Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/22/2016 – Milo Yiannopoulos and Greg Fitzsimmons

Giovanni’s Superfan Sidebar 02/22/2016 – Milo Yiannopoulos and Greg Fitzsimmons

A real time blog where Superfan Giovanni does recap and commentary on the show as it happens and opines on all things ACS

Guest Milo Yiannopoulos and Greg Fitzsimmons

Recorded 02-21-2016 – Release Date 02-22-2016

Production Number #1762

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Adam opens the show to a decent intro from Dawson and Lynch, he tells the fans how much he loves seeing them after the show and BB plays Gina’s “Planes want to stay in the air” quote as today’s #TopDrop and she says watching ‘Tommy Boy’ as she flew home made the flight easier.

Adam is trying to recall plane crash victims in music after BB plays a clip of Don Maclean, Adam mixes up Don and Jim Croce.

Adam is talking about how weird it is to see couple’s breakup and get divorces later in life, he’s talking about Don Maclean and his recent domestic abuse arrest.


Gina comments on how his wife stood up for him and dropped charges, Adam brings up Jim Brown and how when someone makes an allegation about violence the police have to arrest them and then the charges are often dropped a month later.

Adam says that somebody is doing something, either you’re lying or he’s hitting you, he wants someone to be punished for lying, Adam will not rest until Don Maclean’s wife is behind bars, hilarious!

Adam talks about Jim Brown being 80yrs old and not looking anything like 80, he talks about a good genetic hand and the best that can be handed to anyone is a genetic hand unmatched in 1987.


Adam talks about watching his kids two basketball games over the weekend, not a score in either game.

Adam talks about Sonny getting a free throw score before the game.

Adam says they finally got Richard Roeper’s score in for ‘Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman’ and now have secured 100% on Rotten Tomatoes.


Adam is talking about his mother visiting over the weekend, he comments on how you might want to relish and treasure their possible 12 ½ conversations left before she passes.

Adam wants to know why his mom can’t step it up and get to the real shit for her last mean before she heads to the gallows.

Adam is talking about his mom and how she hates pushback, Adam is now having BB plays the drops of his mother getting pissed about not knowing anything about her son.


Hilarious reference to Gary jacking off in space, Adam makes note of Dave Dameshek’s very uncomfortable laugh in reaction Adam’s mother knowing nothing about him in comparison to his own mother who nailed every question on the KLSX ACS in 2006.

Adam says it started to get weird and angry as they moved through it, Adam explains that Pizza Port gave him a nice growler of beer, BB is amazed that Adam’s mom would drink craft beer.

Adam asked his mom if she liked the beer, she never bothered to ask him where he got it from, Adam has a killer “is it really a gallon” quote that sound like a guy adjusting his collar and whispering, this needs to be a drop!


Adam is talking about his mother immediately took it to the big companies and their use of pesticides etc.

Adam is talking about how people use Germany for good and bad examples quite freely, Adam is talking about how just because Germany has laws preventing some kind of chemicals doesn’t mean the big US companies are using them.

Adam talks about touring the Coors factory and the lack of an evil man pouring liquid death into the bottles.


Adam says being big doesn’t make you bad, Gina has a killer reply that goes unnoticed, wow!

Adam is talking about how he’s toured these factories and he knows it’s just large beer brewing, his mom did another lap on how they’re poisoning people because they don’t care and just want to make a nickel.

Adam is talking about his mother and her life of worry about possible dangers that never proved to be an issue, meanwhile the sun was ignored and kills everything eventually.


Adam says his mom got weird and said “we’re not going to talk about this anymore” and then Adam moved on to the backyard and waited until they were ready to leave and packed them up.

BB suggest that she was trying to be evolved, Adam says no it wasn’t that and Gina asks if his mom has a through line of wanting to be right over her son.

Adam says she’s just angry and wants to get through life without any pushback.

Adam says try not to hold to people with both hands who are failing at life as you look better compared to them.


Adam is talking about standing next to a Trainwreck to make yourself look better, Adam is telling them about his old neighbors that he was briefed on.

BB brings up the other friend “Mary” who was featured on ‘Hoarders’ and now Adam is going over the shitty family from next door.

Adam tried to get his mom to abandon them and stop caring, but was met with further resistance.


Milo Yiannopoulos the controversial writer for Breitbart is now making his ACS debut, he’s on a phone line from Acapulco Mexico and apologizes for the line quality, Adam is just happy to have him join them.

What a quick turnaround for a booking, about a week after the fan called in about him, impressive.

Adam gives some plugs for Milo’s Dangerous faggot tour, Adam says it twice and mocks the “openly gay” bio entry by his “crack team” and Milo explains he’s the senior editor over at Breitbart.


Milo gives an example of how the left is bullying and shouting down actual equality and open and free inquiry, BB has a funny one liner that Milo appreciates.

Milo is very clear and even keeled, he’s making great points and comments on people voting based on their sexuality, gender or race and how he finds that gross.

Adam is talking about the irony of what people are saying, allowing for the free speech for some but not all.


Milo has a great point about the religious right and their control of the media from 20yrs ago, that’s still being rebelled against today when it’s swung way too far the other way.

Adam agrees with Milo about art and video games not being censored and he’s now talking about skipping a black lives matter rally, he doesn’t interrupt their rally, he avoids it as he doesn’t agree with it and thinks it’s been overblown and not reality when you look at the actual statistics.

Milo is talking about the left and their use of “problematic” hopefully Adam stops using that infectious code word now that he’s heard that.


Adam is now talking about Milo going from Acapulco to the university of Michigan, Adam is now spelling Milo’s name and website address.


Adam is asking him for a thumbnail about the Rutgers situation when he was giving his speech, he tells them about the insane behavior of the kids and he’s very fair about them genuinely feeling victimized by his words, he’s not calling them liars.

He’s making a point about universities emotionally crippling students and traumatizing them by not preparing them for the world, they’re infantilizing them and setting them up for this stuff.

Adam is talking about playing sports and never giving the other guy the satisfaction of knowing he hurt you, BB references soccer and Adam jokes that Milo doesn’t even know about that game, he’s that gay.


Adam is now asking him for the most controversial part of his speeches and Milo says it’s just words and Adam is asking what created Milo, how did he form his own thoughts and grow to be who he is, Adam says he agrees with 96% of what he’s saying but doesn’t come from the same background.

Milo is telling them about the long history of British personalities who flourish over here in the states.

Milo tells them about the experience he had coming out as gay vs. coming out as conservative.


Adam is talking about gay interests and Milo has a great point about gay men and taxes, why should they vote for candidates based on pandering now that marriage is legal, they now have the freedom to vote however they want.

Adam is telling Milo about his “parade” rule for a group of gay men.

Gina brings up her friend Dave Rubin who is liberal and also doesn’t care for the regressive left, Milo says these people aren’t liberal, they started that way but now don’t support liberalism (freedom) and Gina comments on his use of the term “abandoned” and he is making great point after great point, he’s so fair and balances and well spoken.


Adam is going to let Milo give the person on the lounge chair next to him a break, hilarious back and forth with Adam playing the guy next to him on the lounge chair.

Mil is coming to the studio in March and Adam says he’ll give Ben Shapiro a big sloppy kiss for him.

Adam is talking about the natural pushback against safe spaces and micro aggressions, it spun off so far and so fast this is now the knee jerk reaction in the other way.

Adam says this is what create the growth of cage of fighting.


Adam is doing a True Car Live Read

Pointless conversations with Adam’s mother – BB


Adam is plugging the upcoming appearance of Soledad O’Brien and how he is so familiar with the show he’s not able to watch their best of package at the end of the year as he’s seen every episode and has it committed to memory.

They head to break.


They’re back from break with a listener voicemail asking about former wrestlers being kind and fun guys, Adam is talking about jocks knowing how to sacrifices.

Adam uses hard boiled eggs breakfasts and brewer’s yeast to make a point about sacrifice.

Adam is making great points and BB has his own theory on how all wrestlers have to pay their dues and uses The Ultimate Warrior as a counter point for this example.


Adam welcomes Fitzdog back to the show, he jokes about Greg’s dad leaving him a radio empire and Greg talks about how Adam would love his late father, a bleeding heart Liberal.

Adam says he’s always been a liberal, he just doesn’t like giving people free stuff as it damages them, not because of the cost.

Adam is talking about a woman in the news with her 14th child from 14 different men who views herself as a hero for breaking some record.


Greg is riffing about the additional races added to DMV forms and Adam jokes about their being more than 10, he’s joking about the next “meeting” where they’re going to cover these additional races.

Adam would like to force birth control on this woman, he says you cannot have an Alpaca in your backyard, you have to ask permission for a Kitchen remodel.

Adam is going over the levels of invasion from the government in your life, he calls this woman a cunt and Greg has some fake outrage for the use of the word.

Adam says he’s not a fan of the genital mutilation unless it’s done with a n m-80, Greg takes it too far, holy shit!


Q and Ace

1st Caller Matt, he’s bringing up ACS #1438 with Joe Perry, as he came up last week with David Wild during the Grammy’s discussion, re: Hollywood Vampires performance.

Matt is saying that interview started out badly and Adam recovered it, Greg mocks him for this question and Adam is trying to recall the events.

Adam has a killer “Front Man for Journey” one liner, that Gina seems to love.


Adam says it’s like doing a charity gig and Greg says he never gets paid for these appearances so Adam plugs his dates and comments on the Addison Improv where the first germ of ‘Road Hard’ formed in his brain.

Adam is now back to his analogy and he explains how it’s like being asked to host a fundraiser at your kid’s school and how 3 out of 10 times it never kicks in, that same thing happens when you do interviews.

Adam recalls checking out the cars after the interview and he doesn’t recall any bad vibes or difficulties.


Gina jokes about Adam making love to the “tight” Joe Perry. Greg has a nice point about marital life and maintaining intimacy.


2nd Caller Mark, he says he does road work every day and tells them about the foot bridge near his place that has become overrun with homeless people, he talks about how his wife is terrified to pass over it.

Mark wants to know about calling the cops in this scenario, he tells him that the homeless people don’t have checking accounts, cops only care about money.

Adam is explaining how the cops simply focus on the people they can collect from, like girl scouts selling cookies.

Adam tells them to bring back the policeman’s ball and he’s describing the street bazaars that he saw while driving to the Peterson Auto museum and how it reminded him of the street side business of Tijuana.


Greg has a funny WAZE one liner and Adam talks about what Los Angeles is devolving into, BB is now misunderstanding the thing Adam is talking about, Adam doesn’t mind garage sales and yard based giveaways, this is people with stores minus a storefront.

Adam says in years past the cops would roll up and shut this down much like they will with people filming television bits without permits today.

Adam says the homeless people are “empty bags” as Mike August puts it, he explains how cops only want full bags to pull cash out of it, to extract a pound of flesh.


Greg is talking about the Winnebagos chains in the neighborhood he lives in along with BB who confirms it.

Greg has a Canadian Geese on a golf course anecdote about a guy that would murder geese, Adam has a killer ‘Jeff Daniels in his Ultralight’ comment referencing the 1996 film ‘Fly Away Home’ with Anna Paquin and of course Jeff Daniels playing her father, holy shit this is Ace Awards material!

Adam is talking about taking the kids out of the museum and how emboldened the homeless have become, Adam says he doesn’t know that homeless people are inherently dangerous but people with nothing to lose are the most dangerous.


Adam says you are creating a large segment of society with nothing to lose and how being a taxpaying family person with a reputation and job, you have something to lose.

Adam says it would be nice if the cops just enforced the law regardless of your income level, he says they do a lot of talking about how if your rich and privileged the courts favor you but they never talk about how if you’re poor you may never see a courtroom for your crimes, the law skips you.

Greg cracks that he agrees that they should crack down on the poor, funny.


Adam is doing a Scott’s Round up Live Read

Adam is talking about the parents yelling at the ref behind him at Sonny’s game and how uncomfortable it is for the other parents, especially the parents of the other kids, sitting right there.


Gina’s News

1st Story is on Caitlyn Jenner’s comments about the flack she gets for her conservative politics, Gina has all of the details and Adam comments on the statement from Madeleine Albright regarding women voting for Hillary.

Adam says in 2016 we get to decide who we’re going to be and he says the people telling Caitlyn how to vote are shitting on their own point and agenda.

BB comments on the conservative right and their stances on gay people and queer things in general, Greg says ‘Dangerous Faggot’ and now Adam talks about Lance Bass and Gina has a solid point to close out the story.

Adam says the junk’s never leaving right, he wonders if they can work his M-80 idea into this sex change.


2nd Story is on the latest Kanye West twitter rants and the worry about the Kardashian “brands” that could be damaged by him, hilarious comments from Adam about the word “dissuade” which he jokes they think is a fake leather purse or the name of a black NFL player with a wide cock.

Gina now quotes the line about Kris Jenner and “her deals” which is repulsive, Adam says it’s been a while since the last famous murder, they’re not too far removed from the OJ case.

Adam and the gang are talking about ‘The People vs. OJ Simpson’ and BB shits on a joke Adam was trying to make about Dissuade.


3rd Story is on Kris Jenner being booed off the stage over the weekend, Gina has the clip. Adam says Kris is the only Kardashian you really don’t want to fuck; Adam say she’s good looking even now but there are a whole fleet of younger gals to pick from.


4th Story is on the death of Harper Lee, Gina has the details and tells Adam about her follow up to ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ and the controversy regarding its release.


5th Story is on Yoko Ono’s new video for her song ‘Walking on Thin Ice’ the last song they recorded before John Lennon’s death, Gina has a clip of this madness.

Adam says he wants to say the same thing he wants to say to Canada re: Alan Thicke and maple and takes it to the Hiroshima bomb.

Adam quickly defends the bombing of Japan and takes it back to the comedy, BB has a killer Tora, Tora, Tora one liner that Greg even appreciates, excellent turn of phrase.


Adam is joking about the 72 virgins in heaven, how many of them are young gals who died at 9 in a car accident.

Adam is making a nice analogy to the wood at Home Depot that’s been picked through, the virgins in heaven are the same way.

Greg is adding to the riff and Adam takes it back to Yoko and Adam is responding to how when he makes fun of Pitbull he’s making fun of his ethos about hard work.


BB says that it’s worse to hear Yok try to sing and perform than when she’s just screaming, Gina has a great impression and Greg adds a nice comment to it.

Adam is riffing about how Yoko must make it awkward waiting to perform at gatherings and weddings for her kids.


6th Story is on a helicopter crash recorded in Hawaii, Gain shows the video as nobody was killed in the crash.

Adam talks about what is weird about helicopters crashing is the blades still spinning after the crash, Adam is now bringing up comedian, puppeteer, racist (Adam is joking) Jeff Dunham and how he loves flying helicopters and always tells him about ‘Autorotation’ and helicopter crashes.

Adam is calling it counter rotation, the wrong term and he knows it but uses it for lack of finding the correct one.


Adam is explaining how helicopters test this function and Greg says that Jeff feels so lucky based on his success and mocks his racist puppet, Adam tells Greg’s that he’s a little jealous and Adam is commenting on how many units Jeff Dunham must move of his CD’s and DVD’s and Greg says that someone told him that Mangria is a huge part of his income.

Adam reveals that his wife recently told him that they only lost 75k on it last year, they were making money off the booze but they hired some new person who gets paid a lot and there is apparently a “breaking in period” hmmm.

Adam plugs the Mangria Bar Crawl and mentions all of the live appearances and the performances by Chris Laxamana.


Adam is doing a Live Read for


7th Story is on an insane woman who is addicted to sneaking around airports and was caught again, Adam says he’s a bigger fan of the guy who streaks around sporting events.

Adam is talking about how this smacks of a single woman, Greg brings up the life of Frank Abagnale as portrayed in ‘Catch Me If You Can’ and Adam is now riffing about streaking with Greg.

Adam talks about how streakers know they are going to be caught by running onto the field, Adam says their bodies by and large are not greater than the average citizens.


Adam talks about the difficult chub up procedure, too much blood and it looks like a guy with a boner is chasing the Williams sisters, Greg and Adam are riffing on the 3 chain tug for the penis, like a ceiling fan.

Adam says there is no ball judgement, all the balls can do is make the penis look smaller.

Adam references the cremasteric reflex response and Gina says that guys don’t care about balls at all, Adam says the reason why is we’ve never heard a brunch table full of models marveling over a dude’s balls.


Gina’s reaction is priceless, Adam is joking about scrapbooking with just ballsack, Adam is telling them about balls-deep(dot)com and Greg is riffing with Gina about this porn site Adam just made up.

Adam is now sharing his Brad Pitt’s balls theory, changing it out for George Clooney vs. Bernie Sanders, their balls are unidentifiable.

Gain shares how her and her friends discuss ball size only when it’s freakishly abnormal, small or large.


8th Story is on the new “Sport” scents for men’s laundry detergent now that more men do their own laundry in society.

Adam says he has someone who does his laundry and how intimate that is, he talks about his long johns that can be worn an entire winter and he says the most comfortable you can be is the microfiber bathrobe with long johns, no shirt, no socks and high top slippers, furry suedey ones.

Adam is now riffing about the slippery slope gateway drug of slippers and how surfers often sport lazy footwear, he’s trying to describe the shoes he’s picturing.


Adam is talking about his hash marks and jokes about a hashtag #Hash for poop streaks in underwear.


Greg shares a poopy bedspread anecdote and now Adam is talking about trying to use hot water to get rid of his ass streaks on his long johns, he doesn’t want some person sorting through is poopy pants.

Greg is talking about his semen stained T-shirts his mother was forced to contend with during his teen years. Horrific semen tie-dyed pattern and jism comments from Greg.

Adam says even seasonal allergies wouldn’t explain this away, Adam has a funny “oop I gotta beat off” which Gina reacts to nicely.


Adam talks about 17yr old males and how limited their thinking is, Greg jokes about his mom getting a “hot handful” and Adam predicts she would get pink eye, he suggests a laundry exchange program, for mothers to then not feel so close to their son’s semen and poop.

Adam says that at some point his wife is going to be dealing with this, Lynette has told Adam she’s going to worry and hate it when puberty changes their son into a young man, zits, pubes, porn on the phone.

Adam says that when all the real scheming goes on is in the laundry room of prisons, BB references ‘Blood in Blood Out’ and Adam is talking about escaping via prison via shit flume, hilarious “Bubba” riff.

Gina wraps the news.


Adam is doing a SimpliSafe Live Read

You do what Dawson does… Edition


Adam is now wrapping up with some live dates, BB has a great use of ‘The Dangerous Faggot tour’ drop from Adam, Adam plugs Greg Fitzsimmons live dates and website and he wraps up with them, BB once again hits that ‘Dangerous Faggot’ drop to close out the show, solid episode!