Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/25/2013 – Awards Show party with Matt Atchity, Alison Rosen and Bald Bryan

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/25/2013 – Awards Show party with Matt Atchity, Alison Rosen and Bald Bryan

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Awards Party with Alison Rosen, Bald Bryan and Matt Atchity

Recorded 02-24-2013 – Release Date 02-25-2013

Production Number #1021

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Adam is opening this special episode of the show from his home, much like the recent super bowl episode and the first roughly 30 episodes from 2009 which you can find in the official archive via the show page above.

Adam gets a quick check in with Alison and Natalia, he’s now riffing on TV show time slots vs. award shows and BB is disagreeing.

Adam has a quick recap of a conversation he was having with Kevin Hench about the best director category and now he’s on a funny “I’m hot but I don’t know it” tangent, Natalia has a hilarious deadpan response, good times!

They’re watching the preshow and Adam’s riffing on the dresses, he’s echoing some classic loveline rants from years past, BB has a well-timed but harsh joke that nobody seems to respond to, nice work BB!

Matt has some real world info as someone who has attended the awards, Alison wants to go next year and Adam has a killer one liner about microphone placement.


Adam is now giving an update on the contenders for best supporting actor, he still thinks Christoph is a lock for the win. They’re getting an update on the odds and Adam is now on a funny tangent and even brings Natalia back into the mix.

He’s got a follow up from Nick and Nick from last week, Pileggi had a blast and Santora blasted an alley with vomit from overdoing it on the Mangria, awesome.

Adam is explaining how he can be influenced easily and always defaults to be incorrect; he’s got a great story about the “east tower” from a recent trip to make his point. Adam is now citing how he doesn’t even remember most of the comedy he creates and writes.


They’re back to the awards and trying to predict the winners, Adam’s got a plug for the show on Wednesday from Amalfi with Elliot Gould.

They’re all breaking down “Les Miserable” and have now shifted to Anne Hathaway and short haircuts on women, Adam has a great theory and Alison backs it up and adds to it.

Adam has a killer analogy involving beautiful women and short haircuts; he tops it with a great off handed comment about dude haircuts.

They’re now going over some of the other best picture nominees and Adam is explaining how he can’t sit through certain types of movies before he throws it to break.


Adam is back with the gang, they sat though the opening and are giving their reactions to it, and Adam is praising Seth while saying it made him feel “high”.

They’re all going in depth on how they feel about the opening and Matt has some theories on hosts and why certain ones don’t work.

They’re playing the nominees for best supporting actor, Adam is now reacting in real time to the reveal of the winner Christoph Waltz, hilarious tangent of blame from the Aceman!

Adam is now explaining how sharp and intelligent Nick Santora is, he’s citing why he was likely to believe him regarding the bet.

Adam is explaining how he’ll never collect these winnings and it will be slowly bled from him over the next year, they’re now playing Christoph’s award speech.

Adam is now doing a live read for the new, where you can find Carolla Digital’s entire roster of fine programs along with the CLASSIC LOVELINE PODCAST itunes and Web.



They’re back from break with an in depth breakdown of the show, everyone is giving their take and Adam is going in depth on how nervous he was for Seth.

Adam is praising Seth, Bryan is critiquing the musical numbers and Adam agrees as they deconstruct the rest of the show.

Adam is on a huge rant about imagination, in response to the speech from Michelle Obama, Alison and Matt are weighing in and now Adam is comically yelling at Matt.

Adam is tying this idea into his thoughts about the “participation trophy” era of society we’re in as he deconstructs the trend of winners expressing humility and declaring everyone the winner instead of just accepting the award.


BB is asking Adam about “Wreck It Ralph” and if he was rooting for it because he’s in the movie, Adam is now sharing an anecdote about watching pay per view at home with the kids.

Adam noticed the name of the guy who played his older son on his CBS sitcom pilot, he’s now launching into a great story about dealing with the executives, I don’t believe I’ve actually even heard this one before, nice!

Adam is giving some plugs and wrapping the show.