Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/23/2015 – Oscar Recap

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/23/2015 – Oscar Recap

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Guest Oscar Recap

Recorded 02-22-2015 – Release Date 02-23-2015

Production Number #1517

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Adam opens the show to a “future nominee” intro from Mike Dawson, Adam plugs his movie ‘Road Hard’ and explains how they’re going to be doing this Oscar recap from his home.

Adam says he’s freshly returned from Kevin Costner’s property and tells them about how it’s paradise for kids.

Adam is telling them about playing catch with Costner, saying he still has a cannon for an arm and is describing Kevin tasking it back to about 50 yards past a cone.

Adam says its Dawson coughing and tells kids not to smoke.


Adam says they went to dinner over at his other house, Adam is describing his experience and how Kevin brought up the coastal commission difficulties Kevin brought up.

Adam says he always stops and says “on your land” and asks why people can’t build their dream homes on their property, they paid for and pay taxes on.

Adam is asking if Kevin couldn’t at least have permission to build his dream home before he reaches 70.


Adam says that if anyone had to experience this sort of restriction they would react this way, Adam says it’s insane to him that these guys are as calm as they are about this stuff.

Adam has a “who has done more for Indians than you” quote and tells them about having a breakthrough as a parent.

Adam says he witnessed people pitching Kevin various movie ideas while they were out at the general store, Adam says that Kevin then told the guy even more than he already knew about the same story.


Adam explains his last minute suggestion to drive home instead of staying at the cabin, the kids objected and Adam immediately gave up and they stayed the night, despite Adam’s TV related DT’s.

Adam says they did some hot laps on the bicycles and Sonny doesn’t yet ride a bike, Natalia does.

Adam is sharing how his wife had some confusion about the rules of football, Adam says they had some gourmet coffee while waiting for a table at the breakfast place.


Adam says he was told he couldn’t bring the coffee from outside into the restaurant, Adam asked why and the guy told him they had already been sued once.

Adam says it immediately popped his balloon regarding the ideally community he thought himself to be in, Adam is asking Gina about best picture.

Adam says he hated ‘Boyhood’ and calls it a piece of shit, he says it’s totally impressive and compares it to climbing Mt. Wilson and shares his hypothetical question for BB about this movie removed from the interesting filming process.


Adam suggest it might have bummed it out as it reminded him of his own upbringing, Adam says he hated this movie.

Adam liked ‘The Imitation Game’, ‘American Sniper’ and likes more straight forward content, Adam is telling them about not liking ‘Birdman’ either despite the great cast, filmmaking and other components it never clicked together for him.

Adam is asking for them to sell him on ‘Grand Budapest Hotel’ and delineates how he likes something like ‘Raising Arizona’ but doesn’t like jacking off in a beret style art.


Adam says they are going to watch the opening.

They head to break.


They’re back from break with their take on the opening and Adam compliments NPH, saying he’s fallen off in the in comedy department later in the show though, he has a funny “staring at kittens” analogy for song and dance guys opening a show like this and why people will always crave it for this format.

Adam is complimenting the special effects and Jack Black’s cameo, BB asks Gina what she thinks about the musical theater component.

Adam says some of the jokes didn’t and but overall it was a good opening, Adam is talking about best supporting actor and JK Simmons role in the movie ‘Whiplash’ and Adam is bringing up the coaches like Booby Knight and how they get so much out of their players.


Adam says he wants a syllable count for deciding supporting actor vs. actor nominations, he says that JK was just the best actor.

Adam is now mocking the idea of JK and Alan Arkin being on the same level for his role in ‘Little Miss Sunshine’ and Gina brings up JK being in the background and not seated up close.


Adam brings up the best supporting actress and remembers the night Patricia did Loveline.


Adam doesn’t recall the landmine talk, the incessant landmine talk but he does recall her using a 1998 130k+ Porsche as her daily commuter/grocery getter while she was fresh from her divorce from Nic Cage.

“God bless everyone’s commitment to time and weight gain…” – Adam sharing his only praise for ‘Boyhood’.

Adam is commenting on Emma Stone’s limited role in ‘Birdman’ and Adam has a purity of sports explanation for someone beating someone else, something that’s actually measurable and less random.


Adam is doing a live read


Adam says there is not one film just jumping out and dominating his brain, Adam is bringing up the real life man behind the film ‘The Imitation Game’ and is now sympathizing with being gay and how great the gay population has done in the last 60 years alone.

Adam is making a point about the advances in culture and acceptance that has occurred so quickly in comparison to history.

Adam is saying the two incomes and no kids has only helped the gay community flourish, Adam thanks the gays for making his points.


They head to break again


They’re back from break

Adam say the rain is falling down and they’re enjoying some pizza, Adam is asking BB about his predictions and the snubs that usually take place in the “in Memorium” segment.

BB explains this year it was Joan Rivers, Adam says that now all media is bleeding into everything else and Joan should have been included in the segment.


Adam is commenting on Travolta’s hair, they’re all talking about the bike chain and Adam says he does like the idea that John is going for it.

Adam says that in the next few years John will be making a Bruce Jenner type move, BB quotes Adam’s comments on John Travolta’s sexuality, how he finds it burdensome.

Adam believes that John is one of the nicest guys on the planet and just wants to be loved.


Adam is talking about the 6 year anniversary that this show represents, he’s now bringing up the chick who get to a certain level of hotness and the starts to turn on themselves, altering their hair.

Gina brings up the guys who grow a scraggily beard, Adam takes it as a compliment then jokes about dumping acid on himself.

Adam is commenting on Brad Pitt carrying scissors with him at all times to make himself pretty again should he need to convince anyone to suck his dick while out in public.

They’re heading to break again.


They’re back from break

Adam is telling them about Kevin’s dead golden labs, all facing the ocean.

Adam says his dog had the time of her life, they’re back to the ending of the show and Adam says that some more jokes didn’t land.

Adam says he missed a funny montage for the middle of the show, Adam says that goes to show you how hard it is to generate a comedy bit for a live show, despite the willingness of the most talented people in all of Hollywood to contribute.


Adam says they never fuck up the in memorium, echoing his comments form earlier about the morbid audience who never complain about that part of the show.

Gina has a nice Johnny Carson reference, Adam says that NPH did a great job but the jokes weren’t provided for him like they are on a sitcom.

Adam says that Birdman is an amazing piece of art that nobody ever needs to see again, Adam is now asking what the movie exactly was.

Adam says the foreign guys make our movies lousy with backsack and light on story and that American directors make a more cohesive story.


Adam is doing a live read for Arctic Ease

Adam has a funny anecdote about his old man frame and trying to pull something off while hanging with Costner.


Adam is now plugging his movie ‘Road Hard’ and says he’s proud of it and Gina shares her take on the movie, how considerate and nice of her to say those things.

Adam is telling the audience it’s ready for pre-order and mentions the upcoming screenings of the movie and wraps the show.