Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/23/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 120

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/23/2014 – The Adam and Dr. Drew Show 120

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The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Guest – Love between the Two Hosts

Recorded 02-18-2014 – Release Date 02-23-2014

Production Number #120 The 21 Year Old Male

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Adam is opening the show with the standard intro and getting a 2nd update form Drew about his health and how he feels, Chris is on mic confirming that Drew smells like shit.

Drew wants to know about the “pile on” impulse when dealing with people who are suffering, Drew has a nice fuck you for Adam and Adam reminds him that he cured him of his panic disorder.

Adam is telling Drew that he’s around people who do too much “oh my god!” reactions to other people’s stories of various incident, he’s getting to the feeling vs. fact element of these encounters others describe.


Adam is sharing his point about his wife always feeling like “she’s coming down with something” once every six weeks, he’s explaining that it’s the same with the kids and how he reacts to it.

Adam says if you’re a good parent you check them then send them on their way with the caveat they can come home around noon if still not feeling well, as opposed to acquiescing to them immediately.

Drew is sharing how truly fucked up he is from the various biopsies and producers, Adam and Drew are joking about his sons probably drunk fucking plan for his trip to Australia, Adam is quizzing Drew on this vacation, “he’s not studying abroad, he’s pounding broads”.


Adam is giving his take on traveling to Australia at Jordan’s age, 21.

Adam is now telling Drew what he was doing at that age, he’s telling him about getting his diploma for “The Adam Carolla Project” on TLC in 2005.

Adam is telling Drew about his semi-short term and rarely mentioned cycling hobby, where he would go on 100+ mile bike rides.


Adam is getting to the economy of 1982 and the crazy rates he remembers seeing for T-Bills while in a bank waiting to cash a check.

Adam is telling Drew about his work ethic and strength of an ox, he’s sharing how he sat down to lunch with some head contractor after a buddy setup a lunch visit, nice mention of Willie Maldonado.


Adam is bringing up the trade school pamphlets he would bring home while on his epic job search post high school.

Adam is telling Drew about his flirting with being a merchant marine and how that fell through and then how he eventually got hired pulling ivy from his buddy John.

He’s explaining how he evolved into a full-fledged construction worker, making 9.50 an hour and working odd jobs in addition.


Adam has a rare mention of his roster of roommates from that era, he’s citing when Chris had his dad crash with them, the infamous story as told on Loveline that Drew has seemingly forgot, Adam is refreshing him.

Adam is citing the nomad nature of the job site, with an almost “Quantum Leap” outlook on the work and hope for a new couple weeks of work.

Adam is telling Drew about pulling 50-75hr works, never any overtime nor did they care if you no showed, Drew has a great cactus reference, he remembers that story!


Adam is explaining the lack of modality for him to do anything complete with only option for buying a plane ticket at the airport.

Drew asks is the middle class better off now, Adam says of course and is spelling it out, he’s asking for a Joe Biden interview after a speech he recently gave.

Adam is now asking who applies the pressure when politicians suggest the rich people are keeping the poor people poor.


Adam is now summing it up, technology is the simple reason why poor people have it better, the ubiquitous 42 inch screen and surround systems, cell phones, extremely safe cars with AC at the minimum.

Adam has a nice “are you allergic to logic man” reply to Drew’s sneezing.

Adam is making some great points about how everyone can experience almost the same things, he’s got a nice point about how everything is higher quality and better, he’s citing the 6$ for a meal at El Pollo Loco.

They’re doing a live read and heading to break.


They’re back from break with some calls, Adam wants that Biden clip and he’s clarifying what he’s requesting with Producer Gary, Drew is telling Adam about guest starring on Jim Jefferies TV show “Legit”.

Adam is explaining the clip even further to Gary, saying he heard it on Dennis Prager’s show.

Adam has a killer “Olsen Twins movie” dig for Drew as he reveals he once did take acting lessons.


1st Caller Eric, he’s following up after calling about his depression, Adam gave him advice to start getting physical and he’s actually used Adam’s “more pushups” rule of thumb to great effect.

Adam is getting back to the 21yr old male, the gender differences between men and women and that age and even among the men who were better off than Adam, due to their physicality/Genetic hand.

Adam is getting to the insecurity and fear of being a man at that age, it’s akin to leaving your phone and wallet at home, the “I don’t have anything” feeling.


Adam and Drew are getting to guys like his buddy Chris who ruin it for everyone else, Adam makes a point about those buddies still having to return to their crappy lives post banging.

Adam is making a point about young women in school vs. working a hosting gig at night.

Eris is telling them about his symptoms, he’s sharing his medication history.


Adam has an excellent “offer to sweep” at a body shop analogy for how one can enter into a modern apprenticeship, Drew advises he find a social environment to combat the inertia battling against him.

Adam and Drew say he needs to force himself out there in the world.


They’re now playing the clip of Joe Biden, Adam is going off on hos he hates the bullshit “isms that are farts in the wind”, hilarious what are you a fucking warlock riff, this is comedy gold.

“You’re an old man with hair plugs, you can’t do shit…” Adam is still killing it, hilarious one liners with brilliant logic and commentary on the man’s hypocrisy.

Adam has a killer “Detroit lions” life’s work point in contrast, he’s combatting the notion of someone being in power for decades with no results, and Adam wants to know what it even means to fight for the working man.

Adam wants to know what the fuck Biden is actually doing, he suspects it’s more just grandiose liar and Drew seems to agree with Adam.


2nd Caller Wilmer, Adam is riffing with him about Lord Biden and Drew is citing the Gavin Newsom interview, Chris is on mic with a funny joke about Biden’s words.

Wilmer’s compliment now has them doing a live read.

He wants to know why he people have a kneejerk reaction to being told how to do something correctly, Adam is bringing up his kids and their childish replies about being the best at every turn.


Adam is getting to the adolescent “push you off” impulse that kids have, Adam says we’re not born to be a society, but individuals.

Adam is now making a point about taxes and trying to force kids to understand the logic by raiding their piggy banks while explaining what it was for.

Adam is bringing up the mouth of babes reply that he would be met with about why those who work hard should subsidize those who don’t want to.


Adam says that because we have stopped turning children into adults, now they’re walking around as they were born, unbroken of the selfish nature all humans are defaulted to.

Adam is telling all the people who come at him that they’re not on his level, not even with him.

Adam and Drew have some common ground over Adam’s superior skillset, they’re citing Seth MacFarlane who’s doing better than them both.


3rd Caller David is scheduled for a gastric bypass in two weeks, he’s worried that his food addiction will result in him overeating through the limits.

Drew is bringing up the nature of his procedure and some possible drugs to help curb appetite, Adam is now giving his take on modern healthy food, you can be a foodie and eat healthy he says.

Adam says we all know what the answer is, do some pushups.


4th Caller Tim wants to know about testosterone replacement therapy.

Drew is calling it steroid abuse when used under 50, he’s sharing his own desire to get on it despite the new data that has him apprehensive about the effects on the heart.

Hilarious getting blown by a younger lady riff between the guys, Adam is now giving the plugs and wrapping the show.