Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/25/2016 – Adam Ray and Matt Atchity

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/25/2016 – Adam Ray and Matt Atchity

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam Ray and Matt Atchity

Recorded 02-23-2016 – Release Date 02-24-2016

Production Number #1765

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Adam opens the show to a funny intro and he tells the gang about his eye infection, Adam is downgrading his never getting sick to never missing work.

Gina asks Adam about his showering and BB has a “Atchity!” #TopDrop as Matt is joining them in studio and Adam explains that Dr. Drew first thought the eye was conjunctivitis but not it’s something else and he sent a sternly written letter.

Gary has the letter and Adam is starting to explain things, BB comments on Adam’s bizarre eccentricities and says he presumes not going to the doctor is part of his long list said eccentricities.


Adam explains that the one opening for the eye doctor coincided with the ‘Modern Family’ table read and how he’s prepped the kids for the day.

Adam said “F It!” and chose to skip the doctor and he gives the “I never get/got sick before” excuse that people use with doctors that Drew hates.

Adam wanted to know if the eye infection could be associated with medicine he was taking for the cold, Adam is describing his bizarre logic and he now has Gary read Drew’s response and he emphatically screams like Drew does.


BB argues for Adam’s logic and how it could be possible and Adam says that eyepatch spoken of yesterday might have to be broken out and make the rounds.

Adam says this table read will be good for the kids and he teases the arrival of Adam Ray and comments on how Dissuade is the name of a rapper D’Suede.

Adam has a killer reply to a funny comment from Atchity and drop from BB.


Adam is now talking about the fake Rick Welts controversy and how making money is the ultimate way to earn your position, regardless of your personal life.

Adam says look at people as greedy, we’re greedy first then racist or sexist, Adam is now using the oldest richest group of guys who own sports teams and are more than happy to put an all-black team on the field or court in order to get that win, regardless of their history of era they come from.




Q and Ace

1st Caller Zoltan, he asks about Ted Cruz telling Adam that his favorite movie was ‘The Princess Bride’ and Adam said he found it refreshing as it wasn’t a bullshit patriotic answer and it was honest.

Adam shares why he loves the movie and BB plays some key drops to really boost the impassioned defense of the answer.

This Zoltan says he would’ve preferred ‘On The Waterfront’ or another copout answer, Adam tells him he’s 100% incorrect.


2nd Caller Edward, he has a million-dollar idea for Matt Atchity and he explains how this would work, Adam interrupts and riffs about ‘The Hammer’ having sports violence and its r rating.

Adam doesn’t realize this is the famous Ed who submits all of the entries of Adam to ‘Urban Dictionary’ and Adam is using ‘Deadpool’ to argue for Ed’s idea, BB insults Ed with a drop and Adam is explain how honest Sonny is and if an action movie is a “big boy movie” he won’t want to see it, but he wants to see ‘Deadpool’ and Adam further explains how if there was an age that would float up and down with each review.

Adam says if he saw a 71yr of age rating he wouldn’t take his son and Matt is now explaining why it wouldn’t work and comments on people he knows who took children under 10 to ‘Deadpool’ and BB references the pegging scene that Matt doesn’t want to explain to his son.


Adam is being told his million-dollar idea involves a time machine, Adam says if he was gambling big with his time machine he would lose once in while, just to make it real like people who cut on themselves to feel things.

BB talks about how you would need to cover your tracks, Adam is now sharing his fake orgasm idea about not faking it once in a while, advice for Gina’s friend “Tina” and Adam tells her to use ‘Vice’ or the woman who was ripped apart by her pet monkey and Adam tells Gina to turn on the AC in the studio after giving this advice to her.


Adam is doing a Five Four Club Live Read

Adam tossed his old stage jeans and he explains that jeans “face” turn white after they get too old, he comments on how he never knows when to clean clothes when he doesn’t actually get them dirty.

Adam replaced his “rambling pants” with the new pair from Five Four Club and Adam talks about the bizarre feeling of throwing away denim.


Rotten Or Fresh The Rotten Tomatoes Game

True Life Sports Movies edition

Matt is telling them about going to see ‘Gods of Egypt’ and how it’s the genre and era of film that’s least attractive to him.

They go over the new movie ‘Eddie The Eagle’ which Matt has not seen yet, Adam riffs about these dumb movies set in ancient Egypt with super powers, Gina asks about Game of Thrones inspiring this, Matt shuts her down.


1st Movie ’Cool Runnings’ (1993)

Adam asks if the Disney connection didn’t hurt the movie and its comedy rep, Gina does an impression of a line from the trailer and they all weigh in.


2nd Movie ‘Miracle’ (2004)

Adam loves this movie and the epilogue and the “he lived it” line and asks if Kurt Russell got any good notices for this film, Gary is on mic explaining that it only got an Espy award nomination.

BB and Adam both like it.

They all make their guesses, Adam loves epilogues.


3rd Movie ‘Seabiscuit’ (2003)

Adam is trying to recall the movie and everyone is pretty vague on it.

Gary has the award list and BB name checks ‘Cinderella Man’ and they move on.


4th Movie ‘The Babe’ (1992)

Adam is talking about formerly fat guys and BB is arguing that John Goodman was far too fat to play Babe Ruth, Adam says you couldn’t have that movie poster today as he’s smoking in front of a child.

They all weigh in.


5th Movie ‘Radio’ (2003)

Matt takes forever to spit out the title on this one, Adam is now asking about Cuba Gooding and his bizarre career, he seems to be up for anything.

Gary is praising his work in ‘The People vs. OJ Simpson’ and Adam is riffing about ‘Boat Trip’ and how his radio must never say no.

Matt has a funny line about the scripts he must reject, BB has a classic Jack Silver drop, yuck!


Gary reads the final scores and they wrap up the bit.


Adam is doing a Hyundai Tucson Live Read

It’s got a stick shift, fills up in 5 minutes, no plugin anxiety edition


Adam gives out a nice Rotten Tomatoes plug and explains how it can be useful for movie night and Matt tells him about an infographic that tracks all of the numbers for each of the Best Picture nominees.

Adam is mentioning the boss from ‘The Six Million Dollar Man’ who was called Oscar Goldman, Oscar Gold which Adam just figured out.

They head to break.


They’re back from break.

Adam Ray is returning to the show for his 9th appearance and they respond to a Nicaraguan Name That Movie intro.

Gina is mocking the “We’ve Got Company” line used in 80’s films and Adam talks about how modern movies will just do that too, it’s the laziest form of writing and Adam Ray says he says the same thing before climaxing.


Adam says that he does have weird thoughts like if his daughter does get into porn he hopes she has huge naturals as it will block the facials, keeping semen away from her face.

BB has a funny reaction and Adam Ray roles with it, Adam is now plugging Adam Ray’s new show.


Adam Ray is going in depth on the game show and Adam is asking him about how he is able to be deceptive about the rules and premise to the people playing with the law regarding game shows.

Adam Ray is sharing how he has an earpiece with the producers talking to him.

Adam talks about TBS wanting content and all of the new platforms for shows now, Adam mentions the Tony Danza bit that Adam Ray has prepared for them.


They’re now listening to Tony Danza giving an anti-endorsement for Donald Trump, this is hilarious!

Adam Ray is killing it, what a funny bit.


Adam asks Adam Ray about the new ‘Ghostbusters’ and they’re both singing the praises of Paul Feig, Adam was watching ‘National Lampoon: Drunk Stoned Brilliant Dead’ again and talks about the test screenings for ‘Animal House’ and Adam ray jokes about donning blackface to play the Ernie Hudson role in the new movie.

BB loves Adam Ray’s accent one liner and Adam is now defending the Joseph Fiennes casting as Michael Jackson again.

Adam is now doing an improv movie scene with Tony Danza playing Rosa Parks and Adam as the asshole bud driver.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on President Obama’s proposal to close Guantanamo Bay and ‘Camp X-Ray’ and Adam is mocking the notion of a recruitment tool, he says if you can be recruited then you are a tool.

Adam thinks the recruitment tool is the misinterpreted religion by far too many people.

Adam says in general he’s unsure how things get started.


Adam thinks we could probably take over Cuba with just the guards at Guantanamo, Adam is commenting on San Quintín and the beautiful real estate and contrasts that to the prisons of Sherriff Joe Paella (Joe Arpaio) in Arizona and he continues to riff about doing a vacation stretch in prison.

Gina asks if she thinks Obama will get it closed before he leaves office and he talks about why things will never get done, Adam Ray asks Adam about performing in the middle east or at Guantanamo Bay.


Adam is now riffing about performing for terrorist, beating his wife for losing the car keys and the rub on honor killings, hilarious!

Whacky neighbor Stan mixes up Berkeley and burkas, Adam is crushing it.

Adam Ray loves it and tells Adam that’s his first 7 minutes.


2nd Story is on the recent Stephen Colbert interview with Casey Affleck and she plays a clip.

Gina explains that it just goes on from there and she presumes something must have happened backstage.

Adam says you have to understand that Kimmel aside most of these late night guys are prickly and not fun knock around have a beer guys, they are more educated and qualified than the person they’re sitting next to they don’t want to feign interest in.


Adam says it’s like when Paris Hilton was on The Late Show with David Letterman and how he would seethe at her under the surface.

Adam talks about the 0-60 rage experience of someone stepping on your joke or punchline and how it doesn’t look like anything is happening, funny steam from your ears line from BB and Adam jokes about a shirt lapel winding up.

Adam says he felt Casey’s pain and he talks about the experience of plugging a project and taking shit for some unrelated issue.


Gina thinks Colbert was being a little hard on him and Adam says it’s ultimately Colbert’s fault and you are flying the plane and must right the ship as the host.

Adam Ray is commenting on the titles of videos and how he is drawn to various clickbait, Adam is talking about how there is always huge tits on the clickbait in the pictures.

“cheerleaders who wish they could take these pictures back” – Adam on clickbait


3rd Story is on the new Virtually Reality technology made by Striver that will be used in the upcoming college and NFL combines.

Gina has the clip of the company explaining the technology and how it can be used to increase reaction times and improve accuracy.

Adam asks if we need the music bed beneath everything, why do we need a beat and Adam Ray is asking about this being virtual and Adam says you can keep doing this during the off-season and when it’s snowing.

Gina says that 6 NFL teams have already signed off on it.


Adam Ray still doubts this will be as good as the real thing and Adam Ray jokes about skype hiccups and trying to be intimate with a girlfriend, Adam says skype is rough.

Adam is talking about using Gran Turismo and Forza to learn race tracks and how it does have a practical application.


4th Story is on a Florida teenager who was busted after setting up a fake women’s clinic, posing as a doctor and assaulting would be patients.

Adam is riffing about the cliché of young black men impersonating doctors, hilarious I have a dream comment from Adam.

Adam heard this story and he loves it when the kids parents in these types of stories stand up and defend the kid’s actions, hilarious “he never attempted to murder me” comments from Adam’s mom if he was ever charged for Lynette’s murder.


Adam is telling Adam Ray the kid probably used slang for female genitalia and Adam is now talking about guys think and the dream of invisible sexual assault.

Hilarious squishy boob noises line from Adam, Adam Ray says the real first dream of MLK was probably invisible sexual assault on classmates like all teenage boys.

Adam is commenting on the 17yr old male brain and how guys always have to grab a boob if a chick passes out on their air mattress, ewww.


Adam is recalling watching ‘Wonder Woman’ and how the lasso of truth “rough trade” would get him going, he’s joking about imaging Linda Carter and Cheryl Ladd and combing them in a Cuisinart as one perfect woman.

Adam Ray tells them about his Nyquil induced Katy Perry sex dream, hilarious Billy Ocean quoting John Mayer closer add by Adam Carolla.


Gina doesn’t recall any fucked up experiences with dudes when she was a teenager, Adam says that when you’re 17 you’re in the “rape ground of the mind” instead of playground when chicken fighting and goofing around with young men.

They’re now playing the song and Adam sings to it a bit.

Adam Ray is talking about the diabolical angle of Levar Burton getting kids into reading to spend time with single mothers.


Adam says they’re bringing back ‘Roots’ and they’re going to cast Levar Burton as a plantation owner, really open up this diversity casting business.


Adam is doing a Live Read


5th Story is on a ruling against Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder and Gina has all of the details.

Adam is asking if she was dumping it down herself or if her husband was contaminating her with his penis.

Adam is now joking about the kid from the fake gynecologist story and Adam jokes about the husband feigning sadness over her death as he enjoys the settlement with some young single ladies.


Adam is not addressing his own use of talcum powder and the real cancer risks Dr. Drew has reminded him of over the past 20yrs.

Adam is still riffing about what he would say as the husband of this late woman, getting his Bugatti wrapped and chilling in lazy river.

“You are so lucky!” – Adam riffing about being unable to get out of his various opulent relaxing scenarios/situations to react to Johnson & Johnson.


6th Story is another study on cellphone effects on sperm counts, Adam jokes about having a space heater app after revealing his phone is in his front pocket.

Adam is killing it with this space heater app riff and he suggests some guys might welcome this.

Antonio Cromartie comes up and Adam riffs about the kid from the last story, what was his name “Housing Project?” being Antonio’s son and opening his own women’s clinic.

Gina has an update from Gary about Talcum powder and Adam just moves along, pretending he hasn’t been coating his lower half in talc for 40yrs.


7th Story is on why Peter Cetera has changed his mind and decided to forego performing with ‘Chicago’ at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

Adam Ray says there is nothing worse than telling someone to take a chill pill and shares his own feelings about that dismissive comment.

Adam suggest we invent an actual chill pill as he would take them while flying.


Adam is now making a point about bands that refuse to reunite, he asks what’s the worst thing that could’ve have really happened, nobody was stabbed with a mic stand.

Adam wants to know what is the thing they cannot just get over, Gina asks why these bands all hate each other and Adam says comedy duos do this as well.

Adam says that creative people in the same room, it never works, they end up hating each other.


Adam says that now that it’s been 30yrs can’t we just agree we take Chicago’s 5 greatest songs and play them all in a medley.

Adam says that if you are the Hall of Fame don’t you want the bands picking their own songs to play.

They talk about Peter Cetera’s age and BB reveals how the Baseball Hall of Fame picks which hat a player wears for them.


Adam says now you must get Mark Wahlberg to fill in for Peter, Adam says that would be his move if he ran the hall of fame, he would keep a Bacon brother on deck to fill in, just in case.

They’re riffing about Quaaludes and roofies and how they were retired as a rape drug.

Adam is now doing an improv scene between a Quaalude, with BB playing the Roofie his son.


Adam would like old-school throwback candy and things from your childhood that aren’t mass produces, they should do that with drugs, Adam says it’s not fair that he never gets to try a Quaalude.

Adam is talking about how you see them in shows like ‘Vinyl’ and Adam Ray asks why Adam never tried them, he busting out some Dr. Phil impression and suggesting people take Quaaludes.

Gina wraps the news to a funny drop from Adam Ray.


Adam is now joking about bath salts being his kid’s version of Quaaludes and he says he’ll torture them and tease them about never trying said salts.

Adam Ray asks if Adam would smoke pot with his kids and he jokes about blowing it at them.


Adam is now doing a SimpliSafe Live read


Adam plugs their live dates and Adam Ray mentions how they’re going to be playing the Moore Theatre in his hometown, awesome!

Adam plugs Adam Ray’s show and tells us all to watch Adam Ray climb to the stars!