Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/24/2014 – Jo Koy, Live from Treasure Island in Las Vegas

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/24/2014 – Jo Koy, Live from Treasure Island in Las Vegas

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Jo Koy, Live from Treasure Island in Las Vegas

Recorded 02-21-2014 – Release Date 02-24-2014

Production Number #1267

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Adam is opening the show live from Vegas for the first ACS formatted recording since the Morning Show, they have appeared in Vegas for CES a few times with differently structured episodes.

Adam is welcoming Jo to the show, he’s riffing about the discounted Native American jewelry in the airport, Alison was with him and they’re joking about major purchases made at the airport.

Adam is complimenting Vegas on the strewn about beer bottles, how he spots them all over the place, nice nun one liner.


Alison is now setting Adam up for his inflight beer can victory anecdote, Adam is describing the short flying time from LAX to LAS and how it leaves little time for drinking said beer.

Adam is joking about bringing empty peanut packages onto flights just to have an “offering” for the flight attendant collecting trash.

Adam told Alison he was going to hide his beer, he’s now riffing about his confidence in this super depressing maneuver.


Adam is sharing his thoughts about what would happen if he joined the Blue Man group, how he would argue against them still painting themselves after all this time.

Adam says he would still appreciate their mystery profession if they didn’t cover themselves in paint and actually spoke.

Adam is now joking about alternative musical instruments being used, Alison has a funny percussionist joke, and Adam is now riffing about overweight drummers with Jo.


They’re joking about Tommy Lee’s dick and Alison pledges that she would learn various “dick tricks” if she was cursed with a dong, she’s joking about the “Robin’s nest”.

Adam is now bringing up the “Man Show” bit about penis enlargement, he’s citing the weight systems used for enlargement, Adam is joking about lengthening his dong and how he would end up drowning in his pool, hilarious Shatner joke.

Adam is riffing about the “suspensory ligament” and the resulting floppy dong, hilarious Hippocratic Oath to make your cock fatter comment from Ace.


Adam is bringing up the cadaver tissue used for the enlargements, BB has a knowing “whose Skin?” comment, hilarious alternate version of “Gay Eye” with a guy getting a gay penis instead.

Adam is using this trip to the “Doc Johnson” factory and is using a Nazi losing his passion for lighting ovens as a metaphor for the woman sewing pubes onto the fake penises, hilarious.

Adam is explaining the origins of “The Floaters” bit, with Mike Lynch, Mike August, Dune and I driving through Illinois, the Waukegan trip.


Bung Lu Su is now joining the show, he’s riffing over the OG “Floaters” track and everyone is loving it, Adam is in the mix with the standard word mix up bit they do.

Adam is having a nice Elvis riff with Bung who’s trying to get to perform along with “In the Ghetto” and he’s adding some black women commentary to it.

Adam has a nice closer with Bung, forcing him to do another lap and Jo is commenting through the character about Adam making him jump through hoops.


Adam is now doing the PF Changs waiter riff live on stage, hilarious “in the lobby” mix-up.

The PF Changs waiter is mixing up Adam’s name, riffing about his connection to Jimmy Kimmel and misunderstanding his family’s connection to the car of the same name.

Adam is bringing his children into the mix, Bung is using China’s one child policy to close out the scene.

They’re taking a brief intermission, Adam says “These are the rules, don’t worry” odd, they’re playing the fantastic Michael Narren Mangria commercial with Alanna Ubach.


Alison’s News

Adam is interrupting the stop story to tell the audience about a young lady heading to a cheerleading competition, he’s sharing the nature of their discussion about “the spotter” and his job.

Adam is on his classic riff “it’s his job to stare up the ass of 15yr olds all day”, hilarious girl on an A-frame ladder vs. his day job reaction to him doing the same behavior.

BB has a hilarious set of commands as the spotter’s supervisor, yelling about taint staring.

Adam is saying that this is further ammo against his own parents for never doing anything like this for him, he’s now killing it with a “cheering for cheerleaders” idea.

Alison is sharing the nature of the conversation with the family, turns out they knew the neighborhood he lives in, they were commenting on how they had seen Adam;s neighbor Vince, Adam is explaining the reason they never see him, his insane travel schedule.

Alison is sharing her experience being asked if she was Adam’s wife or assistant.


Alison is now telling the gang about her fruit salad injury, she bit her own check and lip with such ferocity it was like someone else’s teeth were in her head.

Adam is making a point about every 275th shit he takes smelling like someone else’s shit and how everyone 4 ½ years you bite your own tongue, Adam is saying the only way it’s worse is if you’re stoned.


Her top story is on the recent news story about Ted Nugent using the term Mongrel, Adam wants to know why he even bothers to have political opinions, he should just start wearing a loin cloth and run around with his bow and arrow.

Adam is now saying that if you haven’t had a hit in a certain amount of years, 10yrs after your last chartable hit you should be taken out “Logan’s Run” style, great “put your mic down” back and forth with Jo.

Adam says that if Cher makes one more comeback he’ll take her out like the killer in a slasher movie, Adam is explaining the path for the average rocker once they get over the hill and are forced into obscurity.


Alison is quoting Rand Paul about the Ted Nugent comments, Adam and Jo are now riffing about cowboy hats, and Adam says there is just the right amount of starch in a cowboy hat.

Adam is now comparing the cowboy hat that’s flapped down to the dorsal fin of whales that collapses when they live in captivity.

Adam is now riffing about Woody Nelson, saying he decided to go haggard at age 40 and now is coasting through life, hilarious riff about his beaten up old guitar.


Alison wants to know who uses a crossbow and has a funny “cow” comment, they’re now mocking her for thinking people hunt cows with a bow and arrow.

Adam is making a point about how even as a human we’d prefer rifles over arrows, Alison has a hilarious joke and Adam has a Steve Martin rubber arrow topper.

Adam is getting to the 2013 Ace Award nominee “throwing stars” riff about how he would react to a throwing star as a henchmen who’s just been injured by one.


Jo is now in character as the ninja, hilarious “shhhh” reply and now BB is in the mix as Adam’s superior, this is a wonderful riff, Adam is killing it and Jo was right in the mix too.

Adam says there would never be a silent ninja death, Alison wants to know if there is any kind of silent death, Adam’s now riffing on neck snaps in action movies, and he’s saying it never goes wrong.

Adam says if you die that easy he would be dead over 1k times by now.


2nd Story is on using the term “girl” vs. “woman” on dating profiles and how it effects traffic, she’s got the counter point about men using women as a term being more attractive to women.

They’re now riffing on cousin/cuz and Adam has a realization about his nanny calling Natalia “mama” and how that might lead Hispanic people to reproduce at a younger age.

Adam is bringing up his nanny and Latin women in general, he’s sharing the “aiieeeee” reaction she has when Adam walks up behind her, and he’s explaining that she has no right to get so freaked out.


Adam has a killer example of it not being him hiding in the back of her car and popping out with a Richard Nixon mask.

Adam is comparing her to a cockroach which has the same reaction a human has to a light being turned on, he’s telling them about her getting frightened when he walked into the bathroom.


3rd story is on the remains of a woman being found in a car that had been ticketed over 5 times with the corpse inside of it.

Adam is making a point about meter maids having to tune out information and he’s having Jo joining him in character as the meter maid.

Adam is painting the picture and they’re now in the improv, nice “you’re ruining my life” repetition from Ace, yelling back at the heavy set woman of color.


Adam is joking about seeing things in the road and how they take the shape of corpses, Alison is asking about the stray shoes that pop up on the side of the road.

Adam is bringing up the George Bush dodge move when the Iraqi journalist chucked his slipper at him.

Adam is saying the thing that was funniest to him was the “throwing shoe is a sign of disrespect” obvious statement from the media following the incident, Adam wants to know who the joke is on when you chuck your own shoe.


4th Story is on a girl scout who chose to sell cookies outside of a Marijuana club

Adam and Jo are now riffing about the young lady’s next step, hilarious “not so thin lady” comment from Ace.

Adam is now riffing about the dad who is forced to bring his daughters cookies to work to take orders from his coworkers, Adam wants to know where all this money is going for these cookies.

Adam has a great scientology comparison.


Alison is now confirming that the girls have to pay for their own uniforms, Adam is now calling this a free range sweatshop throughout the country.

Adam wants to know where all this money is going, BB has a great “no” when Adam asks if they’re curing cancer before he screams for someone to audit these cunts.

Jo is now pitching a Girl Scout amusement park, Alison is correcting his use of snicker doodle and replacing it with a tag-along.


Adam is riffing about auditing the girl scouts and the lottery system, he wants to know where that cash is going, Adam and BB are riffing about L.A. screwing up something as simple as gambling.

Alison is reading a quote from the Denver girl scouts about their selling policy, Adam is now telling the gang about going to the porn shop and renting a movie, only to walk out onto Santa Monica Blvd. to witness Adam walking out of the porn shop.

Adam is adding a nice Girl Scout twist, Alison is asking them about renting porn and if it was like renting too many regular titles from Blockbuster.


Adam is joking about renting porn and comparing it to a Brazilian steakhouse, like Fogo De Chao, Adam is riffing about porn advertisements and Adam is giving his take on the woman performing oral while taking break to talk to the camera.

Jo is bringing up the porn area that video stores used to keep separate from the regular titles, Adam is riffing about them trying to figure out how to place their porn titles.

Adam is joking about the saloon doors, hilarious.


Adam is now joking about the gay porn being mixed in with the heterosexual titles and how the box art alone can impact your day.

Adam is riffing about brushing up against another man in the porn section and how you can’t park it in front of a specific section, Adam is sharing his shame for searching for an Asian title with an Asian gentleman browsing nearby.

Alison is now wrapping up the news.


Adam is giving out the plugs and wrapping up the show, Jo is giving some additional plugs, and Adam has a mention of the legal defense fund they’re going to be addressing with Marc Maron and Dr. Drew, very interesting.