Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/25/2015 – Dr. Drew and Jo Koy, Live from The Ice House in Pasadena

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/25/2015 – Dr. Drew and Jo Koy, Live from The Ice House in Pasadena

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Guest Dr. Drew and Jo Koy, Live from The Ice House in Pasadena

Recorded 02-24-2015 – Release Date 02-25-2015

Production Number #1519

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Adam opens the show to another “G’s V” intro…

Dr. Drew is on stage, Adam says that Drew will be swapping out with Jo Koy in a bit, Adam has some complaints.

Adam says that they recorded The Adam and Dr. Drew Show earlier in the day and talked about his son being consumed with his book report on Shaq.


Drew is now quoting Adam’s comments to his nanny Olga, telling her to give up the search for Shaq pics.

Adam is now giving some Shaq info and has a killer “Suck my rich unfamiliar dick” one liner, hilarious riff about Shaquille O’Neal telling his deadbeat dad to fuck off.

Adam is now sharing the other movies ranking above him on iTunes Pre-Order film chats, Adam is mocking Drew once again complaining about not getting a role in ‘Road Hard’.


Drew is bringing up an old road story from touring while they were hosting Loveline, he’s describing the late 90’s Christopher Lowell discovery.

Drew is delighting in telling them about Adam’s look still in a towel running between hotel rooms, Adam is joking about presenting to Drew to see if he was interested, gold!

Adam brings up the faux bamboo instructions and now Adam is bringing up the job back to the gymnasium where they passed a sorority group who started chasing them across campus.


Drew says it was akin to the Donny Osmond cartoon, Adam is now riffing about why the guys are so “fleet of foot” in these intro segment, why not fake an injury and get your dick sucked, Ace Awards 2015 material, this is a killer riff!

Drew is trying to recall the Nissan Pathfinder that picked them up, Adam is delighting in this classic story and brings up the rest of the Kansas City incident/driver.

Adam is now mocking the excuse from the woman who was driving the pathfinder who picked them up late, they were eating and shopping which resulted in them showing up late.


Adam is now mocking the ride home and the lack of options for BBQ dining, Drew is now bringing up the show they did in Iowa, this is the young man who had even more laundry than the last gal, this time he was in hatchback that picked them up.

Drew notes how they often package a post-show hang out with the talent for the committee who arranges the bookings.

Adam is now bringing up the tiny “Japanese” pick-up trucks of the 80’s and proclaims them now Samoan trucks.


Adam is describing the feeling of being stuck in the car while waiting for the driver to change his clothes.


Q and Ace

1st Question from Stacey Oakley aka the Girl You Could Never Fuck in High School, Adam says he would take her sight unseen because of her name.

Adam has a killer “Mildred Bort” counter example for someone he would need a current newspaper and color photo of the woman, this is also a killer riff that might be Ace Awards 2015 worthy.

She wants to know if she can ever stop worrying if Adam is ever truly happy, Adam has a funny reply about aquatic life ever being happy, Adam says he’s as happy as the Tuna and is further pondering life as a fish and the nature of fish POV.


Adam says he’s moving into the satisfied aquarium, Adam says the best part of living in an aquarium is no one can see you cry, he says eventually he’ll float to the bottom.

BB asks Stacey about her current amount of life problems, Adam responds to her going to another school’s prom and Drew sets up a story about that very thing.

Drew tells them about seeing a pre David Lee Roth ‘Van Halen’ at another school’s prom, he’s shared this story a few times over the years.


Adam asks what you do when your daughter is someone like Stacy, that attractive, Drew say’s Adam is going to find out in an ominous tone.

Adam says he asked a girl from another school, she went to an all-girls school and BB says he went to a prom in another state.

BB is describing the story from his New York Times bestselling book ‘Shrinkage’ and Adam is now sharing his further advice for his son about not shooting too far out of his league for the cruel joke of landing a 9 when you’re only a 6 ½ and how it’s not what you’ll hope for your cock and balls that evening.


Gina is telling them about taking off on her date during prom, Adam says he went with the Stacey Oakley type but never got anything, he’s telling them about his now late prom date who passed away while exercising a few years after prom.

Adam comments on how he had to remove her from the spank bank, he’s now riffing about beating off to dead porn stars and how it’s the ultimate way to honor their legacy.


2nd Question from Glendora Dan, he wants to know about Drew’s immense passion and where it stems from, Adam is now doing a stripper DJ bit and Drew finishes it with a funny assist, they go with Cammie and stage 9.

Adam is telling them about the little cox motor that was on all of the cool things his dad never bought him and he never earned from selling crap from the back of comic books and magazines aimed at kids selling door to door.

Adam says he’s detuned because of his hypervigilance and Adam mocks him for bringing up the boring stuff on stage.


3rd Question from Holly Carso, possible hot name and she wants to know how much weight she can gain per year after only spending 146.00 on her wedding dress, Adam says unlimited, good stuff.

Adam is riffing about lake Como and riffing about the Jizz encrusted wedding dress that your now divorced mom wore back in the 60’s, Adam is now doing his standard riff on wedding dresses but adding in some new Jizz stain elements.

Adam is explaining his wedding dress to weight gain policy and Adam wants to know if you could tell the difference between dresses of that cost vs. something from a much more expensive brand.


Adam is saying that a woman’s wedding day is her one day that she gets to do things that don’t make sense and it’s their day to get away with it.

Adam is now mocking the flower cost, their crazy friends who explain what a deal you’re getting and all of the other scams of marriage.

Adam is mocking the idea of his father in law paying for any of the wedding and he says he should get grandfathered in on the clause of his wedding coming out of his pocket.

Adam has a hilarious improv riff of his adult daughter bringing up him selling Mangria for 200 million and still claiming not to have enough money to pay for the nuptials.


Adam is mocking the only time that people watch wedding videos, he describes the like two scenarios as suggested by the movies.


4th Question from Fernando, Adam jokes about Ann Margaret throwing herself off the stage, he clarifies the story with Drew and asks that Fernando knows of the eponymous song by Abba, he does know the song.

He wants to know about showering with only hot water, he wants to know how hot the water should be, hilarious reading from BB and description of the card, good stuff Fernando.

Adam is now bringing up the way too hot water found in most restaurants, Adam says his house is the same way and there is something about dialing in the temperature that makes you feel like you’re cracking a safe, hilarious sensitive backsack comments from Ace.


Adam says he does use some Dr. Bronner’s soap from time to time, he tells them about his broken dishwasher and how awesome it is to watch his wife and nanny unable to put the dishes into the washer after they’ve already cleaned them.

Adam is lamenting the extra work and ergonomic stresses of loading and unloading a washer for what he sees as an unnecessary step in the process of cleaning dishes.

Adam is the one “Moi” in charge of fixing the dish washer, another killer riff between him and Drew, just mopping it up.


Adam is now threatening to cry about his former childhood room, he’s describing how Lotzi built his sister a 2nd level to her room so she had space to sleep and live.

Adam is saying it would be like putting a coffin inside of a kitchen in a small boat, that’s what adding the dishwasher to his house did.

Drew asks about his mom using it clean her bongs, he has a killer reaction defending his love for his mother, he then brings up “stones” used in place of roach clips, as he discussed on ‘Getting Doug with High’ and Drew leaves to the stage to a satisfied crowd.



Gina’s News

1st Story is on the driver who caused the train derailment, Adam is asking about the way someone’s car can actually just be on the train tracks in 2015, how is that possible.

Gina is now describing the way he parked alongside the train, Adam and BB have a funny riff about the reaction of the train conductor.

Adam is now describing how someone started to merge into his car while they were both merging on the freeway today, he didn’t jump out of his car and abandoned it.

Adam has a perfect and super detailed reference to the movie ‘True Lies’ specifically the scene on the bridge in Florida.


Adam is now telling them about time he saw a high speed chase go up and down his street, which only has one exit, the same way he went in.

Adam says they didn’t block off the bottom of Beachwood canyon and they let him drive for another 2hrs before going in to stop him.

Jo Koy joins them on stage and Adam is asking Gary what ever happened, but then losing track and riffing about Asian drivers with Jo.


Jo is doing a stereotypical Asian guy and Adam is the cop who pulled him over, not the waiter nor Bung it seems, but he has some hilarious lines about building his own car before driving it and is now doing the mispronunciation bit over DeLorean and stainless steel.

Adam is having him say emphasis and inflection and now Adam brings up Sammy Hagar and his solo career, he’s bringing up the song ‘I Can’t Driver 55’ as Jo complains about driving too fast at 55, Adam is arguing that it’s too slow.

Jo tells them about it taking him 14 days to get from Los Angeles to San Diego, hilarious back and forth with Adam.


Jo is mixing up the middle finger and thinks it means “you’re #1” and now Adam is telling him about driving from grapevine to Bakersfield and asks him about driving in school zones, solid reaction and misdirection to close out the bit and scene.

BB reacts to the original premise and is glad they got back to it and Adam has a funny Joy, Jo is busting out some ‘Brown Sugar’ and Adam is asking how the recent car chase ended.

Adam says he TiVo’s TMZ and how he was left with a cliffhanger after the DVR stopped recording.


Adam is now describing this car chase and Jo is doing an impression of the driver, Adam is joking about the guy who was driving possibly living in a gated community, Adam is giving cops some pro tips about blocking single entrance/exit communities.

Jo is now asking why cops draw a gun without firing them, Adam is now talking about the inaction of the other drivers, and Gina brings up the lack of use of the tack strips in modern police tactics.

Adam is now joking about getting some of the leftover trips to his advantage, funny examples.


Jo loves his new Tesla, he is describing the amazing trunk in the hood, and he says he got the top of the line one, the best one.

“Only the best for Joy”


2nd Story is on a recent study on peanut allergies and how exposure can cure most cases, Adam is joking about the types of parents who offer their kids up for these experiments.

Adam is asking why Peter Pan has that association, what’s the connection, nobody on stage can recall any and Adam is now riffing about Dumbo peanut butter and then turns on Jif, Skippy and the people who name peanut butter.

Adam says he will get involved in peanut butter and has a great unique name for his branded line.


Brown Sugar is now yelling at Adam about the competition of Jif and Skippy and their peanut butter, Adam jokes about it being black history and the mostly black audience.

Adam is now joking about George Washington Carver never discovering peanut butter despite spending his life devoted to the nut.

Adam says this was a whole in the man’s game, like Shaq from the Free Throw line, Adam is now joking about him throwing out bread that felt in his mashed peanuts, this is great.


BB says the guy up front in the Randy Moss jersey is the closet to a black person in the audience, Adam has a too soon joke about him running over a police woman.


3rd Story is on Alaska legalizing Marijuana, Adam is joking about Sarah Palin stranding on her porch shaking her head about this.

Adam says that if you move to Alaska you should get a hay bale of weed and an honorary bong in the shaped of Alaska for moving their and paying taxes.

Adam is sharing his “I’m a federal agent” move he wants to try in Alaska, he’s joking about ruling the place after walking into an establishment with a yellow windbreaker.


Adam is doing a live read


You don’t just move to Alaska, you flee there.

Adam and Jo are joking about the scamming/bartering life in Alaska, hilarious “Fuck your daughter” comedy from Adam joking about the way they make deals in Alaska.

Adam is now asking if people can just focus on something that makes a difference, legalize pot and get on with it.


4th Story is on a study from the journal of scientific reports that shows Marijuana to be 114% less deadly than alcohol and goes on to cite more data about other narcotics.

Adam says weed never got anyone laid, BB says some dealers might disagree.

Adam is telling the people to give the devil its due for getting laid, funny callback and reaction from Stacey I presume.


Adam is telling Jo about seeing him on the ‘Epic Fail’ show with Terry Crews, Adam says they wouldn’t have any material without booze being involved.

Adam says we should put our hands together for booze, Adam says that Jo wouldn’t be funny and Gina wouldn’t be attractive without booze.

Gina wraps up the news and Adam asks her if she’s cool, wow this is great.

Gina takes it like a pro.


Adam says his wife brought home a bottle of fireball and Adam says it must be weird to order those shots at the bar.


Adam is doing a live read for Tri-Calm

Jo has a funny Asian accent bit, Adam jokes about finding it at Wal-Mart and has some funny one liners.

Adam is now talking about the wide range between Asian beer and sake containers/glasses.


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show.