dignity and Drew is recalling the 1996 Classic Loveline where Pam and Tommy (possibly under the influence of the same unmentioned substance that Brian was hinting about with Kanye) explained how the sex tape was stolen from their home.


Adam is joking about the use of “oh please” as a way to throw one’s naivety back in their face, Adam has a killer “dwarves would know” line about butt implants and how to detect them.

Adam is asking Brian about butt implants and he shares an anecdote of his buddy who got a lap dance from a stripper with a fake booty.

Adam is asking Brian about the strip club in Tijuana, Adam is talking about the time his buddy “Tom” a man of color who decided to go backstage too at one of these clubs.

Adam is telling them about sneaking their own booze into the strip clubs and telling the story of the time they got chased out while their buddy was banging a prostitute, Brian denies being aware of the “other rooms” and Drew references the famous Margarita’s Village vomit story.


Adam is now telling the story and references the San Diego state story, he explains how his buddy woke up chained to a bed at the county hospital.

Adam is explaining how they chose him to be their designated driver and Drew describes Adam vomiting in an ice machine, he explains how he was forced to drink and jokes about Drew’s patients not flourishing in that environment.

Adam explains how violently they assault you with booze consumption on Revolution Street at the Margarita Village establishment he frequented.

Drew has seen it this booze forcing move done, he says they use a rag or cloth too.


1st Caller Arthur, he’s calling about taxes and explains how renouncing a citizenship will cost you based on your future earnings.

Arthur has a scary anecdote of what this entails as told to him by a 3rd party, a med student forced to pay taxes based on projected future earning as foretold by grades and background information, creepy.

He tells them about moving to Asia and how he and his colleagues are forced to pay America and the local taxes in Asia.


Drew makes a point about Bernie Sanders and Adam is now making a point about the theoretical pie and how it’s not a limited number of slices, it’s infinite, build your own oven and make some weekend, holiday and night time pies, put in the late nights and go to chef’s school.

Adam is telling people how to achieve on their own and arguing against the concept of socialism and redistributed wealth.


Adam says every minute you waste thinking about Brian’s pie you’re not making your own, Drew has a further analogy with this Brian pie thing.

Adam is talking about Brian playing shows and how there are about 2k people who get an ancillary benefit of said show, he should be a bad guy for working on the weekend and doing extra work.

Brian says not to get him started on this topic and Adam says he feels it and says don’t get anyone who has busted ass for years and put the work in started on this topic.


Brian is telling them about his family legacy and how he got ripped off early on and had to pay his dues.

Adam is now saying he’s getting retroactively paid for his past work when he’s on stage in air conditioning performing for one hour making a decent penny.


Adam is doing a Slender Tone Ab Belt Live Read

Brian is chuckling edition


Adam talks about trying to keep the ab belt away from his dog and mentions the jump rope from Onnit.

Adam closes out the show with some plugs for Brian and his website

Drew sneaks his plugs in at the very close, cheater!