Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/24/2015 – Amy Alkon

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/24/2015 – Amy Alkon

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Amy Alkon

Recorded 02-23-2015 – Release Date 02-24-2015

Production Number #1518

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Adam opens the show and explains he and his employees appreciate their ability to work thanks to the fans who support this show and the network.

Adam brings up BB’s book and the experience where you meet fuck ups along the way working in important roles related to your products.

Adam doesn’t know why he must be checking the website to make sure it’s up to date, BB brings up his book coming back with more typos than it had when he sent it in.


Adam is telling people to pre-order ‘Road Hard’ and shares how he went to Fandango to see if anyone has commented on the movie.

BB is now reading the synopsis for the movie ‘Road Hard’ and Adam is mocking the lazy description that’s completely inaccurate.

Adam says he marched into Nate Adam’s office and demanded to know who wrote it, he said Kevin Hench wrote it, Adam told him to stop right there and Kevin Hench is smart, he would not write this junk.


Adam says he got confirmation from Kevin that he didn’t write that, they got his two options that were given but not used.

Adam talks about his wife telling him to take a chill pill, he cannot because everyone fucks up, and no he will not relax.

Adam is not worried about the solid Kevin Hench, but there are other people he’s worried about whose work he has to monitor.


Adam is now getting back to people who look him in the eye and tell him how things are or quote back to him how history went but are wrong and Adam hates the claims that he agreed to something or gave his ok but now doesn’t recall doing that.

BB and Gina are both weighing in on Adam’s situation, Adam has a funny hypothetical description for ‘Whiplash’ and BB seems to appreciate that analogy.

Q and Ace

1st Caller Josh, he wants to know how Adam’s view on the artistic process has changed since making two feature films, well 3 actually.

Adam is explaining how his performing and writing goals have been established since his early days doing sketch comedy.

Adam is describing a scene from his movie ‘Road Hard’ and answers Josh’s question about the reality in the movie ‘Birdman’


Adam says he prefers a more linear film and is now describing ‘Defending Your Life’ and has another laugh about the description for his movie.

Adam is asking “was he really a Birdman…” with a hilarious delivery, BB is now weighing in and Gina is giving her take on the movie.

Adam teases BB’s Baldywood segment and Adam poses the question of what ‘Whiplash’ would be without JK Simmons in his role.


Adam is bringing up ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ and is now breaking down how the film wouldn’t work without the lead Jon Heder.


Adam is doing a Simply Safe live read

Overblowing edition


Hooray For BaldyWood

BB saw ‘Whiplash’ and is finally doing his review, he says it’s the best movie he saw this year and perhaps the best he’s seen in several years, he’s adding it to his top 25 favorite films.

Adam is bringing up his preference for something like ‘Saving Private Ryan’ and is now referencing some elements of JK Simmons training techniques in ‘Whiplash’ and BB is now BB breaks down the plot.

BB is in love with this film and Adam is talking about JK Simmons beefing up for the film to display a more imposing physique, Adam is talking about this being akin to Bradley Cooper’s physical transformation for ‘American Sniper’.


BB is now playing a clip from the film, Adam says he loves the message and that line from the movie.

Adam is talking about the bullet train to pussyville society is on, BB has a killer reaction in reply.

BB asks if JK winning this award was a tacit endorsement of the message in the film, Adam explains how there is an endorsement with the award process.


Adam is now bringing up the type of roles that might be a challenge for a nomination let alone a win, he cites Armie Hammer and now Adam is talking about the attitude among the elite actors who have achieved such success, saying they must embrace a similar attitude to the message of the film.

BB wraps up his glowing review.


Adam is telling them about a conversation he had regarding performance and scripting, he saw Miles Teller in a shitty teen movie and he wasn’t able to save it, making a clear point about the quality of the work coming before the performance.


Adam is doing a Smart Mouth live read

Secondhand post cigarette breath on the back of your neck while at the barber edition.


2nd Caller Tom, he was listening to the Ace Awards and is now sharing a story of being at a strip club where the sound system went out, Adam is now doing an impression of the DJ.

Adam is trying to sell Herbalife and now he’s riffing about how to replace a fuse, Adam is still the DJ bringing up the need for a backup boom box.

Adam is calling for Larry his manager, he calls it a Ghetto Box, combining boom box and Ghetto Blaster into a somehow more racially charged term.


Adam has a killer cunt comment, he’s on a role as this DJ inspired by “Dirty Larry” from Tom’s story and Adam is now bringing Jade into the mix.

Adam is bringing up his two daughter had out of wedlock, hilarious “whor…bitc…cun…” comment from Adam.

Tom tells them what really happened in his real life story, Adam is wrapping up the call with a Mr. Microphone reference.


3rd Caller Ian, he wants to know if Adam remembers the 2003 call with Kenneth


BB remembers this call well, he was the phone screener and is larger responsible for it getting on air, he does remind Adam that Kenneth called back a couple times as well.

Michael Narren even whipped up some custom art for that call.

Adam references the 1998 call with James



Adam is doing an E-Voice live read


They head to break


They’re back from break with a listener voicemail

Adam says that one of the perks of the gig is to bring up some piece of media that people might not be familiar with.

Amy Alkon is making her 2nd appearance on the ACS, she was last on ACS #1374.


They’re talking about her classic car and describing the “weenie dog car” the Nash Rambler, Adam is giving his honest take on John Waters and his limited range of talent.

Adam says that Dave Grohl doesn’t have to walk around with all of the trapping of a rockstar as he can go live it behind a drum kit on stage.

Adam says there is a silent majority of people who think John Waters is a hack but don’t want to say it.


Adam is asking Amy about her book, he wants to know where we’re at in society and he’s describing the rude behavior of strangers.

Amy says she discovered that we act out as society is too large for our limited brains, citing the theory about only being able to process 150 unique people.

Adam says we all understand the action/reaction on the road, he’s not ok with it but he gets it.

Adam says we are now in the realm where someone does something douchey and then doubles down on the douche.


Adam is telling them about a car he had worked on that was disassembled and then when he collected the parts the douche shop owner kept some then told Adam to fuck off.

Adam has an old timey variant on this story where he shoots the shop owner and then gets away with it after the details of his wagon repair are discussed with the local magistrate.

Adam has a killer joke about the shop owner who was mean to him not having any friends, his only friends are a jackal and maybe a gargoyle.


Adam is riffing about Kony and BB has a killer joke about him now having ALS, Adam says he secretly thinks that nobody cares.

Amy has a wise point about twitter and Adam is mocking the stupid proclamations people make to seem holier than thou, they’re discussing the twitter controversy of PR executive Justine Sacco.

BB has some insight about her job duties and Adam wants to know the percentage of people who jumped on the town flogging actually felt she was a racist.


Adam is encouraging all of his listens to do as he does, Adam is mocking the narcissistic pricks who pretend to be angry at this person, he suggest his ultimate narcissism solution of not caring.

Adam is asking if people are just treating life like a real life video game, Adam mocks the idea of angry tweets being powerful, he fires Gary and then proclaims that power.


Adam is doing a Blinds Galore live read


Adam has a nice eulogy for Harris Wittels and sets up a clip from him guesting on the show for his sole appearance back in 2012.

Harris was explaining a Humblebrag that Adam committed to him, Adam says he thinks Lynch may have wrote that one.


Gina’s News – Sponsored by unfinished Business

1st Story is on the opening joke from Neil Patrick Harris joke about the white nominees, Adam is mocking the brazen nature of Hollywood, talking about what’s wrong with this country and then fleeing for tax breaks or complaining about racial diversity despite being responsible for all of the casting and then also the nominations for said casting.

Adam has a point shared by Dennis Prager on his show, Adam is explaining how Asian people often don’t feel like they’re under represented as they don’t need that affirmation.

Adam is bringing up the political elements to the speeches and BB says that Selma is only an ok movie, not the one to hitch a wagon to.


Adam says that god has taken a strong back seat in the thank you speeches and his being replaced with thanking the other nominees, Adam says it used to be reverend King, now it’s Dr. King and Amy says it’s black people who mainly thank god.

BB has a nice point about the speeches at the Oscars vs. the Grammys.

Gina has an anecdote from Adam’s daughter, sharing a quote of hers from while they were watching the Academy Awards for the previous episode, cute story.


2nd Story is on ‘The Imitation Game’ writer revealing he’s not gay, despite the theme of his speech hinting towards that.

Adam is asking about the John Legend speech and wants to know if he was talking about voter ID, Adam says that’s the most racist thought to think a certain group of the country is unable to get photo identification, somehow ill equipped.

BB is making a point and Gina is now arguing that it’s too difficult to afford to get an ID, Adam is asking if they just have JK Simmons yell at people and make them get ID.


Adam says that in 2015 he wouldn’t dream of leave his house without ID.

Adam says if you want to live without ID, you’re trying to stay off the grid.

Adam has a Jesse Ventura caveat.


3rd Story is on Kanye West’s idea for a video game, she has a clip of Kanye describing the video game.

Adam says he would listen to an endless loop of people agreeing with powerful people describing horrible ideas.

Adam says Kanye aught just say he had an idea for a Peanut Butter and Jelly mix infused into the bread, BB is now agreeing with him as a “yes man” and Adam is hungry now.


Amy has a nice question about what’s wrong with the existing body of video game options, Adam agrees.


4th Story is on the proposed shared stadium for the Oakland Raiders and the San Diego Chargers, Gina says this might be a leveraging ploy.

Adam says this is Jimmy Kimmel’s theory and L.A. will never have a team as it can be used as a bargaining chip, Adam is asking Gary to figure out how long it’s been since they had a professional NFL team in Los Angeles.

Adam asks if they wouldn’t have one if they really wanted one, Adam says it’s been 21 years so he doesn’t miss it.


5th Story is on a leaping octopus attacking a crab, they’re watching a video.

“As a mollusk you’re the most gifted athlete in the special-ed class” – Adam killing it with a riff on the low expectations for sea creatures.


6th Story is on the last meal request for the first woman scheduled to die in Georgia, Adam is commenting on the photo, describing her as John Goodman on a bad day.

Adam asks how hard Manson is laughing when he hears about this, hilarious description.


Adam is doing a Me Undies Live Read


Gina has the details of the last meal with an interesting factoid, Adam is asking about methodology for the death penalty and brings up the firing squad.

Adam says it’s inhumane to put a date on someone’s death, he thinks lining up someone against some hay bales doesn’t make it a crueler experience, he jokes about them banning smoking for firing squad recipients.

Adam likes the message being sent to the possible serial killers and murders that their life could be lost as a result of taking someone else’s life.


Gina brings up the firing squad rule for making it unclear who fired the bullet, one out of ten guys has a blank round.

Adam is commenting on the idea of being tasked with executing someone, he says if you sign up for that it implies you’re cool with something in advance.

Adam jokes about hiring the person who will deliver some sexual pleasure from the task, insane riff.


Adam is doing a Legal Zoom live read


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show to a new drop from Amy, good stuff.