Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/25/2014 – Adam, Alison, and Bald Bryan

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/25/2014 – Adam, Alison, and Bald Bryan

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Adam, Alison, and Bald Bryan

Recorded 02-24-2014 – Release Date 02-25-2014

Production Number #1268

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Adam is opening the show to a new #TopDrop and he’s got some opening words about the 5th year anniversary for the podcast, somewhat of a letdown that he didn’t go further in depth on it, not even a mention for Mike Cioffi.

BB jokes about the top drop being the majority of content from the past 5 years, not realizing he’s taking the argument of the haters and trolls who lie about the shows content.

Adam has some more comments about being grateful, a bit of Fake Jack Silver from BB too.


Adam is giving some plugs and briefly touching on the March 27th legal defense fund event, I still don’t feel like this has been fully discussed on air.

Adam is telling the gang about taking the family out over the weekend, he’s got a great point about what you want out of life and how it’s always the opposite of what you’re surrounded by, and it’s about toggling back and forth.

“What you really want out of life is what you’re not doing” – Adam


BB has a nice joke about using a comb, Adam is now riffing about the use of chairs to wedge doors shut and the “instant death” setting on saunas in bad TV shows from the past 4 decades.

Adam and BB are riffing as the creators of the sauna, arguing over the setting and Adam says the chair/door wedge move has never worked in real life.

Adam is telling them about his family trip to the beach and how Lynette went on a sub run, she made a stop at two sub shops, getting subway for Sonny who prefers it.


Adam is now bringing up his discussion with Lynette over indulging Sonny’s preference, Adam wants to know if their parents have ever done anything like that, going on a run as it were.

Adam has a hilarious horseshit and mayo sub one liner and BB and Alison are in the mix, Alison is sharing an anecdote about her family.

Adam is explaining his son’s bizarre finicky eating, his waif model style of eating.


Adam and BB are on a great Jay Glazer riff and Adam is joking about the subway bread cut and sizes, he’s joking about making love to a 4 ½ inch sandwich.

Adam is explaining his reaction to Lynette and trying to decipher the mystery of her two sub purchases.

Adam is now telling the gang about Lynette taking a picture of the barefoot guy in Subway, Adam is riffing about the person who could do this in today’s world, not even a pair of flip flops, when did flip flops become too big of a commitment.


You can see the picture via the show page link above.

Adam is on a killer riff about Dawson as the enemy of the barefoot man, hilarious loogie and cigarette butts comedy, Dawson is on mic making it even funnier.

Alison is sharing how she found a cigarette butt in the front grill of her car, Dawson is denying it’s him.


Adam says the reasons guys don’t go shirtless anymore is because of widespread obesity and he’s making a point about the lanky thin frames of guys from the 70’s and 80s.

Adam is making a point about the ubiquity of beards in young men and how it’s used to cover up their fat face, Adam says the only thing that looks good on your body is your calves, so true.

Adam is saying it’s the only part that never looks flabby, hilarious stretched marked calves comment.


Adam is giving his thoughts on the demise of the Piers Morgan show on CNN, he’s referencing his appearance on KLTA from when Piers started and the recent incident with Samuel L. Jackson on the very same show.

Adam is giving his take on the “wow, it wasn’t me!” feeling of relief that one experiences when dealing in schadenfreude, Adam is giving his take on Piers and setting up this clip from a few years ago.

They’re now playing the clip from November 2011.


Alison is giving her take on morning radio and how people are so aggressively middle of the road and easily shocked, Adam is explaining the way morning zoo’s try to force comedy with their fake reactions.

Adam is clarifying that he doesn’t have any personal hard feelings for Piers but he wasn’t a fan of his show but did like some of his later interviews and tactics, Alison has some praise too.

Adam is telling guys about a phone call out of the blue from his old buddy Chris, not Chris Boehm his other buddy Chris and his younger brother Greg.


Chris saw Adam’s billboard while driving to Vegas and set up some last minute plans to come watch the show, Adam is sharing how he forgot some of the details about Chris and his braces, the baseball bat story.

Adam is telling the gang about his brother and his trachea hole along with the device used to help him speak, Adam has a great Johnny 5 reference and is sharing the process of trying his throat microphone.

Adam is saying it’s nice, it works well and also functions as like “Raising your hand”, hilarious AAA to 9V joke in reply to Alison asking how he raises his voice for emphasis.


Adam is sharing the mustard fry’s story from the elevator after the show in Vegas, Gary reminded him of it and he’s sharing all the details.

You can view the photo via the show page link above, Adam says he respects mustard and fries as it’s a ballsy move but he can’t quite get behind it, Alison has a great descriptive of August admiring the fires like a newborn baby.


1st Caller Jared, he just graduated college and recently had an interview at NBC, he hasn’t heard back and wants Adam’s advice.

Jared is explaining the nature of the job and Adam has some nice follow up one liners about trying other networks and a Piers Morgan reference.

Adam is getting to his reactions when interviewing/auditioning people to play his wife and kids in his various sitcoms, how everyone in the room has the same thought and will overcompensate if you have not got the gig.


He’s saying that the short list of candidates don’t get the same fake reaction, almost a non-demonstrative reaction where their wheels are turning, trying to figure out the options.

Adam says the people who come in and get the “talk to the hobo” reaction are the ones who will not be getting hired.

Alison is asking Adam about his experiences and how HR interviews, Adam says he doesn’t know and is sharing his experiences in construction and in comedy.


Adam is bringing up how Kevin Hench reminded him of their work on the CBS sitcom pilot and how the casting process fell apart regarding the casting of the son.

Adam is giving the full story and how Kevin was overrules and the kid was eventually fired once he was flown out to Los Angeles, which led to the run through with the haggard dwarf.

Adam is sharing what happened to the kid with the dark hair that they wanted to hire, he went on to do the “Diary of a Wimpy Kid” movies and Adam says he’s fucking awesome and has seen all of the movies


2nd Caller Colin, he wants to know how much POV matters and opinions when it comes to serious relationships, Adam has an extreme example and BB loves his new rom-com “The infidels”.

Adam is saying that chicks are going to do what chicks do, pick your battles.

Adam is explaining how he would have treated Sonny’s demands for Subway, Adam says now they’re setting the table for spoiling, Adam says all his problems go back to his wife essentially being too nice, which isn’t really a problem.


Adam is making a point about guys that prefer nutty broads, like Dr. Drew.

Alison says similar is good and Adam says that he has the exact same taste in music as his wife and how he always knows what her reaction is going to be just by hearing if the song is shitty or not, she has good taste.

Adam is now getting to how you don’t always need a cheerleader egging you on, he’s asking where are the wives to put their out of control husbands he’s worked with in check.


Adam is now doing a live read.


3rd Caller Michael, Adam has a great “Were all on a treadmill” riff in reply to Mike’s wording and he’s really going for it, BB and Alison are in the mix too.

Adam is sharing one of the signs of getting old, he’s telling the gang about running on the treadmill and trying to turn your head to see who has entered a room.

Alison is clarifying that Adam wasn’t saying BB doesn’t get it as he won’t age to experience it, Adam was implying he’s already got it.


Michael is now telling the gang about his dilemma with his partner, he’s wondering how he can plan to deal with her resistance to being told how to do things correctly, the little kid “I’m the best” replies as discussed on The Adam and Dr. Drew Show #120.

Adam is getting to the reverse logic of “I got it” as portrayed in commercials, he’s saying perhaps women actually have more of this vs. men and he’s getting to how feelings are not considered.

BB is giving his take as a husband who often takes advice on how to do things better but his wife immediately has a negative reaction to his tips.


Alison is giving her take and how she is afraid of her fiancé feeling like she’s correcting him, Adam wants to know who has this gene more, Adam says women over smaller nonsense and men do over large issues.

Adam is getting to the idea of women being taught by society to not offer up advice or be outspoken in fear of a man’s reaction.

Adam and Alison are getting to the role ego plays in this reaction, Alison has an example of the home life and Adam says in general all humans need to be way more open to these kinds of tips.


Adam is now doing a treadmill inspired Go to Meeting live read.


4th Caller Frank, he wants advice on where to pursue his comedy career, Adam has a quick “I’m L.A.” territory joke.

Adam is now giving him a couple ways to look at his dilemma, Adam says his best bet is finding his local club and working out his stage presence before moving.

Adam is making an analogy to studying to become a pilot and how it’s about logging hours more than anything else, Adam and BB have some very sound industry advice too.


They’re now heading to break.


They’re back from break


Hooray for Baldywood

BB saw the remake of Robocop, Adam is joking about the title and how they came up with it before the movie was made.

Adam is giving his take on seeing it while he was depressed in 1987, after his girlfriend Stacey broke up with him.

BB is giving the info on the cast and the plot, he’s explaining the differences between the original’s premise and this, and he’s using Alison who has sadly never seen the original as a reason to explain the premise.


BB is bringing up the Ed-209 scene from the office in the first movie, Adam is joking about the cars in Robocop and the future setting of the early 2000’s.

BB says it’s too “blehhhh” to be a good date movie for Adam and Bill Simmons, Adam is bringing up the early few months of a year and how it’s the dumping ground for shitty movies.

BB is mentioning that “Hocus Pocus” by Focus plays in the film and he’s giving a nice mention for the death of Harold Ramis, getting the jump on Alison’s news.

Adam is doing a live read and they’re wrapping the segment.


Alison’s News

She’s setting the record straight on the guy she once made out with, she had misremembered the man’s name and it’s possible it’s not the right guy.

Adam is joking about jacking off to the memory and Alison has a great one liner, BB wants to know does Adam have to take the jack back, Adam is closing out the riff.


Her Top story is on the death of Harold Ramis, she’s explaining the auto immune disease he was suffering from, Adam is saying how great he found him to be in “Knocked Up” and says his sweetness pushed through everything he did.

Alison is quoting Dan Aykroyd comments about the death, Adam says Dan has to throw in something supernatural in everything he says.


2nd Story is on Piers Morgan departure from CNN, she’s quoting the network and Piers about the end of his show.

Adam has a great janitor joke about his new role in the network, Adam is asking if they’re just going to scrap that whole timeslot and format.

Adam is giving his take on doing Larry King’s internet show vs. how he seemed on his former CNN show, Adam is joking about Charlie Rose’s set, he’s got a great thanksgiving table that nobody showed up for joke.


Adam is riffing about Charlie Rose desk, saying it looks like your grandparents eating alone, Adam says he’s met Charlie and he seems nice.

Adam says he only watched 60 minutes, he says “you should go them” instead of someone coming to your set and getting made up.

Alison has a nice “Cribs” reference and Adam is joking about how much he loved the show while getting pissed about the abundance of cars, he’s offering up his commentary questioning the price per square foot in Atlanta.


Adam is joking about “fridge fluffing” on the show, Alison hates the contrived end show where the celebrity tells the camera crew to leave.

Adam is calling for a crib vetting process to avoid the sad homes that showed up from time to time, Alison and Adam are further joking about the table Charlie Rose uses on his show.

They’re now on an 80’s riff, about tropes from movies and TV, Adam is bringing up Tom Hanks bus in “Bachelor Party” and how the wealthy were portrayed in that era.


3rd Story is on a woman who was arrested for not returning a VHS tape for 5 years, Adam is joking about Jane Fonda’s 20yr sabbatical from acting that she ended to make a comeback for that movie.

Alison wants to know if there should be a statute of limitations, Adam is now schooling her on VHS rental pricing practices, and I first explained this to him in July of 2008 on his old KLSX morning show variant of the ACS.

Adam is once again referencing The Adam and Dr. Drew Show #120, Adam is now joking about “be kind rewind” and if porn viewers or “Might Ducks 2” viewers are more likely to rewinding tapes, he’s explaining his logic.


Adam is bringing up his love for the auto rewind’ers that video stores kept, Adam is connecting that to “Head Cleaner” a tape he found labeled and tried to get busy watching.

Adam and Alison are joking about china markers being used on everything but china, Adam says duct tape is the same way.

Alison wants to know what guys do post ejaculation when it comes to porn viewing, immediate shut off?

Adam is joking about his reaction, now he’s asking the gang to weigh in and he’s sharing his logic about pre-watching the movie, vetting it to make sure he doesn’t finish to a 6 then get cleaned out by a garbage truck as opposed to a chick you went to high school with.


Gary and Dawson are now giving their take on viewing porn and Adam is arguing about the term “ruin” when you’re watching something with no sound.

Mike Altier is now on mic giving his take, Adam is asking him to clarify and they’re now finishing the poll.

Adam is asking Maxipada and he’s giving his take on the formula for adult films, Adam is now using fencing as an example for finding the best pieces of wood/most attractive women in a porn.


“Dude you beat off to skate videos!?” – Adam, the reaction in the booth is priceless.

Alison is now wrapping the news and doing a live read.