Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/23/2016 – Michelle Harvey and Jo Koy

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/23/2016 – Michelle Harvey and Jo Koy

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Michelle Harvey and Jo Koy

Recorded 02-22-2016 – Release Date 02-23-2016

Production Number #1763

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Adam is opening the 7th year anniversary podcast with a nice ‘Achievement Day’ intro from Dawson and Lynch, BB has a solid Jo Koy #TopDrop.

Adam reveals he went to Joy’s (Jo’s) house and Jo tells them about walking out on Adam yelling at Mexicans who didn’t’ know who Jo is.

Adam would’ve assumed Jo would be standing out front waiting for him, not a knock but it’s noted.


Adam is now going over the lifelong conversations he’s had with Mexican guys outside of jobs, Adam talks about calling Manuel’s house and his mother picking up, he now explains how his interaction went with the crew working on Jo’s place.

Adam is explaining how Jo caught him as he was turning back to his car, Adam couldn’t stop himself from then point out to the crew that this was Jo, the man they work for who pays for everything.

Jo is talking about his allergies and quotes Adam shouting at the laborers.


Adam is talking about the real first world problem of privacy, he explains how a guy will sometimes cut down a hedge you just wanted squared up and trimmed.

Jo was standing near a hedge they just chopped down too far, losing his shit, Adam is now telling them about Ozzy ruining his Texas Privet that he had cultivated to block out the view of his home.

Adam talks about the inability to get angry about him doing this and Gina asks what the point of doing this could ever be, Adam says you have no idea with whom you’re dealing with this stuff.


Adam is talking about the lack of privacy of an 8-gallon plant, he can’t fuckin the Jacuzzi with that foliage blocking the neighbors.

Jo is telling them about the retaining walls that are costing him about 5k each, Adam talks about the way they have wood in contact with masonry and why he’s’ against it for home building.

Adam explains some building codes to the gang, Adam explains how it’s not the worst to do it the way they’re doing it, but it’s not the best.


Adam jokes about Jo telling them that one of his comedian friends disapproves.

Jo is singing the praises of ‘Winning The Racing Life of Paul Newman’ which he watched on a Delta flight while on the road.


Joi is sharing all he learned about Paul Newman and the Newman’s Own brand of products.

Adam says it’s also playing on United and asks if there are sister companies.

Jo asks if they can shrink Mike August’s name in the opening credits, a little too prominent, he was there to see Adam’s work not Mike’s they’re not one and the same.


Adam is talking about the recent capture of El Chapo, hilarious sarcasm from Adam as he has Gary set up a clip of El Chapo’s manhole cover escape.

Adam is mocking the two getaway cars breaking down, Adam says the lack of maintenance for their cars and responsibility has now resulted in a win, hilarious riff!

Adam says it must be a nice piece of mind to have your car overheat and just being able to walk after it.


Adam says it’s funny to watch ’60 minutes’ and laugh your ass off, he’s joking about the lack of editorializing they do with their commentary over these situations.


Adam is doing a Carbonite Live read

When Mike Lynch says “Oh Shit” over a missing book chapter edition


Adam is talking about the insane sticker placement on almost everything, he’s talking about the way they put stickers on fruit and how the asswipes who object tell you that you can eat the sticker.

Adam is talking about the sticker on his bathroom scale that left a sticky layer behind to collect the worst pubes of all, ball pubes.

Adam is talking about the HYDE spackle knives and the way the sticker fucks up your work trying to even out a wall.


Adam is talking about his stick on mirrors he bought for the house so he can get to the ingrown neck hairs and arrant ear hairs he can’t otherwise see.


Adam’s mirror has a sticker on the surface, Adam is talking about how you end up scratching, clouding and scarring that part of the surface you remove the sticker from.

Jo says that black people don’t care about this and he mentions the stickers left on the brim of the hats and BB accuses Jo of doing that himself, he’s busting out some Black Lab.


Adam says he was going to bring him up because of Philly Cheesesteak, Jo is crushing this.

Adam is talking about Molly being docile and articulate and compares her to the insanity of Phil, Adam is explaining how he bites and was walking around the shop with his daughter’s sock in his mouth.

Jo is on fire as Black Lab and he calls Molly a big fat white bitch, Adam compares how she would gingerly eat a table scrap vs. how Phil will eat your full arm.


Adam is bringing up how Phil ate the cord to the radar detector, Black Lab says that the thing they enjoy most in annoying white people.

Black Lab is trying to mount Adam as he’s explaining how tricky Phil is, Adam is telling him to not mount him and Black Lab is trying to smell his nuts, he wants to get the “Onesie” the part of the body where you would stuff a human being.

Adam is correcting Black Lab about his piñata technique and Adam says he must clear it with Lynette before he lets him sniff his sack.


Jo is talking about the radar detector resembling a treat and Adam jokes about the average speeds one achieves on Los Angeles freeways.

Adam talks about finding the detector between the seats and his efforts to get the thing re-installed which then Phil quickly destroyed the cable.

Adam talks about Jo’s theory on women speeding more than men, Adam talks about how one reacts to a ticket if they have to foot the bill vs. someone else.


Adam explains how Lynette told him about the broken mounting bracket for her Valentine brand radar detector.

Adam is going over the multiple laps he did on this same tropic and he’s now making a note as he’s afraid that Phil will eat the cable in box.

Adam is telling Phil about the 400$ price tag on the radar detector and he explains to Gina how it doesn’t piss off cops like she presumes.


Adam talks about Phil eating the kid leftover food and Black Lab tells Adam you can’t get mad at a mother fucker for eating breakfast, he eats it every day at 2am.

Adam is talking about the kennel to pound pipeline and Black Lab is telling them about his time spent locked up, he says that dogs don’t call people lesbians, just “shit we fucking” and Adam does another lap and says that he looks at this dick rubbing idea like he does trying peyote.

Adam has a killer “there aren’t a lot of black labs that no their Paws (Pa’s as in father) hilarious!


Q and Ace

1st Caller Drew, or cray ass Drew as Black Lab calls him, he knows him from back in the day, during the Jordan era of Chicago.

Drew brings up the debates and how the studio audiences are turning these into WWE events, Adam says he thinks what Drew is saying, he prefaces with a Def Comedy Jam example.

Adam says when you are in front of a group of people it leads to insane proclamations and he demonstrates it while BB plays an applause bed.

Jo is moved by Adam’s fake speech and he agrees with Drew saying that the crowd only leads to nonsense and does not help get to the real issues involved in a real debate of ideas.


2nd Caller Joe’s he from Oregon and was drinking some tea with his daughter, he did a spit take on the passion fruit tea and got his daughter to imitate him, he thinks this might be a good way to influence children and make them do his bidding.

Adam says he would’ve just dumped scalding hot tea on her scalp, the scent of the hot fruit and burning flesh would turn her off forever.

Adam is talking about the papaya pomegranate scented soap and he says he likes the scent of soap and comments on how stupid everyone is and how everything must now cater to the dumbest among us, Adam, says soap smells like your childhood, no additional scent needed, why do we need such pleasure and sensory stimulation while washing hands.



3rd Caller Christopher, he tells BB that his improv classes must be paying off.

Adam shares a “Bryan’s really funny” comment from Lynette and Adam credited it to his improv classes, but he’s done that before, he was already that funny, Adam says he got funnier in the last 18months, I say he just talks more, he was already that funny.

Adam is now using a home building and sub flooring example from Jo’s house to make a point about being handy or being funny, but it takes learning to jump up to the next level.


BB says he doesn’t feel any funnier, he just feels like he’s getting more juice out of the comedy squeeze, more HP to the rear wheels as it were.

Christopher compliments Jo to Black Lab, he now asks Adam about Volkswagen and their scandal with mpg reporting and fraud.

Adam is now arguing that Volkswagen invented the minivan in the grand scheme they are responsible for more positive effects on emissions due to their past work, he talks about air cooled VW’s and the danger of toxic coolants in non VW vehicles.


Adam is addressing Christopher’s point about the real emissions coming from the trucking industry and BB comments on the creative sentencing that Christopher was touching on by commenting on Obama’s statement about VW manufacturing more cars in the USA.

Adam gives out the plugs for Jo and he jokes about not being able to remember if Jo’s restaurant is any good, Gina observes that he shouts the name like “Yabba Dabba Doo” ala Fred Flintstone.

They head to break.


They’re back from break with Michelle Harvey making her ACS debut.

Adam is plugging Michelle’s show and she tells them about their tour of the world, she describes the Maldives and a Safari in Kenya, Adam mixes up Safari and Ferrari.

BB has a funny live show in the Congo one liner, he plays the Don’t be a What upper drop from Christina Dolce and confuses Michelle for a moment.


Adam is talking about packing a vibrator for solo travels on the road after Michelle mentions she’s single.

Adam is now talking about the weird glass brought to them for the Champagne, Adam jokes about being actually raised in a barn as they only have beer stein’s and don’t have wine glasses I’m guessing.

Michelle is going deep and says the Maldives won’t be there in 20yrs, she says you can skip Sri Lanka and the hole in the ground toilets.


Adam says you can judge a country based on its toilets as much as you can their prisons, he talks about how Japan and the United States focus on shitter options and she talks about her refusal to wipe with her bare hand.

She tells them about wanting to be a veterinarian and Adam confirms his theory once again, she tells them about getting into modeling and how the money swayed her career prospects.

Adam compares her situation to that of a young athlete who gets drafted out of high school and the societal pressure for them to finish school, as if they can’t come back in 10yrs after they’re out of the league, let them make hay while the sun shines.


Adam has a killer Harland Williams one liner and Michelle Harvey name drops Chaz Palminteri while talking about a guy who came onto her early on.

Michelle is talking about her status as the go to person for men’s grooming and BB is singing the praises of a hot shave.

Adam is talking about the classic straight razor and how he’s trying to do away with the cartridge, he’s going for a real hot shave to get a straight edge on his face.

Adam has a great bloody gums and silverware analogy for why this would be fine, what is the difference between BB’s face blood and some stranger’s gum blood at a steak restaurant.


Michelle says she’s known for her side boob and mentions #SideBoob


Adam is doing a Live Read for MVMT Watches


Gina’s News

1st Story Gina brings up the Daytona 500, she has some trouble with a name that Adam knows and she plays some footage of the very close win.


2nd Story is on Jeb Bush throwing in the towel for his Presidential campaign, Adam says good as he spent millions and regardless of the size of his war chest he still never cracked the double digits, he literally couldn’t buy a vote in this country.

Adam says it’s interesting that they don’t find out which way the wind is blowing and save 35 million.


3rd Story is on some words from Trump’s wife Melania, Gina mentions that Ivanka is pregnant and Gina plays the clip. Adam has a unique reaction to learning of Ivanka’s pregnancy and the pressure on the guy who knocked her up.

Adam says when she grabs the microphone everyone must have that “drunken uncle Chet” at the wedding reaction.

Gina is asking about her background and asks Adam if we’ll learn all about her backstory if he gets elected. BB gets Adam riffing about a ‘Manchurian Candidate’ scenario.


4th Story Virginia McLaurin, meeting the president and 1st lady at 106 years of age, Gina has all of the details, she does that vocal inflection thing to give her comments a specific accent.

Gina plays the clip; Adam is commenting on the woman’s motor at 106.

Adam has a killer one liner while providing some light commentary, Adam mocks Black History month when Trump takes over, hilarious description of events.


5th Story is on the first published picture of Saint West, in honor of the day of Robert Kardashian’s death. Michelle is talking about the Kardashian’s and their possibly plastic asses, oh please!

Adam is now riffing about “oh please!” used as an aside for making people believe they’re naïve for not knowing some conspiracy or something you’re not aware of regarding something like celebrity affairs or plastic surgery.

Adam is now talking about breast implants vs. butt implants, Adam is walking them through pictures of Amber Rose, Black Chyna and Adam has a killer “I need something that’s going to be a tractor beam for unemployed black men” and BB tops it with a slightly crasser joke that Adam calls him out for, hilarious!


Michelle is talking about but implants and how they do the surgery, Adam is now deconstructing this ass and brings up Kris Kardashian and her normal ass, not bulbous like her daughters.


Adam asks where the asses then came from if they don’t have a genetic ass link, they talk about Kendall Jenner and Gina fucks up Occam’s Razor and then corrects herself.

Michelle is weighing in and comments on one of the daughters dating Tyga and seems to be implying she needs more cushion for the pushing then stops herself.

Adam is asking if we’re all ass centric in society now, Adam is trying to break it down even more and Adam talks about black people setting trends among society.


Michelle is in agreement while adding a caveat about previous generations and rock music.

Gina asks Michelle why she would get ass implants and she talks about bubble butt and is going a mile a minute, she tells Adam about her ex’s best friend who sold Adam’s house, Adam gives the guy a shout out.

Michelle is telling them about her relationship with her ex and how they care for Tanner her son.


Adam is talking about divorce and not scarring the kids and poising their minds about the other parent, Adam talks about his kids and how they couldn’t be in the same room together or even the stands for big events.

Adam explains it was a wild uncomfortable situation he had to deal with, Adam says he got his dad to admit as much regarding his theory on why his parents were so divided from each other.

Adam says that his theory was they both looked at each other like two ugly people after a one-night stand, humiliated to have fucked each other.

Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a Tommy John Live Read

Prove It Gary edition

BB Jokes about Michelle not knowing what underwear is, she objects and explains she doesn’t like going commando and BB’s crash and burns with this lame attempt.

She reveals she’s got pasties on and BB has a killer follow on, Gary gets on mic and Adam tells him to shut up as they glance at her nipple covered breast.


Adam is closing out the show with a plug for the new T-Shirts and mugs.